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This Halloween, take a look at The Hilton Tokyo’s ultimate take on gruesome gastronomy

With Japan being an unwritten world ambassador of all things bizarre, the grand Hilton Tokyo too decided to partake in the nation’s love for the strange and inexplicable. And what better occasion do so than Halloween! While tricking, treating and dressing up are all an inherent part of the modern festivities for the day, the hoteliers in Tokyo seem to have decided to let Halloween be what it truly is- spooky and outright ghastly! In its commitment to offer a unique Halloween experience to guests, the Hilton Tokyo have conjured some eccentric delicacies like the spider web cake and the black bun cheeseburgers. Apart from these, the buffet also offers a spread of cupcakes topped with gigantic creepy eyeballs that stare right back at you. If glaring at you from the top of desserts wasn’t enough, the creepy eyes also find their way in the ‘Witch organ soup’ along with gummy worms and life-size entrails swimming atop its surface. Furthermore, you can celebrate the occasion by cutting a blood dripping mouse cake or relish on the finger cookies that are nestled in a pile of mushy chocolate poop. Disregard, if you may and can its eerie appearance, the buffet is backed by freshest of ingredients such as raspberry extracts and strawberry reductions amongst an array of edible elements that taste equally good. By making even the very best desserts look unappetizing as hell, the Hilton Tokyo has surely done up the Halloween blueprint just about right!

Take a look at the nine most romantic hotels in the world for 2016

To re-kindle the spark with your better half or to simply take off for some much needed quality time with your beloved, a hotel/resort that caters to these quintessentials is what you need foremost. While Italy and Greece have been the go-to destinations for lovers, Mexico’ La Casa Que Canta ranked top in their hearts this year. Travel and leisure’s (T+L) descriptive collation of best client rated romantic hotel experiences gives us an insight into the idealistic world of hotel romances which we present in a list of top nine below: 9. Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico: Giving you the very best of oceanic views and whiffs of summer sea, Las Ventanas al Paraíso in Mexico is a luxury getaway that wraps you in colonial charm. With amenities like personalized butler services, whirlpool tubs, an outdoor infinity pool and a wine cellar, your idea of an intimate romantic experience is bound to take life here. 8. Castello di Casole—A Timbers Resort, Casole d’Elsa, Italy: Which is that one country you would pick for a dreamy retreat? Surely all would chorus - Italy. Built in a 10th-century former castle, Castello di Casole offers you a king-size holiday, quite literally. The resort combines the best of two worlds with its quaint chapels and stately old world charm while providing guests the plushest of modern amenities. This imperial getaway which is fittingly the No. 1 resort in Italy, assures you that your better half is treated like a queen, just the way she deserves to be! 7. Katikies Hotel, Santorini, Greece: Summing up Santorini in a picture with its bright white décor against the backdrop of the sparkling blue Aegean Sea, Katikies Hotel is easily becoming a loved honeymoon destination worldwide. Featuring caldera-view balconies and luxury amenities like free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and iPod docks, 3 infinity pools, a champagne bar and Butler and 24-hour room service, sparks are sure to fly five white steps high at this beautiful resort in Greece. With guests designating the hotel as “heaven on earth”, little needs to be said about the romantic wonders it sets you off to! 6. Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Little Torch Key, Florida: Abducting your darling to a private island with love is a surprise like no other. Giving you a chance to do just this is the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa nestled on a private island in Florida Keys. Accessible only via a sea plane or boat, the resort’s plush colonial styled houses spellbind you with their unique thatched roofs and vaulted ceilings in the midst of sandy beaches. With amenities like private ocean decks and outdoor showers, an unparalleled intimate outdoor experience and a longingness to return is what this resort promises to leave you with. (To read more, please ping me for the entire write-up)

Brexit and its impact on British luxury brands

In an effort to understand the impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union, Professor Qing Wang, has provided an apt analysis and insightful study on its plausible effect on the luxury goods market. Wang is a Professor at Warwick Business School and Co-Founder of Warwick Luxury & Innovation Hub at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England. The aftermath of the EU referendum has had vastly damaging effects on the global economy with the European and British luxury brands being among the worst hit. Wang’s findings on “influence of cultural experiences on consumers’ authenticity evaluation of luxury brands, using British luxury brands as a case study, offers a deeper understanding of the situation Brexit has put Britain into. As per Wang’s study, the stock price of Burberry dropped over 3% and nearly 6% for Mulberry, while the largest luxury brand group LVMH dropped 6%, Dior fell 7%, L'Oreal 7% and Prada 4%.The reason for British luxury brands beings put in jeopardy are many. First and Foremost it is the currency depreciation of the sterling. As the Euro takes a hit, the value of many British Brands having a more European presence and core is also likely to suffer. Secondly, the Brexit will cause major disruption in the movement of people between the EU and Britain. While many talented designers and creative craftsmen are based out of Europe, British luxury brands relying on them will face a tough time. Geographical barriers in sourcing creative talents can cause a major roadblock for Britain based luxury brands Thirdly Wang further states that, “there is a deeper reason for the damage caused by Brexit that is the breakdown of the symbolic link with Europe for luxury brands. (To read more, please ping me for the entire write-up)

