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Jun 2016 – Jun 2017
Accenture Solutions Ltd

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2012 – 2016
Veer Surendra Sai University Of Technology
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Sri Chaithanya Vidya Niketan
2009 – 2010
IMST English Medium School

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Nintendo Switch

Modular look: The greatest achievement of the Nintendo is the console and hand held combination which rules out its competition from Xbox and Play station. The pack comes with a core having a display connected with two detachable controllers on the two sides. Once at home it is docked out to play the games on the larger screen. The Gaming Controllers:- Also known as the Joy Con controllers they possess a versatile functionality. They are detachable pieces with split D-pads. So the user can hold each one of them in both the hands and play on the tablet placed on a surface in front when on the go. The separate pieces also enable two players to participate in the simpler games. The linking up of two such gaming consoles are available which enables four players to participate in the games. Storage and Other Insiders Cartridge Storage The techs are not elaborate. However, the games will be available on cartridges or memory cards. The physical storage is a little disappointing in the age of easily downloadable games but enables the players to play in the offline mode without having to wait for long and cumbersome downloads. Chip Technology The technical details are not clearly specified at this moment. So picking up on the clues it looks that the switch is powered by custom Tegra switch from Nvidia. The chip is customized for mobile users. Therefore it is logical to believe that the console has a longer battery life. Screen The screen of Nvidia shield featured a 720p resolution. Hence it is reasonable to expect that the Switch will feature a 1080p.The size is roughly estimated to be 7 inches. The screen is definitely not available with screen split option. The player can only play on the single screen available. The trailer shows no sign that the tablet screen is touch sensitive. Featured Games:- Nintendo has just released the list that would support the switch platform. It contains Activision, EA, Ubisoft, FromSoftware(from Dark Souls Series), etc. Nevertheless, a wide variety of games are put up in the trailer like a version of Skyrim, a basketball game, the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild and a new Mario game in the style of Classic Mario 64. Switch Pro controller: If the gaming controllers seem to be outrageously diminished then the players are available with a pro controller option, similar to the gaming pad that comes with familiar Xbox and the play station. Multiplayer :- The games with multiplayer settings show that the developers are considering the online mode where in stress lies on Esports. Though it’s a promising start, it is better not to build the hopes high. With the launch date only five months away, it seems that other details regarding cost, final specs, etc will release soon. Meanwhile, the trailer proves that it is no harm for the users to get excited about the Nintendo Switch.

The Little Soul

During this subtle human existence, we come across countless acquaintances. Some complete the puzzle of life, some are random clues and some are momentary confrontations. Above this entire affair, there is one thing that is intimately common i.e "THE PERCEPTION OF PEOPLE". To be precise, if any species in this entire world that is pathetically dangerous and dreadfully poisonous, it is the human species. Hence a careful prevention is always advisable before trusting a human. However too much of it can make one scrupulous and suspicious which would hamper your social relations, hence a delicate balance is to be maintained.But what is the catch? Why is it that sometimes this judgmental gene becomes recessive? Why some people make us overcome every line of our practical conventions and thinking? What exactly is the term "blind trust"? Why is it that we sometimes realize there is someone deep down within us? When a child is born it is like a new operating system installed. There are some free wares which we call ‘the inborn qualities'. But users make compatible amendments and include a variety of other software; each user do it keeping in mind his utilities. In a similar way with each passing year, the child inculcates different qualities. The environment in which he/she grows and the way he/she realizes their situations mold them. The memories they possess of childhood and school days also influence their way of thinking. The judgments of people make them mad.But what is visible is a mere mask. Have you ever seen a coconut? (Silly question but it makes the article look a bit dramatic.). It would carry tags like strong and hard. But what is the center? Soft and tender. A little soul (a part of the greater being, the almighty.) resides inside every human being. We call it in philosophy "The Brahman inside the Atman". This little soul has no rationale or lame perceptions. It knows only one ultimate entity --- "LOVE". It is beyond the logical reasoning of the human brain. At some juncture of life, we find someone very special. It can be a friend or a soul mate. There is something within them which triggers the little soul. This is the dawn of love in our life.For the first time in our life, we rise from the darkness of unanswered questions. We realize there is someone deep down who yearns for love, who understands only the language of love and who is above everything. The person who arouses in us this truth wins our blind trust. Every accepted notion of practicality seems meaningless. All the norms of society are now overheard and even not considered. The love which we share in our relationship with such people makes our world beautiful (crazy in fact). Finally, peace and contentment befall.

