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Effects of legalizing marijuana in Washington

In 2012 Washington became one of the first of the American states to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Cannabis has become and will continue to be one of the most important items of agenda when the Washington legislature convenes next week. Of all the terrible aspects of marijuana prohibition the most annoying one was perhaps the continual denial of this substance to millions of patients who could have benefitted immensely from its therapeutic property. In present time it’s not surprising that a section of the medical pot sellers of Washington are pushing for state regulation since it gives legitimacy to what they are doing. Entrepreneurs always finds a way to respond to the business opportunities presented to them and this is precisely why other states are expected to follow the path taken by Colorado and Washington and legalize the recreational and medical use of marijuana. The states of Alaska, Arizona, California and Oregon would be following suite and might come up as the next states to legalize cannabis. John Hickenlooper, the governor of Colorado has recently conceded in an interview that the effects of letting people sell, consume and grow cannabis has not been as bad as he has feared. The events in Washington and Colorado have now trigged a major debate regarding the drug policy of the countries of Latin America. Many Latin American marijuana activists are now pointing to the prohibitionist drug policies of their countries as a major cause of the epidemic of violence prompted by drug lords. Uruguay for example has taken the path of complete national legalization of marijuana and even countries like Mexico are thinking about reviewing their marijuana laws. In the state of Washington the tax revenues have gone much higher than previously thought. The marijuana industry in Washington is expected to bring in about $694 state revenue by 2019. Pot shop owners in the city are raking in huge revenues obtained from taxes and sales. The statement of Gore Vidal in his essay for New York Times in 1970 has still not lost its relevance and is prompting other states to unite in their battle for marijuana legalization. In the words of Vidal – “No one in Washington today recalls what happened during the years alcohol was forbidden to the people by a Congress that thought it had a divine mission to stamp out Demon Rum and so launched the greatest crime wave in the country's history, caused thousands of deaths from bad alcohol, and created a general (and persisting) contempt for the laws of the United States." Well Washington has learned its lessons, now it is time for other states to follow suite. The legalization of Cannabis in Washington has ensured that marijuana enthusiasts of Washington get to consume assured, regulated and safe products. The drug war expenses of the United States Government are sure to get reduced with the elimination of cannabis from the picture.

Laps London Streetwear

Laps Londons Originals brings you the best in fashionable street wear deriving its inspiration from the vibrant street culture of London. The finest quality bamboo fibres are used in creating some of the most hip and elegant apparels and sports wear. One of the trendiest items of sustainable clothing, bamboo fabric feels soft, smooth and extremely comfortable making it a perfect wear for a vast range of outdoor and indoor activities. If you are looking for the ultimate in men’s fashion then make sure to go for bamboo clothing which will make you look and feel fresh, comfortable and stylish. Bamboo apparels are crafted out of hollow micro fibre which makes it warm yet breathable thus ensuring superior performance at all temperatures. Bamboo apparels by Laps London are softer than cotton and come with a natural sheen just like silk fabrics. The organic bamboo streetwear are non-allergenic thus making it the best choice for people with sensitive skin, dermatitis or allergy. Moreover bamboo fibre also has anti fungal properties. The thermal regulating capacity of bamboo fabrics make sure that you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The moisture absorbing capacity of bamboo fabric is 4 times more than that of cotton. The hollow micro fibre allows the bamboo fabrics to absorb moisture efficiently; the sweat is quickly absorbed allowing you to stay cool and fresh all day long. Bamboo apparels are porous which makes for superior breathability so that your cloth never clings to your body even on the sultriest day thus making it the ideal sports apparel. The material of the fabric is not at all conducive to the growth of bacteria and therefore it doesn’t get smelly even after weeks of wear. Bamboo apparels can be a good choice of travelling cover-ups since it cuts out more than 97.5% of the harmful UV rays. Bamboo cleans the air, helps in land reclamation, doesn’t require the use of pesticides and is a high yield renewable resource. Therefore any environment conscious individual who is into sustainable clothing should opt for bamboo fabric; they are chic, environment friendly and 100% biodegradable. All mens fashion bamboo apparels by Laps London are manufactured by certifiable methods which are environmentally benign. More and more people in UK, US and Aus are choosing bamboo fabrics instead of cotton not just because of environmental concerns but also because of the superior texture, comfort and high absorbency of bamboo textiles. Bamboo fabric which is clean, fashionable and trendy can be a practical alternative for cotton since they can be easily machine washed with cool water on the mild cycle. Unlike cotton it is less prone to wrinkling and dries much faster than any other fabric. Being naturally wrinkle resistant you need not have to iron your bamboo apparels regularly. The soft and smooth texture and superior absorbency of Laps London bamboo men’s wear make it an ideal choice for a work out apparel.

Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

Renting a dedicated server is certainly way more expensive than shared hosting but it comes with a number of benefits. If it is security, flexibility and performance you are after then you should ideally opt for a dedicated web host. In today’s post we are going to discuss the various advantages of dedicated servers. 1. Exclusivity- When you have a dedicated host you don’t need to share the server resources with anyone else. This implies that you will be having total control over the distribution of your resources. You don’t have to concern yourself with the activities of other users which might slow down the server. You as the webmaster will get to choose which scripts, programs and software you want to run on the server. 2. Enhanced security: One of the greatest advantages of dedicated web hosting service is the top notch level of security they provide. Since you have the entire server to yourself there is zero risk of sharing your space with malicious websites. This is all the more useful for companies which frequently handle sensitive information like credit card number, phone number etc. Dedicated server hosting also offers the best possible security against adware and malware. 3. Performance and reliability: The top notch reliability of a dedicated host is due to the fact that the server resources isn’t being shared by any other sites. When you get unlimited access to server resources, server downtime isn’t going to be a problem anymore. If you go for a managed dedicated server you don’t even need to worry about the management of the servers since the web hosting company would do the job for you. If your business website attracts a lot of traffic then shared hosting might not be able to handle it efficiently. This is precisely why any big or mid-sized company should go for a dedicated web hosting provider. 4. Scalability: Once your business starts to flourish you will require more space and resources. Dedicated server will permit you to expand your space with ease. You need not switch to a new server or new web host. Dedicated web hosting will give you the chance to scale up without the slightest hassle. 5. Customizable: Many businesses choose a dedicated host since this kind of hosting allows them to configure the servers according to their RAM, CPU, storage space, software and platform. In case of shared hosting the customer is forced to work with the preloaded server environment which eliminates any chances of customizability. 6. Dedicated IP Address: When you go for dedicated hosts you also get a dedicated IP address which isn’t shared by any other users. This means that there is no possibility of your IP getting blacklisted because of the malicious activities of other websites. Sharing your IP with porn sites or with sites which are known to spam is going to tarnish your image and adversely affect your search engine rankings.

Batman Arkham Knight for the PS4 and Xbox one

Batman Arkham Knight is a spectacular game which is currently being developed by Rocksteady Studios and is all set to release on 23’rd June 2015. The game which is the successor to the 2-13 game Batman: Arkham Origins can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. The storyline of this game is set one year after the Batman: Arkham City events when Batman is confronting the Scarecrow who has made his way to the Gotham City to plot and kill our Dark Knight. This is surely going to be one of the best live recorded video games of 2015 which is playable on PS4 and Xbox one. Gameplay: Most of the gadgets and gameplay elements of this game, such as the detective vision, batarangs, grapnel gun etc. are borrowed from the previous Batman game. The line launcher and the batarangs are some of the gadgets which batman can use while flying. The player will be able to fly the protagonist all over the Gotham City and the gliding in this game would allow for faster and longer flights with high climbs and steeper dives. One can switch directions during a flight by using the grapnel gun. This live recorded video game comes with an all new batarang sensor which can be thrown to get intel on the nearby location. The system of combat has been changed from the previous version. Here Batman is capable of countering the attacks from his enemies by throwing them in way of other enemies to increase the damage. Grates can now be accessed by Batman from a distance and one of the unique element of this game is the ‘Fear Takedown’ feature which allows Batman to tackle up to 3 antagonists at the same time while remaining invisible. Items like baseball bats can be used by Batman to disarm his enemies. This can be used on several enemies until it breaks. However many of these enemies are equipped with guns which can potentially damage our hero. The fact that one can capture the entire gameplay and livestream it makes it one of the most coveted live recorded video games of 2015. Batmobile: In this game the player will come across the Batmobile which is the vehicle of our hero. This bulletproof car can be easily summoned on location while Batman is on foot while, while on a flight the can will be sent to him on his landing. The Batmobile is a vehicle which can jump, rotate and smash right through obstacles like trees and barricades. There are enemies who will take to flight at the very sight of this vehicle eliminating the need to fight them. The Batmobile comes in two different modes: Battle Mode and Pursuit Mode. The events of this game is taking place 1 year after the death of Joker when Batman is coming to terms with the death of his mortal enemy. One of the best live recorded video games ever created Batman Arkham Knight is all set to rock the gaming world on 23’rd June 2015.

