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HR Blog - The 5 signs of HRMS turning Grey

The strategic challenge with 3rd world emergent economies like India is that most of the global technological or commercial trends do not start here. We are rather happy to follow them or join the bandwagon and only reap the benefits. The widespread adoption of Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) is one such trend which started along with the IT revolution in India. However, like all things Indian, innovation and updation of such HRMS or HRIS products with time seems to be lagging behind the global benchmarks and best practices. Decades ago, some business leaders had the technical foresight of opting for such products. However with time, trends fade and leaders change. But huge investments in HR software make them stick. They become the irreplaceable link between the employer and the workforce. However, instead of being updated with time, some HR solutions never evolve to match the changing needs of the time. In this blog post, we pin point the 5 tell-tale warning signs of your trusted HRMS turning grey. Are you still On-premise with ERP? – Most old HR softwares came with a huge server setup located in your office premises. In most cases, it’s only accessible to your employees when they are at office. Cloud technology on the SaaS (Software-as-a-service) delivery model would make the solution accessible from anywhere, minus the cost & effort of maintaining an ERP setup. Are you still printing out forms, reports and letters? – Worldwide research by the Citigroup estimates that each sheet of wasted printer paper costs 6 to 13 cents (60 paisa to Rs.1.30 paisa), depending on the amount of ink, toner and recycling effort. Are your employees still printing documents which could be digitized and shared with all using the latest available technology?Implementing Employee Self Service through a modern HRMS brings alive the myth of a paperless office. Does your HR software still look like a 90’s video game? – Chances are that the user interface of your current HR software resembles the look of a computer running on Windows 98 safe mode. There is no easy access to the most useful features and no support for the application on smartphones or tablets that the youth brigade of your workforce are most comfortable with. Is your current HR software managing the complete employee lifecycle? – You are paying as much as a complete HR solution would cost, but only using the Attendance and Payroll feature of it. Latest HR softwares are capable of managing all routine HR activities from recruitment to resignation, while freeing up 60% of the productive hours of your HR staff. Is your current HR software’s technical support on hibernation mode? – The transition of Attendance data is not smoothly flowing into the Payroll setup. It’s throwing up frequent errors, costing extra man hours for rectification and causing employee grievance. And when you mail technical support for a quick solution, they either show SLA’s of getting back within a week or do not reply until you call in. Even if three of the five situations mentioned above are proving to be true in your case, it’s time to rethink your Human Capital Management Strategy from a technical perspective. Let alone the cost factor, which is much more rationalized that what you have paid for the last decade. We are not saying that your existing HRMS is useless and that you should immediately cancel it’s usage license in favor of a newer solution or switch to PeopleWorks. No, we are not in the habit of biting into someone else’s pie. What we want you to do is check the freshness of the stuffing inside your pie. Yes, you read it right. If the tell-tale warning signs of the trusted HR software you are currently using match the ones we found to be most prevalent, we would be happy to help. To know more about PeopleWorks, visit us at or connect through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Conceptual - 5 guidelines for an Ad-Copy team

1. KISS and then TELL – Keep it short and simple. No one wants to read long copy unless you already have him hooked and he wants To-be-ELaborated on your product. So KISS him/her first and then TELL. 2. Know the rules to obliterate them later – Keep your hook in the headline and try to headline every paragraph of long copy. Keep the call to action in body copy, unless you are promoting discount sales. Write down what you want to say first and then try saying that as creatively as you want. 3. Innovation quotient – Question yourself about the novelty of your manner of expression rather than the matter of what you are saying. Double-meanings, rhymes, alliterations, ambiguity is all-fair-on-the-internet-and-war. But what wins the bride is how relevant and customer centric you are. 4. Wear thy customer’s sole – While writing or conceptualizing a selling idea, try to think from the end-customer’s point-of-view. Find as many co-relations as you can but don’t ever try to fit products to your line. No one likes the feeling of being sold-to or feel spoilt by the clichés of free & extra. 5. Awards and Analytics – Adverti$ing is an art with the sole motive to $ell. If you take out the $, you can longer $ing. Artistic creativity might earn you awards but translating clicks & reads into revenue is a different battle. You are free to walk the thin sword edge. Just don’t cut yourself!

