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business technology trends for 2016

There’s a strong case to be made that Silicon Valley and nearby San Francisco have become the center of the world, displacing even New York and London. That’s because the computer industry is centered there, and technology currently is the number one force that is changing the business landscape. Even if a business has nothing to do with technology, it is strongly influenced by the trends that emerge from the Valley. Not only are the tools changing, so are the business processes as a result of new technology such as mobile, cloud computing and wearables. Technology trends Ever-evolving and adaptive technology is driving and transforming business every day. Businesses that want to thrive are in a constant race to adapt and take advantage of these technologies while they’re still relevant and useful, or otherwise these businesses eventually will fall by the wayside. Here are six technology trends that businesses will have to embrace to stay ahead of the game. Payments get even easier While every business today accepts credit cards, and even Grandma is getting savvy about transferring money via Paypal, the friction of making payments is going to be reduced even further in 2016. With Apple Pay, Google Pay and a litany of mobile payment solutions flooding the market, the trend is toward making payments as easy as a click of a smartphone button, reversing transactions just as easy and sending automatic invoices by email a snap. Right now this definitely is a business-led technology trend. Only 17 percent of consumers in a recent study said they pay for items using a smartphone most of the time, and adoption rates are low according to almost every study. But research firm, Gartner, predicts that the mobile payment industry will be worth $270 billion in transactions by 2017, up from $235 billion in 2014. That and a forward-thinking strategy has led businesses and technology firms to make a massive push for consumer adoption and the future of payments. Earlier this year, Google bought Softcard for its Google Pay solution. Samsung acquired LoopPay, and turned it into Samsung Pay. Paypal bought Paydiant in March for much of the same reason. And, of course, there’s Apple Pay, which the company says currently accounts for two out of every three dollars spent using contactless payments. In terms of merchant adoption, almost every day a new major retailer the likes of Target and Best Buy announces it’s now supporting one new payment system or another. Security becomes nonnegotiable No business leaves its doors unlocked at night, but the dirty little secret is that most businesses and their cloud service providers have been playing loose and fast with digital security.

Simple Winter Car Care Tips

Winter is just around the corner. For many drivers, that also means the challenges of winter car ownership are just around the corner, too, like salted streets, icy roads, freezing temperatures and heavy snow. How can you make sure your car is well cared for during the difficult winter months? We've listed eight simple car care tips that can go a long way toward making sure your car stays in great shape all winter long. Lighting One major hazard with winter driving is that the sun sets earlier in the day, which means there's less daylight, especially on your commute home. As a result, you'll want to do everything you possibly can to make sure all of your vehicle's lights are in excellent shape, providing the brightest possible illumination they can. If a bulb is out, fix it before winter starts, and if there's snow covering any exterior light, make sure you remove it before setting off to drive anywhere. If your headlights are foggy or yellow, consider replacing them or look into an easy restoration kit. Battery It's often more difficult for a battery to operate in cold weather than it is for a battery to operate in warm weather. As a result, a battery that's merely weak during the summer could turn into a dead battery during the winter. Our advice is to have a volt test performed on your battery before winter starts to make sure it's still in good working order. If it isn't, buy a new battery as soon as possible so you'll never have to worry about being stranded or left in a cold parking lot with a car that won't start. Coolant Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is tremendously important to your car, as it keeps the engine from freezing in cold temperatures. Before you head into winter, make sure your car isn't low on coolant and that there aren't any leaks in your vehicle's engine that could cause coolant to drain out. Many mechanics recommend drivers use a 50/50-mix of coolant and water in their radiators, which usually results in a lower engine freezing point than just coolant. Gasoline and Washer Fluid You might be wondering what gasoline and washer fluid could possibly have in common. The answer is that they're two automotive items you should try to keep full during the winter. You should try to keep your gas tank full for several reasons, like the fact that a full tank may prevent accumulated water from freezing inside your fuel pump and can help you stay warm by allowing the engine to stay running in case you get stuck. Meanwhile, a full windshield-washer reservoir is tremendously important, as messy road debris from a snowstorm can sometimes necessitate constant window washing to see where you're going.

SOLD! How To Write Real Estate Ads That Sell Properties Fast

If you’re doing business in real estate, one of the greatest skills you can acquire is the ability to create compelling property listings that sell properties quickly. The idea of “Selling” is something that scares a lot of people out of real estate. I used to hate the idea of being a “real estate salesman” because of all the negative connotations that went along with it (in my mind, anyway). When I finally came to the realization that selling is a MUST for any successful real estate investor – I had to start facing the issue head on, rather than running from it. What I eventually found was that selling real estate was actually a lot of fun! After selling several properties in my first year as an investor, I discovered that I had grossly misinterpreted what it meant to promote listings and get properties sold. What I assumed would be an awkward and annoying process, turned out to be a GREAT way for me to tap into my inner skills as a writer.

