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Baggage Tracing and Handling System using RFID and IoT for Airports

Aviation industry is one of the areas which have a strong potential to benefit from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the Internet of Things (IoT). The most common loopholes experienced in Aviation industry for Baggage Handling are mislaid baggage, lost baggage and damage to belongings. So for providing a better and secure system to the passengers, we have proposed a design of baggage tracing and handling system using smart RFID tags and IoT which is based on cloud server. We have designed a prototype at two locations having both check-in and check-out processes. A more secured algorithm is used for generating tags that are attached to printed baggage label with the details of passenger and airline stored in it. RFID readers in the check-out areas facilitate step tracking of baggage which prevents baggage loss. The baggage’s real time position is tracked and stored in a cloud using IoT and unique ID can be retrieved by the passengers wherever and whenever necessary. The same ID can be used while collecting bag at check-out counters. The system provided ensures less consumption of time, security for baggage and is economical hence provides customer satisfaction.

Wireless Sensors Network benefits to the Agriculture.

Even though today's farm lands are efficient, handled by agro-specialists but the success depends largely on meeting the challenges of the weather. To accomplish the profitable crops agronomist rely on data from several sources to properly manage the suitable environmental factors. Meteorological variables are representative of a large area and can be easily measured by a single sensor for a vast land extension, whereas soil and plant variables have a large spatial variability. The WSN (wireless sensing network) provides a large set of information about the pH and moisture content of the soil, humidity, wind direction (WD), wind speed (WS) and other parameters that are required for the ultimate growth of the crops. Therefore, in order to use these parameters to effectively schedule the irrigation of the plants and soil management multiple sensors are needed forming a large network of sensors. This system continuously monitors data and displays the stable and unstable conditions. Accordingly, the control unit automatically controls the valves for irrigation and other systems to maintain all parameters for better agriculture management. The whole data from the array of sensors will be available on the mobile of the user with the help of cloud computing. This will enable the user to give commands to the control unit from anywhere he is present. The system consists of two weather nodes each consisting of a RF transceiver, processor and memory which continuously collects the soil moisture, soil pH and WD, WS data and store collected data in the database. If the analyzed data shows any requirement for water, the node sends commands to the water pump controller which makes Irrigation ON. Cloud computing promises high reliability, scalability and autonomy to provide ubiquitous access, dynamic resource discovery that is required for the next generation Internet of Things applications. Thus, the perfect monitoring of all important parameters of agriculture land with worldwide access for farmer for controlling these factors .

Top dog breed to include in your family.

Dogs are considered as 'man's best friend' these days. Along with being the most adopted pet, a loyal companion, dogs are performing many roles in our society they are assisting police and military, pulling loads, protecting, herding and aiding physically disabled people. Thus dogs have became an integral part of our family and society as well. Dogs are well adapted to fit in our lifestyles, they get emotionally attached to their pack dogs can sense the feelings, emotions, facial expressions and act accordingly to comfort their master. Many dog breeds are available, whom one can adopt and include in a family . The top ten dog breeds which are best suited for a family are listed below in descending order. 01-Boxer: German Boxer is the best dog breed to welcome in your family. Boxers are cute, calm, fun loving, energetic, caring, sometimes clowning, the best companion for a family, but they are very dangerous for outsiders, strangers or unknowns. Boxers are one of the best guard dogs, also they are very easy to train and fast learners. Boxers adust in a family very well, being sporty they enjoy playing with kids. They create a warm affection with their pack. The average life for a boxer is 9-12 years. They grow up in a well built body upto a height of 53–60 cm for females and 57–63 cm for male boxers. Average weight for a mature boxer is about 23–27 kg for female and male boxer is 30–34 kg. The loyalty and love they offer for their family make them part of the family. If you are willing to adopt a pet and you are a new parent, then you should prefer a boxer, it will make you love itself. Many dog breeds are available, all have their qualities and specialities. The owner should choose his/her pet by considering certain factors like- 1- The climate where you live, is it suitable for that breed or not? 2- Size of the breed preferred? 3- How often you go outing and by which transport means do you travel? And few more things to add on. These things should be taken care of before adopting a pet because they totally depend on you, they become restless if left alone. So before adding them to your family you must be sure that you will completely take care of them because regular walks promises, feeding promises, cleaning and grooming promises of pet are usually broken by the masters because of busy schedule and other reasons. So be sure.

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Very great finishing product. Friendly service
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Greater writer that delivers high quality work. Highly recommended
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I am very happy with it; I can see the amount of effort put into it, and the amount of research conducted. Great content, easy to read and follow. written for the reader!! Thanks for Brilliant work
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Good Job
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wow, amazing job! I will order definitely more! I finally found someone who can do what I ask for :)
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Very well done and provided promptly. An exceptional result! Excellent and ahead of schedule. Wonderful work!
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Wonderful results, ahead of schedule and of superior quality. Wow! In my 15+ years as A EDITOR, I have found the very best writer ever! Fast & on the money! You will be proud to have her as a resource for your business. :)
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nice article!! keep it up
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Very easy to work with! A great writer and very detailed!
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Did great research and wrote a good paper.
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