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3 Popular Types of Online Business

There are 3 very popular online business types which people use to generate online income. Online Business Type 1: Blogging You can monetise a blog if it specialises on any particular activity of human live. The money will come through ads and products the blog is hosting. • Software products (eBooks on a particular topic, educational materials, special videos) • Affiliate ads (these are ads (text or image) in your blog through which prospective customers can make purchases in sites of online merchants the ads are related to Note: Goggle AdSense and AdWords are examples of affiliate ads. • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads which can generate commissions for you when people click on them Just remember these two valuable TIPS on Blogging: • These software products and ads should only be related to the subject-matter of the blog. So if your blog is based on Sex Toys, the ads and software products should also be based on that. • The importance of a blog goes beyond these software products and ads; otherwise you will fail to get any income. Did you understand the last tip? You will…if you understand the real PURPOSE of Blogging. A blog will help you showcase your expertise on a specific subject. People interested in the subject will look upon you as an expert on the subject or product or whatever. They will interact with you and make enquiries…giving you an opportunity to post some valuable advices & tips. But to achieve this you’ve to be a REGULAR blogger…posting 2-3 articles every week. Else no one will take you that seriously. Salient features of Membership sites are: • Constant effort to build relationship with site visitors • Articles posted revolves ONLY around the theme the site is based on Online Business Type 2: Membership Site Membership sites can also be an exciting online business idea. In fact, this is the same as Blogging except that you’ve to pay to become the member of an online community which is created based on shared interests (Parenting, Pet Care, Biking, Camping, Dating, LGBT, BDMS). Salient features of Membership sites are: • Membership can be monthly, quarterly, annually or lifetime • You also gain access to exclusive Offers and Promotions Online Business Type 3: Niche Site Niche sites cater to a very niche market. A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. Niche sites are know for generating high traffic and products they sell can bring higher prices than on general purpose sites because they serve customers looking for unique/specific products/service/content. Like in Blogs, niche sites too allow Google AdSense and AdWords ad postings (other forms of ad) to generate revenue. The salient features of Niche sites are: • Low maintenance and low updating • Very serious about (low competition) keyword research (which usually rank highly in Google – and easily too) • Very few textual content

Types of Allergy Treatments

There are many Over-the-counter and prescription medications that can control allergy and alleviate painful and irritating symptoms. Let’s take a look at some treatments for allergy. Allergic Treatment #1: Antihistamines This is commonly the first line of defence against an allergic attack. The main aim of Antihistamine is to deactivate or at least reduce the release of histamines. Histamine is released in the body in the presence of some allergen outside the body. These allergens are: Pollen, Fumes, Vapour, Perfumes, Dust, Molds, Dust Mites, Food, or Medication. Histamine can cause the following symptoms: itchy skin rashes (hives), running nose and eyes, swelly and stuffy nose, & itchy eyes. Antihistamines are great form of allergic treatment for relieving seasonal, food and indoor allergies. But they cannot alleviate all types of allergies. For example, it cannot cure Nasal Congestion. Allergic Treatment #2: Allergy Shots This can make you allergy free! Allergy shots does not actually cure allergy or alleviates its symptoms, what it does something interesting: Allergy shots help your body GET USED TO allergens! Allergy shots are also called Immunotherapy. And this is the most suitable allergy treatment if others do not work or if you experience regular allergic symptoms. Allergic Treatment #3: Auto-Injector This is good for extreme allergic attacks, which can even threaten your life. It injects a life-saving dose of Epinephrine. Epinephrine (aka adrenaline) is a hormone your body naturally produces. It can help improve breathing, raise blood pressure that’s dropping, and reduce swelling. It is always safe and wise to keep an auto-injector or two with you wherever you go. Allergic Treatment #4: Decongestants Nasal Congestion, because of an allergy or otherwise, can be cured by a Decongestant. When allergies affect your nose, it swells up blood vessels and tissues. Allergies make the lining of your nose swell. Decongestants shrink swollen blood vessels and tissues. That relieves the congestion. But decongestants can’t help with sneezing or itching. Caution: Don’t use nasal spray Decongestant longer than three days. Using it continuously for several days has a side-effect: It will make the nose congested! Allergic Treatment #5: Anticholinergic Nasal Allergy Sprays This is good for running nose. Anticholinergic nasal sprays decrease secretions from the glands lining the nasal passage. Caution: Using it beyond the prescribed duration may cause dry nose, nose bleeding and irritation. Allergic Treatment #6: Steroid Nasal Sprays These are powerful allergy medicines, esp. for the nose. This spray decreases inflammation in the nose, thereby, relieving nasal symptoms. Caution: Excessive use of this spray may cause nose bleeding and sore throat.

