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Four Ways to Raise Money for Your Church Event

Churches spend days throughout the year trying to figure out ways to raise money for their most important events. For some churches they may ask their council or even their church members to come up with ideas about how to raise money for their annual events, but in the end some of the events are the same events that are held every year. However, there are some ideas that are overlooked or not thought of because some churches do not hold confidence that these events will go well: Church Carwash A day outside in the nice weather would be a perfect day to wash cars for the your perfect church event. Planning a carwash for the weekend would be a good way to engage with the other church members as well as meet other members in the community. This would also be a nice time to invite people in the community to your church. Having great music and church members to welcome the community to the car wash is a sure way to raise money for your event. Community Picnic Having a picnic for the community would be an amazing way for the church members and others in the community to have a nice meet and greet. Some of the people in the community might take the chance to ask more questions about your church as well as inquire about becoming a member. Having the picnic would also be an influential way to determine if this event would be a success to raise money for future events. Picnics always tend to bring people together whenever they want to make friends and meet new people. Talent Show for the Church Getting the church members involved in a talent show for the community is another good way to show the neighborhood that your church is welcoming and that their helping with your event would go towards a good cause. Involving everyone, even non-members of the church will draw people in as well as bring in money for your annual event. Showing that the talent show does not end with just the members of the church means that you are open to people from different walks of life coming and helping raise money for an event that would mean so much to your church family. The Ultimate Bake Sale Everyone loves home baked goods. Cupcakes, cookies, pies, and cakes can be the center of any good bake sale. Making a plan on who is going to bring what and how the bake sale will be organized is an important factor when planning how to sale these delicious goods to the community. Having music and maybe even some family fun games can also be a good way to make the bake sale fun for all. Some people may think of a bake sale as being boring, but if turned into a church fair or festival, it can be the ultimate bake sale that may soon become tradition.


Clusters Don’t Touch That Cake. I am on a diet. I am allergic to chocolate. It is too early for cake. Keep those apples. We can make pies with them. We can use the seeds to grow an apple tree. The children love sliced apples. Getting an education is important. You can get a good job with a good education. You learn how to set goals in school. Education helps you plan for the future. Turn the T.V. off Watching too much T.V. is not good for you. Getting up and moving around keeps you from being lazy. Taking time to read a book can be just as entertaining. Rules are meant to be followed. If you don’t follow the rules, you will never know what structure is. If you don’t follow the rules, you can get into trouble. Following rules can help you make better decisions.

A Forever

He was gone when the day left and my eyes touched forever He was a beauty of promise A sincerity of hope And the never ending of a graceful love letter He was gone when the forever of his promise embraced me I held on to his sacred trueness His tender kiss And his cherished loyalty He was gone when the day left and my eyes waited for his forever He was my tender dream A breathless wonder And the never ending of a love letter he was my sacred trueness And his promise embraced me He was my forever Breathless With a hopeless sincerity....


Compelled of truest confessions Fantasied Most devoted An embraced affection Kissed With purity And a tender grace Touched with gentleness And memories that lay Compellingly Kissed In the depth of beauty Surrendered elegance Sweetly And truly

How to Plan a Vacation

Taking a vacation can take a lot of planning. From deciding where your much needed vacation will be to planning the budget for the trip, every part of planning your vacation is very important. While some people may spend more time trying to decide where to go, others may be undecided about which resort would be the best to stay in. Gathering tips about the best approach for planning your vacation may save you time. Deciding on Your Vacation Once it is time to take a vacation for many, there is already a plan on where to go. For others, when there is a chance to go on vacation, it is always smart to make a small list of places that you have always wanted to travel and then begin the narrowing down process. The plan for where to go on your trip should go from places that you would love to go to places that you have once considered. Make it fun and think about what tourist attraction you would like to see once you get there. You can also do a historical research on the city and see if the history of the town peaks your interest enough to spark a visit. Trip Budget Plan Having a budget book can also help you plan how much you want to put towards your trip. Your budget can even help you decide where you want to go. Looking into deals on rental cars, plane tickets, hotels, and where to eat will help greatly once you get to your destination. Deciding how much money to save for souvenirs and other shopping trips while on vacation can also give you an idea what your overall budget should be for your entire trip as well as how much it will cost to eat during every meal. Looking into the stores in the area you plan on staying at may give you an idea with how much money will be spent once you go out. Making Use of Your Apps Using your apps will be something that comes in handy wherever you go. Whether you travel across the country or travel across the world, it is best to have travel apps on your phone or tablet, so that your trip does not feel overwhelming. If you plan to visit another country, Google Translate would be a great app to have for understanding the natives. Other apps that would be good to use for your travels would be Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber in case you have to make a call. You will also want to make sure that you have a ride sharing or taxi app on your phone or tablet in case you need a ride. Downloading your credit card apps is a great help and can prove to be less of a hassle when traveling. If you do decide to download your credit card app, let your bank know that you will be out of town so you are not locked out of using your money. Downloading a GPS app if you don’t have a GPS tracker may be of great help also. Knowing your way around any new city is always good, especially for those trips you make to see historical sites. After all of your apps are downloaded enjoying your trip should be the only thing you worry about.