Product Description - CANON EOS 1100D SLR

If a double deal is what you’re looking for you have come to the right place. The CANON EOS 1100D is simply the highest ‘value-for-money’ DSLR available amongst the entry level options. And when your tele-shooting cravings were aptly answered by an extra EF-S 55-250mm IS II Lens, it’s always a win-win situation at your end. What’s inside: The 1100D boasts a 22mm x 14.7mm sized CMOS Image Sensor capturing crisp, noise-free at blow-up images of upto 12.2 Megapixels with maximum resolutions of 4,272 × 2,848 pixels. The sensor also comes with a built-in Anti-static coating to protect it from dust. The Digic IV image processor is capable of handling still images at a frame rate of up to three frames-per-second and at sensitivity ratings of ISO 100-6400. The processor also takes care of the processing of HD movies with a choice of 24 or 30fps when shooting video at 720p or 1280x720 pixels. The camera’s TTL auto focus system uses 9 points to Auto-focus with a minimum focusing range of 9.8 inches. The 3 standard metering modes of Evaluative, Partial and Center-weighted average paired with the 8 preset and 2 manual/custom white balance modes and 13 Exposure modes, offer greater creative visual controls. There is also a self-timer with an optional delay of 2 or 10 seconds as well as the capability to shoot in RAW format. What’s outside: As an entry-level DSLR, it helps you master the correct hand posture of holding a DSLR with its rubberized grips and rugged build quality. Measuring at only 130 mm × 100 mm × 78 mm and weighing only 450g (without lens) it’s surely the stepping stone between successes for those budding Bressons. It’s 2.7 inch TFT LCD Pentamirror viewfinder offers a crisp display resolution of 230000 pixels and 95 per cent field of view. What’s in front: Now here’s the catch of the deal. With an 18-55mm kit-lens and a 55-250mm telephoto lens you would be never short of options on the zoom range or on the shooting range! The kit lens has a 35 mm equivalent focal length of 28 - 88 mm and an aperture range of f/3.5 - 5.6 to help you capture outstanding images in various kinds of lighting conditions and depth-of-fields. The long ISO range of 100-6400 also accommodates low-light photography. The telephoto lens comes with a built-in Optical Image Stabilizer and an aperture rating of f/4 - 5.6. An effective shutter-speed range of 1/4000 - 30 seconds (even Bulb mode), helps you freeze motion with impeccable results. It’s equipped with a built-in retractable, auto pop-up flash with a separate Hotshoe for an external flash. What’s bundled in: The package comes with a free 2 years Canon India Warranty and 4GB SD card, camera bag, carrying straps, a complimentary Photography Workshop for Canon SLR buyers, user manual, EOS Digital Solution Disk, Interface Cable IFC-200U/500U, battery and charger. The battery is a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which can capture up to 700 images with the optical viewfinder and up to 220 images with live view shooting at 23 degrees Celsius, when fully charged. The camera also features a HDMI interface on its left flank to view preview images or video.

Informative Article - Shining Lights, Glowing Bright

If happiness was taken down from the podium of Abstractness and given a worldly form maybe it would be known as Fireworks. Thanks to the Chinese for their invention of Gunpowder, that the dream of lighting up the night sky was actualized. They still continue the tradition with entrepreneurial zeal by being the largest manufacturer and exporter of Fireworks in today’s world with even online shopping & worldwide delivery options. Black Cat Fireworks from China is one key player among the uncountable many. Fireworks are a decorative and mellowed down version of compounds which can also be used to spread fear rather than happiness. Fireworks are differentiated by where and how they perform their magic – on ground or aerial, in terms of light or with sound. However the multiple types of Aerial Fireworks prove its popularity and artistic class. Subject to much debate between traditionalists like those in the Orient and the Gadget Gurus of the West, there are twenty types of aerial fireworks. Peony is the most common type of aerial shell which bursts into a spherical ball of coloured stars without prolonged burnout. Just like the petals of a Chrysanthemum flower curl in at full bloom, the bright stars of this aerial shell have a visible trail after the explosion till burnout. There are many such other types based on minute differences of burst timing, star spacing, final shaping and the usual factors of duration and color. Dahlia, Ground Bloom Flower, Ring, Palm, Willow, Diadem and Horsetail are some of those twenty types. The ones deserving separate mention would be the likes of Spider or Crossette, for the ingenuity both in terms of colour and the after burst effect created. There exists even time delayed types of aerial fireworks like Time rain which burns slowly or burst multiple times to create custom effects of visual delight. The logic of naming such man-made shooting stars maintains its eccentric flavour with names going as specific as Bengal fire and Roman Candle, with the former burning a vivid slow burning blue flame and the latter holding multiple starry explosions within its fan shaped delayed arrangement of explosives. Even there are names like Cakes and Fishes or just some simply crazy names like Kamuro, which mean and visually depict a Boy’s haircut in Japanese. Due to man’s nature to turn every craftsmanship into an Art form, we have multiple types of aerial fireworks bringing even a momentary smile on the faces of millions world over. Whether it’s the Chinese New Year – the Diwali celebrations of the sub-continent or the crowd pullers of Disneyland – Aerial fireworks are closest we got to depicting Big Bang, maybe that’s why they are still burning bright.

