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Thank you for visiting the Contentmart.com “Write for Us” page!

While we greatly appreciate your interest in writing for Contentmart, we are no longer accepting guest posts!

Do you want to Expand your Readership and Online reach?

We’re now looking for a limited number of original guest posts from thought leaders, established bloggers and SMEs.

Contentmart – the leading content marketplace is seeking all the fanatic writers who love to share useful business insights with their writing.

For your best chance to get published, please carefully read & follow our Writing Guidelines mentioned below.

Writing Guidelines & Format:

  1. To start with, intimate us with the list of topics you are passionate to write on.
  2. Once the topic is approved, make sure you go to our blog and then initiate your writing process.
  3. Once you gain a proper understanding, start informed with the following.
  4. Word count must be 2000 words or more
  5. Tone of voice should be casual (Avoid pretentious business tones)
  6. Do not stretch a point if you can say it in a sentence
  7. No more than 2-3 sentences per paragraph
  8. Format your content in this structure-
  9. Concept
  10. Main theme/essence of the topic
  11. Further sub-heading & points to explain (How/Why/What/Where)
  12. Main content
  13. End with a logical conclusion like ‘Learning’ or ‘Final Words’

Things To Know –


Deadlines are important. If something is amiss and you are unable to meet the scheduled deadline, please inform the editor why, as soon as possible. If genuine, they’ll surely consider your request.


We do not entertain any plagiarized content. With in-built plagiarism tools, we can catch duplicity right at the point of submission.

To make sure that you and your content are valued, avoid plagiarism completely.

If you wish to cite another source to better explain your viewpoint, please properly credit them within the content by linking to the original source.


Make sure you proofread your final content draft before submission. A well-structured copy will make the editorial process easier (and quicker) for all.

Approval Process

The approval process may take up to 7 working days. You will receive an email if your article is accepted for publication.

Approved writings will be shared on leading social media platforms as well. The best of the writings might also make it to our weekly newsletter as well.

Please Note:

  1. Each of the writing will be edited and formatted (if required) by our editors before it goes live on our site.
  2. Before pitching to us, you must make sure that you have credible social media channels & followers and you are ready to share about us on them.
  3. We do not treat submission requests received from using free Email services.


Editors will always provide feedback that is constructive and aids the development of your article. Please take them as learning.

In case your query is delayed, be patient and understand that our editors have to look after many authors at a time.


Authors may publish an extract of their article, along with a link to the full version, on their personal site but with a prior permission.

A request can be raised by marking an email to the editor and intimating them about the same.

Where to Send:

Please pitch topic ideas directly to editor staff at *******@contentmart.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I submit my post?

You can submit your post as a Word Document or Google Document.

How long should my writings be?

Aim for 2000-3,500 words.

Should I include links to the piece?

Yes. Please include links, as it will be helpful and relevant for the reader. We encourage that you include at least 2-3 links (from multiple authority domains & nofollow) within your post.

Should I write a headline?

Yes, it will be great!

Try to add 3-4 headlines in your writing; it will make the job of our editors easier.

Will you edit my submission?

Yes, our editors will edit & format your writing (if required).

Should I include a photo?

Yes, but only HD/HQ images. Make sure you add 4-5 relevant images with caption & Alt Text.

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We look forward to reading your submissions!