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This metric shows the percentage of orders delivered within time (starting from 04.09.2017). Higher ratio indicates more careful compliance with deadlines by writer.
63 %
This metric depicts the ratio between the orders accepted by the client and the number of orders sent back for revision by the client. Where 100% shows complete acceptance; Low percentage shows more number of revisions.
33 %
1 orders
This metric shows the percentage of repeat orders assigned by the same set of Clients to the writer. Higher ratio indicates the higher trust & satisfaction level of clients.
83.33 %
This metric shows the orders acceptance ratio by the clients after completion.
This metric shows response of the writer, which is calculated based on the time taken by the writer:

1. To place bid on any order from the time of order publication

2. To respond to the personal assigned orders

3. To place bid on the invited Orders

4. To confirm the awarded Orders

5. To reply to the client's first message

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Jan 2017 – now
Oct 2016 – Feb 2018
IT Firm, Chandigarh

Writing languages 1

English Advanced

2015 – 2017
MA English Literature
2011 – 2015
Kurukshetra University
1997 – 2011
Convent of Jesus & Mary

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Client Reviews

Saptarshi Chaudhury

May 27, 2017 10:34

She is smart, she understands requirements and tries to deliver to your requirement. I liked her work overall and will work with her again. I have already told her to contact me when she is ready to take the next work, The reason this is not a 5 star - there are few improvements would like to see : - Turnaround Time : She is pretty slow, I let her chose her deadline, yet it took her longer than that to deliver - Attention to Detail : The first cut she sent had some quite some issues with composition, typos and grammar, though she corrected those once I requested her to revise the same. I am pretty sure she will turn out to be a fine writer, if we work with her for some time.
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Vinu John

Apr 16, 2017 07:56

She has done a good job :) and was on time :)
Articles for My Website

Mar 26, 2017 13:05

Good Job. Thank you.
6 Characteristics Of a Successful Entrepreneur- Very Urgent

Mar 21, 2017 12:34

Thank you.
Monthly Pay: Part Time Writers Needed, Rs. 12,000/Month

Mar 09, 2017 22:49

Good work and most of all, a good attitude. Have seen plenty of people here with a ridiculous attitude; Chesta isn't one of them. You would like working with her.
Monthly Pay: Part Time Writers Needed, Rs. 12,000/Month