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How to create conversations that matter

“Okay, I guess. How was yours?” “Same old, same old.” Awkward silence. “It looks like it might rain…” Needless to say, any conversation beyond this point is a waste of your breath, since your companion has already lost interest in anything you have to say. So, what can you do to revive a conversation that’s dying faster than Usain Bolt’s most impressive sprint? It pays to listen If you don’t know what to talk about next, take a step back and listen to what your companion is saying to you. Pay attention to what they want to share and build from there. Being a good conversationalist doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be the one doing all the talking. Attentive listening will put your companion at ease, making them more forthcoming about topics that they find interesting. It will also make them more engaged in what you have to say. Take it easy A lot of people like to boast about how they don’t like the ‘small talk’ and prefer to dig deep from the word ‘go’. It’s a good strategy, but could turn your companion off if not handled with care. Asking too many personal or intrusive questions could make a person defensive and guarded around you. A good way to get to know a person is to think of them as an onion, which you need to peel away a layer at a time. Remember, if it feels like a lot of work, you probably aren’t doing it right.

Around the World on Valentine’s Day

Call it a giant marketing gimmick if you will. Or pull a face and pompously declare that you “don’t need a special day to celebrate love”. But if the only reason you’re dreading Valentine’s Day is the same old hearts and flowers routine, fear not… we have a special something to keep you inspired. With barely a week to go before the calendar page flips to February 14th, we thought we’d try something different. We wondered what Valentine’s Day would look like in a country and culture that was totally different from our own. And so, without any further ado, here are eighteen delightful ways in which you would celebrate Valentine’s Day, if you happened to live in any of the following countries. Read the post here:

What does your favourite coffee drink tell your date about you?

How many times have you asked someone out with a cheery “Let’s meet for coffee?” only to later realize that you have no idea of what you’d like to say to them? Wouldn’t it be great if you could just tell whether someone was compatible with you or not, based on something as simple as the type of coffee they’re drinking? If recent research is anything to go by, the cup of joe you just ordered off the overpriced café menu speaks volumes about you even before your first hello. So, without any further ado, here’s some useful info you might want to hang on to, the next time you want to make a smoking first impression over a cup of brew. Read the post here:

More than child’s play: the impact of gaming on the human mind

Ironically, the most pervasive view about gaming is people’s unwillingness to take gaming seriously. For most people, gaming is just something you do when you’re bored (read: Candy Crush) or an oddball hobby that’s best relegated to basement geeks. And yet, if recent research is anything to go by, more people are gaming today than ever before. A recent state of the industry report by Netherlands-based Spil Games reveals that as many as 1.2 billion people around the world are playing video games – that number is the rough equivalent of the population of India. The report further goes on to prove that people’s gaming habits cut across gender and age stereotypes – 46 percent of gamers are women, and a sizeable number of gamers are adults. Another study by the Pew Research Centre found that few people think of games as anything more than a massive ‘waste of time’. Psychologist C. Shawn Green – University of Wisconsin, however, begs to differ. He and several other mental health and education experts emphasize that playing video games has a similar impact on your brain’s physical structure, as is caused by reading books or playing a musical instrument. Gaming triggers powerful neurotransmitters that strengthen your brain’s neural circuits, much like how regular exercise builds muscle and promotes physical development. • Gaming makes you a better worker Gaming requires you to follow instructions, to solve problems and to logically analyze situations – these, in turn, boost your ability to think quickly, make decisions under pressure and follow your instinct. Several games also require you to team up with players from around the world, and work cohesively with them to achieve a common goal. All of these qualities can prove invaluable in your career. • Gaming improves your coordination Shooter or racing games require you to act quickly to keep up with the action unfolding on your screen, which improves your hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Studies have found that gaming has created a new, better-coordinated generation of surgeons and pilots, since most these professionals have grown up on a diet of video games. • Gaming makes you a better manager Planning, forecasting, logistics and supply chain – activities that form the backbone of modern-day industry are used abundantly by gamers every day. Many strategy games call for complex, meticulous planning, laying the foundation for stronger managerial skills. • Gaming teaches you that it’s okay to fail Much like any other physical sport like football, cricket or basketball, playing video games teaches you sportsmanship. Gamers learn that failure is sometimes inevitable, and that sometimes, the only way left to go is forward.

