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Daily Sojourn

When I was dressed to the satisfaction of my expectations, I decided to wait a little longer to inspect.  While I stared into my reflection, I wondered if I'd be more jubilant if I looked like this customarily. If I woke up just exhilarated enough to treat myself to a long shower of aromatic foams and dried myself with plumose towels, mint green coloured, as I step out to hydrate my skin and flush its texture.  I inspected my face, perplexed by the minuscule effort it took to look as agreeable. It wasn't the semblance that got me muddled, but the procedure, as mundane as my life. If I did the exact same thing every day, why did I like myself so much today? I took a last glance before I left towards the voices that called out to me. One last glance, as I smiled and walked away.  Even my momentary attractiveness couldn't strap the detachment I revered. It's just that second I realised what I truly valued about myself and a bucketful of water to rinse me of my sleep, fit well into the spectacle of my big picture. And then it rained, while I waited down for a minute. Two men crossed by my side, trying to fit into the cramped space that wasn't left as their umbrellas struggled to steer clear of mine. They touched the faint green walls, marked with years of mottled experiences as they brushed aside trying not to make contact, even at the cost of a few shirt stains.  It only took them a minute to leave an imprint of courtesy while I stood there, only taking a minute to enhance their laundry expenses.  But those spots will be gone, and so was that minute. And I was pushed the very next second by a young man who was oblivious to my short lived rumination.  My one second agitation, ruined my isolated chance at smiling for those who put it on my face in the first place.  I looked up, and they were gone, immersed in a sea of bobbling heads, full of hair. 

Pellets in my Body: Terrorism, who’s Responsibility?- Abstract

In 2005, when the doctrine of “R2P” was adopted by the member nations of the UN, the international community pulsated with applauses as it was considered a historic victory for the cause of Human Rights. With the scope of the doctrine drastically tightened, adopting a quality approach, “Crimes Against Humanity” qualified as one of the atrocities for international protection. This paper, in its first part, provides an analysis of the jurisprudence and development of the perplexing definition of Crimes Against Humanity with reference to interpretations provided by International Tribunals and the International Criminal Court. Meanwhile, Pakistan has been looming with the ghosts of its policy’s pasts, which has steered widespread religious radicalism. This paper, in its second part, further investigates the reasons for these increasing activities of terror, particularly by the Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP) that has secured deeper roots in the tenets of the politics of Pakistan, which has led to rampant human rights violations. With the civilian population being the victims of this internal terror and the failure of the sovereign state of Pakistan to protect them, the author recommends the need to include domestic terrorism under the ambit of Crimes Against Humanity and invoking R2P in Pakistan, which will be addressed in the last part of this paper.


According to the latest statistics from the U.S. Department of State’s 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report almost 27 million humans are victims of human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation. With the predominant use of computers and the Internet, trafficking in person has virtualized its approach by using cyber space to carry out Human Trafficking. The recruitment of victims through the Internet, covert transactions between the buyer and the trafficker and anonymity of the racketeers makes investigation extremely difficult. This paper will help create a deeper understanding of how Cyber Trafficking takes place, the lack of domestic and international laws to identify and penalize it and attempts to propose a solution for the prevention, adjudication and protection of the victims from the increasing instances of cyber trafficking.

Genocide in Rwanda - Introduction

“If human is capable of conducting genocide, no need for an asteroid to wipe out dinosaurs.” -Toba Beta 19-year-old Adeline, a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide, experienced the horror of witnessing the death of her family in front of her own eyes. After encountering her parents, three sisters and two brothers death in Gitarama on the 14th of April, she fled along with her 14-year-old sister and managed to hide in a trench for 2 days. Believing that the situation must’ve improved, they naively came out of the trenches from where, they were picked up by the Interahamawe and taken to a nearby hill, where each girl in their captivity was raped systematically. Also Adeline witnessed her 14-year-old sister being raped in front of her own eyes on numerous occasions. From here men repeatedly raped her, even those who she knew and trusted. The last straw in her entire ordeal was the killing of her sister by the Interahamawe. She was shattered. “I ventured out of the house, hoping someone would kill me, or even rape me until I would die. I was filth, covered in blood, smelling. I looked like a walking dead. I kept walking calling for the killers to come and get me.” Adeline was eventually rescued by the Rwandan Patriotic Army and was taken to a make shift clinic for treatment. She has since then found that she is HIV Positive.

Client Reviews


Oct 12, 2017 10:12

Thanks. Again, the first article was poorer in quality to the second - not sure why.
2 articles

Oct 12, 2017 03:08

She is a marvellous writer with good human values :)
Order No 101

Oct 11, 2017 16:48

Good work, though from your samples, expected little better.
2 Articles, 250 words each

Oct 09, 2017 14:19

Excellent. Good grammar and content. I would like to work with you again.
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