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Do you 1) hate working out mindlessly on the mill? 2) get angry and stressed about most things? 3) feel your mind is clogged and you cannot think clearly? 4)want to escape somewhere for some peace and quiet? Worry no more. Relax. Yoga is here, has been for more than 1000 years in fact :-). What is Yoga? Yoga is a set of physical and mental stimulation exercises devised by the ancient sages of India. Well, they had to, what with all the meditation and contemplation, even if they ate dry leaves and twigs, they were bound to feel sluggish and heavy. So, they had this enlightening idea to develop a set of exercises as a precursor to meditation. Being smart, they designed these exercises to help sweating off the extra calories and work on all body organs, thereby keeping them agile and young. As a consequence they built up their physical strength so that their mental prowess could grow. It had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with spirituality, finding your inner core. Did you know? Yoga finds mention in the oldest texts called the Rig Veda. There are texts on Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. These deal more with the mental control and spiritual enlightenment obtained by yoga. But the yogic texts by Patanjali are more detailed and are considered as textbook for yoga. Many studies have been done on yoga and its marvelous effects on the body as whole. Research says that any exercise releases serotonin, the happiness chemical in our brain. How is yoga superior to other exercises? Traditionally yoga follows slow, controlled movements in rhythm with controlled breathing. These slo-mo exercises relax your mental tension as you have to focus on not straining your muscles. So you relax when you do yogic postures. Simultaneous release of serotonin will uplift your mood and your brain is in its best condition. Yoga is unparalleled by any other form of exercise. It doesn't create stress on your body muscles with external weights, it uses your own body weight to tone up! You just need a mat and you can start doing your set of exercises. Many people hold wrong beliefs like only fast exercises or weight-lifting will burn calories and yoga is just a relaxation technique. It is completely wrong!! Yoga gives your body the complete workout. By doing those postures, you learn many things: 1. How to breathe properly! 2. Flexibility. 3. Stimulating your internal organs, so they start working properly! 4. You finally relax. When you go through your yogic exercises, you can feel the tension leaving your body. 5. You burn calories! Yes. If you do your yogic exercises twice a day, you can definitely see your weight melting off the scales! 6. Delay ageing! Learning yoga, controlled breathing will slow down your breath rate, which is said to delay ageing of the organs. The Tibetan monks are proof of that.

3 Tips To Be Funny And Make People Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. One of the best ways to become a popular guy is to make others laugh. So who doesn't want to be the funny guy? When we try to be funny, sometimes we put our foot in our mouth. Other times we may end up hurting someone's sensibilities. So there is a special way to put a smile on their face, which we must master. To be funny and make people laugh, you must be confident in yourself and have faith in your jokes. Develop a style of your own, unique to you. Being funny is the opposite of being silly. Funny people are in fact very intelligent. So how to get your jokes right? Being funny is serious business. Tie up your funny shoes, master these three tips to joke your way to popularity and success. 1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE You are not performing an art here! It is not like a film or a circus, you might think. Well, the answer is yes. You are performing, when you tell your jokes to a bunch of people. When you joke, you make people laugh and give them a different view. There are so many ways to be funny: dead pan, knock-knock, cynical, one-liners, etc..But telling the right kind of jokes to the right audience is the first step to joker super stardom. So know about your listeners, their likes, their prejudices. Else you might unleash your Sardar jokes on a Punjabi descent guy and unwittingly invite him to crack your head wide open. That is one reason, why you must research your audience. 2. KNOW YOUR STORY BACKWARDS So one night, a red hot chick came with an ostrich to the pub, where you were just sitting. She asked for a vodka with lime. She drank the vodka but only after giving it first to the ostrich. She continued to come every night and followed the same routine. You couldn't control your curiosity. So you bought her a vodka and asked her why the ostrich should drink first. She said....ummm... Yep, that's right. You forgot her answer. Get ready for the bricks. Know your jokes inside out, front and back, center and well, you get the idea. Knowing the story right means not only the general idea, but the exact words too. 3. CLOCK IT RIGHT Timing is essential to any joke. Too fast, and your audience is left wondering and too slow, you are left wondering where the audience is. Timing. This is what separates the masters from the wannabes. Telling the right joke to the right audience with exact timing will make you a star. So get a gang of honest friends to critique your timing, your delivery style, so that you will get to know where your mistakes lie. Follow these tips to make people laugh, and make yourself and them happy.

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Jul 14, 2017 01:03

Good work
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Apr 28, 2017 12:47

Good work
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Feb 25, 2017 02:04

Well written.
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Feb 05, 2017 08:15

Great work.
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Feb 02, 2017 00:00

Good Work
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Nov 27, 2016 07:49

Good work.Very impressive. Hope, I have more projects to work with Vaish612
Need someone translate my tamil Astrology content to english