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Best tourist attractions in USA

The United States is a traveler’s dream come true being one of the largest and diverse countries of the world. You’re spoilt for choices as it boast of a plethora of tourist destinations. From Skyscrapers of New York to natural wonders of Alaska to the sunny beaches of Florida and California, US seem to have it all. It was hard but we here we have tried to zero down on 10 best places of US. 1. Grand Canyon Grand Canyon is a steep sided Canyon managed and maintained by Grand Canyon National Park. Its carved by the Colarado river over the years and is located in the US state of Arizona in North America. Attaining a depth of over a mile, The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide. Not the deepest or the longest Canyon in the world, still it’s one of the great tourist attractions because of its overwhelming size and intricate colorful landscape. The spectacular and larger-than-life vistas offered by the Grand Canyon are unmatched throughout the world. 2. Times Square Hosting over 39 million visitors annually, Times Square is arguably the world’s most visited tourist attraction. It is the major commercial intersection, entertainment centre and tourist destination in the Midtown Manhattan. Approximately 300.000 people pass through this crossroads of commerce. Times square is the most bustling square of New York and features many Broadway Theatres and super signs. 3. Yellowstone National Park Famously known as the first national park of the world, Yellowstone is located in the US state of Wyoming spreading into parts of Motanna and Idaho. The park, set up in 1872 to preserve a great number of geysers, hot springs and other thermal areas, is currently home to one of the world's largest calderas with over 10,000 thermal features and more than 300 geysers. A favorite among million of visitors, the park is also known for its wildlife and exotic plants. 4. The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge is perhaps San Francisco’s most famous landmark and one of the most internationally recognized symbols of USA. A must see on every visitor’s list, the suspension bridge is one-mile-wide (1.6 km), one-point-seven-mile-long (2.7 km) channel located between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. As it celebrates its 80th anniversary, The Golden Gate is known to be the most photographed and arguably the most beautiful bridge in the world.

Top tier of world’s super rich Rock Stars

Being a rock star is a dream for millions. After all who doesn’t want all the fame, success and lifestyle the rock stars enjoy. With all the fame and success there is another attractive aspect- the enormous amount of money that comes with a successful career of being a rock star. We have taken a look at the fortune these some of very popular and equally wealthy rock stars have built over the years in their very successful careers. 1.Paul McCartney-Net Worth $1.2 billion Paul Is the only rock star breaking in to billionaire club. He was one of the prime members of The Beatles rock band that was formed in Liverpool in 1960. The Beatles are regarded the most influential and successful in the history of rock music. Paul McCartney earned millions through his epic association with The Beatles, however decades later he went on to fetch a whopping net worth of $1.2 billion. A highly successful musician Paul McCartney remains the single most celebrated singer-songwriter in the history of music. His song Yesterday is the most cherished song of all time that has been remade by more than 2000 artists and bands and he continues to get royalties for the same. 2. Bono-Net Worth $600 million An Irish singer–song writer, musician and business man Paul David Hewson is better known by his stage name Bono. He is the lead singer and song writer of the famous Irish rock band U2 and widely considered as one of the most influential front man in music. Combining his income from music and his investments in Facebook stocks his net worth is $600 million. Even though with his early investments with social media giant he was expecting to crack the billion dollar mark and become the first musician to do so, Bono still falls short to enter the billionaire club. However, his income from his business investment aside, he still did make plenty of money doing what he does best, touring with his famous band U2. He enjoys the luxury of two mansions, a $30 million worth private yacht and a private Airbus A310 among others. James Williams Buffett popularly known as Jimmy Buffett is an American musician, song-writer, author well known for the Island escapism lifestyle that is often portrayed in his music. He is best known for his super hit song Margaritavilla. The song painted perfect picture of a paradise inspiring a whole chain of restaurants across the world. He is constantly on tour but besides being a musician and best-selling writer he is also a savvy business man. His massive empires of restaurants, casinos, resorts and merchandise have made him the third richest singer in the world. With a reported worth of $550 million he leaves behind the likes of Mick Jagger or Elton John.

