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Sweden - Northern Lights, Lapland & Skiing

To embark your journey on the land of the midnight sun, Sweden, you arrive at Helsinki. After a night’s rest at your plush hotel, you get up in the morning to a sumptuous breakfast. You now set out on an audio sight-seeing tour of the city. You take a glimpse of some of the most significant places of Helsinki, including, the Historical Centre, the Presidential Palace, City Hall, the Parliament buildings, and the Opera House. Come next day, and you head to witness the marvels that the city of Rovaniemi has in store for you. The Aurora Borealis adventure bursts life into you and engages all your senses, when late in the evening; you walk down to the pristine river waters. You love soaking in the blissfulness of the tranquil yet scenic surroundings. The dramatic nature along with the astounding beauty of the Aurora mesmerizes you. To augment your stupendous experience, you fry some palatable sausages, enjoying the fire in the dim surroundings. You now visit a native family, residing in the age-old yet cozy building Poro-Pekan Pirtti. You are received warmly by the hosts, who show you around their traditional dwelling and introduce you to their way of life. After a good night’s sleep, you now set out for a safari tour of the city. You first visit the highest located site of the city, the Ounasvaara fell, after which you visit the renowned science center, the Arktikum. The Provincial Museum of Lapland, presenting the astounding natural habitat and the rich cultural heritage of the Lapp regions, is next on your list. A visit to the Santa Claus Village and a brief meet with the Santa turns out to be more enticing than you had imagined. Then again, crossing the magical Arctic Centre Line has its own pleasure. The next day couple of days in Rovaniemi are rather laid-back, giving you the perfect opportunity to unwind. Your only engagement is the short visit to the home of huskies, where you are welcomed with warm beverages. You also visit the Arctic Circle Reindeer farm and take delight in your short reindeer drive, after receiving your reindeer driving license. Your next destination is Stockholm. On reaching the city, you enjoy a peaceful walk around in the Old Town. You also take an extensive bus tour that takes you around the city, so that you can catch the sight of some of the momentous places. You also stop at Fjällgatan, to witness the breathtaking views of the spectacular islands of Stockholm, and its clear waters. With your arrival at Åre-Östersund, begins the most enthralling part of your sojourn. You enjoy your five-day stay at the awe-inspiring Copperhill Mountain Lodge, and revel in the inexplicable pleasure of skiing, on your own. Your daily skiing lessons will ensure that you make the most of your Åre ski card and enjoy the entire ski system with its numerous lifts and slopes. With this beguiling experience comes an end to your gratifying sojourn, on this enchanting land of the Vikings.


Welcome to DD Connect! We’ve all entered the new financial year, and I’m sure that each one of us will be working hard, harder than we did last year and even smarter, to push the boundaries, to achieve the unachievable, and make a mark like never before! Taking the vow of redefining the experience of one and all associated with us, today, I take this opportunity to make an exhilarating announcement. And before doing so, let me thank each one of you, because without your constant guidance and unwavering support, it would have been next to impossible to achieve a feat as great as this. The DD Motors Family, is now set to expand its horizons through the provision of state-of-the-art services to our esteemed clients, through DD Nexa! As you must all be knowing by now that Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), launched NEXA, as its premium sales channel, only last year, thus bringing in a whole new retail experience for the customers, who have always placed their trust in the company for facilitation of fine-quality automobiles and trusted services for decades on end. We’re more than proud to launch the DD Nexa, as it entails with it innumerable new possibilities for us all, on our way to reaching the zenith of success. As a matter of fact we’ll also be coming up with as many as 2 service stations for DD Nexa. DD Nexa, will hence help us create new avenues of customer service, thus encouraging us to bring out nothing but the best in us! As happy as I am while making this announcement, deep inside my heart I know that this new venture has been made possible only due to the untiring efforts that every member of the DD Motor family has put in, for the belief that all of us have placed in this organisation, and more importantly in ourselves. For what it’s worth, we must give ourselves a good round of applause! With the DD Nexa becoming a reality now, it is time for us to fasten our belts on the flight to success, but not before we brush up our dedication towards offering our customers with the best of services and exceeding their expectations in everything that we do for them! With this in mind, let us ensure that this year helps us tame our challenges and make the most of the opportunities that lay ahead of us, for only then, will we become better than the best! Here’s extending my warm regards to you and your families for a wondrously fruitful 2016-17. Thank you, once again, for making us what we are today, and for promising us your support in all our future ventures.

