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This metric shows the percentage of orders delivered within time (starting from 04.09.2017). Higher ratio indicates more careful compliance with deadlines by writer.
67 %
This metric depicts the ratio between the orders accepted by the client and the number of orders sent back for revision by the client. Where 100% shows complete acceptance; Low percentage shows more number of revisions.
100 %
1 orders
This metric shows the percentage of repeat orders assigned by the same set of Clients to the writer. Higher ratio indicates the higher trust & satisfaction level of clients.
100 %
This metric shows the orders acceptance ratio by the clients after completion.
This metric shows response of the writer, which is calculated based on the time taken by the writer:

1. To place bid on any order from the time of order publication

2. To respond to the personal assigned orders

3. To place bid on the invited Orders

4. To confirm the awarded Orders

5. To reply to the client's first message

Expertise 9
The writer holds expertise in these spheres. Icons with a confirmed status, assure that the writer has cleared those industry specific test and has uploaded three specific industry-based samples in their portfolio.
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Oct 2015 – Aug 2016
Times Red Cell
Dec 2013 – Oct 2015
Mar 2013 – Dec 2013
Crossdomain Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Dec 2012 – Jan 2013
Echo Advertising, Kathmandu
Jan 2011 – Dec 2012
PwC India

Writing languages 3

English Advanced

Hindi Not confirmed

Bengali Not confirmed

2006 – 2009
St. Xavier's College, Kolkata
2004 – 2006
Pathabhavan HS School
1993 – 2004
St. Joseph's College, Kolkata

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The strategic challenge with 3rd world emergent economies like India is that most of the global technological or commercial trends do not start here. We are rather happy to follow them or join the bandwagon and only reap the benefits. The widesprea...

1. KISS and then TELL – Keep it short and simple. No one wants to read long copy unless you already have him hooked and he wants To-be-ELaborated on your product. So KISS him/her first and then TELL. 2. Know the rules to obliterate them later – ...

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Any string instrument produces its characteristic sound only when it is acted upon by an external force like a hammer or a plucking finger or the bow. All these three types of force vibrate the string to a certain frequency to produce sound. The soun...

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Its truly said that time is more valuable than money, more so in the present business context where technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, redefining business at every nook & corner. To keep up with an era where businesses are defined by th...

The Growth Challenge Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) are becoming standard for successful businesses worldwide to survive today’s competitive business environment. HRMS with Cloud Support are more popular than ERP/On-premise systems due to...

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Would you be surprised to know that the ketogenic diet was originally a scientific therapy to cure epilepsy? It was supposed to put the body in metabolic state called ketosis to minimize convulsions. However with the invention of anticonvulsant drugs...

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Webenza India

Dec 21, 2016 06:35

Well written and has provided hyperlinks as well! Thanks a lot Rjoratna!
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