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Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.


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Corporate Psychopaths and the 2008 Financial Crisis

Back in 2008, the world watched in awe as events that would ultimately lead to what could possibly be the biggest transferral of wealth in the human history shifted into gear. Risky investments, “toxic assets” and collateralised mortgage obligations caused untold damage to the global economy and, eventually, it fell down to the taxpayer to bail out the failing banks. The phrase “Too big to fail” became prominent in the media coverage of the incident as, the very banks and financial institutions that caused the crisis, were painted as being the only people who really knew how to sort it out. In the US a $700 Billion plan was concocted in order to suck up underperforming collaterals and assets at the taxpayer's expense, however, it made no difference and the global financial system continued to edge towards the brink of collapse. Britain’s attempt at injecting capital into the financial system went much the same way, with £500 Billion of taxpayer money being thrown at the issue and having almost no effect whatsoever. In fact, Quantitative Easing has, so far, appeared to be nothing more than a global transfer of wealth. Aiming it would seem, to take money from ordinary working people and hand it over to people that are either extraordinarily incompetent at their job, or have such a lack of empathy towards their fellow man, they are willing to make decisions that will cause financial hardship for many. Apparently for the financial gains of the few. To some, this behaviour may come across as outright psychopathic, but few of those people would have put as much time and thought into explaining this behaviour as Professor Clive Boddy, Professor of Leadership and Organisation Behaviour at Middlesex University Business School in London.

UK Fracking: Job Estimates “Plucked Out Of Thin Air”

Thirty-one miles south of London, nestled amongst the southern English countryside and almost entirely surrounded by woodland, rests the little village of Balcombe in West Sussex. Not particularly well known for anything, if you’d have looked up Balcombe on the web before say, 2010, It’s more than likely that your search would have predominantly produced pictures and information on the Balcombe Estate, a collection of relatively well-to-do looking buildings that were built way back in 1856. Over the past few years, however, this has changed dramatically. Any search of the web for Balcombe now becomes saturated with online articles detailing the fierce protesting of hydraulic fracturing by environmental groups and local people. Opposition to the controversial technique reached its peak in the summer 2013 when weeks of protests were held over the decision of British fracking pioneer Cuadrilla Resources to drill an exploratory well in the Lower Stumble area. The protests seemed to work as, in January of 2014, Cuadrilla released the following statement; “The analysis of the samples obtained from the exploration well confirmed that the target rock underneath Lower Stumble is naturally fractured. The presence of these fractures and the nature of the rock means that we do not intend to hydraulically fracture the exploration well” To date, Balcombe itself has remained “frack-free”, falling just short of roughly fifty-two square kilometre Cuadrilla exploration zone (one in which you would be forgiven for assuming the rocks were not already “naturally fractured”). However, other protests across Britain have not been so successful as much of the country is still up for grabs with estimates going up to as high as 60% of UK land being made available to fracking companies through government licensing rounds.

UK Drug Policy: An Interview With Professor David Nutt

In your opinion, what would be the most effective method for reducing the harm done to young people by illegal drug use? Effective, evidence-based education is crucial, teaching young people about relative risk and empowering them to make informed choices as well as information about individual drugs. Drug policy that reflects the evidence on harm would also help. We need to recognise that drug use doesn’t happen in a vacuum – there’s evidence that communities have more drug use and more drug harms. Do you think tougher regulation of legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco would help reduce the harm they cause and if so could such regulations be used to help reduce the harm done by drugs such as Cannabis, LSD, Psylocibin etc? We need to look at the evidence on drug regulation. What is clear from our regulation of alcohol is that free market availability of a drug that is as addictive and potentially harmful has been a catastrophe – alcohol related harm will soon be the number one cause of death amongst men in the UK. What we can see from the increasingly strong regulation of tobacco is that it is possible to reduce use without banning or criminalising users. If that is the case, then why do we lock up users of other drugs? Regardless of how we handle dealers and smugglers, drug use should be dealt with as a public health issue, not a criminal one. ... Do you think that schools should provide more information on drugs so that young people are better equipped to make the right decision for themselves as to whether to take drugs or not? Absolutely, as I outlined earlier, education on drug harms must include alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol is a major public health problem, and a growing one to young people, mostly from the increase in binge drinking. The drinks industry targets young people with advertising campaign approaches through email, text messaging and social media outlets, however direct scare tactics have been ineffective and possibly counterproductive. A successful teaching module was piloted in East Sussex enabling students to critically evaluate the way young people are targeted to buy alcohol. The myths surrounding alcohol are discussed and the students are asked to make up their own mind about the issues. Given that prohibition does not seem to have much of an effect on whether people take drugs or not, would you say legalisation could, in fact, be a more beneficial method in terms of regulating an industry so far controlled by criminals? The Dutch initiation of the coffee shop model regulated the access of cannabis for users, which reduced the need to go to dealers. It minimised the exposure to dealers whose main goal is to get their clients onto more addictive substances.

