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Jun 2014 – Oct 2016
geneOmbio Technologies, Pune
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Aug 2002 – Jul 2010
Vidya Pratishthan's Arts, Science and Commerce College, Baramati (Dist. Pune)

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1999 – 2001
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The Curious Case of Oestrogen

That Nature works in myriad ways would be a gross understatement. But what we know for sure is that Nature has hidden within its bosom, secrets, so humongous in numbers, that they are sure to keep us hungry for more knowledge, for a very long time. Humans have looked at the heavens and the earth for answers to questions that have haunted their intellect for eons. At the one end, we have delved into Space to know if we are alone (or not) in the giant scheme of things we call “The Universe,” and at the other, we are delving deeper into the plethora of processes we call “Life.” But what is certain is that we are still far away from the Ultimate Truth. And that is what keeps us going, because it should be the journey that should be more exciting than the reaching of the destination. Nature is also full of ironies. One such irony can be found in the female body and its name is Oestrogen. Oestrogen is a name given to a group of related hormones which give a body its feminine nature and also bestows upon females the right and uniqueness to give birth. Increase in the amounts of oestrogen results in a female achieving puberty and these levels stay comparatively elevated until menopause. The various physical functions of oestrogens include the development of secondary sexual characteristics in females, like breasts, endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) and regulation of the menstrual cycle. The body has its own unique ways to balance levels of oestrogen as and when needed. For example, the oestrogen levels need to increase for the thickening of the endometrial wall and they are at their peak just before ovulation. For successful ovulation to occur, the oestrogen levels need to taper drastically. If this does not occur, then ovum is not released and it remains within the ovary. This leads to many complicated health issues, including infertility. Nutrigenomic testing can easily and safely determine whether the female possesses the genes which might lead to an imbalance in her oestrogen levels. Risks can be identified and a subsequent dietary and lifestyle intervention can be suggested for the female to better manage the risks.

The Cause of Your Obesity is Hidden in your Genes

The state of being grossly fat or overweight is obesity. Obesity is a medical condition wherein the body has accumulated so much fat as to have a negative impact on the person’s health. Obesity does not just affect the person’s appearance but brings along with it a plethora of serious medical problems like increased risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension. The primary reason for a person to become obese is the imbalance between the rates of intake of calories and the burning of calories. If a person consumes more calories than his body burns, these calories will be converted into fat and will be stored in the body. Different individuals have differing tendencies of converting calories into fat. Some individuals may convert carbohydrates into fat; others may convert fat in food into body fat or, worse still, both. All this is governed by the genes of every individual. In short, every individual has genes which govern how the body responds to excessive calories and how quickly/slowly it converts these excessive calories into body fat. When we talk about various tendencies of individuals to gain weight, we are essentially talking about the presence (or absence) of specific genes which can make a person obese. We might have seen certain people eat what they want and how much they want without gaining much weight. And then there are other people who have to be extremely careful with what they eat. One moment of gastronomic indulgence can lead them to gain enough weight so as to cause a mini nervous breakdown. Also, a person on a so-called “weight reducing/management diet” responds to it in a certain way and the other person responds in an entirely different way altogether. All this is due to the subtle differences in our genes. Thus the key to identifying the risk of obesity and the eventual risk of all the baggage of harmful conditions it carries, is to identify the presence of such genes. If the genes are found to be present, the risk can be managed healthily by dietary and lifestyle interventions and through a focused exercise regimen. Contrary to popular perception, it is extremely easy to manage the risks of obesity. All that is required are the right tools for genetic assessment, the will to accept the assessment and the motivation to undergo lifestyle changes to live a healthy and disease-free life.

