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Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
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Ford Mustang News and Buying Information

Mustang is coming to India. And there is more, Ford, for the first time, will be bringing out a right hand driver version of the car. Mustang is one of the most well known names in automotive history. The Ford Mustang was introduced in 1964. The Ford Mustang will be launched in India on the 28th of January. This will be the 6th generation of Mustang which debuted on the 50th anniversary of the brand. A few of the features may be compromised to make the car more competitive in the Indian market. Engine Powering the Mustang in India will be a 2.3 litre, 4 cylinder Ecoboost petrol engine that develops 310 hp or 3.7 litre V6 petrol engine that produces 300 hp or a 5.0 litre, V8 petrol engine that belts out 421 bhp. The Mustang may be equipped with both a 6 speed manual and a 6 speed automatic transmission. The Mustang is expected to deliver a mileage of 7 km/l in city limits and 11 km/l on highways. We will have to wait till the car launch for the real values. External features The Mustang has all the characteristics of a sports car. The front fascia gets a frowning grille. Other features include small lines on the bonnet. The car gets HID headlights, with turn indicators. The chrome pony badge adds to the brand value and brings style to the front fascia. The 19-inch colored aluminum wheels complete the side profile. The LED tail lights, tinted window glass, deck spoiler and the stainless steel coated twin exhaust pipes add to the appeal. Internal features The features inside the cabin are aristocratic. The leather seats can be customised with contrast stitching. The rear seats can be folded to increase the boot space, when necessary. The quality and finish of the plastic used is of premium quality and comes with chrome touches. The power steering wheel is leather-covered. The driver seat is power-height adjustable. Other features include power one touch windows, illuminated vanity mirrors, power-foldable outside rear view mirrors, with indicators, sun visors, armrest with utility storage space, auto dimming mirrors and automatic climate control. The steering wheel has controls mounted on it, and the center console is also incorporated with information and entertainment system. The car also gets Ford Sync, MyFord Touch, and climate control. CBU Route The Ford India is planning to bring the Mustang via the CBU route as per the ‘One Ford’ principle of the company. Price Ford is expected to tag this car within a price range of 45-60 lakhs. The Ford Mustang is expected to have its India launch at the soon to be held 2016 Indian Auto Expo in February.

Kumarakom – The Backwater Country

Kumarakom, the backwater hub of Kerala, is one of the most favoured tourist destinations of the state. The ideal spot to experience the thrill of backwater tourism, Kumarakom is in reality a cluster of Islands situated along the banks of the Vembanad Lake. Located at a distance of about 14 km from the Kottayam town, Kumarakom attracts tourists from all over the world to it. Kumarakom got its name from the presiding deity of the place, Kumaran. Kumaran’s Akam (place) eventually became Kumarakom. A sleepy village sited on the banks of the largest fresh water lake of Kerala, Kumarakom is set amidst a picturesque landscape. Originally a marshy mangrove, Kumarakom came into existence in 1878, when the area was cleared to plant coconut palms. It was George Alfred Baker, an English farmer that arrived in India in 1857, who reclaimed around 500 acres of Vembanad Lake to create gardens and paddy fields. He also built the Baker’s house, which was the abode for four generations of Bakers, who lived there till the year 1962. Kumarakom is one of the prominent eco tourism centres of the country. It came into global limelight as it was the backdrop for the Booker Prize winning novel ‘God of Small Things’ by noted writer Arundhati Roy. As the popularity of the book increased, the house where the events of the book took place attained a lot of fame and is now a popular tourist spot. With a view to protect the fragile ecology of the region, the Kerala government has declared Kumarakom as a special tourism zone. Following this declaration, it was stipulated that all development activities in the area would be restricted and must have prior approval of the government, as mentioned in the special Tourism Zone Act of Kerala. The major attraction of Kumarakom is, beyond any doubt, the backwaters and the houseboats. Kumarakom is possibly the only place in the country, apart from Kashmir, which is known for its houseboats. Numerous houseboats of various sizes and comforts can be hired by the tourists here. The houseboats of Kumarakom are well-equipped to cater to the accommodation and culinary needs of its guests. Another attraction of Kumarakom that attract tourists to it is the annual boat races conducted here during the Onam festival season. Boats of different shapes and sizes compete with each other for winning the coveted trophies. Besides the houseboats, Kumarakom is also known for the unique bird sanctuary located here. The sanctuary is approachable only by means of canoes. The Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary provides shelter to many migratory birds. Best time to visit Kumarakom is during winters between October and February. Kumarakom is well-connected and easily accessible by roadways, waterways and railways.

Rajasthan Tour – Exploring Lesser-Known Marvels

Among the most sought after destinations in India, Rajasthan is the land of gallantry and sacrifice. Endowed with awe-inspiring sand dunes, the euphonious Thar Desert, chaste wildlife, regal Aravali ranges, flamboyant fairs and festivals, royal forts, captivating palaces, chhatrris, pellucid lakes, and umpteen additional attractions, Rajasthan is situated in the western part of India. This elegant state is also home to the various historical cities such as Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Bharatpur among others. Among the most visited tourist destinations of India, Rajasthan tour includes a wide range of draws such as wildlife safari in Ranthambhore, Sariska and the Desert National Park. One can enjoy Camel, Jeep, and Desert safaris in the Thar Desert which offers a really unforgettable once in a life experience. Rajasthan Tour is one of the most popular travel attractions of India. The popularity of Rajasthan Tour is evident from the fact that every third foreign tourist who is on a visit to India, also travel to Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tour is a comprehensive package which includes Historical Monuments, Wildlife, heritage Tourism and fairs and carnivals among others. In short, Rajasthan Tour is a unique experience which leaves one spell bound. The Rajasthan Tour covers all major destinations like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur, which are well-connected to take up a round trip. Rajasthan Tour also includes visits to other popular places like Agra, Khajuraho and Varanasi, which are easily accessible from the state. Rajasthan Tour of the present days also includes many lesser known tourist destinations in their itinerary. These destinations covered under Rajasthan Tour also share the typical Rajasthani culture, history and heritage. The hospitality and warmth of the people of the state is also evident while undertaking Rajasthan Tour. The lesser known Rajasthan Tour circuits are classified into packages like places near Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer and Udaipur among others. Some of the lesser known destinations that lie near Jaipur and covered by the Rajasthan Tour Package are the Dundlod Fort (17th century fort, which is now converted into a heritage hotel, preferred by the Shekhawati & horse safari lovers), the Hill Fort at Kesroli (a 4th century Hill-Fort, this is the oldest heritage site in India where one can stay), the Castle at Bijaipur (an enchanting castle set atop a plateau of the great Vindhyachal ranges in the Mewar region) and the Sariska Palace (a grand palace was built in 1892 AD near the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary), to name a few. Another attraction near Jaisalmer that is included in Rajasthan Tour is the Resort Rawla at Kanoi. Rajasthan Tour takes one to Rawla Jojawar and the Jaisamand Island Resort (placed at the centre of Jaisamand Lake), which are located near to Udaipur.