Content Marketing - Piano Tuning Houston

Any string instrument produces its characteristic sound only when it is acted upon by an external force like a hammer or a plucking finger or the bow. All these three types of force vibrate the string to a certain frequency to produce sound. The sound is reverberated by the enclosed wooden space in the instrument. However moisture variations of the seasons swell or shrink this space. For pianos in the humid subtropical climate of Houston that’s where Piano Tuning Houston comes in. It is one of the best professional Piano Tuning service provider based in Houston, Texas. Among the innumerous freelance piano tuners and the piano tuning houses of Houston, they have fine-tuned their niche category while building a strong reputation for themselves. For over 30 years now, they have been successfully using their tuning forks and temperament strips on thousands of pianos in churches, schools, opera houses, recording studios, personal collections and the regular pianist’s house. Good work speaks loud enough by itself. So has their reputation as they have now extended their services to cover all places in Houston and even the half of Louisiana. You can call their number mentioned in the website or fix an appointment for free from a website link. In this appointment site, they even offer services like Full service piano tuning, Double pitch raising piano tuning, Piano moving, Piano rentals, lessons and even sales. They also have many celebrities and famous musicians on their client list with even budding pianists who have recently played at the Seattle Music events like Bumbershoot and Seattle Music Fest. Piano tuning is an art in itself. Not only do you have to master the art of playing a piano but you also have to have the hand-ear co-ordination of tightening keys and matching their tension with the resultant sound produced. There are different types of pianos which vary in size and structure. The two main types are Vertical Pianos and Grand Pianos with further classifications of these two categories based on size. Tuning the odd 216 to 250 strings of any average piano is not something which you can achieve only by learning to play. It takes years to master and most importantly what matters is the psycho-acoustic expertise that one gathers with years of experience. Piano Tuning Houston is the home of such talented professionals who can just switch on those off notes a twist of their forks. Hope your tune never goes out, but in case it does let them know.

Product Blog - Philips AquaTouch Shaver

This is a boon for those who choose to be clean shaven but also do not want to compromise on the style quotient of carefully trimmed sideburns or moustache. Coming from the house of Phillips, this uber-stylish men’s grooming gadget is equipped to give you the closest shave even with the shortest stubble. The shaver’s Aquatech seal which makes it 100% waterproof and so can be used for both dry & wet shaving. Either use it for a refreshing wet shave with foam or an easy dry shave while in Rome, your skin is always protected with the Skin Protection System’s Low Friction shaving heads which glide smoothly over the contours of your face. Powered by a recharagble lithium-ion battery, it only needs 8 hours of charge for upto 40 minutes of cordless shaving usage to give you more shaves per charge. The QuickRinse system make it easily washable under a tap for easy maintenance too. With a combination of Resilent Blue and lacquered Icy Silver finishing for looks and rubber grips for functionality, it’s one piece of technology you would eagerly look forward to using every morning.