My Personal Tryst with Destiny

The legendary singer-songwriter Bob Marley once said, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” Now this might sound like good reading to most. But the depth of each of these words was impressed upon me when life sprang an unpleasant surprise on me one fine day, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It started with a prickling sensation just under my left armpit one morning when I had come out of my bath. Not giving much thought to it, since I had a presentation before the Management, I left home for office in a hurry. My presentation went well and was appreciated by all. I felt elated, but for the irritating, nagging dull pain under the armpit. The pain persisted throughout the day, but was gone by the time I reached home after an exhaustive day at work. I forgot all about it until that dreadful day. I got up early due to the pain which had come back with a vengeance. My left breast felt tender and the pain had moved more towards it. Instinctively, I touched it and was surprised to feel a small lump on the outer side of the left breast. Fearing the worst, I woke up my husband and told him about it. Reassuring though he was, I could sense that he was terrified from within. We decided to meet our family physician first thing in the morning. My worst fears were confirmed when the results of the mammography and related tests came in. I had 1st stage breast cancer. I crashed under the immense surge of fear and anxiety and had to be counselled by my husband and my doctors. Looking back, I realize that not having kids at that time was a boon in disguise, since I could not have managed my kids with such a debilitating disease. Also, we would have had to go through the painful process of recovery, which is physically and mentally draining, in front of our kids. While I was asked to rest at home for a couple of days, my husband was busy consulting with various specialist doctors to chart the course of my treatment. I was brought into the discussions and was told that there were a couple of options that they were looking at. Test results suggested that the cancer had not spread uncontrollably. I was to undergo lumpectomy, a surgery wherein the tumor lump would be removed from the breast. Exactly 10 days after I first detected the lump in my breast, I underwent surgery to get it removed. With the lump removed, I was to undergo another round of painful chemotherapy. Chemotherapy usually sucks the life out of a normal human being. I had heard heart-rending tales of people who had undergone chemotherapy but never realized that I would have to go through it myself one day. 10 sessions of chemotherapy turned me into a hairless and extremely fatigued person. Add to it side effects like frequent nausea, hot flashes and temporarily lowered blood counts and you’ll realize what I am talking about. To be doubly sure that we had gotten rid of all undetectable cancer cells from my body, I also underwent a biological therapy which included taking drugs which would use my immune system to target the cancer cells and kill them. The treatment lasted for 5 extremely difficult months. My family was my Rock of Gibraltar and they gave me strength and resolve at each step of the way. I know that they suffered equally and I owe my life to them. With the cancer destroyed, the next thing was to get my lost body back. I had to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with a customized diet and a light exercise regimen. My husband adopted the same so that he could give me company. I am now on my way to regaining the lost glory that was my body. My workplace supported me immensely in this endeavor and I could never thank them enough for the trust and patience they showed in me. It’s been 11 months now since that fateful day. I have regained my earlier active lifestyle, albeit with a lot of positive additions. In those days I also realized the value of having a comprehensive medical policy which helped us pay off most of the bills of my treatment. If it was not for the policy, we would have been severely strained for resources. The past year has given me a new perspective to look at life. Oftentimes, we take life too seriously. It could end in a whiff. Just like that. We need to cherish every moment we have as if it were our last. I’ve also learned that you can keep going long after you think you can’t.

Ankara, Turkey

The humble city of Ankara would have missed its rendezvous with destiny and remained a languid backwater town of Anatolia but for the efforts of one man. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk decided to make Ankara the centre of his resistance. He was, of course, fighting against the Allies’ controlled Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of World War I. In retrospect, Mustafa Kemal’s choice of Ankara as the seat of government of Modern Turkey is symbolic. A lackadaisical city not bogged down by the weight of history, Ankara was the perfect choice for the founding of a new Turkey. A cursory glance at the city and many tourists will feel that it is just another concrete jungle and would hardly, if ever, put Ankara on the list of their “must see” places in Turkey. In fact, most tourists use Ankara only as a transit point to visit her older and historically bountiful cousins like Konya and Cappodocia. But just go a little deeper and you’ll find that Ankara has more to offer than meets the eye. Ankara is young, vivacious and Western. It is the administrative centre of Turkey and home to most embassies of the world’s countries. It is also home to more than 20 different universities, some of them amongst the most reputable in Turkey. Angora, as it was called for a long time, before its official naming in 1930, is renowned throughout the world for its famous Angora wool from Angora rabbits, Angora cat, Angora goat and its wool (mohair), honey, pears and Muscat grapes. Although what one sees was constructed mostly after the Revolution, Ankara does show off its history in the form of structures and remnants of Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian, Persian, Greek, Galatian, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. Even today, Ankara is an eclectic amalgam of everything Turkey has to offer; its culture, tradition and culinary richness. The historical centre of Ankara is Ulus, the site of many museums, the Ankara Castle and early Republican buildings. An erstwhile centre of the Republic, it is now a crowded neighbourhood. Next stop, Kizilay; the working class district. The Kizilay Square is the political centre of the city. Check out the many delightful restaurants, bars and cafes on the roads and streets around the square. Go south and you will reach Kavaklidere or Tunali, the more liberal and youthful district of Ankara. Back streets are full of cafes, pubs and good restaurants, often filled with young students. Then there are the affluent neighbourhoods of Bilkent, Umitkoy, Cayyolu and Park Caddesi. Çankaya is where you will see the famous Atakule Tower, Presidential Palace and most embassies. From archaeological remains to beautiful mosques, Ankara offers good value for a sightseer. Check out Anitkabir, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s mausoleum; choose from around 15 museums to visit; visit landmarks like Victory Monument, Hatti Monument, Statue of Ataturk; trek in local parks like the Gençlik, Anayasa, Kuğulu and the Güven and shop at the old shops in Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu (Weavers' Road) near Ulus. Ankara is known for its sumptuous “döner kebap” as also for its fresh fishes. The city offers you global and local flavours to suit your gastronomic preferences. But most foreigners’ digestive systems are not meant to digest this amazingly diverse variety of food. So do keep a check on your health. Keeping your medications handy helps. Also comprehensive travel insurance secures you from the ungodly costs of hospitalization, if it is required. Explore Ankara honestly and she will reveal her secrets to you. Like most Turks, she is gentle, hospitable and warm. A city tugging at its historical roots, trying to break free to be a brash young “Westernised” girl, Ankara is an enigma to be discovered.

