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Dec 1986 – Jan 2017

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where the sparrows have gone!

My younger days are replete with vivid memories of playing in the grass grounds beyond our house in the open spaces unmindful of snakes or some hidden pits. nobody then heard any child falling into bore wells as now. The carpet of green grass had always been inviting to a child's mind as it let him abandon his restraints to either roll over or run on it trying to catch butterflies which easily dodged them even when sitting on lantana flowers and taking flight the moment their fingers came near. As if to tantalise you it would fly just above your head and again swoop down on a flower just ahead of you to repeat the game. Now a few patches of grass that remain are surrounded by high rise buildings where butterflies don't come. Sparrows are rarer than butterflies. Their rare sightings somewhere are enough to create news. Not long ago they would search for a crevice, a window sill or an exhaust outlet to make its improvised nest and a pair of eggs in it could be seen by climbing a stool to have a peek into it.(This article was published on 30th June 2017 in Daily Post, an English Daily published from Chandigarh) full article not reproduces due to space constraints.

The Kashmir Fantasy

It was heartening to note the Kashmir Assembly had passed a resolution unanimously to call back Pundits to the valley to reclaim their lost homeland. It was such a contrast with the ugly voices promoting regionalism and hatred. Ia it a fantasy to imagine a peaceful Kashmir with fully occupied hotels, hundreds of shikaras drifting on the Dal Lake and tourists having a gala time? I remember landing at the Srinagar Airport in 1990 for the first time. It was apple harvesting season and I could see trees with luscious fruit along the road. The roads were clean and so was the air. Only when we were a kilometer away from the airport to our office, we were stopped by two gun-wielding bearded men. Unperturbed, our driver stopped the car and paid them hundred bucks. He later told us that he had just paid 'militant tax' common in the valley those days. As we reached Sonwar , a military area, we could hear gunshots in the valley below. Our Srinagar colleague remarked that it was a 21-gun salute on our arrival. Those were abnormal times. Nothing was going right for the cursed 'paradise'. we could see people with grim faces on the streets, as if passing their time in hope of something better that their situation. From that day- it has been 28 years since- that 'something better' has remained elusive. ( This article was published in The Tribune dated 3rd April, an English Daily published from Chandigarh . Full article not reproduced due to space constraints. Could be read in

More time, but busier than ever

I have seen hundred of colleagues retire during my service. And so thought it to be a usual affair all must face eventually. I visualised thanking everyone profusely, whoever wished me a healthy and blissful retired life. But when my turn of retirement came, it was tough to wind up. The bundles of files and papers to be taken home, files on computer to be deleted discarded papers to be shredded, a colleague taking over to be briefed- it was like packing up a company. On the 'doomsday' the farewell speeches somehow became a debate between two groups of colleagues. one was of the view that I should remain active, take up some employment- not for money- but to remain engaged and active. Another group disagreed and advised me to things I could not during service, such as pursuing my hobbies, travelling or simply taking it easy I was listening intently, trying to decide my next course of action.( This article was published in The Tribune dated 17th May 2017. Full article can be seen at

Gulzar,s lyrical journey

GULZAR’S LYRICAL JOURNEY Those who love poetry will love Gulzar. He is a poet par excellence weaving words with refreshing imagery that leaves one mesmerised. His musical composers ably complement him in producing songs with singers who soak into the spirit of his lyrics to come out with timeless gems. Born in a Sikh family in Dina, now in Pakistan he shifted to India to script his destiny of becoming one of the most loved and accomplished lyricist of the country. He is adorned with prestigious Padma Bhushan, the Sahitya Academy and Dada Sahib Phalke and international awards like Academy and Grammys. His journey as a lyricist started with the film Bandini(1963) when he was invited by Bimal Roy to write song for the film. His first song “mora gora rang lei le, more sham rang dei de” competed on equal footing with Shailendra the other famous and established lyrist in the film. The song became a rage in its time and much after and is loved to this day. This was a grand debut by the then little known Samporan Singh Kalra, a Car mechanic in Worli Mumbai. He later changed his pen name to “Gulzar”. The song picturised on Nutan, who like Radha pines for Krishna and wishes that she be coloured like him so that she can meet him, merged in darkness undetected. The song blends excellently in the leitmotif of the film. It has no complex vocabulary yet captures the varied emotions of the lovelorn woman who feels gaining by losing her identity “Kuch kho diya hai paike , kuch paa liya gawayke” The song “Tum Pukar lo, Tumahara intezaar hai, Tum Pukar lo,” from film Khamoshi(1969) tell us why Gulzar was so great and why Hemant Kumar who had sung this song in his baritone voice was so loved by all. Its lilting soft music is haunting. One feels to shut everything out to soak deeply into the feel of the song of unrequited love, its yearnings, its pangs, its restlessness yet a dreamy wakefulness for a hope and a wait. It is a song to listen like night ragas, alone on a nice music system. .

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THE VERY BEST content writer. Well researched articles, unique content , professional, excellent grammar ... I have ordered several times , and every time the same result: EXCELLENCE !!!!! Thanks a lot !!!!!!
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