5 Reasons Why Nobody Wants to See Your Honeymoon Pics!

Marriage is a bliss, and the celebrations gratifying. That being said, while we totally enjoyed your wedding rituals, here’s just why we do not want to see your honeymoon pics, even if it is the Antarctic Land that you’re visiting! 1. It’s your private time! Well, the world (read work and office) has offered you the luxury of spending some great time with your new spouse, that too at an extravagant location! What more could you’ve asked for? Now that you have it, it’s rather advisable to enjoy this time on your own, without posting just every moment on Instagram! 2. You’re probably not that photogenic! The bitter truth is, you don’t look half as good as you’d like in those honeymoon snaps! Not with those tan lines and overly short dresses, not to mention the needless pouts and the uncanny selfies. So please show us some mercy and keep your ‘not so alluring pics’ to yourself. 3. Nobody Cares. Okay! We understand that this is probably your first vacation to a foreign land. And in all probability, you’re staying at the most opulent hotel in town. But sadly, we couldn’t have cared less! 4. All Work and No Play. While you might be enjoying the time of your life parasailing and bungee jumping, unfortunately, we’re sitting at our desks, swamped with work. Seeing your pics only adds to our office blues and how! 5. No Intimacy Please! We know, extremely well, what honeymoons are meant for. And considering you are deeply in love with your spouse, we understand what it is that you actually share. But please, for the love of god, don’t spam our Facebook walls with your dizzying gushy-mushy moments. After all, some things are best when left to imagination!

What to Look Forward to in a Residential Villa in Noida

If you are ambitious and want a lifestyle that is modern and tasteful, then in all probability, you would want to own a Residential Villa in Noida. After all, what else can offer a classy taste, an extravagant living and an unparalleled style of day-to-day living? And while you’re at it, it is our sincere most suggestion that you should lookout for a luxuriant villa in Noida at a premiere location. And while it might seem to be a tough nut to crack, all you need to do is find a trusted estate agent and set your foot on the path to finding a modish villa in Noida for sale, today! But before you start with your search, here are some dos and don’ts that will help you on your way to finding just the perfect Residential Villa In Noida. By definition, convenience means the ability to move further with an entity without any hassle. And by all means, your new home should spell convenience like never before. But please remember, you’ll need to do some homework before moving forward. Firstly, it is important to chalk down a mental picture of what you want your home to be like. To start with, you should exactly know what to look at in terms of the number of rooms and bathrooms. You might also want to pick a house that offers a separate prayer room. In case you’ve guests visiting you rather frequently, don’t forget to look for a larger drawing room as well as living area.Apart from these, don’t forget to put on your checklist some of the basic yet most imperative amenities such as power backup, 24-hour security, car parking space etc. that will surely augment the quality of your living in your beloved Villa in Noida. Talking about comfort, factors such as bright colored contemporary interiors often make the home a rather cozy place. In this case, an additional factor that plays an important role is the type and the color of the chosen flooring. In fact, they also contribute in giving the home a more welcoming appeal. Also, with a home that’s aptly sunlit and is airy, will give you and your family a vivacious feel, and will work in favor of your growing children! In addition, an extended balcony with a decent view often makes for a place that you can use to unwind after a long tiring day at work. Now that, you are aware of the most imperative factors while searching your dream house, just set out to find that perfect Villa in Noida which suits your lifestyle, without dwindling your budget. While the estate company will aid you in a detailed appraisal of the properties that are available, you will also have the added advantage of exploring numerous residential properties in Noida with assorted combinations of different features!

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