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StatusBrew: Brewing up your Social Media

When you hear the word social media, the first thing that comes into your mind could be personal messages, uploading trendy photos or memes. But have you ever thought what it can do for your businesses. That is what StatusBrew is into, not only your followers tell you what your market share could be, it tells you who can you target and which relationship is going to be most rewarding for you. What’s more is that one can easily plan the posts and schedule which helps a person further in the marketing strategies of one’s business. By tracking your unfollowers, you can see which segment of the population might not be satisfied or the market share you are losing. Copying followers compare the followers to that of your competitor and makes a comparative analysis easier by suggesting how you can always keep them behind. You can send introductory messages to your new subscribers which could be a start to building of a relationship and can skim off the fake or inactive users. Many of the businesses are able to focus their resources to identify their potential clients and keep them satisfied. The stress these days has been on how customer care and solving their grievances as fast as possible helps to retain them. An important part of which is acknowledging their complaints on social media too, as it is the fastest mode for the customers. The data insights which are provided by the application are accurate and with minimum expenditure you can practically get results of the users and their information which can be later categorized and inferences can be made upon them. The most amazing part of the company is the multicultural team and the learning opportunities it provides, which are boasted with pride on the social media pages of StatusBrew. The whole idea of social media planning done by the agency or made simpler for you to attract and engage your audience and also increase it, is the whole basis of social media marketing which without a doubt has been done by StatusBrew with utmost efficiency.

In depth review: Jio Telecom Services

What happens when a priceless commodity, becomes free of cost? Disruption in the market. The same happened when Reliance came out with its Jio offering and introductory offer of free calls and high speed data. It dragged down the overpriced call and data rates in the whole industry. But did the offer sound too good to be true? Probably because it was. To avail this offer a lot of pains were taken by the subscribers. The availability and accessibility was extremely poor. Initially, the offer was available for only some models. Even after making it available to each phone, only 4G-Volte phones were able to use the services. A large market of outdated phones were thus disappointed. The prospective customers had to stand in long queues and fulfill many formalities disheartening them. Hence I would regard the availability of the services in initial phases very weak. The internet speed has been getting mixed reviews. It is observed that the average internet speed in the metro cities was close to 2.5 Mbps depending on situation. This was generally when device was in the outdoors and gave quite impressive results when the users were limited. However, in the indoors, it felt more like a tortoise, when speed reached around 1 Mbps with great difficulties. Now, many complaints have been lodged, that sometimes in indoors (especially in buildings) the internet fails to even connect, but still it differs from case to case. Also it was quite predictable that so many users having high usage would greatly depreciate the speed per user, hence it came as no surprise. Although people debated on internet speed, everyone had one say for call quality- Miserable. Call drops and connectivity issues irritated the users so much that, many threw their sim. In the beginning multiple calls were dropped especially when other telecom service operated sims were called. Also the connectivity issues could result you to miss some important calls. Some other issues like voice not audible to other party etc. were frequently reported. These problems also occur with other operators, but generally in not this frequency and because of genuine reason. This led the people to believe that Reliance was focusing on quantity rather than quality. Many professionals believed that the service was not stable enough to be used in daily life, The telecom services quite opposite of the company name were unreliable, especially for corporate and businesses who can not tolerate slower connections or irritating call drops. On the other extreme, much of the Indian population, like in tier 3 cities and towns who were not exposed to the world of internet, got a free pass to new possibilities. These people did not have to buy any expensive consoles, bu reliance made the mobiles available with a starting range of Rs. 3000 to penetrate the rural and underprivileged markets.

Connecting the dots: SEO, content marketing and Conversions

SEO, content and conversion rates all are interrelated and each one overlaps the function of one another. I would like to explain them in easiest way possible. One way of understanding the relationship between SEO and content marketing is that SEO makes specific demands and many of such requirements are fulfilled by the content. SEO demands that an article should have content and keywords so that its ratings on the search engines get better. This is fulfilled by the content, as content holds all the keywords and more the keywords and better the content, lesser would be the bounce rate. This would mean that keywords would land more clicks on the link and increasing the CTR (Click Through Rate) but the type of content that the visitors see would determine if they like it and are browsing the website further, if not then the link would be pushed further back in the search engine. Professional content marketplaces like motivates and preaches quality content. Good content increases the probabilities of link backs by other websites, resulting in SEO. But SEO includes some other technical aspects like building sitemaps, proper tagging and enhancing metadata. It is obvious that all the people who visit the site might not generate sales for site. More number of visitors just increase the chance of conversion and not the conversion itself. A site having relevant content, which has user friendly user interface, fast loading, and minimum steps for transaction would have a higher conversion rate. In conclusion, it can be broadly understood that SEO brings maximum visitors to the website, content and content marketing makes the visitor explore the site, which leads to higher chances of conversion.

