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exercises to increase height even after puberty.

So 'you're short' and tired of hearing this? Try out these exercises to grow taller even after puberty. Who doesn't want to look beautiful, smart and confident on the earth? I guess everyone wants. A prefect height makes you feel confident and a perfect personality. Though you're drop dead gorgeous but if you're short, not many people would notice you. And if you're beautiful and have a perfect height, people would crave for you. Perfect height makes you stand out of the crowd. All short people are likely to be disappointed with their height because a tall stature is always desirable everywhere. Generally, it is hard to grow taller after puberty but the given exercises in this article will surely help you gain some extra inches at any age. These body stretching exercises and yoga postures stimulate Human Growth Hormone, in our body. Which helps us in increasing height naturally. 1. Cobra stretch: This exercise is particular intended to stretch your spine and increase your vertical height. Follow the steps and do this simple exercise daily. - Lie down on the floor with face down placing your palms beneath your shoulders. - Move your torso upwards off the floor by straightening your arms and form an elevated angle. - Keep your spine stretched as long as you can. At least for 10-40 seconds. Then return back to the starting position. - Do 3-4 times daily for optimal results. 2. Vertical hanging: You must have heard, during nights our height differs by 2-3cm. That is because when we sleep, our spine and joints are stretched out completely. But when we stand up, gravity compresses spine and joints bit by bit. and people appear shorter. Vertical hanging is a simple way to overcome this problem because when we hang, our body get stretched from toe to head. And this lengthens the spine and makes you grow taller. - Get a solid bar. It should be located at least 1-2 feet above your head. - While hanging, make sure your feet are at least 1 ft away from the ground and you are able to stretch out completely. - Hold the bar tightly and try to do push ups. If you are unable to do push ups, keep hanging on as long as you can. - There is no time limit for this exercise. You can do as per your capability. But try to do at least for 5 minutes. 3. Pilates roll over: Pilate roll over is somewhat complicated yet interesting workout. It puts work in your spine and heightens your upper body parts. It also helps in stretching vertebrae of your neck and making your entire body flexible. - Lie down on your back arms down with your side. - Lift your legs together towards the ceiling at a 90-degree angle. - Exhale. And now bend your legs backward slowly and try to touch the ground with your toe. - Loose your body completely. Exhale and start from the step 1 again. - Repeat these steps and do this exercise as long as you can(i am sure you can't do more than 10 minutes).

how to conquer career crisis in your 20's and30's

The time span from 20-35 is the most beautiful and vital period of human’s life from the professional as well as personal aspect. In this sweep so many things happen to us. Of course, some good and some bad. We actually learn what life is all about. We experience the real picture of the world. In the early 20s you’re a new product in the market who has just no idea about the marketing. Consequently, you join the race of job seekers and expect a job that let you live your passion, your dreams. In late 20s you are a professionally and probably personally established person. And in the 30s you enjoy the fruits that you planted in your 20s. How beautiful life sounds. No? Everything is just perfect and in order. But what if your job betrayed you in between? Every dream shattered and you’re completely broken. No? Relax buddy! It’s just a job, not a life that you can’t regain. Career crisis happens in everyone’s life. This is a challenge that no one is prepared for. You’re suddenly told “you’re dismissed” or suddenly something such happens that you feel just to dumb your job and walk away. At this bleak hour you look back your so far journey and feel like your precious talent, time and energy went in vain. You’re discouraged head over heels and the world seems so much darker to you that your eyes even can’t see the open doors. Read on this article. It will help you get out of depression and defeat your career breakdowns. Believe in yourself. “Believe in yourself, and rest will fall into place. Have faith in your abilities and there is nothing you can’t accomplish.” – Brad Henry. These three words are actually the ultimate mantra( secret) to defeat any crisis and come out of any storm. God blessed you with indomitable talents. Your company couldn’t identify them, it doesn’t mean you have no talents. Spend some time with your inner soul and listen to it. Your heart always leads you the right path. Identify your talents and recall your dreams. Let them come out of your heart cage and sour in the world. It’s better to walk alone even in an unknown but heart leaded path rather than piddling around in a marble path with tiring feet. Remember! You’re not alone in this rough phase. This line has actually two meanings. First, you’re not the only one who encountered this. Even before you so many people have been trapped in this cage. And they successfully came out of it too. So learn from them and believe in your powers. Second, you must thank god that he has given you a supportive family who stand by you in every ups and down. Speak to your family, friends and close ones. You would feel better. They will guide you, encourage you and cheer you up. the main link source -

continued conquer career crisis article....

