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Thematic Investing Thematic Investing is a new concept in India and is looked at for global investment trends. It has been used as part of the traditional and essential research only, just to identify good companies. But now, it is realized, at a larger scale and is used as an independent strategy to identify upcoming trends and develop portfolios of stocks that would benefit from those trends. It is a broad term that is widely used, particularly within equity investing, but its meaning can differ depending on the audience. In general, it is considered a “top-down investment approach” with a focus on broader and macroeconomic theme which a fund manager can use to categorize the strong companies. Let’s get back to Thematic Investing !!!! It allows you to invest in different ideas, themes or portfolios without getting into the stock stipulations. As people think more and more in terms of ideas than fundamental facts of stocks, this method nurtures the thematic aspect and helps you get better and better at identifying themes and ideas which will do well in the future rather than individual stocks. Therefore, you can invest in various portfolios and also without the irritating the detailed fundamental research. Approach - So how is it created? A Fund Manager chooses a picky theme or trend that he/she wants to invest in. For instance, they can include Skill development, social networking, cyber security or even cancer battle. Studying various innovations and developments in resources, politics, technologies and social regions can also be used to choose a theme which one believes could be at profit. Other concerns may include if the trend is deemed to be speculative, structural or short-term, and how a change in the trend could impact different sectors. Then, he/she identifies the list of companies or Exchange Traded Funds with direct or indirect coverage to that particular idea/theme via industry, product line, services, business model, and/or customer base. Next, the fund manager focuses more to narrow that list to identify the strongest stocks to characterize the theme based on their predictions such as liquidity, risk, growth viz a viz value, performance, earnings estimation, new products, unique characteristics and managements quality and ability.

The Race Of Marks.

Everybody is in a race. Some are racing for a good future, some to achieve their goals, some to score good marks and some to prove themselves to the world. But one thing which is common between everyone is that, they want to win this race. Having the hunger to win is never wrong, nor is the goal to defeat your opponents but the question which no one asks is that "do we really want to be in this race?" The race begins when we step our feet into this world. The most popular race in which students today are racing is the race of marks. The volume of crowd witnessing this race is also tremendous. There are parents, relatives, friends, neighbours, teachers, Shramaji's son who not only encourage the individuals to participate in this race but also pressurise them to win it. How do most of them choose the race which they want to participate in? It does not happen to every one of us that we find those options that we actually like.Therefore, when students choose the race they want to win, it is not entirely because one knows that he or she likes it, it could also be because of parental guidance, peer pressure or simply because of market demands or marks. sometimes students are lead into making some tough decisions, which could have consequences in the future. one of them being choosing a wrong career. Especially in a country like india, as soon as the schooling career of a child is over he has to choose between the only three options available to him. That is science, commerce and arts. Isn’t it so irrational that at the end of every aspect of your life you don’t need talent you only need marks.The race of marks has taken an ugly turn. The only system of evaluating a student is based the numbers that he or she scores in the examination. Other aspect of categorisation like creative thinking, problem solving, understanding and application of subject is never taken into consideration. Due to this not only students but also teachers are ignoring the importance of understanding the concept and intellectual growth. As a result the only focus that the students, teachers and parents collectively have is to end up on the higher side of this mark hungry race. Vehicles require petroleum as fuel to move, marks are acting as fuel to move the ambitions of an individual. Participating in the right race is very important. Now what is the meaning of "The Right Race?" The right race is nothing but a career opportunity in which the student is interested, has a scope of development, matches his thought process and most importantly make the individual happy. We as society should erase the mentality of evaluating students based on marks and help the individuals to discover their hidden talents which could be perused as possible careers in the future.