People Buy People, Not Products…

These days, it no longer seems to matter whether the product you’re trying to sell is the best it can be, or even the best on the market. Despite pouring hundreds of hours into defining, combining and refining, many business people are finding that their products just aren’t selling the way they imagined they would. But why? The simple truth of the matter is, regardless of how good your product is, if you can’t sell yourself, people won't buy from you. Before you even consider how many units you could ship in your first quarter, you need to understand the importance of people's perception of you and your brand. If you personally are seen as untrustworthy or illegitimate, the chances of your product taking off will, obviously, decrease exponentially. By ensuring that public perception of you and your brand is largely positive, the likelihood of you outselling your competitors increases. But how do you do this? How can you shape public perception to always be in your favour? While this may sound like a nigh on impossible task, in reality, there are various ways by which you can sell and present yourself in a way that will have you come across as a genuinely trustworthy and reliable individual. One way to do this is not to focus too much on the product you’re selling and increase the focus you have on the people you’re selling to. When learning about a potential client, focus on how your specific product or service can benefit them and why it would be worth their time talking to you. The very fact you have put the thought into their needs and requirements will aid you in securing the trust of many of your prospects. Another reason researching the needs of your prospects will always help is that it will enable you to paint a picture for them of life at work with the added benefits of your products. In telemarketing especially, the ability to showcase your products worth with words is a crucial skill to acquire. Articulating yourself confidently and coherently is one thing, but having confidence in yourself and your product is entirely another. You could explain how your product or service “breaks the mould” or “will revolutionise the industry”, but if you say so with the enthusiasm of a cow queuing up outside the slaughterhouse, any chance of a sale will disappear quicker than you can turn vegetarian. In order to sell anything, you need to able to sell yourself. Confidence is a key factor in this equation and will make an overwhelming difference to your results. We at Kinetic Business Marketing believe that, alongside having all the relevant information you need, confidence and the ability to sell yourself is an essential skill that will not only boost your brand’s reputation but also boost your sales too.

5 Reasons Your Sales People Aren’t Getting The Desired Results.

Sales and marketing can be one tough industry. Of that, there is no question. Many a salesperson can and will be undone by forgetting one or a multitude of basic principles that are essential to obtaining the results you require. We here at Kinetic Business Marketing have compiled five of the more common reasons as to why your salespeople aren’t getting the results both you and they need. How many of these are you taking into account when approaching prospective clients? 1) Bad Tone So, you have the best product/service in the world. It’s innovative, original and could revolutionise the way your customers and clients go about their day. The only problem is your salespeople sound like miserable old goats and thus, no one wants to buy from them. Tone of voice is a key component of our ability to sell. If your prospect doesn’t feel confident in you, they simply won't buy from you. No one likes to listen to someone drone on about something in a bored, monotone way, so why would they want to buy whatever it is you’ve been trying to sell them. Sounding happy, alert and interested will always yield better results than sounding depressed, uninterested and/or distracted. 2) Poor Product/Service Knowledge Despite having the best product/service on the planet, it would be foolish to assume that it would sell itself. This is where knowledge plays a big part. If it truly is the best in the world, your prospects will want to know why? Why should they choose you over your competitors? How does it work? Will I be able to use it with XYZ? These are but a few questions you’ll need to be prepared to answer. And clearly too. It’s all well and good being able to briefly summarise what your product or service does, but do you know how it does it? The likelihood is, if you cannot tell your prospects how your product works in detail, they’ll more than likely decide not to take the gamble on it/you. 3) No Confidence/Too Confident Your salespeople are the masthead of your business. They are the ones creating first impressions of you to your clients. If they don’t sound confident in themselves or the product they are selling, they simply won’t sell it. On the flip side of that coin, If someone sounds overly confident it can come across as arrogant and thus put off any prospective client. No one likes an arrogant Andrew, after all. Finding a happy medium is crucial, not only for appearing confident in your product, but also for building a healthy business relationship with your potential clients. This leads us nicely on to our next point. (Cont.)