Aeronautical Engineering as a Career – Flying High

Aeronautical Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the design, development, testing, and production of aircraft and related systems. Of late, the term aeronautical engineering is largely replaced by the term Aerospace Engineering, which also includes dealing with spacecrafts, missiles, rocket-propulsion systems, and other equipment operating beyond the earth's atmosphere, in addition to those mentioned earlier. In the strictest sense, an Aeronautical Engineer works within the earth’s atmosphere, whereas an Aerospace engineer works beyond it. Aeronautical engineering is an attractive career in Australia. More so, if your profession is in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 2339-11. Aeronautical engineering is also listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL) here. Some of the career options available for an Aeronautical engineer are: • Mechanical & avionic licensed aircraft maintenance engineers • Project manager • Aircraft maintenance engineer - corporate aircraft • Aircraft engineering instructor (avionics) • Technical services engineer • Maintenance planner • Aviation engineer • Simulation engineer - aerospace • Aircraft structural integrity engineer Apart from the above, there are various career options for an aeronautical engineer in Australian Armed Forces like: • Aeronautical engineering officer (navy) • Aerospace engineer • Aerospace engineer officer - aeronautical (air force) • Aerospace engineer officer - armament (air force) • Aerospace engineer officer - electronics (air force) • Avionics systems engineer • Weapons aeronautical engineering officer As we can see from the above lists, the job of an aeronautical engineer is highly specialised in nature and it requires a lot of skill and knowledge to succeed in this field. In addition to the technical qualifications, one should also possess certain personality attributes like passion, ability to think on one’s feet and a willingness to learn continuously. Specific Skills Required for Aeronautical Engineering as a Career An aspiring aeronautical engineer should start preparing for a career in the field as early as possible –perhaps while in school. Aptitude in certain subjects like physics and mathematics would come handy while undergoing technical education. The ideal skills and requirements include • analytical and problem-solving skills • good oral and written communication skills • practicality and creativity • ability to work without supervision • accepting responsibility • ability to work as part of a team The physical requirements of the job include an able body with normal vision and complete use of hands/fingers. Choosing aeronautical engineering as a career would mean that you would be engaged in delivering a wide range of services related to the field, which would include functions like aircraft design, analysis, testing, and airworthiness approval. In short, you would perform all such activities concerned with the design, development, manufacture, maintenance and modification of aircraft for flight. However, it is important that you attain technical education if you wish to be an aeronautical engineer. There are several universities / colleges offering engineering degree programs at bachelors (under-graduate), masters (graduate) and PhD levels. Aerospace Engineering diplomas, certification and degree can help you pursue a career in Aeronautical engineering in Australia. Institutions like the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, Monash University and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology are some of the well-known colleges/universities offering Undergraduate BS BE, Graduate MS and PhD programmes in Aerospace Engineering in Australia. Enrolling for an aeronautical engineering course from any of these colleges is the first step in your journey towards a career in aeronautical engineering. Upon successful completion of the course, you can go ahead and build your career as a successful aeronautical engineer in Australia. You can either choose to be a part of the armed forces or else opt for a civilian job with any of the aeronautical companies engaged in the business of commercial flying and other related services.

Mindful Eating – The Way to Better Health and Body

A casual glance around you would reveal the fact that one of the most evident, yet unnoticed health/lifestyle problem in our lives is lifestyle diseases. It is reported that problems like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes are the biggest causes for around 60% of deaths across the world. Although this figure is huge and alarming, it is comforting to know that most of these diseases can be controlled, if not stopped altogether. Obesity – This is one of the major problems affecting the youth of today. The tendency to eat more and more junk foods has contributed to this problem largely. The fact that most of the youth are physically less active than the generation before is also a reason for increasing cases of obesity in the country. This in turn makes a person susceptible to lifestyle diseases like • High blood pressure • Cardiovascular problems • Atherosclerosis • Certain type of cancers like breast, endometrial and colon cancer • Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) • Gall bladder disease • Polycystic ovarian syndrome • Musculoskeletal problems like osteoarthritis and back pain • Gout • Cataracts • Stress incontinence • Sleep apnoea As you can see, a seemingly small issue like obesity is leading to some of the most dreaded and dangerous diseases over the time. However, you need not panic and think everything is lost. Fortunately, you we can keep ourselves fit and healthy by following some easy methods. Healthy Eating – As many studies reveal, the major cause of obesity is unhealthy eating. The junk food culture and eating away from home frequently are some reasons for this. The remedy is simple. Resolve to eat healthy food at most times. Stay away from sugary colas and aerated drinks; try to eat home cooked food whenever possible. Also, get moving as much as possible. It might be a better idea to walk or cycle to the neighbourhood store than hopping in the car, every time you need to get some supply. Research done at various parts of the world has shown that skipping meals is not the ideal way to battle obesity or weight problems. Instead, nutritionists are encouraging people with weight problems to take frequent meals of smaller quantities. It is, therefore, more beneficial to eat a mouthful of peanuts, dry fruits, or a banana or any other seasonal fruit every two hours than skipping the meals altogether to fight obesity. Mindful eating – In certain ancient cultures, they believed that you are what you eat. Hence, they gave great importance to what they ate. Mindful eating, or being aware of what you are eating is now considered as one of the effective tools against lifestyle diseases. Many nutritionists ask their clients to keep a detailed record of what they eat and drink. This helps them to analyse the data and modify the eating habits according to the health requirements of the client. It also helps the person to understand how the food he eats is affecting him. Mindful eating helps to savour the food and absorb the nutrients in a better manner and to avoid harmful foods. Exercise – You need not spend hours and hours working out in the gym to be healthy and fit. Mindful eating along with physical activities like walking, cycling swimming or playing outdoor games with friends can help you remain fit. All you have to do is discard the TV, computer and other gadgets, log off from the virtual world and get active in the real world.