SEO - Online Casinos

About even Fifteen years ago if you wanted to play casinos you had to put aside all your work so that you could go to a casino which was in most cases outside your own city or even state. But now with the advent of Online Casinos this has changed altogether. The only two things which you need to play Online Casinos is an Internet Connection and a PC or just even a Palmtop. This situation creates a big advantage for Online Casinos which is that they can be played whenever you want to play it irrespective of wherever you are. There are a few more Advantages which you might be interested in knowing. The Internet has totally eliminated the Distance Barrier in the matter of playing in casinos. Now irrespective of the physical location of the casino you can play in it just by the help of a few mouse clicks. The only factor on which this online play depends is your internet speed. The problems of traveling to far away casinos and even returning (late) from them, no longer exist. Often in the case of real casinos you are trapped in cheap and low quality casinos just because they are closer to your home. But for Online Casinos one can pick from a multitude of choice of the best casinos and play at the desired ones only. The other things which online casinos provide to their customers are tempting Bonuses and free chips in order to retain existing Customers and attract new ones. The different kinds of bonuses provided by online casinos to their customers are Sign-up Bonus, Cash- back Bonus, No deposit Bonus and Deposit Matching Bonus. The Best Online Casinos also provide varied Banking Options for the Deposit and Withdrawal of money to and from the casinos. Both Visa and Credit Cards are accepted by them through convenient and secure channels for the above purpose. There are also other E-Wallet Payment Options like myCitadel, Moneybookers, Neteller, Click2Pay and Entropay. So basically these are the main reasons behind the wide popularity and preference of Online Casinos over Real Casinos. Though the environment of a real casino can never be recreated in your living room in front of your PC, but the fact that you no longer have to travel to far away casinos and thus save time is a reason enough that will draw you to online casinos where you play at your own time, convenience and comfort.

Brochure - Automate HR to save Time

Its truly said that time is more valuable than money, more so in the present business context where technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, redefining business at every nook & corner. To keep up with an era where businesses are defined by their technology, it has become imperative for the HR department to adopt the innovative cloud technology that not only helps them complete tasks with ease and agility, but also dramatically reduces the time spent on those processes. Gone are the days when HR would spend hours on manual, paper based processes for non value add activities, resulting in error and inconsistencies. Rather, Organizations are now moulding themselves according to the changing times and realizing that automating their HR process to cloud based HR Lifecycle Management software would entail more than one benefit. PeopleWorks – An HR Lifecycle Management Solution In comparison with the time taken to install other cloud based HR Lifecycle Management solutions like Legacy HR software, PeopleWorks consumes only a fraction of that time. Such quick deployment is made possible because we host the application from a server in the public domain. This cuts down on your installation time and also drastically reduces your hardware costs. By delegating the initial stage of recruiting a new hire, you can now help your HR executives focus more on strategic tasks like training new recruits. Such an application can also effectively put a check on time loss due to wrong or inconsistent data and duplication of efforts. Another advantage of cloud based solutions like PeopleWorks is that by providing an Employee Lifecycle Management platform to your employee, it reduces the employee’s dependency on HR for mundane tasks like Leave Management, Query, Basic Detail updates etc, leaving the HR with more time to deal with more important value add issues. And this is just the beginning! With all system upgrades done online, we also ensure your workflow is up & running unaffected by any system downtime. An end-to-end integrated HR Lifecycle Management platform like PeopleWorks can save thousands of man-hours a year. By fully automating your HR process, we ensure that you save over 50% of your HR executives’ time spent on activities such as Employee Management, Policy Update, Payroll, Recruitment, Query Solving etc. Empower you managers through PeopleWorks, by extending support to better manage their team and ensuring that their productivity is not hampered through tedious manual Processes. And if you think an HR Lifecycle Management solution is only for employees and HR, think again because PeopleWorks additional features like Reports @ a Click, Surveys etc help the C-Level Executives take not only faster and more factual but a better informed business decision.

TECH Flyer - How secure is your Data on the Cloud?