Where to Go on Your Second Game of Thrones Holiday

The blockbuster television show that has captured so many hearts was shot in a variety of drop-dead gorgeous real-life locations that make for essential visiting for any true-blooded fan. While most of these locations were based in Northern Ireland and Malta, several other crucial plot moments were shot in a variety of destinations spread across Europe. In this post, we take a look at some of these locations that you should definitely travel to, on your second Game of Thrones-themed holiday. • Croatia Croatia is a country that seems like it has just stepped out of a Mediterranean fantasy, with its balmy weather, sapphire waters and ancient walled towns. Located between the Balkans and Central Europe, this country’s strategic importance for many powerful kingdoms of yore has shaped its rich cultural legacy. Napoleonic forts, Slavic churches, Viennese mansions and Socialist Realist sculptures exist here in perfect harmony, and the region’s history is showcased at several museums. If history is not your thing, you’ll surely enjoy the island-speckled coastline that is caressed by startlingly clear waters and ideal for water-based activities and some relaxing leisure time. And yet, there’s more to Croatia than its beaches – the country is home to a large stretch of the majestic Dinaric Alps, which offer spectacular views and even more adrenaline-fuelled adventure sports. Fort Lovrijenac The imposing fortress is located just beyond Dubrovnik and overshadows both the land and sea entrances to the city. The fort was constructed by the locals in an attempt to resist Venetian rule – in fact, the beat the Venetian ships in constructing the structure, thereby successfully preventing Venetian dominance in the area. The fort is constructed in a triangular shape, with exterior walls that are 39 feet thick. Over the years, Fort Lovrijenac has served as a theatre and Shakespeare’s Hamlet is performed here regularly. In Game of Thrones, the fort served as the Red Keep. Dubrovnik The later setting for King’s Landing in the television show, Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is also one of the most popular tourist sites in the Mediterranean region. Marble streets, baroque buildings and the Adriatic Sea are some of the many reasons why tourists return to this city time and again. While here, make sure to visit the museums dedicated to Dubrovnik’s past, take the cable car up the slopes of Mount Srd and then wash all your worries away with a dip in the sparkling sea.

Five Signature Drinks That Are Worth Travelling Around the World For

Meeting new people at the bar and swapping stories is the easiest way to understand the local scene and also learn firsthand about the best experiences that a destination has to offer. Not to mention the charm of sipping a cocktail you’ve never tried in a city you’ve never visited before. Musafir has put together a quick list of five of the world’s most distinctive cocktails and the cities where you should try them. • The Singapore Sling Sometime before 1915, a Hiananese bartender named Ngiam Tong Boon mixed up the Singapore Sling in the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The original recipe calls for two measures of gin and one each of cherry brandy, and orange, pineapple and lime juice. Over the years, the recipe evolved to include gin, bottled sweet and sour, and grenadine. The Raffles Hotel in Singapore, however, stays true to the use of cherry brandy, and is undoubtedly the best place to savour the Singapore Sling, served in the Colonial-themed bar with the customary salted peanuts. • The Martini James Bond – the Ian Fleming-created detective – popularized this drink in several iconic movies. The drink is traditionally made with gin and dry vermouth, and is topped with the customary olive. However, unlike Mr Bond will have you believe, the best martinis are stirred; not shaken. The historic Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan – known for hosting several famous journalists, authors, actors and publicists – serves the most expensive martini in the world. Priced at USD 10,000, the martini is prepared as per the buyer’s preference and is served with a single piece of ‘ice’, or diamond. Known quite appropriately as the Martini on the Rock, this is a drink preferred by the rich, famous and eccentric. Be warned though that preparing this martini requires a three-day notice. • The Pina Colada With a name that translates as strained pineapple – a nod to the drink’s extensive use of freshly pressed and strained pineapple juice – the pina colada was first invented by Ramón Marrero Pérez at the Caribe Hilton Hotel’s Beachcomber Bar. The year was 1954 and the location was San Juan. The drink was originally made of white rum, pineapple juice and cream of coconut. The drink was subsequently declared as Puerto Rico’s national drink, and is best tasted at Caribe Hotel. Only now, head to the Oasis Bar and pay your homage to the drink’s birthplace. • The Daiquiri Named for a beach and iron mine in Cuba, the daiquiri was invented by an American mining engineer during the Spanish-American War. The drink was introduced to New York clubs later that year. The traditional recipe for the daiquiri involved sugar, lime juice and white rum. The drink went on to become the favourite of author Earnest Hemmingway and former American President – John F Kennedy. For the classic, authentic daiquiri, head to the El Floridata Bar in Havana, which was frequented by Hemmingway and commemorates the author with a bronze statue.

