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Best Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Phuket

Best Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Phuket Going for a vacation is one of the things that every human being fancies. It’s good to take some time away from your day-to-day activities in order to relax your mind. Traveling to a cool tourist destination such as Thailand can be an added benefit because you will have a lot of adventure. You will get the opportunity to enjoy classy spas, resorts, and restaurants among other features. If you are lucky enough to visit Thailand, then one place you should not miss is Phuket. This island has a lot to offer in terms of adventure and high-end tourist destinations. Party lovers can enjoy their time in one of the many night clubs in this area. Below is a summary of some of the best destinations to enjoy night life in Phuket: Soi Tiger Soi Tiger is a fancy club located next to the famous Bangla Shopping Centre. This club is strategically positioned for easy access by people during the day or even in late nights. You can find lovely girls in this destination and enjoy some good beer at very affordable prices. Seduction Nightclub It’s hard to come across someone in Phuket who doesn’t know something about Seduction Nightclub. This club is among the biggest discotheques in Patong Thailand. You can enjoy high-end entertainment in this club with your friends for a memorable night. Seduction Night club is known for its high standard music system that makes visitors get in the party mood. There are live professional DJs to play you the best music selections from all genres. Entertainment is made better by the presence of professional dancers, bartenders, and waitresses. Your security is also guaranteed whenever you are enjoying Phuket nightlife because the club has a team of professional security guards. Illuzion Show and Discotheque This is a state of the art night club that offers a comfortable environment for partying and relaxing. The club has quality lighting, a huge backdrop screen and a team of talented acrobats and dancers to keep visitors entertained. Illuzion show happens from Tuesday all through to Sunday from 2300hrs. You can enjoy your drinks as you spend a night out watching these incredible performances. VIP Room Patong Beach Just like the name suggests, VIP Room Patong Beach is a high class nightclub located along Bangla Road. The club offers VIP and VVIP partying facilities to enhance the comfort of visitors. The entrance is red carpeted, perfectly lit and lined with the most welcoming staff. You will be able to enjoy cool music and good drinks as you rest in comfortable couches in the club. The lighting system installed in this club creates the best partying atmosphere to keep you in the mood. The above named clubs are just a few in the never ending list of nightclubs in Phuket Patong beach. You are assured of luxurious party places whenever you choose to spend some quality time in one of the nightclubs. Spare some time to visit one of the clubs the next time you are in Thailand.

The Flint City contaminated water Crisis Ethical Dilemma

The Flint City contaminated water Crisis Ethical Dilemma The Issue In Accordance to the class action litigation between the Michigan state Environmental Quality and the attorney representing Flint city residents, it was revealed that the state failed to take care of its tenants’ healthcare by changing to a low-cost, but a hazardous water supply (CNN, 2016). In 2014, the Michigan state administration decided to detach water supply to Flint city from Lake Harun in Detroit and switched it to the unsafe and contaminated Flint River while finalizing a transition repair of the water supply. Disclosures on the timeline of the disaster revealed that the decision to switch to a contaminated water source was at the time made by the city governor. The safety records on the Flint River water has been of questionable quality from way back since the early 1970s having tested positive for numerous problems that included, fecal coliform bacteria, dissolved oils products, rotten plant nutrients, toxic substances, and low dissolved oxygen. The Flint city water department applied a poor treatment method in treating the water resulting to the leaching of the dangerous lead metal into the Flint city water supply system. The biggest problem is that when the Michigan’s governor office got aware of the toxic water, it did not give advice to its people or cover-up its effect (CNN, 2016). The city residents were exposed to adverse lead metal health consequences that specifically affected children. The young generation was exposed to health issues that included behavioral disorder, delayed puberty, impaired cognition, and hearing problems. There were additional effects to the growth of the fetus in expectant women and contributed to massive health complications to the nervous system, kidney, and heart. Kantianism According to the Kant's ethical rules of the thumb states, individuals should continuously respect and honor the choices of others. The ethical rules clearly depict that a person should not cheat, lie or influence others to accomplish a certain objective. Concisely, Kantianism ethical theory is mainly focused with the moral worth and tolerability of a person’s action (Massimi, 2012). With regards to the governor’s choice not to stop supplying toxic water and take responsibility of the harmful effect of lead metal on Flint City residents indicates that he did not observe the Kantianism ethics theory. Due to the negligence of the city’s governor and his environment quality management team, the current and future residents suffered severe health issues. This negligence resulted in massive financial losses to companies that dependent on water from the river because their products competitiveness in the market reduced due to compromised quality. The real estate industry in Flint city was crippled as no individuals were willing to purchase residential homes in the affected region.

Solid Waste Treatment

Solid Waste Treatment The hazardous waste from the entire community usually requires careful collection and transportation to the treatment site. Solid waste management involves collecting, treating and finally disposing of it safely to avoid creating a hazardous environment in the community. There is a high concern on the growing rate of municipal waste across many cities and towns globally. For this process, I have chosen the Machinex Front-End Equipment (wastewater sludge). This is equipment that has a system that is customized to provide solutions for the treatment of solid waste. The equipment is a solid waste recycling equipment operating with a high efficiency in reducing the possible damages on the environment. There have been many concerns about other solid waste treatment techniques such as incineration . That is the reason recycling equipment are most preferable. The equipment is leveraging on a technology that customized to sort and recycle the waste materials. The equipment combines composting plant, Refuse Derived Fuel and the waste stabilizers among others. These processing plants play a critical role in the treatment of the solid waste. For example, the composting facility is responsible for decomposing the solid waste that is degradable. The aerobic process takes place at this point and microorganisms helps to break down the solid waste into a compost compounds. This will make it easier for the waste to be broken down further on the net plants of refuse derived fuel. At the refuse derived fuel (RFD), the solid waste and other components like plastics are broken down further. The waste offers the protective measures that prevent the release of harmful chemicals in the waste. Therefore, this is a technology that would help in processing safe, solid waste for the entire municipal. According to Al-Salem, recycling is seen to be the most efficient way of controlling solid waste materials. The use of the equipment would help to reduce the concentration of the various chemicals that would be harmful in the waste. For example cyanides, iron, hydrogen sulfide, and even the COD contained in the wastewater. This is a process that provides safety for the community as well as that of the team that will be responsible for carrying out the treatment process of the solid waste materials.

the love canal disaster

The situation of pollution or environmental damage that interests me is the love canal disaster. From 1942 to 1953 a landfill in the Niagara Falls area referred to as the love canal, was contaminated by toxic waste deposited from the Hooker Chemical company and then sold to the city developers after being covered up by layers of dirt (Bryan, 2004). The city developers went ahead to construct homes and schools over the landfill and people started to feel the effects of the hazardous waste. The company was depositing the toxic wastes as they did never care about the future usage of that piece of land. Numerous families were displaced from their homes, which had been contaminated with chemicals and toxic waste resulting to health issues such as leukemia prompting the demolition of houses, compounds, and evacuation of people (Gibbs, 2011). Companies that deposit toxic wastes should not be allowed to dispose of their products carelessly. There are safe ways of disposing of toxic chemicals and wastes such as cremation and detoxifying the waste before dumping. If such mechanisms are followed, then, a disaster such as the love canal will be avoided.

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