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House of Lafayette Customizes your Hat to Fit Every Occasion

As the summer heat increases, hats are becoming a necessary accessory. Apart from providing the much needed protection from sun, hats are a wonderful fashion item. Walk down the streets wearing a hat and see how you turn heads along the way. Hats have been a symbol of status and style throughout the history of clothing. So, why abandon it suddenly? House of Lafayette the New York based fashion house specializes in creating unique hand-made hats and cocktail pieces. Each hat that HoL creates is high-end to its taste and the materials used. HoL is known for using vibrant colors, rich fabric and designed trim to produce exclusive hats for their clients. Virginie Promeyrat, the leader of this elite label, is a name to reckon with in the fashion world. Under her guidance House of Lafayette grew to become one of the most prominent fashion accessory destinations in New York. This destination for luxury hats for women on the Lafayette Street, New York, also caters to customized orders from clients, creating made-to-measure hats for them. This allows you to own a hat that perfectly sits on your head. But the beauty of HoL does not stop there. You should check the vast collection of hats to be really amazed. Styles, colors, designs, fabrics, feathers, you name it and the product is there for you, waiting on their shelf. Form classic yet modern hats to the street style appliqués caps, you will get everything tethering to your fashion pick of the moment. The panama hats for the ladies made a huge come back on the streets of Manhattan, thanks to the House of Lafayette. The House of Lafayette also manages a web store to sell their huge collection of handmade fashion hats online. The web store has allowed customers from all over USA to enjoy beautiful HoL head pieces, customized or otherwise, in the sanctity of their own home. As any fashion magazine or a blogger would say, these hats are a must have in your closet, letting you seamlessly move from your daytime outfit to your nighttime outfit without skipping a beat.

Body Contouring

Who doesn’t want to look good? Everyone tries to get to that point where they will look beautiful in their own way. After years and years of dieting and steady exercise when you finally reached your target weight, you find that it fails to make you happy. As you stand before the mirror, praising your new weight, you are disappointed by the saggy loose skin that hangs from your body. All your glory goes to waste. You may now think that all the work that you have put into was for nothing. These are natural for you to think, as body image has a priority in the social standards. Well, these standards can’t be changed so easily, but what can be done is to help you achieve that standard, to make you realize that all the weight loss that you had gone through was worthy.Body contouring will help you to bring back your body into shape and tone it to achieve the perfection that you crave for. Benefits of body contouring There are several benefits that come with body contouring. You should be aware of all the benefits before going through the procedure. Well endowed contour When massive weight loss leaves you with loose skins that does not contract easily, you will not be able to feel the actual shape of your body hiding under the folds of loose skin. Several body contouring procedures available at Sparha Advanced Wellness Studio like, tummy tuck or arm lift will help you get rid of that loose skin, giving your body the perfect contour that it deserves, while you emerge with an attractive figure. A physical relief Loose skins often pose a problem for your movement. They are heavy and make it impossible for you to conduct your daily duties properly. Excess skin even causes chafing and irritation when it gets rubbed against your other body parts and not to mention the fungal and bacterial diseases that may affect the loose skin folds. There are many disadvantages of carrying your loose skin around and hence Sparha Advanced Wellness Studio suggests that you follow the procedure to get rid of your loose skin. Boost in self-confidence Self-confidence is a vitalfactor for living. A lack thereof often leads to isolation and depression. Sparha Advanced Wellness Studio knows this and they provide the body contouring services so that you can emerge as a more confident person all ready to face the world.

Movies to watch if you are true Salwar Suit Lover

They say a dress does not define who you are, but it can surely define an entire generation. Sound contradictory, right? It is. Bollywood has always been a huge inspiration to generations. It has created an incomprehensible presence in people’s life with its trendsetting fashion endeavors. Ah! Who could forget the iconic Mumtaz sari in Brahmachari, or the jumbo sunglasses that Zeenat Aman donned in Hare Rama Hare Krishna? The list is a never ending fashion vortex. Baby ko dress pasand hai. Of course! And when salwar suits are involved, baby ko dress 100 times pasand hai. Today, top 10 Bollywood films are listed here that you as a salwar suit lover must watch. These films have made the fashion alerts go all buzzing with their new and innovative use of salwar suits and making them a trend for generations to follow. 1. Waqt Why not start all retro; the beginning of all salwar suit trends? The tight body hugging salwar suits became the biggest trend to come out of Bollywood. It wasn’t just a costume; it defined an entire generation of liberated women breaking the shackles of traditional conformity. The salwar suits were timeless, with its pastel shades and classic fitting, they were the hottest trend of the 60s. 2. Dil Toh Pagal Hai The film was an instant fashion sensation. Manish Malhotra’s finesse over designing was able to make the ethnic garbs stand-out against the tight sexy leotards. Using chiffon and light silhouettes, Manish Malhotra showed that salwar suits can be beautiful in its minimalistic approach and monochromatic fabrics. It was purely 90s - changing fashion for changing times. 3. Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham Well, you can gush over Kajol’s salwar suits through out the first half of the film, but what made this film to the list is, Kareena Kapoor’s bole churiyaa outfit. Again a Manish Malhotra creation, that outfit was an instant hit. The cropped top kameez, the boot-cut sharara-style salwar and the color, oh the color! What is there not to like about? The fusion in ethnic wear made an entrance with this film, this song in particular. 4. Bunty aur Babli It is the new millennium; a new generation wants something that defines their free-spirited, colorful, party going life. How do you satisfy that thirst? Well, you let Aki Narula design the costumes of Bunty aur Babli. The collared short kurtas and colorful patiala salwars were what the new millennial were waiting for. The days of subdued colors were gone; it was all bright and vibrant.

