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3 Biggest Tech Myths That We Face In Our Day To Day Life.

In this growing world of technology, tech myths can be difficult to disapprove. There are a lot to myths and hoaxes that we face in our day to day life and here are some of them like more network bars in our cellphone means better network, more megapixels means better camera and good quality of photos and many more. In this article I will provide you a brief note about all these myths and also give you a complete overview about why you should not believe these myths and improve your mindset in terms of technology. So here are 3 Biggest Tech Myths that you probably face each and every day and should stay away from them. 1. We should not charge our phone overnight. While talking about this topic, if we consider the Nickel-Centric batteries that we used in the cellphones some years before then yes this was a fact that if we overcharge the cellphone then the battery start to overheat and if it was left on charging for too long then it would reduce the battery performance. But now in today’s cellphones we use Lithium ion Batteries and the smartphones are so smart that they totally manage the power and do not let the device to overcharge. The only problem is poorly designed cases that do not the let heat dissipation and hence lead the phone to heat. 2. More Network Bars Means More Range. The more bars on your mobile screen means more network? Not really. The more bars on your mobile phone just means the distance between the tower of the service provider and your mobile phone. The actual range and the network depends upon the number of customers connected to the tower of your service provider nearby and the range is distributed between the customers. The more the customers the lesser is the range. 3. More Megapixels Means Clear Photo. In today’s life of technology, people like to keep their social life more updated. For a good updated social life people choose to take a smartphone with a higher end camera which consist of higher megapixels. But the truth is that the megapixels is not the only factor that decide the quality of photos you take and the most common factors for good quality photos are the cameras lens, circuitry and sensor and also the mastery of yours on lightning, composition and camera’s controls are also important factors for a better quality photo.

A Tour to Paris

Visiting Paris is an experience that every traveler must have. Paris is the first city that I felt in love with. Despite of travelling more than 60 countries, it’s still my favorite country in the world. Whether you know it as the city of light, love or one of your bucket list destinations, Paris will leave you longing to return for more and more each time. World-famous museums, unforgettable cuisine and picturesque is just the beginning of what this great cosmopolitan country offers. Paris comprises of the magnificent Eiffel Tower and a ton of museums like, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Popes and many more.

Disastrous Facts about Smartphones

Smartphone being a very important part of life, it has an obliterating effect on our lives. Helping us to get connected to any part of the world, smartphones also consume most of our time in the entire day. According to a survey, a normal college student spends average 6 hours a day on mobile phones which invites various health issues like back problems, headache, migraine, laziness, and can also cause nomophobia (a fear of staying without a smartphone). Staying long on smartphones can also cause anxiety and also depression as we expect constant replies by our friends. A depressed person is 30% more inactive and ill then a normal person. Every time you spend a minute playing 8 Ball Pool is every minute loss of exercise.

Importance of Internet

Back a few years ago, people had no medium to share their information and express their views and opinions. But now they do, sharing information, expressing how you feel, your ideas and views can be shared easily in 21st century due to the power of internet. Internet is one of the greatest creations and biggest inventions till date and internet access provide you unlimited access to all the knowledge supply and a ton of entertainment. Gaining excess knowledge, sharing information, communicate with people, connecting to the world, online shopping, collaboration, work from home and many things are just possible due to internet.

Fantasy Football Keeper League

Do you want to know about keeper league and join it? It was created and promoted to provide entertainment for the players. There are many seasons in the game and the rules may change with the changing seasons. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there is no perfect way to play the game. Every keeper league sets their own combination of rules to suit their own need and players interest. The points given below describe the game play of the keeper league. Players 1. You can build your own team by selecting players of your choice. 2. Always choose the players wisely which are favorable for your team. 3. The number of players may range from 1 to 10 according to the rules of keeper league. 4. League Managers decide the number of players for every team from season to season. 5. You have to select the team in the given time frame. 6. This is the first step towards success.

The Mysterious Eiffel Tower

One of the most visited and listed in the Seven Wonders of the World, Eiffel Tower rules the Parisian skyline. It can be seen from any place in Paris. Designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel, the tower has been named after him. It was constructed to mark the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. You can get the most beautiful view of Paris when you go to the tower’s 3rd level which is at a height of 276 m. You can reach there using a lift from the second floor. The tower is lit up with golden lights and sparkles every day from sunset to 1 am and an amazing light show of five minutes is shown every hour.

An unexpected trip to Iran

On our yearly international trip, we never planned to go to Iran. Iran was like a mysterious country for us as we’d never been there, but after hearing some amazing stories about Iran, our mindset was totally changed. So with a bit planning, we decided to take off for Iran, today we really feel lucky that we did so. We traveled around a month exploring the beauty of Iran which has the tall Palm trees in the south, hot Deserts in the west, the freezing Mountains in the north, world’s biggest water cave and many more to see. If you love the nature and are passionate, Iran seems to be a perfect destination that you’d wish to visit.

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