healthy lifestyle tips for kids

1. Food is Fun… Enjoy your food Sharing a meal with family and friends at home or at school is a great way to enjoy food. It is fun to see other people’s choice of food - what do your friends eat? Do you try different foods every day? Check out your lunch box or dinner plate. How many different kinds of fruit and vegetables can you spot? 2. Breakfast is a very important meal Just like cars, buses and trains cannot run without fuel, our bodies need energy to work. Especially after a night’s sleep, energy levels are low. So, whether you are off to school, or out and about at the weekend, start the day with breakfast. Plenty of carbohydrates is just the ticket: try toast or bread, or cereal with milk, fruit or yoghurt. 3. Eat different foods every day, variety is the recipe for health You need over 40 different nutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) every day for good health. Since there is no single food that contains them all, it is important to balance your daily choices. In fact there are no good or bad foods, so you do not need to miss out on the foods you enjoy. The best way to make sure you get the right balance is to eat a wide variety of foods each day. 4. Which group would you tip for the top? Base your food on carbohydrates About half the calories in your diet should come from carbohydrate foods, such as cereals, rice, pasta, potatoes and bread, so it is a good idea to include at least one of these at every meal. Try whole grain bread, pasta and other cereals to give you extra fibre. Have you tried baking your own bread? It’s good fun and smells wonderful! 5. Gimme five! Eat fruits and vegetables with each meal and as tasty snacks! Fruits and vegetables are among the most important foods for giving us enough vitamins, minerals and fibre. We should all try to eat at least 5 servings a day. For example, a glass of fruit juice at breakfast, perhaps an apple and banana as snacks and two vegetables at meal times. Then you have already reached your total. How many different kinds can you spot in the supermarket? Why not try some new ones? 6. Fat facts. Too much fat is not good for your health Eating too many of those fatty foods (such as fried potatoes, fried meats and sausages, pies and pastries) might not be so good for your body. Also go easy on fat spreads such as butter and margarines. Although we need some fats to get all the nutrients we need, it is better for our health if we don’t eat too much of these foods and get knocked off balance. So, if you have a high-fat lunch, see if you can have a low-fat dinner at home.


Overview The travel scene which has to be portrayed undergoes a lot of shaking, and nobody knows what would be the final picture when the shaking stops. With the rapid technological advancements and the inception of the internet and its ever increasing users, the era of magazines and paper outlets are slowly becoming obsolete for the purpose. The internet can handle a large number of travel content writers and freelance travel content writing jobs at one forum. So nowadays there are a number of people getting published at more rapid pace. Hence more income opportunities but truth is somewhat contradictory to the traditional anticipations. Expert Tips for Getting Started Powerful Portfolio – To establish yourself as a travel content writer it's a must to have a portfolio. It can be a blog or at least a portfolio website. This blog will exhibit your biography, your travel and social media feeds, upcoming travel tours. 1. Developing your Forte – With thousands of travel content writers on the internet, you should separate himself or herself from the others. Choose your area of interest like bikes, wildlife, etc. Post about them on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media you find useful for your growth. Comment on other people's sites, online forums. With time it will widen your knowledge horizon as well as will help you gaining mass attention and recognition. 2. Sustainability - To sustain the travel freelance content writing jobs is to have a clear story line. Your first and foremost task should be to decide the particular story you are going to write about and then describe the events that make up the story. The freelancing should be done only for a sufficient duration till you get recognised, say suppose for two years. Once you have built a sufficient portfolio, then you can stop being a freelancer. 3. Writing Style - Some of the unspoken demands of the travel content writing jobs includes writing in the first person, past tense and make your story a personal account with facts and descriptions. 4. Start with a brief introduction to let the readers get the tone of the story set. If there is some discovery or anything like that, make it clear in the first paragraph only. 5. Quotes and sayings that you would have encountered from the locales should be included as it would justify why it would take you longer to explain those things. 6. Get Published - Make your work published either online or print

Top 5 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016

Whether its proximity beacons in a store, health monitors strapped on patients or machines on a manufacturing line, Internet of Things allows complex links between data sources. As a Freelance technical Writers, I am going to explore top 5 strategic technology trends for 2016 1. IOT Platforms The integration, security, management as well as other latest standards and technologies of the Internet of Things platform are the fundamental set of abilities for securing, managing and making elements in the Internet of Things. In order to make the IoT a reality, it build the work information technology does behind the scenes from a technology and an architectural standpoint. It is a well known fact that the Internet of Things is an integral part of the ambient user experience and digital mesh and the dynamic and emerging world of Internet of Things platforms is what makes them possible. 2. Adaptive Security Architecture The complications of algorithmic economy and digital business incorporated with an evolving hacker industry which is increasing the threat surface for the firm. Depending on the rule-based security and perimeter defense is inadequate, especially as companies avail lots of cloud-based services and open APIs for partners and customers in order to combine with their systems. The leaders of Information tech (IT) should focus on checking and responding to threats in order to prevent attacks. 3. Information of Everything In 2016, Information of Everything (IoE) is another buzzword on the lips of everybody. In the digital mesh, all the things created, utilizes and transmits data .In order to connect data from all these data sources, IOE addresses this wide surge in data with technologies and strategies. With my personal experience as a Technical content writer, IOE play a vital role in today’s digital mesh. 4. Advanced Machine Learning In Strategic Technology Trends, deep neural nets move beyond information management and classic computing to build systems which may automatically learn to see the world. The complication of data and explosion of data sources makes manual uneconomic and analysis infeasible and classification. Deep neural nets automate this work and address key challenges linked to the IOE trend.

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