Going Deep into the Assessment and Reassessment Proceedings Of Income Tax Act

Overview It may not be that uncommon for you to be served by an assessment or reassessment notice under Section 148 of the Income Tax Act. There may have been some fault in the return that you have filed or for some other matters, an assessment notice requires for you to appear before the Assessing Officer to present your case and defend it if necessary. The ‘Notice’ under Section 148 Before the Assessing Officer issues any notice, he/she must have enough reasons and evidence to believe that there are any income that is chargeable by tax, has escaped the assessment. If the Assessing Officer is confident, he/she will issue a Notice under Section 148 of the Income Tax Act to the assessee, asking him to appear before the Assessing Officer. This falls under the procedure of the reassessment as described under Section 147 of the Income Tax Act. The issued Notice under Section 148 is essential for many a factor. This Notice serves as the authentic document issued by the Income Tax Department against any filings or court cases. So, this Notice holds an important value. A Case Study There are several situations, which you may face when you are served with the Notice under Section 148. One of the very particular instances has been described below, and to assist you the solution has also been provided. Situation 1 Suppose, you have been a responsible taxpayer for several financial years and, due to some reason you have stopped paying the taxes. The reasons may include that you don’t have a job or you have relocated abroad. Now, you have received a Notice under Section 148 of the Act, but it was delivered to a wrong address and was allowed to be accepted by a family member who is not a legally authorized agent of yours. So the question that arises is, can you send a notice to the Assessing Officer challenging the effectiveness of the service of the Notice under Section 148 and asking for reasons of sending the Notice? Solution Since the Notice under Section 148 has already been served, there is no point of challenging it. However, it is advised that when you face such situation you should file a letter to the Assessing Officer asking for reasons for reopening the assessment. When you will receive the reasons, you are at liberty to file objections before the Assessing Officer to challenge the reassessment. The AO is obligated to answer the objections raised by you. If you are not happy with the reassessment proceedings, you can always file a Writ Petition before High Court and/or appeal before CIT(A).

Drug Allergy

Drugs have to be taken when you fall sick. But did you know that some people are allergic to drugs? Yes, you have heard it right. Drug allergy does exist. And what happens is that the drug that was supposed to save your life is mistaken an enemy and the immune system of your body acts accordingly to eliminate the enemy thus producing reactions in your body. The main instrument that the body uses in the act of elimination of the drugs from the body is the production of histamine. People have a tendency to confuse drug allergy with the side-effects of the drug but both of these things are completely different and so is it different from the consequences of a drug overdose. Causes of Drug Allergy Drug allergy arises out of the reactions that are initiated by the immune system of your body in response to the drugs that are taken. It is not necessary that you have to be allergic to drugs. But they are certain people who are allergic to some particular group of drugs. Such group of drugs which are mainly found to be causing allergies are antibiotics and mainly penicillin, medications that are prescribed for autoimmune diseases, the drugs that are given for chemotherapy that is done when you someone has cancer and many others. Symptoms of Drug Allergy The symptoms that occur due to an allergic reaction caused by drugs varies from person to person. Many cases have been reported in which the patients are found to suffer from stomach upsets. The production of histamine as an allergic reaction brings about various symptoms which include hives, itchy skin, a persistent rash on the skin, swellings in the mouth and even congestion. This was the initial stage. However, sometimes even more grave reactions occur and they are known as anaphylaxis. These reactions include various symptoms like dizziness, disrupted breathing, diarrhea, nausea and a rapid pulse. Diagnosis of Drug Allergy When you will visit a doctor with your allergic symptoms, the first thing that he will do is ask for your medical history. If he guesses that you might be allergic to particular antibiotics like penicillin, the first thing that the doctor does is a skin test to confirm whether you really have an allergy to penicillin. But skin test is not for every type of drug. Each drug has its own form of testing. Don't panic even if you have a drug allergy. Just avoid the drugs and talk to your doctor if you face them.

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Good enthusiasm and a well-researched article!
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