Adopt A Low-Cost, High-Impact Omnichannel Strategy

Follow Your Customers, Not Your Competitors Traditionally, competition benchmarking has been a major activity for businesses across departments. In fact, monitoring and replicating your competitors’ customer service efforts (right down to their call center software of choice) has so far been the ideal way to go about things for most customer service and contact center industry leaders. Today, the rules are changing. According to a recent survey of senior marketers at more than 250 global firms by the market research group – B2B International – only 39% of respondents are prioritizing competitor research this year. This is a steep decline from last year’s 53%. Instead, what these more than half of these executives (54%) are focusing on in 2016 is on developing a better customer experience. So, how can you align your customer service efforts to your customers’ expectations? An easy way of doing that is to follow your customer. And quite literally so. Take for example Starbucks’ innovative portal ‘’ that took customer service to a whole new level by ‘crowdsourcing’ ideas on how they could serve their customers better. Customers responded with more than 270 ideas that ranged from the much loved and talked about Pumpkin Spice latte to free WiFi, and the surrounding buzz helped pull Starbucks from its 2008 growth slump. In fact, the initiative was so successful, it saw a 375% increase in Q4 2009 profits as compared to the previous year. While listening to your customers though, you need to remember that choice of channel is not the only priority for your customers when they interact with your business. What they really care about is receiving prompt, responsive service; quick solutions for their problems, and a seamless experience. Your customer service strategy must take all of these factors into account so that you can provide your customers the prompt, personalized service they demand. Opt For Niche Channels Once you have figured your customers’ service and channel preferences, the next thing you need to do is plan your focus areas. After all, you may have limited resources, or the ROI on some channels may not justify the investments yet. Rather than getting bogged down by these challenges, you need to focus on a few niche channels that your customers find relatable and unique – thereby building a case for your brand’s distinct customer service.

Winmaxpro website content

Benefits of a Cloud-based ERP System As your business grows and evolves, so do its challenges and opportunities. Legacy and premise-based systems fail to provide the kind of visibility your business needs, to respond intuitively to changing market demands. Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions automate several business functions related to technology, services and resources to allow you to focus on the one thing your business needs the most – steady, rapid and sustainable growth. With the ERP software hosted on the Cloud, deployment of our solutions is quick, easy and uncomplicated – all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Learn more about how you can leverage cloud-based ERP solutions to maximize profitability and drive business growth >> Dubai’s #1 Cloud ERP Solutions Provider We’ve served more than 20,000 clients from various industry segments for over 20 years. Our ERP solutions support your business’s growth ambitions by delivering strategic insights to help you make timely decisions. A dedicated support wing ensures that your business is always on. Technology-driven Business Strategy Our comprehensive business management suite encompasses ERP/Finance, CRM and an e-commerce platform to drive business growth. Proven implementation tools and an intuitive user experience ensure that the software is up-and-running, on the Cloud or your company’s servers.

Capgemini Video Script

This is a video describing a solution for Capgemini, whose script I wrote:

