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Brew Guru App Review for Beer and Food Lovers

Brew Guru - the path to good beer is not just about being a beer and food lover, but also this app delivers knowledge to those who are interested to learn that deals with beers, foods and supplies. And lastly it is a money-saving deals and local info on breweries, beer bars and home brew supply shops. This was built by the American Home brewers Association. It can be a companion of yours to the wonderful world of beer we all share. When you download it, takes few minutes before it finishes. It has fewer ads to the app that can make it look more professional to use. It has incredible themes, cute icon, good theme fonts and sizes, the color is not exasperating and bothersome thus it is suitable with the theme - beers and foods; it looks cooler to look at. And also it is easy to use for first timers. Brew Guru is only a fifteen-day trial so therefore you must go to premium to enjoy it. But the good thing in here is that it doesn't require credit card. It is still easy to use. When you open it, appears a word "become a member", it has membership duration like 38 dollars for 1 year membership, 68 dollars for 2 years and 97 dollars for 3 years. It cost a lot, but when you are already a member, you can access in all the things in the app. If you want to be a member, it is better if you choose the 3 years membership since you can save 17 dollars. Easy and quick to use, have to only put your basic information and card number and then you are now an official AHA member. When you want to deal with different breweries, pubs and home brew supply shops, you have to turn on your location and then click the home button, click also "Find Member Deals" and you can now find nearby deals. Still it is easy to use. When opening the app, you can clearly see immediately the different articles about beers, foods and home brew supplies, the featured collections such as Zymurgy, tips, to-do's, recipes, and many more. When you are new from AHA then there are also articles that will guide you in what to do and the things you need to learn. You can browse the Collections in the app easily and be able to see the content in it. The content is good and having the membership card is really handy and convenient but it can be slow and unresponsive sometimes. The developers and programmers must do something about this thing, it can cause for them to rate them down rather than to rate them high marks by the users. Useful yet the app itself is slow when browsing. The app must be fit in every Android or iPhone. Must change techniques to hook users and first timers especially the setting to turn off notifications so users do not receive random notifications throughout every nearby and more importantly faster load app. Material designs are good but it will be better to improve more to attract more users.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts, or popularly known as MMA, is gaining more raving audiences these days. The fight between the two players is a sort of an amazingly skilled art and you get to respect them for the techniques they got. Just as others are hooked into boxing and wrestling, MMA got different rules. It is a full-contact combat sport which allows striking and grappling -- may they be standing or on each other’s throat in the ground. This is quite full on, a fast growing sport with quite a showmanship for different fighting disciplines. At the moment, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), which is an MMA promotion company, got the latest news in MMA that Conor McGregor, The Notorious, will not be fighting until before May next year until his baby is born. He is undeniably skilled and got an impossible-not-to-notice fight when he knocked out Diego Brandao last July 2014. Bagging a historic victory at UFC 205 last week, he decided to take a time off -- a possible good break not unless an ideal-cannot-be-refused-offer comes up. McGregor has been so fighting impressively that there were rumors of a mythical fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. This fight though is not sure yet if can be negotiated or if it could ever happen. While many may start comparing their skills, Floyd who is a boxer in nature, used to defense, hiding and running may not be used to a full-combat fight. On another note, UFC may then have to rely on their other MMA best like Ronda Rousey, a really famous MMA female player, to carry the torch and promotion with her next anticipated fights. With that laid down, there are still several other reasons to watch MMA, such as the doubleheader in Belfast and Sao Paulo, UFC Fight night 99 and 100 on the same day. This will be Gegard Mousasi against Uriah Hall, and a rematch between Ryan Bader and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Mousasi is fighting for pride as this will be a rematch with Hall too. For sure many other MMA fights will be packed into the fight cards, so always make sure to stay tuned for the latest MMA updates. This somewhat proves that MMA players got a life too. You may not have watched an MMA fight yet, it is ok, many still haven't and you have time to catch-up. However, once you get to watch a fight, you cannot help but admire the techniques and styles being thrown by the MMA players. You get to appreciate their style and the finesse they can put into the rowdiest and the roughest fights. This is when MMA becomes a dance of fighting, a match-up of strength and capabilities which can lead to an unexpected win in an unexpected time. MMA players become an interesting persona for inspiration then, as your jaw may drop in admiration for the possible hard work and training they have invested before becoming an MMA fighter, and be recognized among the MMA best's.