Reiki workshop – Your key to complete wellbeing of body and mind

Reiki is one of the holistic method of healing which involves the cleansing of body and mind by tapping the energy present in the world. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique and the name has evolved from two Japanese words, Rei and Ki, which means universal life energy. This technique is considered one of the most effective healing techniques, which addresses the problem not only in the physical level but also in the subconscious levels of mind. A Reiki therapist uses the energy present in the universe to heal the ailments naturally. The Reiki therapist is able to channel the life force energy of the universe to the ailing parts of the body to heal the patient. It is sometimes also known as tough therapy, as it involves touching various energy centres in the body for cleansing the chakras. However, in reality it is not necessary to touch the patient – placing the palms near the affected area would suffice. Reiki Workshop in Sydney One of the greatest advantages of Reiki is that it can be learned by anyone. There is no need for any special qualification to receive the Reiki attunement. There are different stages of attunement and one has to start from the basic level – level 1. Reiki is a method to heal not only yourself but also others. It does not deplete your energy or affect your mind negatively. On the contrary, a Reiki treatment energises the therapist too. In short, it is a holistic way of treating where both the giver and taker benefits from the process. Reiki Level 1 This can be described as the foundation course in which the person desirous of learning the healing technique learns about the basics of the healing system. Held over two days, mostly during weekends, this course comprises of four attunements, a session on the history of Reiki and a session for learning hand positioning for healing oneself and others. You would also get insights into what a chakra is and how the awareness on chakra can help in healing better. Discussions on how it can help you in personal growth, hands-on practice, Q&A sessions and the like are the highlights of the class. Once attuned, Reiki will stay with you through the rest of your lifetime. This foundation course of self-healing is a necessary requirement before you can enroll for the second level of Reiki course. Reiki Level 2 This workshop is also held during weekends and is held over two days. During this workshop, Reiki students are introduced to the three sacred symbols of Reiki. They also undergo another attunement process in this stage. While the first level enabled you to heal others by placing your hands over their bodies, the second level enables you to heal them even if they are not physically present near you. Distant healing is a technique unique to Reiki wherein a person can send Reiki to anyone anywhere in the world at any time, with the use of some sacred symbols. Why Reiki? Firstly, it is one of the easiest healing techniques to learn. Simple and easy to use, practicing Reiki can improve the quality of your life through self-healing, self-awareness and mindful living. Attunement of body, mind and soul becomes easy and one learns to lead a stress-free life. This, in turn, helps in increasing productivity and overall well-being of mind and body, resulting in a better you. Reiki Workshop Sydney We are bringing Reiki closer to you by conducting Reiki workshops in Sydney so that you can benefit from this ancient Japanese healing method. A few advantages of attending Reiki workshops in Sydney with us are • Restoring the natural balance between body, mind and soul • Enhanced focus and concentration • Increased energy levels • Relief from stress • Overall well-being • Proven methods and benefits

Four Productivity Tools Every Freelancer Must Have

Freelancing is not just writing as and when you please. It is much more than that. A good freelancer is one who is aware of the developments in his field of interest or expertise. Above all, a freelancer should be able to enhance productivity through effective time management. Here are some of the productivity tools that could come handy to any freelancer: Good internet connectivity: A good foundation is the basic requirement if you wish to build anything. Likewise, a freelancer cannot expect to increase his/her productivity if she does not have a good internet connection with high speeds. Time lost in uploading/downloading data means that you lost an opportunity to earn more. So, if you want to be productive, get your basics right. Scheduling software: It takes a lot of time to get things done. It is always advisable to plan ahead and save time. A good scheduling software/app can help you in saving loads of time. Some of the popular software includes Google calendar, Asana, Evernote and much more. Choose one that fits your need and get going. Writing software: Although Microsoft word is still used by most of the writers, many are switching to other software like Scrivener, Zen Writer and the like. All such software helps the writers to concentrate on the task without giving in to distractions. Editing tools: It is always advisable to get your work reviewed before sending it across to the client. Thorough editing, spelling and grammar check is necessary. You can find numerous apps and sites that can help you in eliminating such mistakes. Some of the popular tools are prowritingaid, Grammarly, Hemmingway app and the like. You can choose one that suits your need. There are many more tools available for a freelancer to enhance his productivity. You can get several time management tools, calendars, scheduling apps, bookkeeping apps and much more on the internet. Choose wisely and use them to increase your productivity.

Ancient Sages of India – Epitome of knowledge and self-realization

Ancient Sages of India – Epitome of knowledge and self-realization Modern science is making seemingly new discoveries every now and then. All of us are awed to know so much about the universe we live in. Each one of us, who take the time to pause and think about it, cannot help wondering at the marvel that sustains the universe as it is. However, for an ancient civilisation that we know as India today, these are all not new discoveries but a reiteration of what its ancient sages and munis have stated. For instance, the modern world attributes the knowledge that earth is round to the Greek thinker Pythagoras, whereas in the ancient Sanskrit texts, it has been clearly mentioned that the earth is round through phrases like ‘bhoogolam dadarsha:’ (saw the round earth) and the like. Similarly, many so-called new discoveries made by modern science have been already discovered by the ancient rishis of India. In the olden days, education in the Indian culture was entirely different to what is being practiced today. Children would go to the abode of teachers (gurus) and spend years and years learning directly from the Guru. Almost all the teaching was done orally, with the Guru reciting shlokas and explaining them in detail. Only when the child has understood the true meaning of the shloka would the teacher proceed to the next shloka. The guru (teacher) took care of all the aspects of the shishya’s (student) growing up. He was trained not only in the scriptures but also in using weapons, household chores and the like. So, the child grew up acquiring multifaceted knowledge and talents. This ensured the overall development of the child – rather than concentrating only on one or two facets. Meditation had a great place in the learning process. Very often, students are required to meditate on the shlokas and come up with explanations on their own. The focus was on self-realisation and self-awareness. The time spent on meditation is a time for reflection and rejuvenation. While it rests the body, it energises the brain and helps the child to analyse and understand things better. The gurus themselves would spend hours meditating and reflecting. Very often, they would add to the current wealth of knowledge by bringing in their own perspective and knowledge. A closer look at India’s scriptures would reveal that the rishis were knowledgeable in a vast array of subjects – whether it is mathematics, medicine, astronomy, astrology or even aviation, they were known to be experts. Some texts even suggest they knew teleporting, interstellar travel and the like. However, as most of them did not care for fame or recognition, and the knowledge was shared orally, most of the knowledge was lost over time, resulting in a vacuum. Whatever little evidence that is available now suggest that they were indeed people of great knowledge and self-realisation.