After the “Atelier”, Rolls Royce opens its first permanent luxury studio in Asia

A place where you can experience a monitored test-drive of the newest Rolls-Royce car, meet with equally delighted car enthusiasts and bathe in the luxury of the bespoke Rolls- Royce culture. Sounds like a dream? Well that’s exactly what the new Rolls Royce studio in Seoul, South Korea brings you to. Only the second of the brand’s permanent studio in the world (the first being –Atelier located in Goodwood, England), this one promises to give you an all-rounder on your beloved car like never before. Being the first of its kind in Asia, the facility provides car connoisseurs closed course test drives and a deep insight into the marvelous world of the marque. The sprawling space is divided into two parts, one being the car gallery- where the choicest of the four wheels are kept on display, with the second section – “the Atelier lounge” dedicated for guests to experience firsthand, the detailing and craftsmanship behind the Rolls Royce, with an added opportunity to commission a tailored car if they so fancy. However, the feature that stands out the most is the studio’s 2.6 m closed circuit with surrounding roads, where you can not only test ride a Rolls-Royce under expert guidance but also take on a min-tutorial that demonstrates to you the science (read art) that goes into making the car as legendary as it is today. Rolls Royce’s move to open a dedicated studio of its current stature in Asia was planned in wake of the overwhelming response experienced by it (including the fastest growing sales as recorded last year) in the region. Earlier in 2013, the brand also inaugurated the “Cote d’Azur” in Cannes followed by ‘Summer Studio’ in Italy in 2014. Remarkably, each of the Rolls-Royce studios ensure that visitors take home much more than a mere traditional dealership experience. Probably, this is what accomplished luxury feels like!

Trussardi extends fashion to dogs with the launch of its exclusive pet fashion line

Italian fashion label, Trussardi is honoring its signature logo (a head of a greyhound) quite literally! With the recent launch of their all exclusive pet fashion line, Trussardi has finally made an entry in the world of dog fashion. In affiliation with licensing company Fashion Streetwear Italia, they are set to offer a full range of fashion products for your beloved canine. The line labelled “Trussardi for your Dog” will offer apparel, collars, leashes, coats, jackets, kennels, dog houses, carriers and more, all emblazoned with the brand’s greyhound logo. The dedicated pet fashion line will cater to pets of all shapes and sizes from a Chihuahua to a hound. Trussardi’s love affair with the four legged however has been anything but recent. The brand opted for its new greyhound logo way back in 1973 and has also gone ahead to produce a short animation film with a dog playing the main protégée. That’s not it! The brand in 2014 took the fashion world by absolute surprise when it replaced regular models with dashing greyhounds in its spring 2014 campaign. With this overflowing canine love, what took Trussardi this long to develop their pet fashion range is a tale for another day. Even though fashion giants like Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and Hermès were quicker to delve into luxury for dogs, Trussardi has arrived late but in style! With Trussardi’s pet fashion line spelling luxury and beyond, it’s time to pamper your fur ball silly!

How to save your business from the brutal brunt of demonetization (A guide on why, when and how to use virtual platforms for cash transactions)

The burning issue (in all measures) in our country today is the demonetization move started by our humble government. The overnight economic blow has undoubtedly left lingering effects on the common man. While most of us can spend hours at stretch in debating the pros and cons of this rather radical currency shift, it would be wise instead to spend an equivalent gusto in devising ways out of the problem. The first and agreeably the most severe impact brought about by demonetization is a glaring crunch in the availability of liquid cash. There is no escape to the unending ques at ATM’s and the overcrowded cubicles in banks, if you are aiming at physical cash transactions. But to think of it, if you could escape the base itself, then the subsequent steps are none of your concern. Simply put, rather than relying heavily on liquid cash, why not think of alternatives to beat it’s need instead? With technology being the only way forward, there are more ways than one to avail the benefits of virtual money. While most established businesses have their virtual payment mechanisms figured out, it is the small business providers like local coaching institutes who are left pondering about the same. If you run a local tutorial/coaching business, we are well aware of the current sting you are facing. With most fee payments being in cash, you can do nothing about the loss of business you might face, until the economic demonetization stabilizes. Or so you thought! With a plethora of virtual payment options out there, you can easily save yourself from these unavoidable payment hassles. Below is a brief guide on the various payment modes you can opt for, as an efficient alternative to cash collections: 1) POS Terminals (Debit/Credit card swiping machines): (To read more , please contact me for the full write-up)

Online EPF transfer and withdrawal

With the dynamism of our current global economy and the professional spectrum, changing jobs every few years is the ground reality for most salaried individuals. While employment changes are unavoidable, the cumbersome amount of paperwork it calls for, often leaves employees feeling tired and irked out. Amongst the never ending array of background checks, declarations and settlements involved, the humble EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is one aspect that is often the most neglected. While feigning unemployment and withdrawing your PF amount might seem like an easier bet, you may as well change your mind on being introduced to the novel world of online EPF transfers. Why opt for Online PF transfers: After contributing 12 % of your hard earned money to the noble EPF, we reckon that most of us would want to avail its benefits. The now archaic method of physical PF transfers requires the employee to run from pillar to post to have his PF transferred to another account. The tedious method involves filling out form 13, followed by a long verification procedure by the employer and the EPFO, often leading to failed transfers. However, with the introduction of the online PF transfer functionality, you can now transfer funds from one account to another within a matter of few clicks, while also being able to track the entire process online. This method saves not only your time, but also your much precious gusto. (To read more, Please contact me for the full write - up)

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