B2B Lead Generation: Can Voicemail Ever Be Your Friend?

Throughout the B2B marketing community, there is much debate about just how useful a tool voicemail could be to your average telemarketer. A quick search through the many B2B marketing blogs I often frequent showed clearly just how divided opinion was amongst the online community. We here at Kinetic Business Marketing are no strangers to a challenge and decided to try and produce a definitive answer to the question “Can leaving voicemail messages ever be a worthwhile endeavor?” So, we got to work and after much deliberation came up with the perhaps not so definitive; YES! …but only if you do it right! There are several things we at Kinetic Business Marketing believe should be kept in mind should you decide to include voicemail messages in your sales inventory. Keep Them Short No one likes to sit and listen to someone waffle on, so why put your potential clients through that? It is estimated that anything between 20-30 seconds long is the perfect time to make an impression while keeping your message light and succinct. Try not to bombard your prospects with information, jamming in as many words as you can into 30 seconds just won’t help. (Cont.)

The Reintroduction of Psychedelic Drugs Into Society.

For thousands of years, human beings have sought after and experienced altered states of consciousness. Meditation, sleep deprivation, fasting and the use of psychedelic substances have all been used in order to alter the mind and body’s regular functions and bring about these altered states. Until fairly recently, the physiological changes in the body underlying these effects, especially in regards to psychedelic substances, were largely unknown due to a significant lack of thorough research into them. Prohibition is largely to blame for this, as, ever since Richard Nixon first declared his ideological “war on drugs”, the availability of these substances for research and experimentation purposes sharply declined. Few researchers were willing to jump through all the hoops necessary to obtain them and thus psychedelics remained largely ignored up until the mid 90’s. It is also interesting to note that many drug policies of governments around the world have tended to put psychedelic drugs into categories containing drugs that are far more harmful and for the possession of which penalties could be far more severe. Harm caused by substances like LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) or MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) pales in comparison to the likes of cocaine ((methyl (1R,2R,3S,5S)-3- (benzoyloxy)-8-methyl-8-azabicyclo[3.2.1] octane-2-carboxylate_), heroin ((5α,6α)-7,8-didehydro-4,5-epoxy-17-methylmorphinan-3,6-diol diacetate) and methamphetamine (N-methylamphetamine), so what reason could there be for this misallocation? If we go back to the late 60’s, when LSD became largely associated with the countercultural movement happening in the US and UK, it becomes easier to understand why governments would have wanted strict control over these drugs. At a time when people were being invited to “Turn on, Tune in, Drop out”, the peace and love mentality was almost threatening cultural revolution and the powers that be needed a plan in order to keep these “acid freaks” compliant. Who would fight their wars and pay their taxes if we were all too busy gaining a deeper understanding of our inner selves and the hidden landscapes these substances reveal? (Cont.)