Leave everything and go for a vacation Going for a vacation is always the best solution when you’re mentally broken and tired. It relieves you from every pain and gives you inner peace. So decide your favorite destination and go for at least one week’s break. Forget the world and enjoy the fullest. After one week when you would be back, you will find yourself with a new energy, new zeal, new thoughts and new ideas. Find the reason why it happened Now you almost got over it. You have new and innovative thoughts in your fresh mind. First of all, look back and try to find out why it happened. This is actually the vital part. Committing a mistake is not a sin but repeating is. So find out where you were lacking. Why you had to face this break-down? Do a complete research about it. And when you get the answers to your questions, correct your mistakes and move on. Embrace the change and get over your fears. Change is the law of nature. You can’t walk through the same path in your entire life. Changes are necessary else life would be dull and faded. If you’re facing a career break-down, it means you need to make a change. Embracing a change is never easy but you have to be courageous. Find out your fears. Take on your fears one by one and then face what you’re most afraid of. Facing a new change and your fears successfully are the greatest accomplishment you can achieve in your life. Passion matters regardless of money and status If your work doesn’t align with your passion and talents, I must say you’re just wasting your time, no matter you’re getting lacs per months. Career is not about money and status, it’s about passion and talents. Everyone has something unique and doing that drives him/her crazy. So go with your uniqueness and your passion. While choosing your career, take permission from your heart otherwise your body would be working, your heart would be resting, your talents would be getting rusted and you would be facing career crisis every other day. Start a new journey with full confidence and zeal Now you’re completely got over your career crisis. You are fully confident, enthusiastic and looking forward to something new. There comes a point in life when you find yourself at such a juncture that you don’t know where to go, what to do, and how to do. At this time, go somewhere deep in your heart listen to it. Follow it where it leads you. Though you no idea what the hell you’re doing but after some years, you would be thanking yourself for following your heart.

career opportunities after learning a foreign language. link source-

Everyone cherishes a dream in his\her childhood to become something. But as time changes, dreams change too. Some people chase their childhood dreams but most of the time our childhood dreams vanish from our heart as soon as we reach in our college. Because at this point we are matured enough to experience the real picture of the world and come out of our fantasy types dreams. At this stage, we definitely ask at least once to our inner soul ‘which field has better scope, various opportunities, and career growth?’ and in response to this question, we end up getting admission in engineering, medical or management colleges. So everyone is rushing to become doctor, engineer, and programmer. Don’t you think you should stand out of the crowd? Knowledge in different languages distinct you from others. Languages are the way to express yourself. Be it human, animal, bird or any other creature, everyone needs a language to communicate and build a relationship with each other. Gone are the days when language was only a medium of expression. Now due to globalization, the demand of multi-linguists is on hike. The scope of foreign languages as a career is stupendous and emerging every single day. Translator Needless to say, this career opportunity comes first in mind for every foreign language learner. If we are learning a foreign language, at first we intend to become a translator only. For that matter, you have to be a language expert. You should be able to understand the source language and the target language very well. You should be capable of understanding the text between the lines. Once your feet are dipped in translating water, tons of job offers are waiting for you. You don’t have to grab all. Just grab one. They will pay you as much as you want and won’t let you go away from them either. Interpreter An interpreter needs a meticulous understanding of the language because he\she orally translates the content. I must say, being an interpreter is not easy. To become an interpreter you should have command over the language as your mother tongue. You have to be very quick and spontaneous. Because listening to the words and at the same time translating them into the target language is not easy. But not too difficult either. Once you have put efforts in ruling the language, I assure then you are done. Now you don’t have to put efforts in earning money. The Money will come to you.

Run for health. Run for life. Run for yourself.

You read it right. “Run for health. Run for life. Run for yourself.” This is actually my favourite line. And I stick to it firmly.Even when my body refuses to run, my heart screams loudly against my body. As being a health conscious person, I end up listening to my heart. In fact, all are running in their life. But only some are running for their life. Even you tell me in today’s strenuous lifestyle, who has time to sit and relax. Some are running for money, some are running for their love (I just salute their love), some are running for their dreams, and some are running to save themselves ( have you got who I am pointing to? Yes yes of course, a THIEF!). Run for whatever motive you want. But please don’t run for this motive. Else you have to beg even for walking. “Health is wealth” really very well said. In today’s world, everyone is running for wealth but only a few are running for the health which is ultimately the real wealth. Further, I’ll be talking about running for health in details. So let’s run with me. Ahh, wait wait! Don’t run actually go with me What is the meaning of RUNNING for you? I know, you are thinking I am the dumbest person on the earth because I am asking such a silly question. Yet I stick to this question only. What is RUNNING actually? What Usain bolt does? Or what any other player does? Or what a jogger does? Of course, they all are involved in the running activity that makes them fit and active. But their purpose and way of running are different. So here I mean to say, first of all you should actually know the purpose of running. Obviously everyone’s purpose won’t be to run like Usain bolt and bag gold medal in racing. How much should you run? As I stated above before running you should know the purpose of running. If you have a specific goal, you have to run accordingly until your goal is achieved. For example, you are running to lose your weight, run intensely as far as you can. Running is not about how far, it’s about how hard, how fast and how vigorous. Just going outside and piddling around even for 10 miles has not that much worth that 1 mile’s intense and energetic running has. If you don’t have a specific goal and you’re running just for your fitness and vigour then 25-30 minute’s intense running is ideal for you. How should you run? Again you had to bear with my another silly question. Right? I know you have the answer to this question. But I just want to shed some light on this question. Here I mean how you should run so that it doesn’t turn out to be harmful to you? Running is an exercise and you should do it like an exercise. Don’t run in off and on basis. Run daily that too with full energy. CONTINUES.....