Travelling in Kenya

Wild animals of Serengeti, camping in the wild and sharing pleasantries with the Maasai are only some of the delights of the cosmopolitan hub of Eastern Africa. However global travel enthusiasts definitely need a little more convincing before they finally make up their mind and buy the tickets to Nairobi. In this article we are going to tell you about some of the most fascinating things you can do in Kenya which would instantly prompt you to embark on an African journey. Things to do in Kenya: 1. Travelling to Kenya has become almost synonymous with an African Safari which is surely one of the top tourist attractions of the country. Try to make your trip around the months of July and August and watch the migration of thousands of wildebeests. 2. The Great Rift Valley: One of the most unique sights of the continent, the Great Rift Valley is famous for the vast lakes, geysers and hot springs. Moreover this valley has lots to offer the wildlife enthusiasts. 3. Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya: Standing on the borders of Kenya and Tanzania the highest mountain of Africa is a sight to behold. However you need to go to Tanzania to access the Kilimanjaro. Mount Kenya, the highest mountain of the country is a superb spot for outdoor lovers and trekking enthusiasts. 4. Explore the city of Nairobi and take a trip to Tusker Brewery or the Moroccan style Casablanca bar. A visit to the Nairobi National park can also be a nice way to spend the day. 5. A trip to the largest slum of the world is not a exciting way to have a good time but if you are travelling in Africa you definitely need to take a look at the sheer resilience of the residents of this area. Kibera is definitely worth a visit but an escorted visit is strongly recommended. 6. The spectacular Shetani Lava flow is a huge stretch of black folded lava sprawling over about 50 square kilometers at the base of the Chyulu Hills. Make sure to explore the Shetani Caves which are also the results of volcanic rock formation. Now that you know the right things to do while travelling in this fascinating African country let us guide you through some of the coolest authentic African food you can sample in Nairobi. 1. Nyama Choma: The kind of all Kenyan dishes the Nyama Choma or roasted meat is made out of beef or goat. You can also try out the chicken (known as kuku choma) and the fish (samaki choma)varieties of nyama choma which are equally delicious. 2. Kenyan Stew: This one is made out of all sorts of meats be it goat, chicken or beef. It also includes a few vegetable ingredients like peas, carrots, potatoes and peppers. The gravy comes with a tomato base with a hint of onion, salt and pepper. 3. Irio one of the staple Kenyan dishes are cooked from potatoes and green peas which are boiled and mashed. This filling Kenyan food comes with a extra starch texture. Take the irio with a platter of nyama choma for the ultimate Kenyan gastronomical experience.

Where do you go in Italy after Rome, Florence and Venice?