Know Your Drugs: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So, drugs, we all have our favourites. Whether it's chilling for an hour or so with a spliff or an 8-hour trek into the land of the cactus king, I think it’s safe to say there are some awesome times to be had under the influence. However, as most of you probably know this is not the case for all drugs, not by a long shot. Some drugs should definitely be illegal while others have us scratching our heads as to how they could possibly be considered dangerous. A lot of the time the physical harm done by drugs has little to nothing to do with its legal status (the obvious example being weed) but, every so often something new turns up and the usual shit storm of misinformation and sensationalism ensues. Often is the case that the media are responsible for causing the authorities to clamp down on certain substances by feigning public outrage when in actual fact most non-drug users are pretty much in the dark about new drugs when the first arrive. For example, whenever I tell anyone about my experiences with LSD I will, without fail, be “informed” by whoever it may be that I’m speaking to about “a friend” they know who thought he could fly while on acid and jumped off a roof. Yeah, everyone has heard that one, even the late and great Bill Hicks was prodding at that story way back when most of us were in our infancy, so I think it's safe to say it’s more than likely a shit scare tactic that been going around for years. Another story that is more common in colleges and universities is of people (and in my experience with hearing this story they are usually on magic mushrooms for some reason) is of people kidnapping midget’s and hiding them and/or trying to sell, kill or, my personal favourite, “free” them... Now I’ve taken my fair share of tryptamines and phenethylamines and I can safely say, as I’m sure anyone else with any actual drug experience can, that at no point was there ever-present any desire to “Catch me a live one”. (Cont.)

Muse @ The Emirates Stadium, May 25th 2013

Muse kick off their first night at the Emirates with a bang. A very big bang. Support from Bastille and Dizzee Rascal ensured those in attendance got their money's worth. It was just before 6 o’clock in the evening when the band known as Bastille took to the stage to start of the evening's entertainment. Those of us that had been standing for 6 hours were more than in the mood for some music and their opening song “Bad Blood” was more than satisfactory. We were treated to three and half minutes of some kind of tribal folk techno led by strong vocals and thumping beat that went down smoothly and left you eagerly anticipating then next. The next track, “Laura Palmer” was much of the same with frontman Dan Smith showing off his impressive voice. Sadly that is as far as it went. In fact, the entire set could have been played continuously without breaks and it could have all been mistaken for one giant song. Without Smith’s impressive but repetitive vocals there wasn’t much left and fellow members Chris ‘Woody’ Wood, Lord Will Farquarson (Wait, what?) and Kyle Simmons showcased no identity outside of Smith’s central role. “Overjoyed”, “The Weight of Living Part 2”, “Icarus”, “Things We Lost In the Fire” and “Flaws” were all very much in the same vein and the only song to really get the crowd moving was the band's only real hit “Pompeii” which they ended their set with at around half 6. After a half hour interlude, it was the turn of Dizzee Rascal to unleash his inventory upon the crowd. 27-year-old Dylan Kwabena Mills supports West Ham and likes to Box to release energy. When he’s not selling 300,000 albums a year in this country alone that is. After a short introduction from DJ MK, the Boy in da Corner artist opened up with new song “Here 2 China”. An air raid siren starts the whole thing off followed by two vicious verses of what, in terms of quality, could easily equal any old skool Rascal, all accompanied by a bassline filthier than that orgy I was at over the… oops, wait, forget that. Next up was “We Don’t Play Around” followed by “Bassline Junkie” during which the crowd’s energy levels went through the roof.Dizzee Rascal Half way into it I found myself at the epicenter of the Great Sudden Shift of 2013 as tens of people were suddenly shifted backward on a wave of bodies as the first of many mosh pits formed and proceeded to suck into it, along with many others, two young looking girls. The pair of them looked like bean sprouts with appendages and how they came out of there alive I will probably never know considering the size of some of the brutes that started the thing. To end the set Dizzee decided to go out with a duo of hits the first being “Holiday” and the aptly named “Bonkers” for the way it made the crowd. After another half an hour interlude the stage suddenly came to life with three giant television screens displaying a woman describing the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, the main band’s latest album theme. (Cont.)