The Growth Challenge Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) are becoming standard for successful businesses worldwide to survive today’s competitive business environment. HRMS with Cloud Support are more popular than ERP/On-premise systems due to their lower cost of installation and maintenance. However, the data security features of such solutions should be evaluated while considering the results of one path-breaking survey. The 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigations reported 855 incidents of data breach globally with 174 million compromised records. The study states that 86% of all security breaches occurred due to stolen login credentials. Thus while choosing a Cloud HRMS, decision makers should evaluate its Data Security feature based on the following criteria: • Physical data location • Unauthorized data access • Data steal from insiders • Firewalls to prevent 3rd party attacks • Business Continuity Plan The PeopleWorks Solution PeopleWorks is a cloud-based employee lifecycle management solution which manages all aspects of an employee’s life from hire to retire. The security features which make it the most secure HRMS online are: • Physical data location – Its hosted on the Public Cloud Servers of Bharti Airtel from Noida, with world-class data security measures to keep your data as safe as in Fort Knox. • Unauthorized data access – With a multi tenancy architecture, Anti-virus protection for user uploaded files, SSL certificate based 256 bit encryption for all data transfer and role based access through a unique username and password, it restricts all unauthorized access to servers. • Data steal from insiders – We ensure that all our employees are certified for data security compliance needs. Real time Monitoring of both the application, network and data traffic finds your culprit in seconds. • Firewalls to prevent 3rd party attacks – All servers are secured by multiple firewalls with its only web server in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). We secure the data at three levels - Physical and Network security, Web application security and Database security. • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) – An effective BCP is in place with daily 4 hr Backup at a different Data Center in Noida, a Disaster Recovery site at Pune and Tertiary database backup servers with a different service provider with a 5mins point of recovery. The PeopleWorks Dierence To be specific, the unique vantage points of PeopleWorks over other HRMS available in the market are as follows: Simplicity redefined – With an extremely user-friendly Graphic User Interface and simple yet detailed features for quick decision making, it’s the easiest HRMS to operate & implement. Infinite Scalability – With the ‘pay-per-user’ model of subscription and optional choice of modules, it saves your business huge investments in the setup & maintenance of ERP (On-Premise HRMS). HR domain expertise – With 12+ years of HR domain expertise behind the designers of this solution and inputs from Subject matter experts, we know what exactly works and what tall claims mean. Unmatched Customer Support – With every PeopleWorks client being assigned one Customer Success Manager and automated product updates being rolled out periodically, we make sure that your business achieves Growth Uninterrupted.

The Holiday Season Cheat-sheet for the Online Musician

As we end 2016 with so many surprises like PPAP, we have curated this article with trends that transformed into tactics in the current music industry. Read on to exactly know how to identify your essentials and which to eliminate. Ensure that you optimize your Online Presence to boost Online Sales with a website which has: 1. An unique story to tell about your work 2. Embedded Video for richer & longer audience engagement 3. A mailing list sign-up to build/boost your subscriber-base 4. A digital press kit to facilitate information for those who could help with gaining exposure 5. A festive Sale with limited-period pricing on your music & merchandise with discount codes sent as gifts Some auteurs still expect that their work will solely gain traction based on how good it is. Those are the dinosaurs who think Social Media is only for bragging. However, if you dare to dig deeper beyond the evils & clichés of the fastest growing Virtual Medium, you discover hacks like these: 1. Don’t just make page on Facebook to share your YouTube videos or gig pics. Rather do these… or just these: i. Use the Page Insights tool to know your audience base inside out. Your worries about ‘where to find audience’ and ‘what could actually work’ would be spelled out by DATA no one could DENY. ii. Use Facebook LIVE to its full potential while also maintaining the rarity of such occasions. 2. The thousands of verified musician Twitteratis rather use it for: i. Engaging in meaningful conversations & topics with unique #Hashtags while finding a new audience as a bonus ii. Live-tweeting events to keep the followers feeling updated and close to heart 3. Instagram is not a ‘me-too’ version of Flickr or Tumblr or any such photo sharing website. A recent Nielsen study has revealed that Instagram users spend 42% more money than the general populous and 90% of them stream music. Most of these users are regulars at live events & concerts and are twice as likely to pay for it. So the next time you wonder why & what to click & post with a dozen hashtags, try these for a change: i. Shots inside the studio of either rehearsals or recording and of course some proof of the fun behind the scene, like those green room antics ii. Touristy images on the road while touring for gigs iii. Glimpses of the hard work which goes into writing lyrics and composing dilemmas 4. YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine makes it indispensable for both solo musicians and bands. It was not long ago that we had curated the 4 Ways Musicians Can Make Money Through YouTube. However, for the Holiday season we saved these Spring Cleaning strategies: i. Always optimize your videos for search with unique tags, titles & descriptions. ii. Enable Channel Recommendations for new users to stumble upon your work after watching something related. iii. As the video plays, lure viewers with Click-bait annotations to your other videos or any specific landing page.