Florence, Rome and Venice are always present in the itinerary of every traveller to Italy. However one might want to take a look at some of the less explored parts of this country like Amalfi coast or Pompeii. Amalfi Coast which has been deemed a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO is one of the best examples of Mediterranean landscape which combines the beauty of coastal mountains and sparking blue sea dotted with lush green woods and picturesque towns. The very first glance at the iridescent blue of the water would enchant the traveller. The magical landscape with its sweet scent of lemon blossoms, the magnificent majolica domes, the beautiful whitewashed houses with their bougainvillea gardens are sure to mesmerize the travellers looking forward to explore the unseen beauties of Italy. When you take a walk on the pebbled beaches of Amalfi you can still spot the viceregal towers built in ancient times to resist the attacks of the Saracens. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is dotted with 13 picturesque towns which spread across the sun kissed strip of land by the sea. The quaint town of Amalfi is located at the mouth of the Valle dei Mulini and was one of the first of the 4 maritime republics of the country. This pretty town is dotted with whitewashed houses which cling to the rock. The houses are interconnected by a large network of alleys and stairways. The two main cities which constitute an entry point to the Amalfi Coast are Salerno and Sorrento. Amalfi can be a great destination for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts since it has some of the best hiking terrains in the country. While you have the option of dining at some of the top restaurants in the coast, the traveller looking for peace and solitude can choose to hike along the trails to get away from the bustle of the beaches. Pompeii is one of the most compelling archaeological sites of Italy with more than 2.5 million tourists pouring in each year. The ruins of Pompeii is a well preserved site where one can take a walk down the streets of ancient Rome and bask in the glory of the thousand years old houses, shops and amphitheatres. After visiting the ancient ruins of Pompeii and the tranquil town of Amalfi coast, one might like to have a look at one of the most seething metropolis of Italy. Milan which is the home of the Italian stock exchange is the richest European city which comes with a whole lot of attractions including the biggest Gothic cathedral on the planet.

Tiny Home Living Near Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Tiny Home Living Near Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada A tiny district on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino with its pristine lakes, rainforest and inlets is coming up as one of the most affordable coastal living destinations of Canada. Just a 45 minutes drive would take you to the gorgeous Salmon Beach situated off the coast of Barkley Sound. Those of you trying to find the best recreational properties in Canada surely need to consider purchasing one of the lots for sale on Vancouver Island. Micro homes in one of the prettiest spots of Canada would not only allow you to comfortably live in the middle of nature but also help to lower your cost of living. No matter if you are looking forward to a recreational space, a rental income, a work space away from the madding crowd or a suite for your in laws, a micro home near Tofino would take care of all your requirements. The almost green tiny homes at Salmon Beach are made out of sustainable resources like wood and containers. Moreover you get the chance to customize your house and make it as ‘green’ as you want to. You can choose from 22 freehold lots all of which are 60’wide and 120’ in depth. The pricing starts from $40,000 while the ones with forest or mountain views are available for $95,000. You can find more than 10 lots with stunning views of the ocean and each home can easily accommodate 4 persons. The 300-400 square feet tiny homes in Salmon Beach come with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living space and space for storage. Moreover you can always choose to add an additional module depending on your budget and requirements. Designed in Scandinavian style, the beautiful micro homes are simplistic, modern, snug and extremely efficient. However you need to know that because of the building restrictions on Salmon Beach only one home is available per lot. You will be getting a main floor living space of 560 sq feet at the max while the loft living space can be 280 sq ft max. The maximum living space you can create is not going to be more than 840 sq ft. The micro homes have been built to endure rough ocean conditions and the shipping containers which goes into the making of your home are completely rust, mould and mildew proof. The special non corrosive corten steel has been specially created to make your home withstand tornadoes, hurricanes and even fire. If you want to stretch out you can always choose to go for additional containers. Relocating to another place is going to be a matter of simplicity since all you need to do is pack up and carry your home with you. Go cod fishing at Barkley Sound in the weekend or surf on the much famous Mussel Beach and enjoy the best waves of the island. The Pacific Rim National Park known for its spectacular beaches and rainforests is also not far away. The most pristine community of the Vancouver Islands, an affordable micro home at Salmon Beach would finally give you the chance to unwind and chill amidst natural surroundings.