Virtual Private Network, known more as VPN, is something you may have heard recently. More people seems to prefer having VPN on their computers, considering the possible advantage it can offer. VPN will allow a secure connection over a public network, or the internet. This can also be beneficial if you want to access region-restricted websites. To connect, you click a link on a website or it launches a VPN client on your computer. After entering your credentials and it has been authenticated, VPN connection can encrypt the internet communications, making it safer and secure from possible prying eyes wherever you may be. Which leads you to the question -- what is the best VPN available out there that you can get a try on? Their qualifications as the ‘best’ will depend on what surely they can offer that will cater to your needs. Let’s get started with a few list of the best free VPNs for PCs, according to reviews, that you can benefit from. Cyberghost – This has over 30 servers in 7 continents, will allow multi-logins and offers several protocols. This offers a big kick for anonymity, especially if you really put high priority about your privacy online. Very simple to use, making the experience a cinch when using the internet. Got a free plan, but also offers several packages should you want to go up a level of what they can offer. SpyOff – yes, you can start counting the benefits with this VPN. You can browse and download anonymously, can hide your real online identity too, can unblock content anywhere and available in over 21 countries. This has a free trial of 15 days, should you decide to cancel, that can be done anytime yet you may check their packaging and prices if you want to scale up. TunnelBear – known to have 354 servers in 8 countries, this allows multi-login and is user-friendly. Can also secure and anonymize your web traffic. Said to have a pleasing and approachable design and good download speed. Inexpensive if you want to amp it up. Some of its cons though are the fewer locations that they support and limited protocol. Several other VPNs that are said to be the ‘best VPN’ due to its price, reliability, speed and smart features can be easily searched over the web. Word of caution though that being free may have its catch – better to read the T&Cs;. Other disadvantage could be data limits and slow loading. Also, being free, there may be several advertisements popping up that can be a hassle to your surfing experience. Knowing now the advantage of VPN, there sure are lots of them that you will consider as best for you, may it be free or comes with a fee. Top things to consider will be the performance, flexibility and the freedom it can offer. Best VPNs will only be considered as the best if it’s a tailor fit to what you really require, just keep on searching the perfect match.

Making the Most Out of Your Online Invoicing Software

In this day and age, most companies are already switching to modern online invoicing solutions that are user-friendly, easily accessible, dynamic, and could adapt to your specific needs. Gone are the days when business owners and freelancers use outdated invoicing softwares, or manually prepare their invoices one at a time and send them to their clients via fax or mail thereafter. It is tedious, not to mention time-consuming, and we all know in the business world, time wasted is money lost. So how exactly can you make the most out of your online invoicing software? To begin with, it is important to determine which ones offer more additional tools and features, and which one offers you just the basic online invoicing. Bahaquote, for instance, allows you to send email marketing campaigns on top of their main platform which is to bill your clients periodically with ease. This way, you are able to utilize your software not just as an online billing tool per se but also as a marketing tool for your platforms without any additional cost. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. It is also very important for your online invoicing software to be easily accessible wherever you are- whether you are on your desktop computer, laptop, or even mobile phone. This way, even when you are on-the-go and away from the office, you can effortlessly send quotes, check invoices and other receivables, or just simply be up-to-date with all the information you need. Moreover, there are also online billing solutions now that offer recurring billing so you don’t have to worry about missing to send an invoice to a client when you are travelling. Your efficient online billing solutions has got this covered for you. Lastly, an online invoicing software can be fully utilized when you can finish off an invoice with a payment as follow through. And we all know how on time payments are crucial to one's business in order to keep the cash flow healthy. So make sure your software allows you to accept payments online- whether via credit card, PayPal, or other means possible like This way, you are assured of getting paid faster by giving your clients the ease of settling payment through different possible gateways. With all the online invoice creators here and there, it is imperative to get the best one in the market- one that is efficient, simple, customizable, easy to use, and very reliable. Whether you own a small or big firm with transactions either B2B or B2C, find one that covers as many aspects as you need in your business- cataloging/ inventory, project management, accounting, and payment. You can make the most out of your online invoicing software if you know upfront everything it has to offer, along with other tools and platforms you need. The key to your company's innovative growth is at your fingertips- it's just a matter of choosing the right one for you.

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