Best Smoothie Blenders in 2017 Reviews

Are you looking for a new blender? Making sure you buy the best blender that fits your needs is important if you are trying to make a meal or drink on the go. Since blenders are more prone to break because of the nature of their use, it is good to do research before purchasing the blender that gets you through your day. To help with your search of blender options, take a look at the reviews for the top 5 smoothie blenders. 5. Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660) This blender comes with 1100 watts of professional performance power and 3 speeds, pulse and single-serve functions. Crushing ice to snow in seconds for frozen drinks and smoothies, this blender has a 72 ounce blending cup. The Ninja blender also comes with two 16 ounce Nutri Ninja Cups with to-go lids, which are perfect for personalized nutrient rich drinks to take on the go. This blender is also dishwasher safe with BPA-free parts. 4. Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle This blender has a one touch blending function with a lightweight bottle that fits most car cup holders and is completely dishwasher safe. Pulverizes everything, making purees, soups, cocktails, dips, and sauces with the 250 watt and 23,000 RPM power it carries. This blender also resists cold and heat from -40 degrees to 112 degrees. With a convenient 20 ounce to-go mug with a sealable lid, which is nice for your fruit of veggie smoothie or protein drink. Although the Epica is built to last, there is also a 2-year warranty on it. 3. Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid (51131) This single serve blender is great for smoothies, icy drinks, shakes, and more. With stainless steel blades, this blender comes with one-touch blending and compact storage. The jar for this blender stores upside down and cord wraps around base and is BPA free in food zones. 2. Nutri Ninja Pro Blender The blades of this blender breaks down whole fruits, vegetables, ice, and seeds for nutrient and vitamin extraction. This blender comes with one regular 24 ounce cup and one small 18 ounce Nutri Ninja cup as well as sip and seal lids. Along with this blender having BPA free Nutri Ninja cups, this blender also has a 75 recipe guide. 1. Ninja Professional Blender This blender makes drinks and smoothies in seconds with total crushing technology. With a sleek design, this blender has a 1000 watts of professional performance. The Ninja Professional Blender includes a features that keeps the blades from running unless the lid is secured. This blender is also BFA free and contains dishwasher safe parts.

The Corner Room Decorator

There is always that one pesky area in your house that begs for something to be there. The corner of your house that looks like it should be decorated with anything but a blank corner begins to talk to you and soon you are finding yourself asking what could possibly make that corner less boring. Some ideas may be anything from a bookshelf to a beautiful green plant. The Corner Shelf If you are someone who really enjoys reading, a bookshelf may be the answer to your empty corner. It can be your pride and joy of your book collection. You can also spruce up the shelf with a nice glass piece or an exotic plant. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating the corner of your house with the bookshelf of your dreams. A Comfortable Chair Using a chair to fill that empty space can also be a thing of beauty that will help you achieve the full décor goal that you hope to reach in your house. A comfortable chair with a nice floor lamp next to it can be the ultimate living space. Finding that relaxing space in your house does not just have to be on the sofa. It can also be in the corner chair with the lamp that brings true peace and comfort. The Hanging Plant An exotic hanging plant in the corner can bring the entire room together, making the room feel cozy and refreshing. Having a beautiful plant can also help you admire the room as a whole and maybe even give you ideas of how to incorporate plants around your entire house. Choosing a certain color of plant may make a big difference in the room as well. Corner Fireplace A beautiful fireplace in the corner of your room is nice to have. Investing in a corner fireplace for that empty space can be a thing of beauty. In the winter time the fireplace will be a great thing to have because you can warm yourself with it and in the summer time it will be a nice decorative part of the room. You can even decorate the shelf part of it with a vase plant or a unique glass piece. Having a fireplace may bring more of an elegant feeling to your room. Children's Corner Making the corner into a special space for your children can be very different. Many girls love nothing more than to have a princess area with pillows and stuffed animals. Creating a beautiful hanging tent with all of the princess accessories for your little princess can be something memorable. Using nice big pillows and maybe a few dolls and stuffed animals will make your child fall in love with a new area of the house. The Corner Office If you are in need of an idea for a home office, making the empty corner space in your room a corner office with corner shelves and a desk made especially for the corner can be exactly what you need to fill that void in the room. Work can be different and does not have to feel like work with the decorated desk and shelves made in your favor.