Top Richest Self-made women of the world

Despite all the odds, hindrances and the gender discrimination that is prevalent in global business world , there is a subset of women who started it from scratch and made giant fortune for themselves using great vision, innovative ideas and hard work. Sourcing the data from a well-known business magazine that conducts research on the super rich, we have compiled a list of the wealthiest self-made women who have started it from the scratch and acquired immense wealth. The list includes famous personalities like Oprah Winfrey as well as lesser-known names such as Doris Fisher – Founder of Gap. 1. Zhou Qunfei World’s richest self made woman Zhoe Qunfei has an inspirational story of rags to riches. She pioneered Lens Technology-the major touch screen maker that makes her current net worth $6.4 billion. Born and raised in a poor household in rural China she was the only one among her siblings to attend secondary school. Although she was bright and hard working she dropped out of the school at 16 and started working as a migrant factory worker in Shenzen to support her family. With her glass making experience, at the age of 22, she established her company and involved the whole family to begin her own business. She got her big break by Chinese electronics giant TCL Corporation in 2001 to make mobile phone screens for them. Today her company Lens Technology makes the glass screen for Samsung and Apple phones and employs more than 60.000 people. 2. Chan Laiwa The owner of Fuwah International Group Chan Laiwa is listed as the second richest self made woman in the world. Fuwah International Group is Beijing’s largest commercial property investor & developers. She founded the Group in 1988 that has projects for construction and operation of Shopping malls, luxury Hotels, Residential and commercial buildings in China, Auckland and New Zealand. Her estimated worth is $5.2 billion. 3. Diane Hendricks Born in Wisconsin to dairy farmer parents Diane Hendrick is third wealthiest woman of the world who made her fortune from the scratch. She along with her husband and business partner Ken Hendricks cofounded ABC Supply in 1982 that started growing quickly. It expanded soon selling an array of building construction material roofing, windows all over America. She also owns Hendricks Holding Company and part of her $5.1 billion come from it. She is currently the owner and chair person of ABC Supply.

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Great job! Super writing, excellent grammar, super communication, awesome all around! Will work again!
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Dear nrtist there is no doubt that you are one of the best writers in the world. i loved the content, it was simply perfect and up to the mark.Thanks trillion times
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Service provided was great. Great communication throughout the process and thorough. Exactly what I was hoping to find. excellent piece of work, very happy. This was awesome - way more than I expected! Quick turnaround and excellent quality article! Thanks a lot nrtist!!!!!
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She did a fantastic job!! She delivered the article very fast and was very creative and thoughtful with the topic I needed written about!! Even with a large workload, she made a point to complete my small order. Made me feel a little important. Thanks! I highly recommend!! :)
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on time, excellent blog article. used previously and will use again. Thank you.Nice work on a difficult topic. Highly recommended! Achieved exactly what I asked for and put my thoughts into writing better than I could.Loved the content. The article was written just as described! Thank you so much nrtist. you deserves to be more ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
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Wonderful results, ahead of schedule and of superior quality. Wow! In my 15+ years as A EDITOR, I have found the very best writer ever! Fast & on the money! You will be proud to have her as a resource for your business. :)
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Great job , worked very hard to make them exactly what I've wanted. Listens well and executes the tasks at hand! Best writer I've found on Contentmart.
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I usually have to make many changes and re-writes. It is kinda expected. Look at the price we pay. However, I am really impressed with this writer. I had to make ZERO corrections. No rewrites, no punctuation errors and NO long rambling sentences! Just clean content! Perfect! Thank you so much nrtist!
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THE VERY BEST content writer. Well researched articles, unique content , professional, excellent grammar ... I have ordered several times , and every time the same result: EXCELLENCE !!!!! Thanks a lot nrtist...
1986. top 10 richest rock stars right now

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I usually have to make many changes and re-writes. It is kinda expected. Look at the price we pay. However, I am really impressed with this writer. I had to make ZERO corrections. No rewrites, no punctuation errors and NO long rambling sentences! Just clean content! Perfect! Thank you so much nrtist!
1987. Top 10 Richest Self-Made Women in the World