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Swansea Vs Manchester United

Amid the controversies and heavy criticism, Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United would like to break their 4 game win less streak against a youthful Swansea team .Their visit to the Liberty Stadium comes at a very critical moment as, a commanding performance here will create momentum for the upcoming tough round of fixtures .With just one win this season, The swans linger in the relegation zone just above Sunderland. Bad form of key players, like Glyfi Sigurosson and Nathan Dyer has hampered Swansea chances. Manchester United’s dominant performances against Burnley FC, where a record 39 shot were attempted by united players, yet, they were forced to share point apiece. Zlatan’s goal drought has now stretched out to 5 leagues games .He would be very keen to score and hand the united fans a comprehensive win. Manchester United has a very tough set of fixtures coming up after the Swansea game. They will host Arsenal, West Ham and Spurs and visit Everton in between. A commanding win over Swansea City will act as morale booster for team and the manager. Manchester United will face Fenerbahce in UEFA Europa League followed by their visit to Liberty Stadium. Mourinho will have to rotate his squad wisely in order to attain desired result.


Udaipur. Royal attractions, ancient architecture, magnificent palaces, the art and buzz of the old bazaars add an impression of the Rajas and Rajwaras in the society are observed in Udaipur. Located in the Indian State of Rajasthan, to the south of Aravalli Range the city of Udaipur was founded by Maharana Udai Singh as capital of Mewar Kingdom. The very old tales and influence of its past rulers is very much alive and can be observed in the lifestyle and architecture city. Mighty forts, ancient temples, Old Palace Hotels along with traditional folk dance and music add the Udaipur aromatic food to it and Udaipur is delight for architecture lover and cultural enthusiasts .The city’s Architecture boasts the bittersweet stories of the year’s bygone. Apart from these, Udaipur is also enlisted as a prime wedding location and is referred as most romantic city. Tales of royal love boasts the rich history of the city. At present, one can enjoy peaceful boat rides in lake, witness beautiful sunsets and take pleasure by staying at 18th century fort palace

Kurt Russell Net worth, Cars Collection, House & Family and business

Walt Disney in 1966 wrote his last final words on a piece of paper, and those two words were the name of Legendary American actor “Kurt Russell”. Kurt Vogel Russell, a Television superstar best known for his legendary role in Silk wood and The Hateful Eight. You must remember him for his role in Fast and Furious 7 and Poseidon. He made headline for landing the role of EGO in marvel comics Guardian of the Galaxy 2. His acting skills are so advanced that he has been nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe and Emmy awards. Kurt Russell was a superstar in the 80s and the 90s. Russell is a keen Gun enthusiast and a hunter. He is a licensed private pilot and is an Honorary Board Member of “Wings of Hope”, Humanitarian aviation organization. Kurt Russell Biography and Family Kurt Russell was born on 17 March, 1951 on Springfield, Massachusetts. Russell’s is the only brother to the three sisters. Russell’s father, Late Bing Russell was an actor and a baseball player, his mother Lousie Julia (Crone) Russell was a dancer. He is the maternal uncle of baseball player Matt Franco. Russell also had a miniature baseball career but was forced to retire after a torn shoulder muscle.

