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Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
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Britain’s Ageing Baby Boomers - Workforce Impact

The fastest growing demographic segment in Britain constitutes of the above 65 years population bracket. The demographic profile of the country is undergoing unprecedented changes with the ageing population projected to hit 70 million by 2027. An age...

Madagascar Spice Hunt

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Madagascar – Spice Hunt!! My longing to see new places and a diff of fate brought me to the shores of Madagascar. Not unlike the colonial explorers who landed on the...

Chinese Construction Companies – A Rising Colonial Power in Africa

For over a decade now, China has been expanding its foothold in Africa. The continent has continued to remain an attractive investment destination for China, with exceptional growth potential despite sustaining a high risk environment, primarily attr...

The Road to Leh - Blog, Tripping on Chai

A land set apart by its culture, Beautified by its colors Loved by its people, Devoted to its religion’s Enriched by resources From sweet to spice, Momo’s to rice Burning sand dunes and snowcapped peaks Rivers running wild and mountain valley st...

Street Schooled

Don’t wake up to the alarm, don’t look at the time Sleep in; snuggle a bit deeper, dream a bit longer Tune out the horns blaring and the city smog rising Skip the crazy commute, traffic lights and coffee on the go No mental notes to self, no cubi...

Road to Leh

Every good trip comes with vigorous planning but the unforgettable ones happen when all those carefully laid out plans fall flat on the road. So I set out on a road trip to Leh, to feel the wind in my hair, or more accurately through my helmet and t...

Energy Efficient Bulidings - Need of the Hour

Buildings consume 30 percent of India’s energy. Generation of electricity is highly capital intensive in India, due to low plant load factor and high degree of transmission losses prevalent in the country. In national average terms, generation of 1...

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