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All Hail CID!!!

Yes, you read that right! 5 things that I am very thankful for, for having a kickass show like CID. The show that has been airing since FOREVER. The show that every twenty something and older has, at one point in life, tucked up under the blanket on the couch to watch with a bowl of ice cream or maggi for that extra homely touch! You are lying if you disagreed to that statement! And you know it! 1. A whole new genre: This show, which is a combination of Criminal Minds, Bones, Castle, CSI and all other crime shows that you can possibly think of, introduced the 8 year old me to an entirely new genre - crime shows - and it was one that I was gaga about for a long time. Still am. Although, I subsequently moved on to better shows after that such as Criminal Minds and so on. 2. Fuck what others think: If you are someone who easily gives up just because others are laughing at you, well, all you have to do is look at the makers and actors of this show. While the Internet is flooded with CID trolls and memes, those involved in the show are still dedicated to it as if their lives depend on it! 3. Science and Technology: Yup. If you’re a child prodigy and want to invent something but just cannot come up with any ideas, just get ready to watch CID. Although the VFX is really bad, the show was pretty advanced for the time with all the latest (and unimaginable) technology that the investigators used to place the bad men behind the bars. From air freshers to help spot finger prints to chips that get inserted in a human’s brains to CONTROL HIM THROUGH A SATELLITE! Yes. This show has it all. It’s the root of all future inventions! 4. Work is worship: Have you noticed, how ACP Pradyuman, Daya, Abhijeet, Fredrick and the others are working round the clock for 365 days in a year?! Be it, Republic Day or the Independence Day, or even the most awaited weekend, they are always at work, using crazy gadgets and making unbelievable assumptions to catch the bad guys. There is a lesson out here for all the procrastinators out there! 5. Just for laughs…CID: And last, but not the least, I have to thank the show for helping all the trollers come up with laugh-out-loud trolls and memes. Who can forget the “Daya, darwaaza tod do” , “kuchh to gadbad hai” , “Abhijeet, pata lagao” and so on. After all, laughter is the best medicine indeed, and here is a show that is so intense and serious that it is actually funny. Let me take you down the memory lane….. Most of us now, think that the show is a waste of time, but this show is pretty nostalgic for me. And for a lot of others out there, too. Otherwise why would it still be aired on the weekends? Someone, somewhere actually watches it. Okay, okay, I am guilty for still watching it. Occasionally!

Fashion Goes East!

The last weekend was one of the most fashionable weekends in the City of Joy that saw highly coveted fashion designers, models, celebrities, bloggers, socialites and fashionistas huddle together at Hyatt Regency, Kolkata, to celebrate the contribution made to fashion by renowned designers from Eastern India, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The idea was conceived my Arijit Dutta, of Priya Entertainments PVT Ltd. who wanted to establish eastern India and it’s neighbours in the east as big players in the fashion fraternity. Bibi Russell, the highly recognized fashion designer, hailing from Bangladesh chose to work with Khadi for her show as it is well known to be a home-grown, versatile fabric that works well throughout the year and ensured that the bengali cultural elements were well incorporated in her designs. Mr. Arijit Dutta, himself, was the showstopper for Bibi. And how could one forget one of Bengal’s favourite designers, Agnimitra Paul?! With Rituparna Sengupta being the showstopper for her, models sashayed down the ramp in fresh cuts, drapes and prints that brought out the fashionable element in eastern inspired outfits. The evening was not going to conclude without applauding the outfits created by one of the leading designers from Bhutan, Chimmi Choden. She stayed true to her style of creating outfits that beautifully combined the weaving culture of Bhutan with a modern twist. Abhishek Dutta, another celebrated designer lived up to his reputation of coming up with some of the most memorable outfits of the evening. The two-day affair also had some of the leading pioneers of the fashion industry of Bengal - Sharbari Dutta and Mona Pali along with eminent designers, Chandrika Tamang and Atsu Sekhose from Bhutan and Nagaland, respectively. Mona Pali, as always, came up with bespoke outfits representing the major role that the eastern fashion has the potential to play. While Chandrika Tamang displayed the unexplored fashion of Bhutan, Atsu successfully caught everyone’s eye with his love for detail while circumscribing glamour, eastern culture and splendour in his garments. The much needed modification to fashion received the hearty welcome that it deserved. The crisp cuts, vibrant colours, revamped prints and different silhouettes, succeeded in making the audience sit up and take notice of the promising and prominent designers that the east has to offer. People have also been oblivious to the skilled craftsmanship and easily available, locally grown fabrics for an excruciatingly long time now. With famous celebrities and supermodels walking the ramp for the designers, it was raining fashion in the city.

Financial Jargon

Don’t we all feel lost when our friends from the financial world mention certain words to us that we have no clue about? When we hear bankers or economists or even big investors talking, words such as FANG stocks, short selling, crowd funding are enough to send us into a tizzy; forget trying to keep up with them for the rest of the discussion. With news such as stock markets going haywire, falling oil prices and declining exports ruling the financial section in the newspapers, Blabbercat decided to discover and decode some of the complex words that one might hear more frequently these days so that one is able to keep up pace when discussing news of this complex but severely important world! Bootstrapping: This refers to the process of establishing a business with very little resources or almost nothing. Bootstrappers have a few options such as their savings, personal income and the lowest possible operating costs to choose from. Several major global corporations such as Coca Cola, Apple, Dell Computers started of as bootstrapped ventures. They are an expert when it comes to stretching their already limited resources as far as they can. It is an inexpensive and an effective way to ensure a positive cash flow as it reduces the amount of money borrowed and thereby, reduces the interest costs. Short Selling: Imagine selling something that you do not own! And imagine doing that and actually make a profit! Sounds too good to be true, right? But that is exactly what happens in short selling. However, such a thrilling activity has to come with huge risks of losses. In this case, the seller borrows the securities from the owner and sells it in the market with the hope that he will buy it at a lower price in the future and thereby make a profit on the transaction. It generally happens when one expects the prices of those specific shares to decline in the future. FANG stocks: NOPE! It has nothing to do with draculas or vampires or werewolves. It is, in fact, an acronym created a few years ago by Jim Cramer of The Street, representing the most popular and well performing stocks from the world of technology in recent times - Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. So you know what investors are talking about when they mention that they opted in/out of FANG stocks. Short Squeeze: This refers to the situation in which heavily shorted stock (stock that is selling like hot cakes because of an expected price fall) suddenly witnesses a sharp increase in its price, which forces the short sellers to close their short position (buying those shares). This heavy closing of short position adds to the upward price pressure on the shares. A short squeeze is generally triggered by a positive development that indicates that the prices will now go upwards, contrary to the previously held belief that the prices will fall.

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Jun 20, 2017 19:07

As usual, brilliant work.
Monthly Pay: Part Time Writers Needed, Rs. 12,000/Month

May 20, 2017 20:19

Monthly Pay: Part Time Writers Needed, Rs. 12,000/Month

Apr 18, 2017 07:19

Surpasses all expectations. :)
Monthly Pay: Part Time Writers Needed, Rs. 12,000/Month

Mar 18, 2017 06:54

An amazing experience. Samreen is one of those people you can always trust with your work.
10,000 INR Per Month

Feb 17, 2017 01:52

Some absolutely brilliant on time stuff from her. :)
Monthly Pay: Part Time Writers Needed, Rs. 10,000/Month

Jan 16, 2017 01:45

Some real good stuff out there!
2500 INR work, 7 Working days