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“Goodyear brings revolution for two wheeler “ I was wandering through the landscape of Ladakh, my eyes fixated on the beauty of nature all around me. I am mesmerized. It took only a few minutes to get drenched in the downpour that approached me ...

Imagine a guy sitting at a bar trying to flirt with every girl and hoping that one of them will end up drooling on him. But, that's a game of chance and can be described as traditional advertising. However, digital marketing on the other hand is...

I have come to believe that Play store is nothing less than a universe of apps, where to find what you need requires nothing less than the magnitude of a Hubble telescope. Simply running through the playstore might not be the easiest way to find the...

I am walking through the corridors of a five bedroom flat, located in the posh NRI colony of Greater Noida. There is music playing in the background, as I steer through the living room of the flat, and I notice how beautifully the house has been deco...

In the world of Matrix , the lead character Neo realizes that the world he lives in is not real, but he and the other human beings are placed within some kind of suspended simulation which gives them the feeling of being in a real world. All the peop...

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