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How to Join Contentmart Affiliate Program & Earn Money

Step by Step Guide to Earn through Contentmart’s Affiliate Program


Log in to your Contentmart user account as a client or as a writer (Do not have an account with us? Click on the link given and sign-up today:

Writer buttonClient button


At the top of both pages, a shareable link is available. Copy the link.


Social Media tabs are available along with the link. Log in to any of the networks, either Facebook, Google+ or Twitter and share the link on the respective platform.


You can also copy the link and paste the same on your timeline.

Benefits of Affiliate Program of Contentmart

  • You will receive 10% commission whenever your referred client only, places any order on Contentmart. You can earn for one year on each referral.
  • You will receive money only when your referral will get content from writer and he/she will accept it. then 10% of that completed order will transferred to your affiliate account.
  • Both Writers and Clients can avail the benefits of this affiliate program.
  • More active and potential clients you refer, more will be your affiliate earning.

Important Point to be Remember –

  • Writers will not receive any commission on referring writers through this affiliate program.
  • You can only withdraw the affiliate money through Paypal.
  • The minimum amount of withdrawal is INR 3000/- or $50 for both clients and writers.

Where to check the money earned through Affiliate?

A separate wallet will be created after using an affiliate program, named Affiliate Dashboard wallet. It is entirely different from usual Contentmart wallet.

To check the earned money, follow the mentioned steps-



You Affiliate Dashboard will appear on your screen. You can check all your affiliate earning and withdrawals in this dashboard.

Now, the process must be clear to you. So, start referring Contentmart.com to those who are in need of quality content and earn more. If still you have any query related to the Contentmart’s affiliate program then send your query at support@contentmart.com or Call us at – +91 – 90155 00600