The Online Master of Library and Information Sciences Program

The Master of Library and Information Sciences Program at the University of Washington - Seattle, helps students by inspiring them to pursue their career in building libraries and organizations of the future. Washington University does this by preparing students with a strong background theory and a strong practice that is necessary to make their goals happen.The core curriculum of the Master of Library and Information Program, emphasizes the education students can use to build a career. In the core curriculum, students will use their understanding of systems design, information literacy, information architecture, usability, and similar disciplines to make the information environments interacted with everyday useful and usable. Students who major in the Master of Library and Information Sciences Program will also be empowered to adapt to a growing and changing field, students will learn to use information as a tool for transformation in their personal and professional lives.

Exotic Travel Destinations

Going on vacation to any destination can be the highlight of the year, but picking an exotic place to visit, is what makes a trip worth taking. Whether traveling locally or around the world, knowing what makes a place worth traveling to lies within the details. From the Black Sand beach in Hawaii to the Cathedral Cove in New Zealand, many plan for years to see the exotic beauty that lies in the hidden wonders of the world. Black Sand, Hawaii The sand on all of the black sand beaches in Hawaii, are made out of tiny fragments of lava. Very good at holding heat, sea turtles love building nests on the black sand for this very reason. Cappadocia, Turkey In Southeast Turkey, Cappadocia is most famous for geological features called fairy chimneys. Created over time by erosion of the relatively soft volcanic ash around them, past cultures have dug into them to create dwellings, castles, and even underground cities, like Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. Cuevas de marmol, Chile Formed hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Cuevas de marmol or better known as the Marble Caves are located in the Chilean territory of Lake General Carrera. The shades seen inside the Marble Caves are blue, green, turquoise, gray, white and pink. Lake Louise, Canada Lake Louise was founded in 1890 and was known as Laggan Station in Canada. It was once a wild outpost, but today it is a hamlet. Cathedral Cove, New Zealand An isolated beach on the Coromandel Peninsula in the small coastal town of Hahei, Cathedral Cove is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of New Zealand.

Janet Hubert Net Worth

Janet Hubert is an American film and television actress, known for her role as the original Vivian Banks in the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She played this character from the beginning of the first season (1990) until the end of the third season (1993). Hubert also starred in daytime dramas One Life to Live and All My Children. She also wrote a memoir about her life and career in 2009. The estimated networth of Janet Hubert is $500 thousand. Biography Janet Hubert was born on January 13, 1956 in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of nine, Hubert and her family moved to rural Chicago. After graduating from Momence High School in 1974, she won a scholarship to Juilliard school in New York City and after studying with well known dance teachers, such as Alvin Ailey and David Howard, she debuted on Broadway in “The First.” In 2005 she began playing the recurring role of Lisa Williamson, mother of attorney Evangeline Williamson. Career Janet Hubert’s career started after she became an understudy for Betty Buckley on the Broadway show, “Cats.” After Janet Hubert’s debut on Broadway, she went on to do shows, such as, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Dancin.” Her most memorable role came in 1990, when she made her television debut on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Since the show, she has guest starred on numerous shows, such as, Gilmore Girls (2000), Friends (1994), The Bernie Mac Show (2001), and Tales from the Crypt (1989). Hubert also appeared on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (2006). In 2009, Hubert self published an autobiography titled, “Perfection is Not a Sitcom Mom,” which talks about her life during the time she was on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, as well as her life before Broadway. Personal Life Janet Hubert has been married twice. She was married to James Whitten from 1990 until 1994. They had a son, named Elijah Isaac Whitten. In 2005, she married Larry Kraft. She suffers from osteoporosis and is the ambassador of the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Conclusion Along with Janet Hubert’s role as Aunt Viv on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and special appearances on shows like NYPD Blue, she has also been in several movies, such as New Eden (1994), 30 Years to Life (2001), and No Letting Go (2015). In 1991, Hubert was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. In 2015, Janet Hubert was honored at the IED Awards, for contributing and excelling in the Image, Entertainment, and Humanitarian industries.

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