All about Car Servicing costs – How to keep your car in good condition

We all are enthusiastic about buying a car. But, many of us do not give much importance to getting the vehicle serviced at regular intervals. Most of us go by the dictum – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Many of us think that the cost incurred on car servicing is a waste. However, the truth is that even though the servicing costs could be high, the cost of not taking the car for periodical servicing could be far higher in the end. Although it is widely believed that the carmakers and dealers earn most of their money after the car has been delivered – through service costs and sale of spare parts – servicing can be termed as a necessary evil. Here is a detailed look at the common servicing costs and the reasons why you should not ignore servicing your car at regular intervals. Why opt for servicing? Apart from the services covered in the warranty (if any), all the car services are paid services. This means the car owner will have to incur periodical costs to keep his car in great running condition. For the makers and dealers, service is a means of ensuring a stable income that helps in offsetting the revenue deficiency incurred during the sale of a car. It is an open secret that the parts and servicing are an important means to ensure profitability as a whole. Does that mean one should not opt for servicing? No, never. On the contrary, regular servicing helps the car owner to keep his ride in prime condition. By taking the car for periodic servicing, the owner makes sure that the entire mechanism runs smoothly. However luxurious your ride is, if you don’t give it adequate care, it is bound to develop some problem or the other, taking away all the joy of owning and driving the car. As cars operate in varied conditions and temperatures, the engines are bound to suffer wear and tear. Ongoing care is one of the surest ways to keep the cogs moving smoothly under all circumstances. Periodic change of oils, tuning of engine parts, caring for the brakes and tyres as well as giving the car a good wash are some of the routine servicing, which needs to be undertaken by a car owner. This will ensure a smooth functioning of the system while increasing the longevity of the vehicle. Any worn and torn part has to be changed and special care ought to be given to critical parts like the brake. Furthermore, every manufacturer prescribes a maintenance schedule for each of their cars. Sticking to it will automatically result in better maintenance of the car, which in turn ensures a smooth ride. The service intervals are prescribed after years of experience and experimentation. Hence, anyone who diligently follows the service schedules given in the owner’s manual would stand to benefit a lot in the long run. How often should a car be serviced? These days, the norm is to get the car serviced every 15000 km. In the earlier days, this was as low as 5000 km. However, better engines and better technologies have made sure that the car is capable of running more distance without having been serviced very often. Although regular servicing is by no means cheap, the benefits off set the expenses incurred. It is common knowledge that a well-maintained and regularly serviced car would be smoother to drive and would last longer. Hence, even if you don’t drive around too much, it would be wise to take the car for servicing every six months or sooner. Benefits of regular servicing All vehicle manufacturers invariably suggest service schedules to ensure a smooth running of the vehicles. The benefits of regular servicing are many, such as: • The car will run smoothly • Engine life increases considerably • Oil changes and other necessary processes are addressed • The chances of wear and tear going unnoticed are minimal • Overall safety of the car is enhanced • A well-maintained car fetches more value in the used car market • Properly maintained car could offer better mileages too Where do I get my car serviced? Well, the obvious answer would be the authorised dealer. However, it is not necessary that you take the car to the authorised dealer, even if the car is under warranty. A statement issued by the ACCC has made it clear that the manufacturer warranty is valid as long as the conditions in the user agreement are adhered to. It means that you can take your car for servicing to any licensed mechanic without the fear of the warranty being void. So, you need not fall prey to the propaganda by the makers and dealers that the warranty would become void if the servicing is done by an authorised dealer. Australian law is very clear on the matter and states that ‘the consumer has a statutory right to make sure that the manufacturers’ warranties are valid even when the vehicles are serviced by independent workshops using fit for purpose parts and qualified technicians’. However, it is always wise to exercise caution while taking your car to an independent workshop. In most cases, extended warranties offered by individual dealerships might become void if the car is serviced by an independent workshop. Service Camps Many makers offer periodic service campaign as a marketing technique. You can make use of such opportunities to get free software updates as well as a thorough check up. Of course, any spare part or replacement could cost you, but the overall service could come free of cost. Australian consumer law also gives the customer the right to ask the service personnel to use the spare parts provided by them. However, they service personnel can refuse to use it if it is of inferior quality. Dealerships are more likely to use genuine parts while servicing cars, whereas the independent workshop might use a cheaper alternative. Other options The car owner can explore various other options like capped price servicing offered by the makers and dealers. The key is to understand the rights and options available and exercise them wisely.

Go Green with your car with these simple tips

These days, the focus is on going green. Whether it is your car, home, office or your neighbourhood, the spotlight is on becoming environment-friendly. Global warming and other threats are looming ahead of us like never before. It is no wonder then that celebrities like movie star Leonardo DiCaprio are using platforms like the Academy Awards (popularly known as Oscar) to bring our attention to it. As a common citizen, one of the ways in which we can contribute to the cause of environment is by making our cars greener. However much we try, we may not be able to get rid of the car completely. So, the next best thing is to ensure that our vehicles are not contributing to the carbon footprint. Here are some simple tips to help you in that goal. Regular service – Most of us go slack on car service once the free service schedule ends. After that, you take your car to the service station only when it develops some problem that requires expert care. However, experts suggest that you get your car serviced at regular intervals. It would make sure that the engine performance is at prime, tyres are properly inflated, parts such as air filters are replaced and much more. Through regular service, you will change your cars fluids regularly and ensure that the car is in excellent condition. This reduces emissions, optimises fuel consumption and eliminates the need for costly repairs. So, never miss the date with your service centre again. Don’t change cars frequently – You might be someone who loves to buy a new car as soon as it hits the road. However, it helps the environment if you keep your current car longer and refrain from buying new cars every few months. A little care can go a long way in extending the life of your current vehicle. You’ll save many dollars on EMIs and insurance too. This would mean less pressure on both the environment and your pockets. Recycle/reuse – This, again, is a focal point in going green. You should either recycle or properly dispose of motor oils, batteries, tyres, car fluids and other parts so that you don’t contribute to the waste. Even if you are selling your old car as scrap, make sure that none of the parts would cause harm to the environment. Give your car only to an authorised treatment facility to be scrapped. Re-power – Sometimes your engine would show serious troubles. In such cases, find out if re-powering the engine can solve the problem. A re-manufactured/rebuilt engine will give a new life to your car. It also means that you will get a well performing, fuel-efficient car for a price as little as the cost of an average down payment on a new car. In short, going green with your car is just as easy as being car care aware. Until you get a truly green car, such as an electric or hybrid car, undertake basic vehicle maintenance to protect the environment and to enjoy the additional benefit of improved fuel economy.