Astonishing 10 Don’ts of Internet Marketing

If you’re really serious about Internet Marketing for your business or other online activities, then stay away from the Don’ts of Internet Marketing; otherwise you may find yourself trapped in a quicksand…and you may not ever realise that until it is too late. 1 - Don’ts of Internet Marketing: Avoid indulging in Spamming You know what…Instinctive thinking and actions are mostly wrong! Spamming is one of them. In case you did not know, Spamming means posting or sending Unsolicited, Irrelevant and Intrusive messages in forums & through emails with the sole intention of trying to sell you something or do something else to serve the self-interest of the sender. Spamming can damage the image of the company in whose name spamming is being done. No one likes unsolicited messages! In fact, if your competitors become aware of your unethical spamming activities they will pounce upon this as a great opportunity to DEFAME you all over the Net. 2 - Don’ts of Internet Marketing: Avoid indulging in Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tactics What the hell is this Black Hat SEO? The name of a villain in a Western? No! Black Hat SEO (aka Spamdexing) is mischievous SEO tactics of making websites rank higher in search engine results than they otherwise would. Simple! To tell you the truth, this certainly can increase your Google page ranking and your site can appear in the first page of search results – but this benefit is mostly SHORT-LIVED. Google is smarter than you! The moment it detects Spamdexing, your site will be blacklisted and it will never appear in the search results…leave alone appearing in the first page. Your site will also be removed from affiliate programs through which your site makes money. Black Hat SEO was very common in the mid to late 90s, but not so now. 3 - Don’ts of Internet Marketing: Don’ts for online ads You must keep the following Don’ts in mind when designing online ads: Avoid too much animation: Make sure that your online ad animations do not look ‘bombastic’. This can really put viewers off because of ‘visual irritation’. Avoid too much colours: The above advice also applies to colours used in online ads. Avoid any misleading message: The message should be to the point and direct – not ‘indirect’ or some unnecessary attempt to look ‘clever’. Avoid too much of text: Your online ad should contain short, to-the-point messages and not some long-winding work of literature. Avoid online ad mismatch: Your online ads for Internet marketing and the related ‘landing page’ should ‘match’ in terms of what they promise. There should not be any ‘confusion’ between the two. Note: A ‘landing page’ is a web page which serves as the entry point for the main website.

Types of Asthma

Many people mayn’t be aware but there’re more than one type of asthma depending on the conditions that trigger the disease & many other factors. They’re as follows: Extrinsic/Allergic Asthma Most asthmatic patients suffer from this disease. This condition is triggered by allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions). Some of the most common allergens are: pollutants, wood dust, pollen, animal dander, chemicals and smoke. Brittle Asthma A person suffering from this form of asthma may change from feeling relatively well to having quite severe difficulty breathing very rapidly. People with brittle asthma also tend to be those who have relatively frequent asthma attacks, and in between acute attacks may have ongoing symptoms such as coughing and wheezing which may require quite large doses of medication to keep them under control. Status Asthmaticus This is an acute aggravation of asthma that does not respond to standard treatments of bronchodilators (drug that causes widening of the bronchi) and steroids. Symptoms: chest tightness, rapidly progressive dyspnea (shortness of breath), dry cough, labored breathing and extreme wheezing. Exercise-Induced Asthma If you cough, wheeze or feel out of breath during or after exercise (even when you’re physically fit), you could be suffering from exercise-induced asthma. As with other types of asthma, a person with exercise-induced asthma will experience difficulty in getting air in and out of the lungs because of inflammation of the bronchial tubes (airways) and extra mucus. People with other types of asthma may show symptoms of exercise-induced asthma, but the ones who suffer from the latter disease mayn’t display any signs while they’re not exercising. Mark Spitz won nine swimming gold medals during the 1972 Olympics and he suffered from exercise-induced asthma.