Your Favourite Enemies @ The Water Rats, October 21st 2013

Yesterday (Monday 21st October 2013) was not a good day for trains. There were delays all over London and I knew as soon as I heard about this situation that it would not bode well for me. I had a gig to get to and an interview to conduct, delays had not featured in my plans. When the time to set off on my journey to Kings Cross my friend and I frantically raced to the station so as not to miss the only train that would get us where we wanted to be by the time we needed to be there. Unfortunately, this was not the case and we ended up missing the time that had been allocated for interviewing the band by about forty minutes. This was not a good start to the evening but on the other hand, I knew that was not the only writer that had been sent to this gig and so I didn’t worry too much, knowing that my fellow Moon Project partners were probably conducting their interviews as we made our way to the venue. The Water Rats on 328 Grays Inn Road was a part bar part theatre joint that separated into two halves. On entering we walked through the half packed bar to the other side of the room and up to a big wooden door that leads into the performance area. After assuring the bored looking girl who was tending the door that I was indeed on the list we had our wrists stamped and were granted entry and made our way to the stage just in time to see the final few songs of the warm up act. Who they were I couldn’t say but their music was heavy and for a three piece they did well to create a buzzing atmosphere in such a small area. After they had the left the stage there was a short five or ten-minute interval before Your Favourite Enemies appeared on stage. Their entrance was at best minimal and at worst they didn’t exactly appear up for the gig. Comprised of six members they managed to pack out the tiny stage well enough but it wasn’t exactly with what I would describe as a “presence” but more for the fact that there were so many of them all cramped in on a tiny stage. Before they started playing my friend popped next door into the bar to grab us some beer before they began playing and what he returned with was two pints of some strange cocktail, one part Budweiser three parts water. Sadly this set the tone for the rest of the gig, the first song to be played was A View From Within, a sonically challenged melody which sounded like the love child of The Rasmus and Innerpartysystem that, apart from brief breaks in the tempo of the song never really changed much and if I’m being overly critical was quite frankly extremely generic and boring.

RÜFÜS @ Madame Jo Jo's, December 10th 2013

Madame Jo Jo’s, when I first heard that the next act I would be reviewing and interviewing were to be playing at this venue I couldn’t help but wonder about what kind of spectacle I would be witnessing. Infamous for its burlesque nights, I wondered how exactly I would go about reviewing and interviewing a group of burlesque dancers. I know nothing of burlesque dancing apart from the fact that someone I used to go to school with now does it. It got to the point where I began to frantically search the void of the interweb in search of anything that would enlighten me as to what I should expect on the evening. What I found washed a great wave of relief right on over me. RÜFÜS are an Australian indie-dance group hailing from Sydney and consisting of Jon George, Tyrone Lindqvist and James Hunt. These three have had an exceptionally busy time of it these last eighteen months, what with their debut album Atlas being released last August and debuting at number 1 back in their homeland. Instantly my curiosity was aroused and after checking out the album not only could I understand why it had done so well over there but I also found myself curious as to why it hadn’t even seemed to register over here. Combining a mellow electronic haze with incredibly catchy beats, these guys seemed to have mastered their trade already. The quality of this group is confirmed when you realise they’ve only been going since 2010. Before the show, I was lucky enough to catch a brief fifteen minutes or so with the guys for an interview (a transcript of which you can find below). Only a few questions in and I was struck by how laid back these boys were, especially considering the world now appeared to be their oyster. Having nearly come to the end of a short tour, these boys don’t seem to be short of options now. The vibes they can produce on stage are hard to come by in newer bands and if I hadn’t already known how long they’d been going at it, I would have assumed they possessed a lot more experience than they do. I had decided on this occasion not to take up the offer of a plus one with my invitation and found that this decision worked well in my favour given the fact that I could just sit in a dark corner and absorb everything they gave out. I have heard people complain that electronic music has a tendency to sound fairly generic. I now have an answer for those people, RÜFÜS. Now, I know what you all are thinking at this point. “Yeah yeah, we’ve heard it all before, you think they’re great blah blah blah.” Well, let me tell you something, my little darlings. You need this band in your lives. I don’t care what kind of music dominates your audio nerves, to resist this amazing electronic concoction would be to miss out big time! This is a band you can expect big things from in the future, very big things. RÜFÜS are the kind of band that resemble one piece of an incredibly complex puzzle, miss them out and it will fuck you up big time. (Cont.)

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