Essential Strategies to streamline your PPC campaigns

It’s difficult to find many PPC managers who aren’t overflowing with work. It’s always a battle between the quality and quantity of work. And analysing a campaign to keep it on the right course is always a task. Review, analyse and refresh keywords. Easier said than done while managing multiple or large accounts. Add to it the ever-changing scenario of addition, deletion of keywords and ad groups and you’ll figure out the amount of pain it is bound to give. Have a keyword review plan and integrate it into your account optimization schedule. Here are tips to help you streamline the PPC campaigns and reporting. • Reviewing your campaigns and ad groups is the basic step you should perform. Ensure that the ad groups are aligned to the campaign as closely as possible. If you find that there are new products that do not have an ad group, create one for them. • Kick the non-performers out. Analyse your past data; preferably 6 months. Remove keywords with no impression or click data. Don’t stick to your perceptions of a good keyword. What you think is a great keyword might not resonate with your audience. Also if you have keywords with a high CTR, then you need to improve their performances by lowering bids or adding a new copy or creating a better landing page. And again, even after these improvements the keywords do not show promise, kick them out. • Put your best keywords, the so called “Star Performers,” in a separate campaign. Have a separate, dedicated budget for them. Treat them with some tender loving care. • Use Google Keyword Planner and other tools to build new keywords. You will need this after you have cleaned your house. • Have a comprehensive list of negative keywords. This is probably the least important list for most PPC managers, but unfortunately, this list also requires equal attention and regular overhaul. It is critical for PPC managers to be efficient to get the most productivity out of their campaigns. Use of various tools to get data efficiently like the AdWords homepage, saved filters, automated reports, email alerts, AdWords labels and AdWords Scripts will help you to get a 360-degree view of your campaigns and streamline your reporting.

Online Shopping: Hits and Misses of 2014

That the Indian e-tailing sector raked in more than Rs. 24,000 crores in 2014 and is poised to grow at an astounding 70% this year sounds amazing but not unbelievable. It was simply a matter of time before India, with its sheer numbers, would shake the groundwork of the ecommerce industry. Indians have taken to online shopping like the proverbial fish to water. Let’s take a look at some good, some bad and some downright ugly moments in online shopping last year. The Good It has to be the Great Online Shopping Festival. Shortened to GOSF (and apparently pronounced “go-sef!”), it is India’s answer to the US’s “Cyber Monday,” the first Monday after the equally (in)famous “Black Friday.” Created by Google in 2012, it was just a concept until it was lapped up my almost 450 online shopping sites in 2014. The participating sites are said to have received over 8 million visitors in three days. The standout point was the “299 Store,” where vendors put up cool items at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 299. The Bad Amazon’s “Diwali Dhamaka Sale” flopped miserably as poor deals and site crashes put off a lot of customers. Customers found themselves searching through a huge inventory of products they did not want (who wants a Destiny game and a wireless router for Diwali?!). The Ugly The unanimous winner has to be Flipkart’s “Big Billion Day Sale.” A massively under-planned event which created the hype alright, but failed (surprisingly) to anticipate the frenzied response it would generate. The (gory!) details are still fresh in everybody’s minds and we shall refrain from talking about it, but as one tweep nicely summed it up – “Bargaining is our religion and denying it is blasphemy!” The company’s founders – Sachin and Binny Bansal – offered a personal apology to disgruntled customers. All things said and done, Flipkart achieved its target of $100 million in GMV in less than 10 hours! Industry insiders claim that the company made around Rs. 420 crores on this day! (420. Hmmmm. Is it just coincidence?) The online shopping war in India can be summed up by what Samuel Langhorne Clemens (aka Mark Twain) had said. “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” We’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Happy Shopping!

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