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The changing scene of gaming

Not too long ago, the word game had a completely different meaning to it than what game means now. For kids growing up in the 80's or the 90's, the word game simply meant going out with friends to participate in sports, whether it was football or cricket. The idea of sitting behind a computer screen all day to kill zombies with a controller was still very alien at that point of time. Although computer games have existed since the early 1970's, it only became popular among kids after the millennium. The popularity of computer games among kids was very limited during the initial phase of their development as it was very expensive for a normal family to be able to afford a computer. As technology became more accessible to ordinary people, the gaming industry showed tremendous growth. As kids became more accustomed to playing games on their computers, the joy of going outdoors to play and socialize was taken for granted. Kids these days spend more time on playing games on their computers and play stations than almost any other activity. Online gaming consumes a huge chunk of the free time kids have, and this significantly causes a lot of harm to both their bodies and minds. Because of the tendency to ignore physical activities, kids today are more obese than before. So, what are we collectively doing wrong that is contributing to this endemic? The answer is quite simply parenting. More often than not, lazy parenting has allowed such an endemic to flourish. When kids start playing online games, they're not properly reprimanded for it. Parents have also been guilty of spoiling their kids by giving them all the latest gadgets. When kids are not discouraged for using too much technology, they end up losing ties with nature. We need to improve our parenting if we're to ensure that our kids grow up with the same experiences as we did.

Best Bollywood films of 2016

Another year has passed us by, and we've finally reached a point where it'd be fair to critically examine all the films that were released last year and come to a conclusion on the best films. As is the case every year, last year too was quite dull, as the number of bad films trumped the number of good films. But still there were a few mind boggling films released last year that resonated with the audience. Here's a list of the best movies from last year - 1. Pink - This movie was unapologetically bold in it's message. It had a feminist tone to it, and successfully explored the sick mindset of blaming the victims for getting raped or molested. Pink was a riveting court room drama that undoubtedly was the best film released in 2016. 2. Dangal - Aamir Khan delivered a stellar performance as Mahavir Singh Phogat in this biography of the Phogat sisters, who became famous for becoming the first girls from the state of Haryana to win medals at the Commonwealth games. This movie is a fine example of masterful storytelling, as it'd a simple story yet managed to be compelling through out. 3. Neerja - Going into the cinema to watch Neerja, I was apprehensive about watching Sonam Kapoor portray the role of Neerja Bhanot, the legendary air hostess who saved 359 lives. But once the film started, my fears quickly vanished as I realized that Sonam was delivering an utterly convincing performance. Neerja was a remarkable tale of courage and selflessness of a young girl. It was one of the best films of last year. 4. Udta Punjab - Udta Punjab deftly dealt with the endemic problems of drugs abuse in the state of Punjab without glorifying it and at the same time kept a very balanced story arc. The story, editing and direction was so realistic that it can easily be confused for a Martin Scorsese movie. 5. Parched - This film was set in rural Rajasthan where problems of child marriage and patriarchy are rampant. It boldly tried to educate people that women are not mere objects of attraction. This film was grounded in reality and exposed the deep rooted problems of patriarchy in rural India.

Digital Marketing Services in India

Digital Marketing has emerged as one of the most efficient ways of marketing products and services to customers in India. The radical changes witnessed in the Indian economy after the country was liberalized in 1991 have massively influenced the marketing strategies adopted by companies to attract new customers and cater to the needs of the existing ones. Digital Marketing has witnessed exponential growth in India in the last ten years. The growth has been augmented by a monumental rise in the middle class of India, especially the youth, with access to digital media. The phenomenal rise of the electronic consumer base in India has resulted in a plethora of marketing agencies who excel in providing digital marketing services to its clients. Some of the services that are being offered by these agencies are : 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This means marketing of the website on search engines like Yahoo and Google. 2. Social Media Marketing: To promote the website across all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc..) to potential customers is called Social Media Marketing. 3. App management: Marketing agencies also generate and optimize applications for their clients to make sure it appeals to relevant consumers. 4. Content Marketing: The creation of new content and its promotion is called content marketing. So these are some of the fundamental digital marketing services provided by numerous agencies in India. With the invent of internet the world has essentially been reduced to a small digital book, and it is safe to say that digital marketing is slowly and steadily reaching its epoch in India.

Greatest Leader of Modern India

Since the dawn of civilization mankind has seen many great leaders, the ubiquity of which has been unmistakable. From Mahatma Gandhi's non violent rhetoric of leading peaceful protests against British colonialism to Winston Churchill's remarkable resolve of leading England through it's darkest hours and fighting Nazi oppression, great leaders have always had the ability to inspire people, even in the face of deep rooted misgivings Personally, I consider Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, dubbed as the iron man of India, to be the greatest leader of modern India; an individual so viscerally powerful that it wouldn't be stretching the arm of confidence too far to suggest that he almost single-handedly guided the integration of India into a united nation. Patel was actively involved in launching civil dis-obedient movements in his home state of Gujrat, where he gathered peasants from villages and peacefully protested against the alarming amount of taxes levied by the British government. He was also a strong proponent of the Non cooperation movement in India, and worked with great aplomb to eradicate problems of alcoholism, untouchability and caste based discrimination. However, Patel's biggest achievement was the integration of all the 562 princely states into a self governing democratic nation. Patel persuaded all the princes of the princely states to surrender their foreign affairs and communications and pledge allegiance to the constitution of India. India owes much of it's existence to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and yet the vicissitude of time has reduced him to a peripheral figure. Iconic figures like Gandhi and Pandit Nehru are rightly revered and celebrated for their roles in Indian independence, but maybe we should give a lot more credit to the extraordinary and altruistic contributions made by the iron man of India

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Nice article
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Excellent work done, Loved it, You are awesome and fast!
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