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Detailed Studio Lighting Tutorial for the Photographer in You

Do you love to capture each and every candid moment going in your surroundings? Do you secretly love professional cameras more than your crush? If your answer is yes; you certainly have a hidden photographer in you. Regardless of your age, you can start your photography career at any point of time. You just need to have that passion and zeal in you. Although this might seem to you as a mere theory; but, this is actually the basic truth. If you follow your passion religiously, you can transform from a beginner to a professional photographer. Furthermore, you do not need to attend any classes or a crash course to polish your skill. You can start practicing at your home itself. So, here’s a complete tutorial that will help you capture those picture-perfect candid moments. But, before we start, you need to understand that a flawless click is the one that has proper lightning effects. Without optimum usage of lighting (and its tricks), you cannot end up getting a fine-tuned photograph. Let’s just now get started with the tutorial. Read it carefully and practice it at home:

Explore Your Adventure Quotient at Bhutan Snowman Trek

Whenever it comes to highlight the most challenging Trek in Bhutan, snowman trek is the one that comes at the top. This trek is known as one of the high altitude treks in Bhutan. Each year, a significant amount of daredevil trekkers come here to capture the most incredible trekking moments of their lifetime. This trek crosses through dozens of high passes of 5000 meter as well as various unnamed and unclimbed 7000 meter peaks. Hence, usually this trek is chosen by only those tourists who crave for adventure and experimenting with new stuff. So, if you are the one, with an adventure-oriented mind, then this Snowman Trek Bhutan is the ideal option for you. While trekking here, you might get fascinating views of Bhutan's pristine landscape, Buddhist culture, wonderful people, high altitude wildlife (like blue sheep and snow leopard) and turquoise-tinted lakes. Now the question arises here, as to how would you start your journey to the Bhutan Snowman Trek and what is the necessary information that you must keep abreast with. In order to make sure that your adventure trip turns out to be a pure fun-filled activity, you need to know the following information: 1. Trekking Route As already mentioned above that it is the most difficult and challenging trek in Bhutan, therefore before trekking you must be alert about the route of this trek. Officially, this trek starts from Paro, and passes through Lingshi and Laya. Further, it reaches to the remote Lunana in northern Bhutan. From there you have the option to either return to lateral road at Nikka Chhu, or continue further to reach Bumthang. 2. Number of Days Required It would hardly take 19 to 24 days to complete the trek. If you, say, start from Paro, then it shall take you about 24 days, including a day for rest in Laya. If you choose to start from Punakha; then it is probably a minimum of 19 days trek. 3. Altitude Amongst the various Bhutan Tours and Treks, this trek is certainly a true high altitude trek; from Laya, you will continuously stay above 4000m and if you leave from Paro, then you would already reach 4000m at the Jomolhari basecamp. 4. Highest Passes The highest passes on this trek are: • Loju La (5155m) • Gangla Karchung La (5230m) • Rinchenzoe La (5332m) • Jaze La (5251 m) 5. Highest Camps • Jichhu Dramo (5060m) • Tshochena (4975m) 6. Longest day of Trekking If you decide to walk from Thanza to Tshochena in just one day, it will take almost 8-9 hours, climbing nearly 1200m from 4000 upto 5250m. Thus, it is generally advised to stay and rest overnight at Dhamji. If you walk down a little from Chhukarpo, then the longest day can be the one from Jichhu Dramo to Chukarpo. It will take about 8 hours of your day.

7 Magical Essential Oils for Dry Skin and Signs of Aging

A dry skin results into flaky complexion and cracked hands that may eventually lead to excessive fine lines and wrinkles. Undoubtedly, no girl or even a boy (as boys are getting more conscious for their skin than girls) would prefer such a dull and wrinkling skin. So, what is the solution? Are those commercial anti-aging products available in the market worth your skin? Well, the answer is certainly NO. Basically such products are entirely made from harmful chemicals, which might deliver you instant results, but in the long run, they might damage your cell growth. Hence, to get that perfect glowing skin, all you need to rely is, on the nature’s gift, i.e. the natural essential oils that are produced from the nature. Nature can never harm you in any way. Hence, the natural and organic essential oils are today very popular due to their excellent results. Some of the most magical essential oils are: 1. Avocado Oil The vitamins and minerals present in avocado oil are known to boost the skin’s ability to moisturize and generate more and stronger cells. The skin-feeding nutrients, viz. vitamin E, potassium, and lecithin provide energy for the growth of new skin and fortification of existing cells. 2. Myrrh Oil Myrrh oil is primarily popular as one of the magical Essential Oils for Dry Skin, as it boosts the skin strength and provides a smooth and healthy younger-looking complexion. 3. Sweet Almond Oil This oil not only helps in regenerating skin and maintaining elasticity, but also promotes better circulation. Also, the Sweet Almond oil is beneficial for those who spend a considerable time in the sun, as it is a natural UV blocker. 4. Rosehip Oil This oil is incredibly known for its high concentration of natural vitamin A. thus, this oil has the ability to reduce wrinkles, lighten age spots, fade fine lines, promote healing of damaged skin, increasing collagen production and improve texture and appearance of skin. 5. Jojoba Oil With huge quantity of ceramides, jojoba oil acts as an effective barrier for moisture loss from the skin. It is also an organic remedy for skin problems, such as eczema, rosacea and skin psoriasis. In short, it is an ideal solution that makes the skin soft and well hydrated. 6. Sandalwood Oil This oil soothes the damaged or irritated skin. At the same time, it helps in fading wrinkles, scars and fine lines. This smoothens the skin’s surface and thus provides you a healthy and glowing skin. 7. Emu Oil Owing to its moisturizing properties, it is an ultimate remedy for age spots, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Besides this, it is also magical ingredient for curing arthritis, burns, muscle strains and eczema. So, with immense natural and organic options in your hand, you can revive your skin growth and make yourself look the prettiest girl or most handsome guy in your friends circle.

