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How to sell your car for the maximum price

Car buying is talked about a lot but when it comes to selling a car (most likely while upgrading a bigger and better product), more often than not we let a used car dealer do the work. That might ensure less work in one's hands, but considering that the dealer has to save a few thousands or lakhs as his margin, the price paid to the owner is lesser than what the car is worth. Fret not, here's how you can increase the value of your car: #1. Be specific about the essentials The first thing that impacts most is the accuracy of the information provided. So, if your car has done 21k kilometers, mention that and not 20k+. Also, mention if you have the paperwork and service history of the car. This will increase the buyer's interest in your vehicle. #2. How to make an online listing more visible There are plenty of ways to sell your old car, but, nothing comes close to online marketplace in terms of ease of use. We suggest you make the most of it, simply by offering an interesting advertisement. Starting with the description, make it readable. There must be thousands of buyers who claim their car to be in mint condition but be the one who gets meticulous without sounding boring. Inject some of the love you had for the car and get a concise yet interesting description. #3. Clean your car and photograph it No one likes to buy a filthy looking car. Heck, not even rally driver would want to drive a dirty car, unless he's on his way to the podium. So, why expect car buyers to look at an advert which shows a car that's not clean and the pictures that look shoddy at best? First thing to do before posting details about the car online is to clean it. Now, cleaning won't take a lot of effort and in return of the labour you'll put into it, your car will suddenly begin to look more interesting. If the paint seems to have lost its sheen, just get the cleaned and polished by a professional detailer. Once cleaning it up, it is time to click some nice pictures of the vehicle. There are certain angles from which the car might look very beautiful: find them and press the shutter button. Using a simple camera will do the job and make sure that you show how beautiful the car looks. Also, some shots of details like wheels, logos etcetera will surely draw viewers' attention.

Tips to Get Maximum Discount on a Car Purchase

In times when frugality and cost-effectiveness hold such high importance, getting discounts on new car purchases is as important if not more. But with the usual jargon thrown in, the customer can be intimidated a bit, and hence settle for a meagre discount. I take a look at how you could maximize the discounts and get a sweet deal. Let's have a quick look at what could the possible discounts be; from corporate discounts to loyalty bonus, there are a few of them but don't let the words scare you. Before we begin, keep in mind that cars are cheaper towards the end of the year. That happens because the stocks need to be cleared and people generally buy cars in the start of next year to get a better resale value afterwards; But if you are looking to retain the car for a good amount of time, then getting a discount at the year end makes more sense. Manufacturer Discounts Starting with what carmakers offer from their side. These discounts from the manufacturer are generally available for a short period of time, especially when they want to boost sales. So, for example, there's a moderate demand for a car but the competition is tough, then the carmaker will offer a higher discount to keep customers interested. Similar discounts are available during festive season to further increase sales, because customers like you and I look for the best deals in the market. The high-selling models seldom get these, which is the only downer. Discounts or Govt. and Corporate Employees Manufacturers also offer discounts for government sector and corporate employees. The amount stays in the vicinity of 20,000-30,000. This way, carmakers pull in more customers (word of mouth works, always!) and the new customers benefit from the discount. Dealer based discounts Next comes the dealer based discount. Apart from what the manufacturer offers, various dealers cut back on their margins to ensure their sales are higher than other brands/dealers. Varying between 1 to 10 per cent of the cost of the car, both dealer and manufacturer discounts are inclined towards selling those products which have a slightly less demand in the market. Apart from these cash discounts, car dealers also offer accessories/services free of cost. These shouldn't be missed, and while they may not sound as attractive as a hefty cash waiver, free accessories make great sense for new cars.

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