Education a Difficult Path

“Roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.” But the fruits aren’t always sweet. In 2006, 5,857 students or 16 a day committed suicide across India due to exam stress. And these are just the official figures. CNN-IBN Report, Jan 2010 say things could be worse. - Statistics show that India has the highest suicide rate in the world, marginally behind China, but ahead of the west - 95-100 people commit suicide in India every day - And of these a whopping 40% are in the adolescent age group What is the reason behind these self killing acts? The motive when students kill themselves is invariably academic pressure - this accounts for 99 per cent suicides in the age group 12-18, but psychiatrists sought to assess why the trend has risen of late and put it down to three reasons: parent pressure, exam results, and not achieving self expectations. In New Delhi data collected from 1,205 adolescents (aged 12-19 years) in two schools revealed that, on average, one in seven adolescents had thought about ending their life because of academic pressure, parent pressure, teacher pressure and peer pressure. In today’s competitive world success is hard to get. Many of them don’t get it. But is suicide the only way to relive the pain? The answer to this question is and should always be “No”. The student should always consult his/her elders whenever they are in problem because they understand the person better and have a better experience of life. Never consult a person of your age or smaller because they can misguide you. The individual going through academic strain exhibits a lot of physical and mental symptoms like they become depressed, violent, irritated, isolated and often talk about suicide. To improve a situation like this, there should be a change in the education system. The education system should not be just textual based but also should be skill based. In other words, a system which can improve the student’s skill and also knowledge. Skill based education/ vocational education improves the field in which the student is good at (like dance, painting, etc) and also improves the student’s knowledge by text books. Vocational education makes person independent of earning capital, increase the potential of work and make him mentally stable. For example: if an M.B.A is not able to find job, his skills like tailoring , plumbing, dancing, etc can help him earn money till he/she is unemployed and make him/herself self-sufficient. Parents should provide moral support to their children in every step of life to help them achieve what they want to achieve. Success is not hard to get if you be patient waiting for the right moment. Never think you are not capable to do anything but be positive to do everything.

Mamrie hart

Mamrie Hart Biography and family: Mamrie Lillian Hart is a 33 year old American actress, writer, performer and comedian. She was born on 22 September 1983 in New Jersey, USA. Hart’s main name Lillian Mamrie is a tribute to her great grandmother. She has two siblings a brother named David Hart and a sister named Annie Hart. Mamrie’s father David Hart is an actor by profession and her mother Anne Tabor is a high school English Teacher. Unfortunately her parents got divorced when she was just 9 years old. Mamrie gained huge popularity through her YouTube show “You Deserve a Drink”. Due to her popular YouTube channel she won, for Writing the “Craft Award” in 2015 and “Steamy Award” in 2014 for Actress in a Comedy. Hart has a whooping 1.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and has crossed a viewership of 74.5 million views on her main channel. Apart from being a performer and a comedian she is a co-writer, co-producer and actor in films like Camp Takota (2014) and Dirty 30 (2016). Mamrie Hart Career: Mamrie Hart collaborated with Jessica J-Train, Erin E-Bomb and McCarson to form a band named Cudzoo and Faggettes. The band is famous for its humorous, innuendo-laden lyrical work and live shows. The trademark of Cudzoo and Faggettes is their own style of performance with a classic blend of vintage rock and dirty doo woop. The band usually performs in New York City and has launched two albums “The Prettiest Girls with the Filthiest Mouths (2009) and “Daddy Issues (2012)” which includes hit singles like “New York Girls” and “Daddy Issues”. Mamrie’s YouTube career began with a channel called “You Deserve A Drink” on March 13 2011. This channel contains weekly videos regarding instructional cocktail or mixology with an unique cocktail presented in each video, where she combines her performing skills with her bartending experience. As her cocktails her videos to boast a mixture of sexual innuendo, numerous puns, pop culture references, the highlight being making a drink for the celebrity she feels deserves a drink. Mamrie has joined forces with a lot of YouTubers such Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, Flula Borg and Hannah Hart. She continues to join other YouTube stars in their videos. Mamrie has a second YouTube channel called “Mametown”(May 7 2013) where she uploads exclusive videos that array from vlogging, wacky characters and not to forget introducing her dog Beanz Hart. Hart and Grace Helbig have a launched two seasons of their travel web show “Hey USA” on their YouTube channel “Astronauts Wanted” which was later posted on the digital platform The Scene. Hart has written and performed for Upright Citizens Brigade a comedy group from Chicago. In 2012, she with Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig put up a live variety show called “#NoFilter”.

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