7 Quick tips for anyone trying to eat Healthy

So you’ve finally felt the pinch. Isn’t it? But the difference between Karma and Junk food is that, the former is irreversible and the latter is well… in your hands till you decide to read & follow these tips for eating healthy. 1. Eat a rainbow everyday Fruits & veggies are low in calorie but packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Try to sneak veggies, especially greens into your 3 main meals. Don’t buy juices in the name of fruits. Just keep a fruit-basket full & handy. 2. Shop smart Don’t go shopping when hungry to avoid picking up junk food. Also choose fresh or frozen over canned stuff. More importantly avoid processed or artificial stuff that is not grown. Choose whole grains like brown rice, millet, quinoa and oatmeal for healthy carbs. 3. Plan beforehand You can avoid junk food only if you have healthier options available. For that, you need to plan at least a day or week before. Keep healthy options like baked veggies, hard-boiled eggs or even mini-meatloaves in the most visible part of the fridge for takeaway. 4. Do-It-Yourself Fix your meals yourself to save money and the chances of unhealthy carbs ruining your balanced diet. Readymade food is always high on salt, sugar, saturated fat & processed stuff. Somehow you need to find time to cook and stop eating out, except when on a date with a Bond or a Jolie. 5. Snack wisely You consume most of the junk food while snacking. Instead of opening a bag of chips, keep a stash of dates & nuts or whole fruits, granola bars or even yogurt to fend off the hunger pangs till your next meal. Try quenching your eternal thirst for fizzy drinks with water and ‘root canal’ your sweet tooth. 6. Timed meals Don’t just eat when you’re hungry. Decide and stick to 3 fixed meal times to replenish your body. It’s not a car, which you refuel anytime the tank is empty. If needed divide your meals into smaller portions for every 5th hour to curb hunger and stabilize sugar levels. 7. Indulge truly Occasionally If a cute Cupcake calls you, don’t miss out. But try being honest with your goals of eating healthy. Don’t console yourself with that tub of ice cream or box of cookies after a sad or tiring day. Make it a rule to indulge in sugary or alcoholic treats only once a week while socializing outside.

Case study on Madhu Infotech

Customer Profile As one of the leading IT equipment Sales & rental companies, Madhu Infotech needed to find an affordable human resource management tool. They had already felt what wonders process automation held in store as their Financial resource management or Payroll was transformed by Effipay. Problems Before PeopleWorks was implemented, the primary complications were: • All employee data in excel sheets without any system for quick referencing, in spite of this practice being time-consuming and laborious to the extent of being boring. • Real time updates on company policy/events/compliance needs was impossible • The absence of any centralized & automated Leave management system • The absence of a systematic channel to raise any kind of job-related query by the employee • Lack of any operational Exit formality to critically gauge & analyse the causes of attrition Solutions The success story was written, dramatized & finally enacted as if in five acts, which were as follows: a. Project Kick-Off Meeting A GAP Analysis was performed between the Client Company’s existing HR policy and PeopleWorks’ supported features. This is where the initial interaction started as the Milestone Plan was formulated and shared with the client. b. Requirements Gathering The GAPs exposed in the previous step were plugged-in by carefully consulting the PeopleWorks configuration workbook and the Client in tandem. Each deficit or gap was tackled module wise. The modules implemented for Madhu Infotech were: • Leave Management System • Nurture & Manage • Separation • Query resolution & Survey c. Configuration The data collected in the previous step through standard templates were imported into the system without manual interference ensuring seamless movement of data. TSo the vast scope of Leave application & approval, the innumerable categories of Employee data, the unforeseen reasons & hassles of Separation and the infinite scenarios of employee grievance were all integrated into the relational logic of this Saas based Cloud Solution based on ASP.NET MVC and C#. d. User Acceptance Test Testing the cloud based solution, for possible bugs is one major hurdle in the implementation process. So it was tested at both ends, by the PeopleWorks Testing team and the Client to ensure that all configurations, data, modules, relational logics, etc are in sync to deliver only the superlative. e. Go live & Training Ten of the Client’s brightest talents including their HR were trained under the ‘Train the trainer’ program, so that they could easily educate their colleagues about how to use the Cloud based Employee life-cycle Management. The End Result: “A very methodical yet quick implementation of PeopleWorks amazed us with our folks gaining access to the user-friendly Cloud Solution in just 5 working days after data submission. Their subsequent support is highly commendable too. Think Ahead. Think PeopleWorks.” - HR Head, Madhu Infotech

