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There are four ways to improve marketing agency. There are many challenges faced during the marketing of different things lets say boutique consultancy. They included optimizing and implementing successful strategies and leading and growing marketing...

One thing is really important to understand that small changes can make a huge difference. We often underestimate the power of little things. Marketing psychology is one of those little things, which can have a huge impact on bottom line. He has give...

The consumer behavior in marketing has been discussed. A consumer just don’t buy any product in markets instantly. There are several stages a consumer goes through before he finally picks up things available in the market. Various factors, be it cu...

I want to highlight the benefits of Component Based Development in software engineering. Firstly it is written that a huge amount of applications has been made and deployed using Component Based Development in which pre-existing components were used....

As a future software engineer what I feel is that Component-Based Development is a good technique but it has many consequences that should be solved. For Example, Finding suitable components which fit the architectural design of the software to be de...

Now I want to highlight some important disadvantages of Component Based Development. Firstly, Customization of an already developed component according to the requirements of new application is a major issue in Component Based Development. The develo...

Communication with a dead is a very interesting topic. In the past there were different views of people regarding this topic that this is something impossible but now a days a lot of researches and works are going on in order to get able to talk to t...

A psychologist said that she has been talking to her dead parents for past many years. She has given a way of using Yahrzeit candle. The behavior of flame should be observed in order to understand the message given by the spirits. Another person John...

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For Ayma

Nov 19, 2017 09:31

nice work...
project for Ayma Shakeel...

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good job
400 words

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A very passionate writer on contentmart..Highly recomended
150 words in 1:30 hours