Home Safety Tips for the Elderly

As the joint family system gave way to smaller families and nuclear families, the number of elderly living independently or alone has also increased considerably. Although the near and dear ones constantly worry about the well-being of the elderly, it might not be practically possible for them to be with the elderly all the time. But, they can ensure the lives of older people living alone are safer. Some of the common problems encountered by the elderly are falls, burns, threat of theft and other crimes among others. Here are some tips to make the home safe for the elderly who live alone: Always keep the emergency numbers handy - If there is more than one phone, make sure that each phone contains a list of emergency numbers. It should ideally contain the numbers of a family member or friends to be contacted in case of emergency, physician’s number, police helpline, fire helpline as well as emergency ambulance services. Prevent falls – Even a small fall could prove fatal to the elderly, as it might result in fracture or other complications. Encourage them to use walking sticks if they have difficulty in walking. Have railings installed in bathrooms, toilets, and corridors so that they can hold on to it. Make sure the floor is not too smooth or slippery. In case they are, use non-slippery foot wares. Also, arrange for a push button alarm to alert others in case of an inability to move due to a fall. Ask them never to rush to answer phone or doorbells. Always carry a mobile phone. Home safety – Always keep the hallways, stairs, and pathways well-lit and free of obstacles. Even a small item like a book or shoe lying on the floor can be dangerous to the elderly. Railings are a must for the stairs. Never put rugs at the top or bottom of the stairs as it could lead to slips. Make sure the rugs on the other parts of the house do not slip away when stepped on. Fire safety – Fireproof the house by installing fire-fighting systems. In the case of a fire, call the emergency number at the earliest and get out of the house. Don’t wear loose clothes while cooking. Always turn off the gas cylinder after cooking. If you are prone to forget it, put a reminder on the mobile. Never run the damaged appliances. Never smoke in bed. Install smoke detectors. If using heaters, make sure they are placed away from the objects that can catch fire easily. Switch off heaters and geysers when not in use. Medicines – Keep all the medicines in the original containers and keep them handy. Always take the medicines after checking the labels. External threats – Lock the windows and doors properly, especially at night. Never let any stranger inside the home. Don’t be pressurised into buying anything from a salesperson or making a donation. Before appointing a maid or other domestic helps, do a thorough background check. Remember, it is always better to be safe than be sorry.

Abandoned in the old age – Is there a solution?

Of late, there have been newspaper reports that old parents were abandoned at the premises of places of worships. It was revealed that the children brought the hapless old parent to the place of worship on the pretext of taking them on a pilgrimage. These unfortunate people were then left behind – their children often tell them to wait in a particular spot until they return, but even after hours of waiting, they will not return. It is only then that they realize their own brood has abandoned them. Although this is a social problem, and has to be tackled in that manner, we, as individuals, can take care of some things. If you are an elderly and even if you believe that your kids won’t abandon you, it would be wise to be cautious. Here are some tips to safeguard your well-being in old age: Keep the assets in your name – It was seen that in most cases of abandonment, the children had made the parent to transfer the properties and other assets in their own name. In view of such circumstances, it is prudent to keep your properties and savings in your name. Of course, you can draw up a will and arrange for the properties to be passed on to your children after your death. Until then, it is advisable to keep them in your name. Keep an eye on what is happening around you – It would be good to keep your eyes and ears open to know what is happening around you. It is not that you should not trust the people around you. You should rather be aware of what is happening, so that you will be able to note it if something is amiss. It is better to be safe than sorry. Make yourself useful – It is often seen that when people do something useful and helpful to others, they are appreciated. So, instead of adding to the burden, try to do your little bit in running the household. Sometimes, even keeping quiet on certain matters could be helpful. Stay fit – One of the greatest favours that you can do to yourself and others is staying fit. It means that you will not have to depend on others for your daily needs. It also means the others can devote their time and energy in doing things they love and not on you. It means lower medical bills and better happiness in life. Stay active – Try to be an active participant in activities outside the home too. Join some club or group of like-minded people and do something along with them. This would keep you engaged and motivated. It would also help in building relationships and if you have any trouble, they could counsel you and stand by you in times of need. Old age is not something that has to be feared or repulsed. It too can be enjoyed. If you take the right steps, you would see that there is no need to feel fragile or abandoned in old age. Instead, you can live it to the fullest.

Difficulties faced by older persons in India

Although elders make up a sizeable chunk of the Indian population, there is nothing much done for their welfare. There is no system to take care of them during the sunset years of their lives. As such, they are left to fend for themselves. Whatever little welfare schemes and measures are in place, seldom reach the beneficiaries. This is mainly due to the apathy of the establishment. The fact that most of the elders are unaware of their rights also contributes to their dismal condition in the country. As a result, the extended lifespan, which should have been a blessing, is now another factor that adds to their woes. Below are some of the common difficulties faced by the older persons in India. These can be discussed broadly as under: Health and care The absence of dependable physical and mental health care availability is the most common difficulties faced by the older people in India. Additionally, the lack of community and social care for the elderly makes their lives difficult. They face many health and nutritional problems due to lack of proper support. Income and housing Although the lifespan of people has increased, it has created problems for the elders in the form of less or nil employment opportunities. As on grow old, transportation, housing and income are major concerns. Many of the senior citizens are forced to live under inhumane living conditions. Social networks and customs As Indians place a lot of importance on traditions and customs, the elders are often forced to keep up the social interaction with family and friends. Elders without families face social alienation and may end up depressed and lonely. Furthermore, the customs and beliefs prevalent in the society also put a limit to their aspirations and ambitions. Fitting into the predetermined pattern of living – like the thought that once you are old, you shouldn’t concern yourself with what is going on around you or that one should say his prayers and sit in a corner minding his own business - could be difficult for an elderly who was active in his early life. Under such circumstances, he could even lose the will to live. Other concerns There are many more problems like lack of educational access and opportunities, the absence of leisure opportunities, harassment from family members because of money, dependability on others, lack of information on the rights and privileges and the like. Lack of societal and family support is one of the leading reasons for increasing incidents of crime against elderly in India. Solution There is no single solution for these problems. However, an empathetic family and society can make a huge, positive change in the lives of the elderly. In addition to this, the government and the administration should take senior citizen friendly measures to improve their quality of life.

