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Lansdowne is a picturesque town in Northern India, Situated about 250 km away from India's capital New Delhi, it is the nearest hill station from the national capital. At an altitude of 1,706 mt it is one of the quietest and beautiful hill station in India. Lansdowne is an ideal place to refresh your mind and soul because of its decent weather and divine environment. Tip and Top or Tiffin Top is a view point which offers some tremendous views of surrounding Shivalik hills of Garhwal. You can have the awesome sight of snowy mountains and kingfishers from here, Undoubtedly it is one of the most important spot in Lansdowne and if you are a bird lover, then it is a must. St. Mary's Church, surrounded by thick Pine and Oak trees takes us back to the British era, this charming Gothic styled church is a perfect place for rejuvenation of one's soul. This church is now converted into a small museum. It offers marvelous view of the surrounding which is full of greenery. Lover's Lane is one of the best place to trek in the entire area, one side of the lane is covered with Oak and blue Pine trees while there is a cloudy valley on the other side which gives the impressing sights of the astonishing Himalayan peaks. St. John Church, Santoshi Mata Temple, Regimental Museum, Hawaghar, Bhulla Tal etc are some other great tourist spots in Lansdowne. Lansdowne is about 250 km from the capital city of Delhi, nearest railway station is Kotdwar (about40 km) which is well connected by Delhi. By road it is located on National Highway 119 and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport at Dehradun which is about 150 km away.

Amritsar "Jewel Of Punjab"

'Amritsar' which means a pond of nectar is a vibrant Indian city located in the state of Punjab. The city is one of the important tourist places in India. Amritsar is the spiritual and cultural capital for Sikhism. The Harmandir Sahib or The Golden temple is the most prominent and the holiest Gurudwara of Sikh religion. The temple's dome is fully covered with gold, hence it is known as the Golden temple. It is the 4th most popular heritage site in the world. The Guru Granth Sahib, the most sacred text of Sikhism is kept in the temple during day time and it is kept in the Akal Takht in the night. The Golden temple also runs one of the largest kitchen in the world(Langar) which serves about 1 lakh people daily, the meal served here is totally free of cost. The 16th-century temple, the Durgiana temple is another important holy place in the city. This Hindu temple is dedicated to goddess Durga and it is also known as the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. The interior of this temple is splendid, There are beautifully engraved paintings of the goddess. This temple is constructed on the pattern of the Golden temple and it is also known as the Silver temple because of its magnificent silver gates. Jallianwala Bagh is a historical landmark and memorial of hundreds of innocent souls who have died in the massacre on a peaceful gathering of people for the Independence of the country. The Gunshot marks on some walls are still there. About 28 km from Amritsar, Wagah Border is located which is the only road border between India and Pakistan. It is also known as Atari Border Crossing, this road connects Lahore and Amritsar. The Beating Retreat and Change of Guard is a brilliant ceremony which takes place ever day before 2 hours of sunset. The flag ceremony is Conducted by the Border Security Force(BSF) of India and the Rangers of Pakistan. Dedicated to the founder of the city Guru Ram Das, Ram bagh is a beautiful Garden in Amritsar, the famous Historical Banyan tree(also known as 'Shaheedi Bohr') is located just outside of this Garden. Apart from this places Ram Tirath, Mata temple, Tarn Taran Sahib, Pul Kanjari(Unesco World Heritage Site), Khoo Kalyanwala, Jama Masjid, Samadhi of Guru Angad Devji and Kaiser bagh park are another marvelous tourist places in Amritsar. If you are a foodie then Amritsar is a great place for you, Kesar Da Dhaba, Kulcha Land, Guru Ram Das jalebi Wala are some of Amritsar's famous and awesome places to feed your stomach. Amritsar is situated on the historical Grand Trunk road, and is about 460km from New Delhi, by rail Amritsar is well-connected to rest of the India. Amritsar is home to Guru Ramdas Ji International Airport which is one of the important airport of the country and hence well-accessed. Best time to visit: October to April. Bonus: You must try the world famous Amritsari Lassi of Ahuja milk bhandar, it tastes too delicious not to try.

Why E-commerce is giving a tough time to conventional shopping?

Nowadays people prefer to shop online than normal shopping. Due to plenty of advantages and benefits e-commerce is taking over the established consumer base. The marketing strategies can work very effectively in E-commerce because online stores can easily understand the requirement of the consumers and fulfill it by the attractive offers on the products, organize online sales, special discounts, and lowest prices, unlike the conventional way where it takes a lot of time and effort which ultimately benefits the consumer. With the arrival of social media and growth of information technology, E-commerce is growing exponentially. Reasons why E-commerce is giving a tough time to the traditional shopping: Price Difference : Usually the showroom prices are way higher than its E-commerce counterparts, this is especially very prominent for electronic items. Unlike the physical stores, online marketplaces are free of extra taxes and surcharges, so it is cheaper with a high price difference. Offers and Discounts : In online stores, we can find lots of offers and discounts. With the advent of the startup era, many startups are providing various promotional offers and as opposed to the traditional stores, they provide these offers throughout the year. Varieties: while shopping from the standard shops gives us limited options to decide from with their limited range of products, the story is not the same with E-commerce. As sometimes we have to compromise with our choices while shopping in physical stores, the online stores will give you the freedom to choose from tons of local and international brands, so that we can find the required items conveniently. Fewer Expenditures : Traditional shopping makes your pocket lighter whereas online shopping can make wonders reducing your credit card bills. It is way cheaper than its conventional counterpart. Convenience : Convenience is probably the best benefit among all in online shopping. Not only we can purchase anything at any time but we also don't have to wait for the timings of the shop. So if you don't have enough time to ride your car to the store, E-commerce will always come handy. Discreet Shopping : In online shopping, you can buy the confidential items which you may hesitate to buy from the stores. Also, the availability of private items is way higher than the physical stores considering the social taboos. So you have more choices to buy without being uncomfortable. In short online shopping is making our lives easier, plenty of varieties and affordable prices are icing on the cake. If you haven't shopped online yet, it's the high time to start shopping.

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Exactly what I was looking for :)
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I've rated writer one of the best writers I've worked with is simply because this writer understood the work well. Thank you very much
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Nice work. This will be a great addition to my marketing Thanks
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