Fiber Supplements

Incorporating whole food in your diet would automatically furnish your body with all its fiber requirements. However in our busy schedule we hardly get a chance to eat the recommended 25-35 grams of fiber every day. When we don’t get to eat the recommended amount of fiber, we should try to make up for the deficit by taking fiber supplements. Two types of fibers are required by the human body – soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. While soluble fiber helps to control the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, insoluble fiber helps prevent constipation. One of the commonest forms of soluble fiber supplements is psyllium. Psyllium which is used as a laxative comes in capsules and tablets and when it comes in contact with water it forms a gel like substance. According to the National Digestive Diseases Clearinghouse the bulk forming fiber supplements are the best soluble fiber supplements for treating constipation. However you shouldn’t be using this to replace food. When you don’t get to eat lots of whole fruits and vegetables you need to incorporate a soluble fiber supplement to your diet. They would also help lower the level of cholesterol and blood sugar from your body. Moreover they are also very helpful for alleviating diarrhea and constipation. The sticky bulk of the fiber supplements lower down the absorption of sugar and fat which in turn keeps cholesterol and blood sugar at check. Some of the best fiber supplements are also prebiotic which implies that they promote the growth of probiotic bacteria in the stomach. Remember that fiber supplements are not just laxatives. While they will prevent constipation they are also capable of treating diarrhea without compromising your normal bowel functions. Moreover dietary fiber supplements would also keep your gastro intestinal track running smoothly on a regular basis. However people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome should go for a fiber supplement which contains only pure soluble fiber. The absence of artificial additives would prevent the risk of nasty side effects. It is recommended that you start with a minimum dose while drinking plenty of water. You can mix 1 tablespoon of the supplement with 8 ounces of water. If you want to treat medical conditions then you can go for a higher dose. Recent researches by the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests that soluble fiber supplements also promote loss of weight when taken half an hour before meals. However one should make sure to increase the level of fiber intake gradually. You need to drink a lot of water in order to prevent any kind of discomfort. The amount of fiber supplements can be gradually increased while you need to spread your intake of fiber throughout the day. Make sure to take your medication at least 1 hour before taking the supplement. It should be mentioned in the passing that that it’s best to derive your daily dose of fiber from food since the supplements will not provide you with minerals and vitamins.

4 types of insurance everybody needs

An insurance gives us a degree of financial protection from unexpected twists and turns in life. Buying the right insurance policy is usually determined by the specific situation and financial requirement of the buyer. Various factors like age, health, lifestyle, property, employment benefits etc come to the play while you plan your insurance portfolio. In this article we are going to talk about the 4 kinds of insurance which one cannot possibly do without. Life Insurance: A life insurance is important since it is meant to provide for your family when you are no longer alive. Those of you with a family depending on you to provide for them should definitely consider buying a life insurance. Financial experts suggest that a life insurance should ideally cover 10 times your annual income. Therefore the resulting sum would be enough to pay for your funeral expenses, loans, mortgage expenses (if any) and also provide your family with a sufficient financial cushion. There are 2 kinds of life insurance to choose from: Traditional whole life policies where the pay out is received after your death and Term Life which is a policy for a fixed amount of time. Health Insurance: The fact that more than 62% of personal bankruptcies in the United States are caused by health issues should be enough to urge anyone to buy a health insurance or to increase their present coverage. Ideally you should check out lots of different policies till you find an adequate coverage suited to your necessities. The best and cheapest health insurance option is to participate in the insurance program of your workplace. However those who work for small firms need to find an affordable health insurance. Car Insurance: If you want to avoid the financial responsibilities in the event of an accident it is imperative for you to go for an auto insurance. In case of an accident the auto insurance would cover the cost of your car and if anyone is physically injured in that accident the insurance would cover those expenses as well. Long Term Disability coverage: Most of us do not considered the possibility of us getting disabled someday which is why we never think about buying a long term disability coverage. In the unfortunate event of one getting disabled a long term disability coverage would provide the money for the daily expenses which was previously covered by your pay check.

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