Mazda CX-3 – Why is it a Good Bet?

According to The Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries' VFACTS report, the big and burly SUVs are slowly giving way to the compact SUVs in Australia too. Moreover, with the economy under the weather globally, an increasing number of people are looking to buy a compact, easy to handle and affordable SUV in Australia. Interestingly, the recently launched Mazda CX-3 seems to be the preferred choice for many. When you take a closer look at the car, it should not come as a surprise to you that this car is doing well out there. Right from the looks to the pricing, this long awaited sub-compact SUV has managed to get almost everything right. At the first glance itself, the sharp front-end adorned with sleek headlights and a prominent grill, in the Kodo design language, grabs your attention. The prices of Mazda CX-3 start just below $20k, making it one of the most affordable compact SUVs in the market at present. You can choose between the 2.0-litre petrol engine and the 1.5-litre diesel engine. Additionally, you can choose either the front wheel drive or the all wheel drive variant. The power-packed engines offer a punchy performance, backed by good fuel economy of 6.1-litre per 100 km. On the inside, the cabin feels uncluttered and inviting. The steering mounted controls are handy too. The manually adjustable seats are comfortable, but their high sides make ingress and exit a bit tricky. Furthermore, the all wheel drive feature has taken a toll on the overall boot space. The luggage capacity is 264 litres, which is expandable to 1174L thanks to the 60:40 split-fold rear seats. The car offers standard safety features like • Traction control system • Reversing camera, satellite navigation, trip computer • Side airbags, seatbelts - pre-tensioners Specifications: (2015 Mazda CX-3 Maxx) Engine type MULTI POINT F/INJ Engine Size 2.0L Cylinders Inline 4 Max. Torque 192Nm @ 2800rpm Max. Power 109kW @ 6000rpm Pwr: Wgt Ratio 88.9W/kg Bore & Stroke 83.5x91.2mm Compression Ratio 13 Transmission 6 speed automatic Drive Type Front Wheel Drive Final Drive Ratio 4.325 Fuel Type - Unleaded petrol Fuel Tank Capacity 48 Litres Fuel Consumption (Combined) 6.1L / 100km Our verdict is, despite the little niggles, the Mazda CX-3 is a good bet mainly because of its affordable pricing and fuel economy. The compact size makes parking and handling easier. Overall, the car is a potential winner.

Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple

Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple is located at Kaviyoor in Pathanamthitta District. Popularly known as Thrikkaviyoor Mahadeva Temple, this shrine is dedicated to Mahadeva (Lord Shiva with Parvathi). Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple, placed on a small hillock, is one among the most important Siva Temples in Kerala. The temple is very ancient and is known for its unique architectural style. The Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple is also called as Hanuman Temple. It is believed that the idol here was installed by Lord Rama in the presence of Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman, Sugreeva and Vibheeshana, while returning to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile. As is the case of the temples in Kerala, the Kaviyoor Mahadeva Temple also follows strict dress codes and other rituals. Non-Hindus cannot enter beyond the outer wall of the temple. Photography is also prohibited. The festival held in December/January of every year and Hanuman Jayanthi, are the main festivals celebrated here. Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Temple, Bhagavathy Temple, Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple, Valiyakoikal Temple, Sree Vallabha Temple and Kadamanitta Devi Temple are some other temples located nearby. Tourists can also visit Achankovil River, Perunthenaruvi Waterfall, Konni Forest Reserve and Muloor Smarakam while in Pathanamthitta. All these sites are easily accessible by auto rickshaws and taxis.

Painting as a Career – Opportunities and Challenges

Painting, which many consider as a hobby, need not be a past time activity only. Unlike in the past, the modern times offer innumerable opportunities for an artist to make a successful career out of his passion. However, no career can take off without proper planning and timely guidance. Hence, it is essential to understand the challenges and opportunities offered by the various choices before you. Before we delve into the details, let us understand who is a painter and how can he/she be a professional. Who is a Painter? Painter is a generic term used to address the artists who commission their paintings to private or corporate collectors, displays their works in museums or art galleries, or are hired for various artistic works like painting a portrait or landscape. They work in their own studios or for established art houses or even artist collectives. They can be seen in various establishments like media, educational institutions, art galleries and the like. Painting Careers Painting careers vary in their scope. Here are some of the lucrative career options if you are looking to make your career in painting: • Art Therapist – An art therapist uses the creative process of art for the physical, mental and emotional betterment of individuals. It is considered an effective method of resolving conflicts and stress, by boosting self-awareness and self-esteem. • Arts Administrator – A career in managing art programs in education, therapy, or public service waits an arts administrator. Overall supervision, applying for grants, reporting to the donors and governing bodies of the organisation, and planning for the organisation are some of the tasks included. • Art Restoration Specialist – A specialist will be entrusted with the cleaning, repairing, and restoring a damaged work of art to a condition similar to its original state. He/she would have to work with rare and valuable works of art regularly. • Visiting Artist – This gives you the option of mixing your studio time with teaching. The resources of the host organisation can be used to fine-tune your skills. • Commercial Artist – Such an artist is involved in the process of producing art for promotional materials and commercials. • Muralist – A muralist would work on extremely large works of art, which is applied to a wall, ceiling or floor. Different styles are used to enhance the beauty of the settings by mural artworks.