The Complete ‘How To’ Guide for Choosing Home/Travel Charger

All the mobile phone chargers are primarily preferred to serve the purpose of charging the smart devices, such as iPads, IPods and others. But if they are not compatible with your device, then it is an outright redundant item. Hence, while choosing an appropriate charger, it is important to conduct a thorough research on the options available for different types of chargers. To make sure that the charger works effectively with your phone, make sure you read the description and get mindful of the variety of phones with which they work effectively. Prepare your checklist to tally your requirements with the specifications of the charger. This will help you in identifying the extent to which your needs will get satisfied. However, a number of varieties for the chargers are available in the market today, one of them being the Home Charger. With such a charger at your home, you can be relieved about all the worries of charging your phone. No matter that the wall socket is not available or there is electricity cut-down in your area; your device will be fully charged and ready for all you want to do with your device. These chargers are highly gaining appreciation among the masses, but for every consumer, it is mandatory to be alert of the major essentials to keep in mind, before actually buying them. What to Consider Before Buying Chargers To make sure that your USB Charger fulfills all your requirements with utmost precision, it is advisable to consider the below mentioned points: • Safety Whether you need the charger for home, office or travel, just make sure that your charger has protection against short-circuiting and over-charging. These things are mandatory to consider, as they put your safety at stake. Also, before buying the charger consider the ampere rating of the charger, to make sure that it charges your device quickly and safely. • Size Another relevant point that you must keep abreast of, is that the charger should be lightweight and easy to carry. If your charger will be portable and light weight, it would be easier for you to charge your device anywhere, with no trouble of making space for the charger in your bag while travelling. • Single To Multi-Port If you are a person with a busy schedule and likes to carry along a number of devices, then the charger suitable for you is multi-port charger, with which you will be able to charge more than two devices simultaneously. Also, single and double port Travel Charger is ideal for use at any point of time. Depending on your need, choose your charger accordingly. • Flexibility It is necessary to ensure that the charger that you choose must be flexible enough to be used with a variety of mobile phones and devices. It will not only benefit you, but also your companions who may require charging their phone. Also, with a compatible charger, you will not need to invest money in a number of chargers.

How Does Free Advertising Benefits the Small Businesses

In order to progress quickly in the business world, small businesses invest a lot of their efforts day and night. For this, the small businesses come up with new business ideas, with a hope that it offers maximum benefit to their business. But, apart from such efforts, such businesses also need to have a firm hold in the online world. If you are not focusing on your promotion online, then you are seriously missing a large chunk of revenues and your brand recognition. If you are a service provider, then you must share the information with the customers around the world. The promotion should be such that whenever, a potential customer thinks about the service, he must instantly recall your brand name. Thus, for such kind of promotion, free advertisements can really help you. Especially, the advertisements in directories are more beneficial. It helps you in the following ways: 1. Free Free Free The first foremost benefit of this is that it is free of cost. You do not need to pay anything for your promotion amongst the huge audience. Just imagine, how wonderful, it would be. At one hand, your company’s services are getting online promotion and at the other hand, you do not need to pay anything for that. 2. Larger Base of Audience Since, it helps to post advertisements online, thus, it reaches a larger base of audience. The ads help you reach out the audience that is beyond a particular niche. Thus, the recognition that you get is commendable. In short, free advertising online is your gateway for maximum recognition in the market. For marketing and advertising of your services, you may require investing a considerable amount of resources. But, with such facility, you can get quick recognition. 3. Helps in New Venture Suppose, you have started a new venture and you do not much resources to promote it. Or even if you have resources, you just want to see excellent output in a short span of time, then such effort for advertisements can be a great ally. 4. Widely Accepted This is widely accepted around the world. Earlier, it was considered as a spam activity. But, as business firms came to realize its favorable effects, they started with such practice and benefitted their business. Even those who read free ads often read it a hope that they may find something free and new. Conclusion So, do you have a product or service that you are trying to sell since a long time? If yes, then advertisements are just the right option to effectively sell the services or products immediately. Also, it is a great platform that offers superior business opportunities to you that other efforts might not provide, so conveniently.

What are Benefits of Online Learning?

Learning online is a great way to boost your knowledge and real-world skills. This has actually become the greatest revolution in today’s education world. If you follow the traditional system of learning, you’ll have to pay several dollars per term, just to attend the classes. But certainly this is not the case with online learning sessions. While you are in a tangible classroom, you may or may not understand what is being taught to you. In certain situations, you may even do not have the option to clarify your doubts. But, in an online classroom, you gain access to a pool of resources through which you can learn and understand the concept pretty well. Also, there is no time limit to the session. You can learn whatever you want, whenever you want with zero time restrictions. But, you may gain other benefits too, such as the following: • Convenience and flexibility to plan your study schedule as per your preferences • The total costs are relatively lower • Learn whatever you want - Variety of courses or programs • Great way for career advancement • Access course materials 7 days a week, 24 hours a day • Improve your technical skills: • Interact with classmates from diverse backgrounds and locations • Generate an ability to concentrate • Connect & learn from instructors/ teachers across the nation • Enhanced ability to communicate via latest technology

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