Crack IELTS- The 9 Band Formula

IELTS has given sleepless nights to many, especially those, whose future depends on it. Many aspirants, both native speakers and those who want to go abroad, for academics or other reasons have to give this test which tests your proficiency, understanding and fluency in English language, and a 9 band score might be a dream come true for many. Here are the top 10 tips both general and specific to IELTS to convert these dreams into reality 1. Measure your current proficiency It is extremely important to know where you stand now, how fluent and comfortable are you with the language. This will make you realize that all the people do not need same preparation for the test. 2. The Time Travel: Time management has proved to be the greatest challenge for the test takers. It is observed that many students are not able to tackle the reading portion within the allotted time, thus their score falls not because they did not have knowledge but because of their poor time management. This can only be covered up if there is enough practice and stamina of solving the paper. 3. Turn your weaknesses into strengths Many individuals spend their time doing what they already are good at, and always run away from the things that haunts them, that is their weaknesses. It is important to understand that the score is taken on a cumulative basis, and no matter how well you perform in your strong subjects only one parameter is powerful enough to bring you down. 4. Incorporate English in your daily life This is especially important when you are not a native English speaker. A language cannot be mastered only in a few days and doing some assignments. A rule of IELTS aspirants should be ‘Only English’ that means conversing, reading and writing only in English wherever possible. You can create clubs like hobby/ discussion club to discuss topics in English and making you comfortable with the language 5. Practice is the key Once you have incorporated English in your daily life, you should familiarize yourself with the specific tricks which are generally used in the exams, in listening or reading. The more practice you do with the questions and mock tests, the more chances there would be to increase the bands. 6. A little each day A small English activity each day can lead to huge improvements in your English language. Reading a novel, watching a movie, giving a lecture, writing a letter, all these could sound like only fun activities but these affect your skills directly 7. The Life Saver To counter the speaking test, you can practice with a mentor or a teacher whom you are comfortable with. An expert in the language can give you advise which will help you to get an expert opinion and improve 8. The Grammar Nazi The English which you might speak at home might not be correct as it may include slangs and different versions of grammar. The test is designed by The British Council, thus you should be well versed with British and Australian English and their grammar rules.

Cartoon for everyone

Top 3 websites to watch cartoon online “Watching cartoons teleports me into a world of unlimited imagination and no responsibilities”, these are the words of many adult cartoon enthusiasts. A common misconception that cartoons are seen by only children was broken when majority of teenagers and many adults confirmed that they did enjoy watching cartoons. It connects you with your childhood and for the children, increases their mental capacity, social personality building and open doors towards imagination. The ‘wow’ factor has been added to the cartoons, including amazing graphics, animations and storylines. Many cartoons these days do not only come with raw laughter and comedy but different genres ranging from horror to educational. With the introduction of Japanese Anime in recent years in the world, many such series like Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Death Note and Attack on Titans has become personal favorite of even adults. The addiction towards these serials has resulted in online demand of the episodes, so that no link is broken if a show is missed on the television network. The on demand videos which comes in mp4 qualities for people with slow connection to ultra HD qualities for high speed connections is available. This has resulted in a new era of online cartoon streaming. 1. Cartoons on This has remained one of the best and most user friendly website to watch cartoons on the web. It has a great user interface, the top shows are shown on the home page. They have dedicated servers to stream the cartoon, even in HD. They have a great collection of cartoons of the twenties and watching is completely free of charges The best thing about the website is that they are no annoying ads, pop ups or adult ads. A basic blunder committed by other websites are, that they allow adult ads to stream, knowing that this cartoon would be seen by children, making them an unfavorable choice for the parents. 2. ToonJet Do you feel the pain when a website tells you to sign-up just to see the video you have been searching for hours? Well Toonjet is a boon for us. You can watch your favorite cartoons without wasting the time on signing up. You have all the classic cartoons ranging from the legends like Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes to Samurai Jack. The streaming is totally free and they have best collection of older anime. This website has a stunning user friendly mobile application too. 3. Watch Cartoons online Are you an Anime lover? Well here is one of the best anime websites, which you can stream for free. This site has a large library of cartoon movies which generally the other websites do not provide. Ben 10, Pokemon and Uncle Grandpa are some of the most popular shows there. User interface is somehow uninteresting, and pop up ads makes the condition much worse. The home page itself is quite boring with simple big lists, but still the website remains some of the most easily navigable websites and most popular.