E-Learning Challenges and Solutions

E-learning is a learning method using technology that enables people to learn anywhere and anytime. Although it opens up many opportunities for learning, it is also full of challenges, especially for the L&D manager. The greatest challenge for him would be in maintaining a balance between the alignment of business interests and staff engagement. This is a huge challenge because, in many cases, these two are opposing factors. While businesses seek to manage change and talent for better results, the employees are more in need of flexibility, recognition, and support. Very often, one of them gets priority over the other and the L&D manager has to address this issue while delivering e-learning modules. However, the solutions could be as simple as the ones listed below: • Finding the problem – In most cases, people do not analyse the problem properly before recommending solutions • Listen (to everyone concerned) • Keep it simple • Respond quickly • Understand your learners - for instance, the British army converted some learning modules into an app as more than 80% of the soldiers had a Smartphone • Design the module to connect with the learners • Involve the managers • Communicate success stories

The importance of Childhood Oral Hygiene

They say that habits are not easy to change. Hence, it is important for parents to inculcate healthy habits in children as early as possible. It is easy to mould children and teach them good habits at a younger age. One of the best habits that parents can pass on to their children is to take care of their teeth. Proper oral hygiene habits established in early life can go a long way in ensuring healthy teeth for an entire lifetime. The foundation for healthy permanent teeth is laid during the first years of one’s life. Poor food habits and poor dental care like inadequate brushing of teeth among others during the first two years of life might result in tooth decay later in life. Caries in primary teeth increases the risk of caries in permanent teeth. Hence, it is imperative to give adequate dental care right from the childhood itself. Quite often, children learn from watching the elders. A parent who practices what he preaches – brush the teeth twice daily – makes it easier for the child to follow his or her example. A daily routine can be set and the importance of oral hygiene can be taught to the children. Brushing the teeth can become an integral part of daily routine if parents educate the kids on the need of oral hygiene. Most children like to imitate the parents and hence, parents should be mindful to take care of oral hygiene. Orthodontics Kid’s orthodontics is a branch of dentistry, which deals with the orthodontic conditions of a child. Sometimes, it is easy to correct the problem at an early stage. Moreover, prevention is always better than curing. By taking your kid to specialised Orthodontists, you can find out if she has an improper positioning of teeth when the mouth is closed (malocclusion), which results in an improper bite. Severe dental problems like jaw and teeth alignment are their forte too. Especially in kids, the best way to eliminate dental problems is to adopt preventive measures. Interceptive orthodontic treatment provides that opportunity to the child. If she needs a corrective dental work, that can be offered to her at the earliest. As more and more people are realising the importance of orthodontics, they are taking their kids to specialised kid’s Orthodontists. Dentists are stressing on the importance of oral health in children so that they have healthy teeth as adults.

Hotel Management as a Career in Australia

The hospitality industry is one of the major contributors to the economy of Australia. There are many opportunities awaiting a person wishing to make a career in Hotel Management in Australia. A land endowed with beautiful beaches, picturesque locations, and pleasant weather, Australia is a favoured world tourist destination. It is also an ideal place to learn hotel management and other hospitality courses. The country boasts of some of the top institutions offering hotel management courses at affordable rates. Careers in Hotel Management Hotel Management as a profession offers a wide variety of career options. Hotel Management is about not only chefs, bartenders, waiters and kitchen hands. It is also not limited to jobs in hotels. There are numerous opportunities in various industries for a hotel management graduate although the bulk of the opportunities lie in the hospitality sector. Potential Career Opportunities in Hotel Management A hotel management graduate can find a suitable job in any of the industries like • Commerce • E-commerce and technology • Education • Finance • Public sector • Hospitality • Sports and leisure • Human Resources • Media • Travel and tourism The possible jobs that a hotel management graduate can find across these industries include • Business development officer • Online consultant • Trainer or facilitator • Revenue manager • Event organiser • Community manager • HR manager • Marketing manager • Food & beverage manager • General manager • Operations manager • Public Relations Executive • Event Planner • Head of Catering & Hospitality • Guest Services Agent • Front Office Manager • Travel agent • Tour operator • Wedding planner • Hotel manager Evidently, hotel management as a career offer wide choices and it is up to the individual to make the most out of these opportunities. The Future The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it is likely to remain so for a long time. It means that the opportunities available to a hotel management aspirant are aplenty. Most international brands have a presence in Australia. Hence, they, along with the boutique hotels, event management companies, and other such businesses, make hotel management an attractive career option in Australia.

Children- Great Teachers

It is often felt that a child can teach you many things in an uncomplicated and most efficient manner. Whether it is loving unconditionally or forgiving one's mistakes, we can learn a lot from the children. A child loves unconditionally. It is not because of the n number of chocolates or toys that we gift them that they love us. They don't love us less for our weakness. They teach us that it is "ok" to make mistakes and that one need not unnecessarily fuss about it. They can easily forgive, forget and move ahead. When a mother scolds her child, the child cries calling the mother herself. A few minutes later the same child goes to her mother - may be for playing or for something else. She does not hold a grudge. Even if two children fight, they make up. But, if it were two adults who have had a fight, then how long does it take for them to forget and forgive before they can even talk to each other??? Children are far more caring and observant than we adults credit them with. I have often found my own children caring and thoughtful if ever I am ill. They are always ready to be of any help and even make it a point to console us in troubled times. The children don't judge us unfavourably - the way we do to them and others. They are more adapting and open. They are enthused and lively all day, almost every day! Once upon a time, even we were like that... Why did we change into the nasty things that we sometimes are to each other? Why don't we ever give the benefit of doubt to the other? Maybe it's because we have forgotten to be simple - in our thoughts and our lives. We have forgotten to find happiness in little things of life; instead, we complicate life unnecessarily by focussing everything on, and around 'us'. Maybe it's because we have inflated and pampered our egos in such a way that there is no scope for anything else. We have forgotten to be childlike - unconditional! May we all re-discover the child in us and live happily ever after!!!

