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Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
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5 Ways To Love Your Car This Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. But many of us car people forget our first love around this time. We usually don’t treat our cars well in winters, we wade it through mud, leave it out in rain and force it to cold start every morning. Now spring is approaching and it's high time to give your car a pick- me- up. Make it Glow: Give your ride a good wash. Nothing is more loving than carefully detailing your car on the outside and inside. You should give it a spa by using mild car shampoo while washing away all the debris gently caressing its gorgeous curves. Use a wax polish to get that perfect shine. You may also use a portable car washing kit available online and have the convenience of washing your car anywhere. Get the interiors cleaned by vacuuming it and do away with all that trash you never discarded (those toll slips, additional stuff that you took up to a picnic etc.)Finish it by cleaning the dash with a dash board cleaning spray. Get it dressed up: This Valentine’s Day, get your darling a new set of dress. Change that rough old floor mat and steering grip. Replace the boring seat cover that was installed by your car dealer by some mood lifting cozy covers. Check the tread patterns of your tire and replace them if necessary. You can also replace the windshield wiper blades that you never gave a thought to. You have just given your dear car a great makeover! Make it smell good: Buy your car a new set of fragrances. Shop for some air fresheners and install a new perfume bottle up that beautiful dash. Experts believe that good smell reduces stress and improves mood. So why not invest in this and always have a good mood while driving during those rush hours. Buy your beloved a Valentine ’s Day present: Get some convenience kits for your car as per you needs. A portable air pump or a bumper guard may be a good option. You can also buy her a road side assistance package that would ensure that you never get stranded up that bad stretch. Time for Valentine ’s Day resolutions: We all make some promises to our partners on Valentine’s Day, don’t we? So why not do the same with your car and resolve to always keep it fit. After all you don’t want to look bad when you are up for that important meeting or on a date with your honey! • Filling up the tank before the car starts running on those last drops of fuel • Driving safe and within speed limits. • Checking and topping up the oil levels coolant levels and tire pressure at least once every week. • Checking the electronics and brakes before every ride. • Braking early and gently to keep your tires and brakes in fine condition. Now what are you waiting for? Take your first love for a spin up those twisties or on a plane stretch to have that adrenaline rush!

5 Tips For Protecting Your Car's Paint

Who doesn't want a gleaming car that looks like just out of the showroom, every time you take it out for a spin! But it takes some efforts and simple care to have that glossy look. Following are some handy tips to maintain your car’s exteriors. 1. Washing: You should wash your car regularly so as to get rid of the dust, dirt, grime and various other pollutants and contaminants, not to forget those horrible bird droppings and tree sap. These are harmful to your car paint’s surface and finish. Using a jet spray nozzle is an easy way to wash off the dirt and grime off the various surfaces starting with the wheels. Care should be taken that one uses only a good quality mild car shampoo with a neutral pH to wash the car rather than detergents and other washing products that are acidic in nature and may damage the paint. A microfiber cloth is a must have to clean the car surface as the experts opine that these remove the dirt away from the paint and avoid swirl marks. Normal cloth or a rag usually carries the dirt particle with them and may scratch the paint’s surface. 2. Polishing: Polishing the car after the wash is the next step to make it look new and shiny. Apply the polish in a circular to and fro motion overlapping the strokes using a microfiber or a foam applicator on one surface/panel at a time. You can finish the exercise by using soft cloth or the machine to get that perfect shine. Now a days, there are various kinds of polishes available for metal and fiber body parts of the car as well as for tires. 3. Waxing: Experts believe that cars should be regularly treated with wax, at least once every three months. Wax is essential for the protection of the surface of the cars’ paint from the damage that occurs over the period of time. It not only fills in the pores and uneven surface of the car that happens due to minor scratches and stone chips but also provides protection from the corrosion that is inevitable if those chippings are left unattended. The simple way of waxing is to apply it in circular motion using a soft sponge or a soft cloth and don’t forget to buff for that smooth surface. A good quality wax does the duty for several months. 4. Use scratch remover: The new age scratch removers are also handy for those scratches that occur over the normal course of driving in that bumper to bumper traffic during the rush hour. Though they don’t remove the major scratches but easily remove the paint scrapes that happen due to oxidation, normal wear and bird excrement. These are easily available online and at the dealer near you. 5. Rust proofing agents: Last but not the least you should use rust proofing agents to protect the surface of your car especially if you live in a humid climate or if you live in coastal areas where there is salty air. This helps prevent rust build up and corrosion over your car and under the chassis as well!