Laughter: An amazing therapy.

Bhaiya ji smile! Smile q laughter lo! Remember this funny dialogue from Dabangg (I just loveee this movie)? Who wouldn’t, no? This dialogue makes us smile every time we listen to it. You might be smiling right now while reading this dialogue. Good! Keep smiling and keep on reading. Today, I’ll tell you why you should wear a smile not only in front of the camera but also in front of the life mirror? Why laughing is necessary and how can it promote your health and personality? So many questions together, got panicked? Please don’t let your smile fade away. I’ll cover up the things one by one. Life would be much easier if you learn to laugh at silly things, appreciate even little and contribute the big. Whether it’s a simple smile or a side-splitting roar of laughter or an eye-watering giggle, it can change the intensity of the situation in a fraction of a second. It boosts your personality and helps you cultivate the firm relationships. Not only this, the deep-rooted belly laugh is a boon to your health. It benefits you in many ways. Read on to find its top 5 amazing results: Internal workout: Do you remember, when had you last time a tummy- hurting guffaw that made you roll on the floor? Hmmm, still remembering? Then I must say, don’t make your life so dull buddy. Laugh your heart out every day because a good belly laugh exercises the back muscles, the diaphragm, lungs and the abs. it stretches up all the organs and makes them work properly. Trust me, you won’t need to specially assign 10 minutes for the internal workouts. A roar of laughter can do this job easily and precisely. Tell me, would you like to befriend with a boring and dull person? Obviously not, no? So be an easy-going and a cheerful person. This raises your social presence. People will feel happy around you. Laughter is contagious. Laughing not only lightens up your mood but also the mood of those around you. It leads you to build energetic and joyful relations. A good laughter not only improves your social presence but also promotes your career growth. Want an example? See Sidhu Paa Ji, look at his journey from a laughter king to the cabinet minister of Punjab. OMG, this much career growth. From now onwards I’ll keep laughing 24*7. Let’s see where would be I after some years. If you also want this much career growth, start laughing from today from now itself. Anyway jokes apart, a good hearty laugh seriously promotes your overall sense of well-being.

Jaipur- The City of Rajputs

I spent my college years immersed in a heavy dose of Indian history, so you can easily understand my fascination with the royals and their lofty monuments. I was seriously dying to visit the imperial cities of India and when I got the opportunity to visit Jaipur, how could I miss it? I quickly jumped at the opportunity. As soon as I arrived in Jaipur, I understood why it is called the Royal City. From its marvelous palaces to beautiful well-maintained forts, magically ornate temples, opulent royal hotels, bustling markets, fun nightlife and rich wildlife and greenery, the rich historical heritage of India and a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle stand side-by-side in Jaipur. The majestic city is known as much for its fascinating monuments and historical legacy as it is for its colorful markets, gorgeous hand-loom garments and wonderfully laid-out gardens. The city will give a sense of nostalgia when you visit. No matter how many times you have been here, the enticing city always calls you back. Whether you are looking for an energizing outing or for some unforgettable experiences, the city will captivate you with its awe-inspiring beauty. Jaipur, a colorful amalgamation of old culture and new world vibrancy, has a life of its own. Being the rare and exceptional blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture, the city never fails to impress visitors with its monumental and breathtaking tourist spots, such as Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Albert Hall Museum, and Birla Mandir. Needless to say, Jaipur is one of the most royal, colorful and flamboyant cities in India. It’s almost impossible to capture the exalted charm and vibrancy of the city in words. You can only capture it in your heart. During my trip, I first visited Jantar Mantar. I had heard a lot about it and I could not wait to catch a glimpse of this astronomical marvel. Often called the heart of the city, Jantar Mantar truly stole my heart with its magnetic and resplendent beauty. Moving on, I reached Jal Mahal, or Water Palace. The palace floating on water is like a jewel nestled among the Nahargarh hills. If it’s raining, don’t miss the chance to visit the Water Palace and relish a heavenly experience on earth. At night, this splendid palace looks surreal under the sky. Next, I headed to Birla Mandir. Built using white marble, it is truly a masterpiece of art. If you’re tired of your hectic life, spend some time alone here. You will find serenity, tranquility and spiritual relief. The following day, I woke up and immediately went to City Palace, the most remarkable monument of Jaipur, which has kept the majesty of the Rajputs alive even today. If you want to witness the dazzling beauty, grand architecture, rambling courtyards, lush greenery and serene alcoves of India’s historic royal structures, you need to go nowhere other than City Palace.

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