6 Causes of Obesity

Everyone knows that food laden with calories and lack of exercise are two MOST common causes of obesity, anywhere in the world. But let’s look at these and other causes: 1 - No Physical Exercise This is the no. 1 cause of obesity! Put it down to laziness or lack of time (which is mostly an excuse), but if you go on accumulating calories in your body for months, you will become obese (with a BMI of 30 or more). A minimum of 45 minutes of rapid walk for at least 5 consecutive days a week is what you will need to burn all those stored up calories – and prevent you from become pot-bellied. 2 - Diet Total calorie consumption is directly related to obesity. Calorie consumptions in the form of alcohol, cookies, fats, cakes, beverages, fast food, etc. have gradually increased with the passage of each decade. This is more so in the Western world than in Asia. 3 - Sedentary Lifestyle This is a medical term used to explain a lifestyle which basically involves very little physical activity. And the main cause is lack of interest in daily exercises or outdoor play (in the case of children). For children, TV has always been the biggest excuse not to pursue playing activities, either outdoor or indoor. 4 - Genetics Genetic structure can lead to obesity as in these syndromes, Prader-Willi syndrome, Bardet-Biedl syndrome, Cohen syndrome, and MOMO syndrome. Studies have also shown that 80% of offsprings of two obese parents are more likely to be obese, in contrast to less than 10% of the offspring of two parents who are of normal weight. 5 - Physiological Abnormalities There are some Physical and Mental illnesses the treatment of which, using drugs, can increase risk of obesity. These physiological abnormalities are: hypothyroidism, Cushing's syndrome, growth hormone deficiency & eating disorders. The last one comes in the form of binge eating disorder and night-eating syndrome. 6 - Peer Pressure Peer pressure or, at least, being in a peer group invariably lead to regularly ingesting food items containing empty calories (Chips, Beverages, Fast Foods, Sodas, Candies, etc.), which after a few years leads to obesity.

5 Reasons Why People Love Pornography

1 - Men are more easily attracted to blue films as they are pretty much HARD-WIRED for… …easy sexual arousal. That is how men have evolved, so that men are ready for sex whenever any opportunity is available (to ensure the propagation of the species). Online or offline porn offers them, at least, vicarious opportunities to express their primeval carnal interest. 2 - Both, men and women, love pornography for the VICARIOUS PLEASURE… … it offers when it comes to indulging in sex in all kinds of techniques/variations (foreplays, oral sex, anal sex, BDSM, group sex, vaginal+anal sex, "gold shower") and with all kinds of beings (opposite sex, same sex, parents, siblings, even animals). Sometimes porn may even include Rape (which not only men, but even some women fantasise about). 3 - Porno excites people to MASTURBATE Masturbation is extremely important sexual technique to release our pent-up sexual feelings and experience sexual pleasure. Porno is an important catalyst or a visual stimulant to make us masturbate. 4 - Blue films/Pornography can help SEXUAL PARTNERS get more "sexcited" Watching others indulging in sex is a truly "sexciting" experience for most of us! Watching porno can be – and actually IS – a great form of foreplay which can lead to high quality sexual excitement building up to high quality climax (through any sexual technique). 5 - Blue films/Pornography can help you learn some new SEXUAL IDEAS And these "sexual ideas" include Sex Poses, Sex Locations & Sex Props.

What Exactly Is Social Media?

1 - What is social media? Social media refers to websites (Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Plaxo, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Hi5, Friendster, etc.) in which people can interact and network with each other by posting or responding to textual messages & uploading images/videos. And all such interactions happen through your own ‘private space’ (your account that is) which you can create in each of those social media sites. You can also build or be a part of communities/groups in social media, in which like-minded people can interact. 2 - Social media can be categorized based on ‘Interests’ Social media websites are based on specific or general interests. For example: • Some are for general social networking (Facebook, Google+) • Some are only for professional networking (Linkedin, Plaxo) 3 - Social media can also be categorized based on technology In addition to ‘interests’, social media can also be categorized based on technology. For example: • Music social media sites (, Myspace, Buzznet) • Video social media sites (YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe) • Forum-based social media sites (any kind of blog, any kind of discussion- and debate-based site (commercial or otherwise) 4 - Social advantages of Social Media Social media has changed human interaction like never before in history. • You can search out any long forgotten friend, colleague, classmate or relative. • It helps you in keeping in contact with your near and dear ones. • You can make new friends across the world. • You can easily find solutions to your problem. 5 - Business advantages of Social Media • Employees can share their experiences, links, ask questions and discuss ideas • Social media is an excellent to tool to increase ones business network and contacts • Employers can find the right candidate to fill a vacancy

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