Six Points to note before you make a Real Estate Investment

People look at real estate as an investment opportunity. Although low on liquidity, people consider it as an alluring investment because of the low risk. Real estate investments carry a positive risk vs. reward ratio. However, real estate is full of pitfalls too. If you ignore them, you may end up losing your hard-earned money. Here are some of the important factors to look at before you invest in real estate. Location - The real profitability of a real estate deal depends on its location. The first question one should ask is—what is the location? If the location is good, the property is likely to fetch you more. But, if the location were bad, you would stand to lose much. In case you are interested in a property in an unfavourable location, find out its future prospects. For example, if you know a township is about to come up in the area, it is worthwhile to buy the property now. Valuation - It is important to use correct valuation while investing in real estate. This depends on the purpose served by the property purchased. Use methods like sales comparison (compare rates with the recent sales of similar properties), cost method (cost minus depreciation) or income method (based on possible cash flows from rent etc). Purpose & Horizon - Before you buy a property, you should be clear on the purpose and the period involved. Real estate purchases often include high sums and low liquidity. So, if you were not clear on your aim, you would end up locking your funds. If you fail to plan well, the mortgages and other financial aspects can add stress. Cash Flows & Profit - If you are buying for investment purpose, you should lay down the cash flows to understand the profitability. Compare incomes with expected outflows like taxes and mortgages to work out the details. Do a cost-benefit analysis. Understand mortgages - Loans could be attractive at present. However, the opportunity cost might be high. When you take a loan, you are committing your future earnings to derive benefits today. Make a budget with expected expenses and inflows. Always read the fine print. Choose a mortgage loan that suits you best based on your earnings. Don’t hesitate to look out for a better deal. New or upgrade - New properties offer attractive pricing and customisable plans. They are well planned, documented and often come with clear titles. However, there could be a delay in completion and increase in costs due to the delay. It might not be practical to buy an existing property and upgrade it to suit your needs. But, it could save you some money and would give you the advantage of a previously established environment. To conclude, the real estate offers an attractive investment option. However, if one is not careful, it could become a nightmare too. Hence, it is prudent to consider the above factors and make a wise decision. Seek help from experts for specialised activities like land evaluation and scrutiny of legal papers. Once satisfied, sign along the dotted line.

Why you should be happy if your kid is bored

Mummy, I’m bored, It's boring... These are typical responses a parent might hear from their child these days. What’s more–we go Out of the Way to make them interested. Are you among those parents who hand out their mobile or the TV’s remote because your child is bored? If so, you are causing greater harm than you think. Surprised? Well, according to new studies, boredom can be beneficial to your child.Let’s find out how...We respond to their boredom by offering them structured activity or some technological amusements. However, if the children are bored, let them explore their inner minds and the outer worlds. When we offer them a structured time, we deny them the opportunity to be creative. When they encounter unstructured time, children will learn to imagine, create and connect to the world in a way you never thought was possible.If you always chart out their times and regulate their activities, they’ll never get the time to explore their passion. In fact, they’ll never know their passion, let alone pursue it. A bored child could wander into the backyard and build a castle, watch a bird or butterfly, write a song or story or talk to the kid next door. He might discover that there is more to life than playing games on gadgets or spending hours on social media.When you let them tackle the boredom this way, you are training them to manage their time. When they can decide how to spend the unstructured time, they are learning time management. As we are aware, nothing was made before it was imagined at first. Although you cannot give creativity to your child, you can give him an environment to tackle boredom in his own creative way.Parent responseWhen a child says he is bored, what should a parent do? First, give him all your attention. Stop doing whatever you are doing and listen to him for five minutes. Soon, the child will feel connected and may drive away his boredom.If he cannot do so, you can ask him to help you in what you are doing. Better still if you can find something to do together. Several activities are available for a screen-free time. Make a boredom buster box (a simple shoebox would suffice) and put ideas in it. The child can choose a random idea from it and do what is written in it. It could be something simple as ‘draw a face’ or something like ‘list the things in the room’.Despite everything, if your child can’t find anything to do, it is because:• He is so used to screen time he doesn’t learn to look inside himself• He is always told what to do and do not know what to do with free time• He lacks parental connection–you need to connect with him more oftenRegrettably, today we are raising our kids as screen addicts. As our kids get used to the thrill of electronics, the real life experiences fail to excite them. We have to help our kids to experience the real world and to be active physically. Limiting their screen time is one of the ways to help them widen their horizons.

Colours – More to Life

What would be our lives without colours? Rather dull and uninspiring, I am sure. Colours add to the beauty and meaning of objects. Without the colours around us, the world would really become duller. Different people like different colours. Some colours are also associated with some occasions. Studies have shown that colours affect our moods and feelings. Perhaps that is why our mood is uplifted when we see a patch of yellow sunflowers or a green lawn. Likewise, shades of black and grey might make us gloomy. It is said that certain colours like red and blue can even influence our blood pressure and mental peace. Almost all of us have a favorite colour. When we see that particular colour or wear the clothes of that colour, we feel our mood improving naturally. Likewise, certain colours like green have a therapeutic effect on the eyes. Ever wondered why the greenery outside brought a lot of happiness and instant relaxation to your mind and body? Certain colours have been branded as religious symbols too. Perhaps that is why an ochre colour reminds us of a sadhu and a white colour reminds us of a saintly figure. So, now you know why red is associated with revolutionary ideas and movements. Have you ever wondered why the sight of the grey sky dampens your spirit? Why do you feel rejuvenated looking at a clear blue sky? Have you ever stopped and looked at the rainbow across the sky and felt your heart bounding in joy? Well, imagine the scenes without colours… rather depressing, aren’t they? Certain colours like black are used to express grief and protest. Also, for a long time, the white colour, especially worn by women was deemed to be associated with widowhood. But, as time changed, the perception towards colours also has changed. Many colours, which were deemed undesirable, have now found acceptability. Even so, people are yet to be fully free from the clutches of discrimination around colours. People are considered acceptable or otherwise based on their colours. Even today, the colour obsessed society looks for fair and beautiful, while forgetting that dark can also be equally beautiful. Even in developed countries like the USA and across Europe, many people are going through a lot of discrimination just because of the colour of their skin. All said and done, it is true that without colours around us, life would certainly be dull and uninspiring – at least visually. Art will lose its charm, so would life. Let us appreciate that each colour has its place in this universe. A small change in the shade can go a long way in making or breaking someone’s day. Without black, white loses its meaning. Even a snow capped mountain looks attractive because of the contrast the black colour offers to the white snow. Whatever your favourite colour may be, let us be thankful that it is a colourful world around us! And let’s not discriminate against something or someone because of colour.

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