Business School Essay 1

This is an essay composed by the student and rewritten by Dernier Cri Media. It has been edited for brevity, clarity, diction, grammar and punctuation. __________________________________________ Considering the vision and values of NUS Business School and a typical NUS MBA class, tell us what makes you a good candidate for admission (Maximum : 300 words) I am self-motivated and goal-oriented; I believe in setting challenging goals for myself and working diligently towards their fulfilment. I cleared my Chartered Accountancy course with ease and bagged the Trainee of the Year Award twice during my internship. At work, I earned the Kudos and Methodology Champion awards, in addition my social service and extracurricular engagements. Through my academics and professional tenure, I have developed a strong, analytical frame of mind that will help me to cope with the MBA program’s quantitative aspects. My ability to handle heavy workloads will definitely enable me to handle NUS’s challenging curriculum. Armed over four years of professional experience and 3.5 years of internship in internal audits, transfer pricing and accountancy, I have successfully contributed to several team-based projects and diverse team facets such as managing deadlines, training group members and controlling the group’s output quality. My effective networking skills have fostered healthy relationships within and beyond my team. Over the years, I have learned the importance of keeping up my team spirit during good and trying times. Beyond work, I teach Basic English and Mathematics to 12 students from underprivileged backgrounds as a part of my association with the Arushi Charitable Trust. I hope to keep contributing to socially-meaningful causes by engaging with various clubs at NUS. I strongly believe in being passionate and committed to all my undertakings – in my professional and personal spheres. I have always pursued my dreams relentlessly until fruition – whether completing over 10,000 km of extreme biking or achieving exemplary academic scores or even in terms of my contributions to the wider community. I hope to motivate my peers at NUS and help them to achieve their fullest potential. I also look forward to contributing to the various activities of the Finance and the Net Impact clubs.

Business School Essay 2

This is an essay composed by the student and rewritten by Dernier Cri Media. It has been edited for brevity, clarity, diction, grammar and punctuation. __________________________________________ What is the most critical problem facing your organization or community? What recommendations would you make to deal with this problem? 200 words Over the last few decades, various environmental, operational and technological changes have led to the development of multiple distribution channels in the insurance industry. Distribution of insurance products is the key to sustaining momentum. As an insurance company, Aviva India relied heavily on two channels of distribution, namely Bancaassurance and Direct Sales Force. Although the company has a multi-distribution network that encompasses the internet, direct sales and telemarketing, its major source of new business is through the Bancassurance channel. After IndusInd Bank’s exit from its Bancaasurance agreement with Aviva, Aviva India has been struggling to get a new Banca partner on board. To deal with this problem, Aviva India must leverage multiple distribution channels to engage with their customers. It must also develop a strong multi-distribution channel and increase market penetration through new modes of distribution such as the internet, mobile and NGOs, while leveraging the mobile and internet channels for sales. This will help the company to reach out to a whole new generation of younger customers. Aviva India must continue to leverage its online channel to increase direct sales opportunities. The company should make sure that its online portal is an integrated part of its multi-channel distribution network.

Business School Essay 3

This is an essay composed by the student and rewritten by Dernier Cri Media. It has been edited for brevity, clarity, diction, grammar and punctuation. __________________________________________ Describe a challenge you have faced either professionally or academically, and the steps you have taken to overcome this challenge. What did you learn from it? (Maximum 450 words) As an operations manager in my family business, I constantly seek new opportunities to enhance our market share and make our operations as lean as possible. At the time of my joining the business, our company was still following traditional supply and demand management approach that involved selling everything at fixed margins with very little variation in prices. This created a huge challenge for the company as some stock would move at a very slow pace and ultimately become bad stock for the company. I analyzed our inventory and founded that the average storage period was roughly four months; products that were unsold at this point in time took us about 10 months to sell. This was a huge loss for the company as the bad stock caused our company to incur various costs such as for storage, breakage due to continuous moving and shifting, and labor, as well as restricted cash flow. These losses could be reduced substantially by having a holistic view of the entire problem. I then held meetings with the marketing team to discuss the scope of selling these materials at reduced prices. I identified a market for these products – government contractors who could compromise on designs in lieu of huge discounts were our primary customers. These contractors readily agreed to buy this stock and our company gained tremendously by taking this step – we were able to boost our sales and increase turnover within a defined time period. In the business model followed by our company, increased turnover allows us to command better prices from our suppliers. We were also able to sell our products sooner by offering discounts, instead of selling them at a later date at the same price, and gain better cash flow and time value of money. I also took proactive measures to improve demand forecasting by taking into account various factors such as seasonal and regional variations. In business it is necessary to have a holistic view of a problem to effectively counter it, and measuring every cost is necessary for effectively managing the company. I learned that lean operations are the key to improving the bottom line of an organization. Accuracy of inventory plays an important role in measuring a warehouse’s efficiency, and hence should be routinely assessed and accounted for.

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