how to plan a vacation

To travel is to treat yourself, and trust me nothing can beat a weekend getaway with your friends. One fine winter morning, an idea of snow trek popped up in my mind. Journey is always measured in friends’ rather than in miles. So, I called up my friends and they all nodded as they too were excited about a snow trek. The very next thing we have to do was to select a destination. We were bombarded by options as from Dehradun many peaks are accessible but after a petite research we settled on Tungnaath, Uttrakhand. Tungnaath is the highest Shiva temple in the World, situated at the height of 3680 m. One of the famous panch Kedar’s of Uttrakhand, Tungnaath is only accessible by road, followed by a 4 km tough trek. Tungnaath is considered as the “Lord of the peaks”, and is situated on the ridge between Badrinaath and Kedarnaath. In order to reach Tungnaath, we had to drive 300 km from Dehradun to Chopta. Thereafter, we have to start trekking and following a hard trek of 4 km we will reach the Tritiya Keda, Tungnaath .From the top of Tungnaath, one can easily examine picturesque views of Himalayan Ranges of Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Banderpoonch, Kedarnaath and Nanda Devi. We all settled on a date and started our preparations. Planning a getaway with friends can really be hectic and at the same time very exciting. It was a budget trip and we all had saved enough to go through the trip. It was a three day visit and we intend to make use of every minute of it. We all met at my place in Dehradun and started the journey early in the morning. The plan was to beat the traffic and cover as much distance as we can before the daily routine on the road begins. We decided to go old school for the trip. And rather than hiring a tour guide, we decided to explore the area with the aid of a printed map. It was an exciting idea and we really enjoyed the thrill of it. Starting as early as 4 o’clock, we were going smooth until our tire exploded while passing through Rajaji National Park. Rajai National Park was in headlines for recent attacks on car by angry group of Elephants. It was still dark and we weren’t sure what we will encounter, once we get out of the car. We decide to wait until there is enough light that we can be comfortable with. Suddenly, a Forest Ranger van spotted us and stopped right beside us.

The list of Banks that you should bank on. Top 10 nationalized Banks

Banks are economical backbone of financial system of any country. Even for a common man, a bank is a critical building block of his life. A bank is an institution where one can deposit their saving and get loans in order to fulfill his desires. Post Demonetization i.e. after 8 Nov 2016, the role of banks in our day to day life has increased significantly. Also, After the Financial Budget 2017, the role of Banks has been extended. In Indian Banking System, Nationalized Banks are the dominating forces. Let’s first discuss what the Nationalized Banks are? Nationalized Banks are those Banks which is acquired by the Government under an Act or Ordinance. Nationalised Banks were initially privately owned. Also, it is entirely different from a Public Sector bank, as in a PSB a major share or part is held by government. So a nationalized Bank is also a PSB but a PSB is not a Nationalised Bank. Note: State Bank of India, SBI is a Public Sector Bank hence, is not included in the list. So, here we discuss the list of Top 10 Nationalised Banks in India in 2017. 1. Bank of Baroda Tagline India’s International Bank Total Assets $ 100 billion Revenue $6.5 billion Headquarter Vadodara Bank of Baroda, commonly known as BOB was founded by a group of businessmen in 1908. The Bank was nationalized in 1969. BOB has more than 5493 branches and around 10441 ATMs all over the country. BOB also p[provides its quality services over 20 countries with 100 branches across the globe, the most by any Indian Bank . The Bank provides unparalleled and prompt services in Wealth Management, Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Loans. The bank also provides internet services Baroda Connect.

Step by Step Student Visa procedure Germany

“An Investment in knowledge always pays the best Interest”. Germany is famous across the globe for providing superior quality cars, a dominating football team and excellent higher education. German education system is highly recognized for its research infrastructure, unique teaching methodology, affordable living expenses and better career prospects. The British magazine “Times Higher Education” ranked Eleven German Universities in the list of world’s 200 best universities. The universities were ranked on quality of teaching and standard of equipments in laboratory. So, if you are planning to attend a course overseas, we have listed the reason why one should prefer Germany as your next educational intention. 1. Germany is ranked third after United States and United Kingdom for most favored Study Destination for International Students. 2. Low tuition fees in German Universities as compared to its counterparts in US and UK are strong motivator. 3. Variety of courses and numerous scholarship programs for the benefit of students. 4. High Standard of living. 5. Noble prize winner alumni. The German education system is highly recognized for its research, infrastructure, unique teaching methodology, affordable living expenses and better career prospects. According to the reports of Education Ministry of Germany, more than 300,000 foreign students are working towards a degree in Germany, and the government had estimated it to be 350,000 s by 2020.

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