Ketogenic diet 101: A beginner’s guide

Would you be surprised to know that the ketogenic diet was originally a scientific therapy to cure epilepsy? It was supposed to put the body in metabolic state called ketosis to minimize convulsions. However with the invention of anticonvulsant drugs it was hailed as the best way to lose weight by many. Definition A diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates and very high in fats is called a ketogenic diet. It induces a metabolic state called ketosis in which, the body becomes super-efficient in burning fat for energy in the absence of carbs. Thus, exercises are a must if you’re on Ketogenic diet weight loss and desperately want to show off your keto diet results. During ketosis, the body also stores and breakdown fats in the liver as ketones that energize the brain. Types There are mainly 4 types of Ketogenic diet, which are: 1. Standard ketogenic diet (SKD) contains 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. 2. Cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) has 5 SKD days followed by 2 hi-carb diet days. 3. Targeted ketogenic diet (TKD) permits to add carbs according to workouts. 4. High-protein ketogenic diet contains 60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbs Benefits Apart from weight loss, there are a whole lot of benefits of ketogenic diet. 1. Helps in avoiding or controlling type 2 diabetes with blood glucose control 2. Improves blood cholesterol and triglycerides and prevents arterial clogging by fat cells 3. Improves energy and focus as the drops and spikes blood insulin levels are reduced in the absence of carb intake 4. Reduction in food intake as the fats, proteins and fibers keep your hunger pangs away 5. Prevents and controls diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Polycystic ovary syndrome What to eat? It’s best to keep whole, single ingredient foods in your Keto diet. However, you must balance your keto diet recipes with measured combination of these: 1. Red meat, chicken, sausage and turkey for protein 2. Salmon, trout, tuna and mackerel like fishes and eggs for protein and fats 3. Butter, cream and unprocessed cheese for healthy fats 4. Almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, etc. for fiber, proteins, antioxidants and minerals 5. Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil for unsaturated fats 6. Green veggies, tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc. for fiber and vitamins What to avoid? 1. The food items on you ban-list should be: 2. Any sugary foods like fizzy drinks or fruit juice/smoothies, cake, ice cream, candy, etc. 3. Wheat-based foods, rice, pasta, cereal, etc. 4. All fruits except occasional handfuls of berries like strawberries. 5. Peas, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. 6. All root vegetables & tubers like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, etc. 7. Low-fat or Sugar-free diet products 8. Sauces and alcohol

8 super foods for the best diabetic diet

Food items that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber while containing healthy fats are the ideal superfoods for a diabetic. Superfoods bring in both balance and variety to diabetic diet chart. Here are 9 such Superfoods, which you should include in your diabetic meal plan from today. 1. Oats – Source According to a 2012 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who consume about 60gms of whole grain (like oats) in their daily diet have 27% less chances of developing diabetes. Moreover high magnesium in oatmeal helps in insulin secretion and optimal absorption of glucose. Choose Steel-cut plain oats, not the ones with added sugar, sodium and preservatives. 2. Legumes – Source Legumes like white, black & red beans are rich in fiber and protein. Being rich in magnesium and potassium also, they help in blood glucose and blood pressure control. Half a cup of any bean is a must every day. 3. Fish – Source Rich in protein and essential fatty acids like Omega-3, fishes like Salmon, Trout, mackerel, Tuna and sardines are a must have for diabetics. By lowering triglycerides from blood they help in heart care and reduce blood pressure. Baked, broiled or steamed fish is what does the trick. Quit frying fish. 4. Nuts – Source Not the ones grown below the soil like peanut. But almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, and pistachios are power-packed with fiber and protein. Data from 12 clinical trials in Canada show that 2 servings of nuts daily, reduced & stabilized blood sugar levels for diabetics. 5. Blueberries – Source A 2013 study at the Harvard School of Public Health concluded that at least three servings of blueberries per week reduced chances of diabetes by 26%. Blueberries contain a chemical called anthocyanins that fuels the release of adiponectin, a hormone regulating blood glucose levels and sensitivity to insulin. 6. Broccoli – Source Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are a rich source of vitamins, fiber and a compound called sulforaphane that activates numerous anti-inflammatory processes to protect blood vessels from cardiovascular damage done due to diabetes. It also helps the body detoxify. 7. Spinach – Source Green leafy vegetables like Spinach, kale and collards have been linked with reducing the chances of type 2 diabetes in many studies across the globe. Rich in Vitamins A, C and K and antioxidants, these veggies also have plant chemicals lutein and zeaxanthin, and various flavonoids. 8. Olive Oil – Source According to clinical studies in Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the University of Vienna, Olive oil improved satiety in comparison with lard, butter and canola oil. In addition to being a rich source of beneficial monounsaturated fats, olive oil has high antioxidant nutrients.

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