TOP 5 SUVs in India

SUVs have gained huge popularity in India over the past few years as these machines not only provide phenomenal road presence but are also the safest vehicle that can be pushed through almost all terrains meanwhile also providing the practicality of being spacious. Let’s have a look at those models which made this happen in a market which predominantly favors the hatchbacks. 1. Ford Endeavour: The most capable SUV currently on sale in the Indian market is the Ford Endeavour. The company has upped the ante in the premium SUV segment by launching the upgraded version late in 2016. The 7-seat SUV has loads of space inside and comes with a lot of bells and whistles to play around with. The car is loaded to the brim with features that aren’t available with the competition yet. Then of course is the engine that is strong on the paper and off it too. This is one SUV that gives the segment favorite the Toyota Fortuner, a tough run for its money. 2. Toyota Fortuner: The favorite premium SUV of the Indian market is back with a bang. The 2017 avatar of Fortuner is up there to prove why it rules this segment. The design is completely refreshed and the giant vertical chrome bars on either side of the front grille look like a saber toothed cat ready to pounce on its prey. It is better on the safety front now with 7 airbags, ABS, ESP, TC, hill assist, ISOFIX & 3-point seatbelts for all. Its now also being offered in a petrol variant to buzz off those diesel bans! 3. Mahindra XUV500: The XUV500 is currently the most capable SUV from the stable of Mahindra in India. What makes this car a value for money SUV is its versatility and feature packed interiors. Also, it is offered in multiple transmission options including automatic gearbox and the all-wheel-drive system setup which fits the bill of almost all type of customers. The class leading safety features make this already great SUV the best buck for your money. 4. Renault Duster: This is the model that was responsible for the establishment of the most popular segment of SUVs in India-The Compact SUV. Renault recently launched the face lifted version of the Duster which looks much better than the outgoing model. There are no mechanical changes but the front bumper, new head lamps and tail lamps give it a modern butch SUV look. The interiors make a lot of difference to the overall appearance. The capable AWD version has always been the pick of the lot. 5. Mahindra Scorpio: Scorpio is the car that made Mahindra taste success in India. The butch SUV is available with powerful diesel engines only. Till date the Scorpio has gone from strength to strength with substantial updates, which now include three new engines and an improved chassis and suspension setup. It comes with elegant interiors and impressive features that make it a true value for money product The addition of a 4x4 variant makes the Mahindra Scorpio a true all rounder.

10 Most Important Question to Ask When Buying a Car

So you’ve done your research and are all set to buy your new ride. Here are the important questions you need to ask before going ahead with the deal. 1. Variant v/s features: Often the companies mention various features in the advert and mention the price of the basic variant meanwhile most of the good features are offered on the high end variant of the same model which has a much high asking price. 2. Loan schemes & Installments: If you are buying your car on loan, ask for the various options and mode of repayment. Be clear of the terms and conditions of the scheme. Ask for the processing fees and miscellaneous charges. Often the lenders hide these miscellaneous charges. 3. Warranty: These days almost all car companies provide standard warranty limited to kilometers/ years. Ask what all things are covered in standard warranty. This way you can also evaluate the benefits of buying extended warranty. 4. Offers and freebies: Dealer’s often lure customers with offers such as free insurance and free extended warranty. Similarly dealers also offer freebies and accessories such as seat covers, floor mats, perfumes, worth thousands of rupees. 5. Discounts: Dealers offer huge discounts on outgoing model to clear stocks but you have to get that deal with good bargaining. 6. Bonus: Car dealers offer exchange bonus and loyalty bonus in exchange of your old car worth several thousands. 7. Cost of ownership & Service centre List: You should always ask for average maintenance charges and the cost of ownership for the car. It helps you ascertain the cost to be incurred over a period of time. Also ask for the list of authorized service centers for your car and check the center near you coz that is the place you are going to see most of the times to get you car fixed. 8. Miscellaneous Charges: There are various miscellaneous charges that are levied under a various heads. So, get a breakup of the final price which includes but is not limited to ex-showroom price, taxes, processing charges, registration fee etc. 9. Best Price: Is this the best you can do? This is a question which nudges the salesperson to give you a better offer than what is up on the table because he realizes that you can go up to the next dealer for a better deal. 10.The prime question: Do I really like this car? So you have zeroed in on the best buck for the money, high on mileage low on maintenance car, but the question is do you really like it or it’s just the spec sheet and budget considerations that have influenced your decision. Buying a car is an emotional decision for most of us, more so when it is our first car. One should only buy a car that he would love to drive and would love to own. After all, your car is your identity and a figure of personal statement.

Homepage of an Instant Loan website

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review

Xiaomi has upped the ante in the budget Smartphone segment with its recent release of the MI Redmi Note 4. The phone has a super-smooth feel with an all aluminum casing and a 2.5 D curved glass which makes it look premium. It is almost the same size as its forerunner- the Xiaomi Note 3 and is around 8.4mm thin. Coming down to the specs; the Note 4 runs on the snappy Qualcomm Snapdragon625 octa-core processor, with the option of 2/3/4GB RAM. It boasts of 5.5-inch full-HD IPS display that has a resolution of 1080x1920 p with a pixel density of 401ppi. The 4100mAh battery has enough juice to stay on for over two days with normal use. The primary camera is 13MP while the front camera is 5MP. The OS used is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based MIUI 8. Weighing around175gms it comes in three color options: Gold, Dark Grey and Matte Black.

HP OMEN Review

The HP Omen is the new offering from Hewlett Packard for the gaming aficionados. This 15 inch FHD gaming laptop is like a dark horse in the stable. It does not look like it with its simple rounded everyday laptop profile, but is a high performance PC unlike others in this segment. Made of faux carbon fiber plastic panels, it has a Voodoo crest engraved on the top in red. With illuminated keyboard that has an oddly satisfying stroke and Bang & Olufsen audio, the gaming experience is good enough but one should not expect a stellar music quality form the speakers. Same is the case with 1920x1080p screen that is good enough but not the best in the market. But then again, it is an all round offering and is among the best at its price point (it retails at ₹1,09,990 on HP India website). Pros: • Good gaming performance • Great battery life (almost 7 hours of it!) • Strong overall performance • Comfortable keyboard Cons: • Despite the B+O branding, speakers are not the best in the game • No Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.1 10Gbps port for quick transfer

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