NATO Falls Apart

Where It All Started The Russian Federation had annexed the Ukrainian territory of Crimea in March 2014. Though it was a propaganda success for Russia, it raised the eyebrows of many European countries. It created a possibility that Russia is keen to annex all the ex-soviet countries of Europe. They now see it as a country with potential and unpredictable hazards. Unrest in NATO As a response, NATO has committed to deploying four battle groups by July 2017. Each group contains 4000 troops. The troops are sent to Estonia, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania and headed by US, Britain, Canada and German. The United States has asked for the support of other European countries like Denmark, France, and Italy. The forces that to be filled in the four battle groups include marine soldiers, infantry, and drones. The troops will also be backed up by the Reaction or Rotation Forces that will move from Poland to Luthinia on a rotation basis. The Russian Move The move by NATO has rung siren bells to Russia. So Putin in his move has strengthened his Baltic control. This year in early October two small warships Zeleny Dol and Serpukhov have left the base in the Black Sea to join the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, Kaliningrad. What are The Ships Capable Of The warships are Buyan class corvettes. The variants of these corvettes can carry nuclear-capable Kalibr cruise missiles. Hence it is also difficult to confirm whether these ships carry only conventional warheads or nuclear ones. The missiles, nicknamed as Sizzler have a range of 1500 kilometers. Reaction of Other States The Sweden government has also confirmed the presence of the warships in the region. It has expressed concerns that the move might aggravate the tensions around the Baltic region. When nuclear-capable Iskander-M missiles were moved into Kaliningrad last month the twin countries Poland and Lithunia had protested against it. The new addition can similarly fire more protests. Reaction from Russia The Russian defense ministry has however cleared its stance stating that the missiles are used to fire cruise missiles at the militants in Syria. Moreover, three more warships with similar missiles will join the Baltic fleet by 2020.It had also confirmed that Bastion and Bal land-based missile systems will join the Baltic fleet. They are anti-ship and mobile defense systems with a range of 300 kilometers. Since the cold war ended, NATO has taken steps to restrain Russia from creating tension in the region. The positioning of the battle groups is the largest move ever taken. However, it has worsened the situation. There has been an increased tension between Russia and The West. The growing unrest and the involvement of the superpowers are clear indications of an upcoming global war.

What are the reasons Popcorn Eating can be Beneficial.

Introduction Corn has been an ancient asset to the ancient human civilization. It is found in all parts of the world. Corn gives us the most quickly made yet tasty piece of snack which we can enjoy on almost every occasion. Yes, it is popcorn. The Antioxidants. Polyphenols, an important antioxidant is found inside the hulk of the corn. The concentration of polyphenols is more than that found in fruits. These antioxidants help in reducing the growth of cancer and other degenerative diseases. The cellular metabolism gives rise to free radicals, causing many diseases. The radicals are responsible for the conversion of the healthy cells to cancerous ones. It can also be responsible for aging symptoms like cognitive decline, blindness, age spots, and wrinkles. Polyphenols fight and destroy the free radicals thereby reducing the risks of the diseases as well. However, corn lacks the antioxidants because it is present only in the hulk of popcorn. Fiber Rich Popcorn, a whole grain, is consumed unadulterated. It means that all the three parts of a whole grain i.e the germ, the bran and the endosperm are all edible. Hence it gives an enormous amount of fiber to the body. When an adequate fiber is present, the blood sugar level is maintained at low levels due to the significant release of insulin. It also, therefore, helps in reducing the cholesterol levels. Hence it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Rich in fiber, it also maintains in regulating the smooth bowel movements preventing constipation. Other Nutritional Value Popcorn contains variants of vitamin B including Vitamin B3 and B6. It helps in easy metabolism and digestion of other nutrients. Among other minerals, it contains manganese and phosphorous. Both are vital in helping the body grow healthy bones. Manganese also helps in healthy skin and blood sugar regulation. Reducing Weight As already said popcorn is rich in fiber. So it takes a long time to digest. This helps in reducing the hunger and the craving for unhealthy snacks. Therefore it is a boon to dieters who can rely on it for carb free fillers in between primary meals. The Right Type Though eating popcorn is the right snack, it has its own pros and cons. The popcorn should be made in a traditional way by air puffing organic corn. The instant popcorn mix is prepared using microwave contains chemicals that feed on the healthy benefits of popcorn. Similarly adding flavors can only add to the calorie intake thus tarnishing the healthiness of the popcorn. Also cooking it with unhealthy oils like vegetable oil or olive oil will render the popcorn drained of any benefits. Hence to get the true benefits of this delicious snack consider the right way of air baking the organic corn always. The beauty of this wonderful food is the fiber content releases digestive juices that help in keeping the digestive system healthy. However, it also inhibits the constant hunger which makes us crave for unnecessary snacks at frequent intervals.

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Aug 04, 2017 06:58

Monthly Pay: Part Time Writers Needed, Rs. 12,000/Month

Aug 02, 2017 14:10

She is a meticulous writer with brilliant spontaneity. She double checks the quality of the article before delivering! Hmm.. I'm happy with the content. I'm wishing her the prosperous career :) ~ ShivMysongs4U, her first client.
How come cover songs are becoming more popular?