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Welcome to Contentmart

We are a leading content marketplace
that has been successfully offering content writing services for more than 2.5 years.
Among our customers we have, Aviva, The Economic Times, Proptiger and many more leading brands.
We offer content writing services at different prices which makes high-quality content affordable & cheap.
We have thousands of qualified freelance writers to offer professional content writing services
in more than 20 languages.

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Price Recommendations

Contentmart is the fastest, simplest and the most reliable platform to have content written for your business or website. We offer the highest quality based on the level of writer, for the lowest possible price.
Please remember, that we are a marketplace, where prices are flexible. We are just providing price recommendations to understand level of quality that you would get for a particular price range
Its not possible to receive high quality & well researched content at low price, experienced & talented writers expect handsome compensation for their time & efforts.


This comprises of content from less experienced freelance writers who work at lower rates.

  • Beginner english
Sample text
150 words 0.45
300 words 0.9
400 words 1.2
500 words 1.5
700 words 2.1
1000 words 3.0
2000 words 6.0
3000 words 9.0
4000 words 12.0
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This comprises of content from average experienced freelance writers who work at average rates.

  • Intermediate english
  • Orders 3 +
  • Rating 4 +
  • Essay
Sample text
150 words 1.5
300 words 3.0
400 words 4.0
500 words 5.0
700 words 7.0
1000 words 10.0
2000 words 20.0
3000 words 30.0
4000 words 40.0
Starting from
Most popular


This comprises of content from highly experienced freelance writers who work at higher rates.

  • Advanced english
  • Orders 10 +
  • Rating 4.2 +
  • delivered orders 80% +
Sample text
150 words 4.5
300 words 9.0
400 words 12.0
500 words 15.0
700 words 21.0
1000 words 30.0
2000 words 60.0
3000 words 90.0
4000 words 120.0
Starting from

Hand picked

This comprises of content from exclusively selected and well-experienced hand-picked writers/editors, who work at exclusive rates.

Sample text
150 words 10.5
300 words 21.0
400 words 28.0
500 words 35.0
700 words 49.0
1000 words 70.0
2000 words 140.0
3000 words 210.0
4000 words 280.0
Starting from
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Innovative Algorithm for SEO Content Analysis

This is the most accurate and flawless tool for SEO content analysis and improvising the indexing of a site. This contemporary algorithm is on par with Google and simplifies word processing. With multiple correction parameters starting from $0.003/word, this tool helps avoid manual corrections completely.

Plagiarism check

This tool measures the uniqueness of the content. Excluding duplicity completely, it suggests you the exact percentage of uniqueness in the content.


This tells the ratio of keywords or phrases that are overused within the article copy. This helps in avoiding the content to turn into spam due to over-stuffing of keywords or phrases.


This tells the count of related keywords or supporting phrases as per the theme or topic, that are present in the article or the content copy.

Rhythmic Monotony

This criterion identifies the pattern of long and short sentences in the text. It also suggests preferable changes that are ideal for search engine bots and are user-friendly.


Flesch index — it is a measure of the complexity of the text by the reader. It can be calculated on the basis of several parameters: the length of sentences, words, the specific number of the most frequent (or rare) words, and so on.

Watery Text

This criterion applies to use of irrelevant words, such as prepositions, conjunctions, words that are constantly used and others that do not add value or meaning to the sentence or a group of words.

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