Famous Indian Chefs in Sydney

Curry, Naan, Butter Chicken and Dosa!! Most of the people in the world are familiar with these delicious dishes and majority of them love these Indian Cuisines. The extraordinarily spicy and flavorful is the word which comes into everyone’s mind when they fantasize Indian cuisine. Sydney is also full of people who love Indian food, these just does not include Indians in Sydney but all sorts of ethnicity and native Australians. Indian restaurants in Australia have been gaining popularity in past few years as the awareness about the Indian food style is increasing. All of it can be addressed to the chefs in Indian restaurants in Sydney who have come up with a blend of the East and the West but keeping the originality and flavor unmixed and true to the Indian taste. Some of the most famous chefs of Indian restaurants in Sydney are mentioned below. Chef Kumar Mahadevan This legend is a highly regarded media personality and a chef. He owns Aki’s and Abhi’s restaurants, having a history of 25 years. Also known as Guru of Indian cuisines because of the authentic recipes, he went to Australia in 1985 to work for The Mayur restaurant and then joined Sorrentino café. During this period he cooked for the King of Bahrain and Mick Jagger. He has given a modern interpretation to the traditional Indian cuisines and is known for his clever inventions. He has been chosen as director of Sydney International Food Festival and has been a favorite of The Sydney Morning Herald as they had a hatrick of 1 Chef’s Hat. He also was a guest judge of Masterchef Australia season 2 and season 4. Chef Ajay Mathur It seems that Chef Ajay’s dishes has all the wow factor that the audience of Sydney wanted, which made his restaurant Bijolias a great success. He gives the traditional curries an unexpected modern twist and a mouthwatering presentation. He is always willing to introduce unusual dishes which are niche to parts of India. The restaurant serves light salads and sauces, and specializes in North Indian cuisines like Dhoklas, Masala Chai, Khatte Baingan (Eggplants) and their famous fish fillets. He mixes the qualities of fine dining with the traditional dishes, to give some of the most revered and fantastic dishes of Sydney.

Choosing a Family Solicitor

A lawyer can change white to black, much better than a painter. A good lawyer, especially in family law can be the difference between a good and a bad deal and may change an imperative defeat into a surprising victory. Hence the importance of a lawyer has to be discussed initially. • Avoiding Litigation: An efficient lawyer may help you to settle the disputes in a form of out of court settlement. These lawyers are expert in negotiation skills, and even a defending party with a good solicitor get the opponent cornered in a court room, forcing them to settle for less. • Handles Legal procedures: You do not have to worry about complex legal documentation, or procedures, as lawyers generally takes care of them. They act as a warrior fighting for their client and finding a fair solution for the client. Through a stressful journey and a legal battle, a lawyer is kind of a mental support which soothes and helps you throughout the crisis. • Save time and money: The client can carry with their work, not needing to attend all trials. All the complexities of law is taken care by the lawyer and his team. If you get a better compensation or an out of court settlement, you might not just be able to cover legal charges, but get some extra money and saving your implicit opportunity cost too. Before jumping into how to find a perfect lawyer, some basic knowledge about the law has to be gained. United States Family Law • Family law not only talks about the division of property, divorces but discusses in detail, separation, custody of children, alimony, support and clauses on visitation and domestic abuses. In United States of America, most number of cases are generally related to divorce and division of property • It is imperative to mention different cases may have different rules and regulations which might give different rights to people and might be bending towards particular party in the family or a situation. Divorce • Divorce is legal termination of marriage, restores the capability of marrying again for each of the individuals. Now ‘No Fault’ divorces are allowed in all states, as earlier some of the parties had to be blamed (example Adultery) • Majority of the cases in United States under family law are related to Divorce or marriages in some ways. Prenuptial agreements are coming in trend which saves the legal trouble as everything is already agreed upon. Property Division • If the parties are not able to agree upon the division of property, case is taken under Family law. • Separate property is the property held in by individuals before the marriage and Marital property is combined property or purchased after marriage (with the earning during the marriage period) Child Support • Deciding about the custody of the child, and obligations of the parents towards the child, and allowed visitations. Selecting a perfect Family Solicitor

The Digilocker App: In depth Review

In a country like India, a government running with the help of latest technology, a paperless, fast and hassle-free acquisition of legal documents is just like a dream. But to everyone’s surprise the government introduced a DigiLocker application on mobile platforms for smartphones, where you can not only store your digital documents securely, but also digital LPG subscription vouchers can also be issued. These authentic digital documents may range from your E-Aadhar card, Driving License to your CBSE mark sheets and examination results, how cool does that sound? The simple registration process just blew me out of the mind, it was nothing like the monotonous government lines or irritating requirements like legal documents. The application is easy to locate through largest application marketplaces like Playstore and the modest size makes it easy to download even if you do not have great internet connectivity. To Login, you just have to know your Aadhar number and an OTP would be sent to your mobile, and that easily your account can be created. But as you would have expected, everything could not be a piece of cake with this app right? As of now DigiLocker operates on 1 million plus android devices and if you check its rating on Playstore, it is 3.2 as of now, Terrible right? The major reason for this could be the bugs in the application and the usability of these legal documents. Many people have complained that they cannot even register their phone number, hence are stranded on the very first step. Some reported that the E-mail wasn’t getting verified. For security reasons, the particular ID would work on only one device, this could be great for security but a disaster for usability. Many people from specific states were not able to access particular documents which are taken care by the state, like Driving License and Birth Certificates. The application is not consider User friendly due to its User Interface and continuous bugs. But the picture is not that bad as it sounds. If you report any bug, or error which particularly happens with you or in the application or website as general, they are quite speedy to respond and fix it. If any problem is caught in the application, they roll out updates to counter it. Many customers remain dissatisfied only because they grumble their problems and aren’t willing to report it. Another problem could be, in many government offices, the digital documents are not recognized, even after getting clear instructions to accept them. The orthodox thinking of these officials have to be countered with clear guidelines by the government.

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