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The “Ugly-girl-Syndrome”

Remember Ugly Betty or her Indian version Jassi from “ Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi”. Despite the world trying to bring her down, she always bounced back and never wavered from her goal. We all have loads of insecurities in our life. It’s about how we use them- for our construction or our destruction. “I am not beautiful” being the most common insecurity among girls nowadays. Read on the article below to find out if you are also a prey to this self destructive syndrome-the 'ugly girl syndrome' and how you can overcome it. 1. The ugly friend- You constantly feel like you are the "ugly duckling" of your group. You are often overshadowed by the pretty girls in your friend circle. You secretly envy them. In fact, this syndrome will make you hate every good-looking girl even if you don’t know them. You need to understand the fact that while the outer beauty is moment inner beauty is eternal. The other girls may not have the qualities in them which you possess. So don’t let anyone steal your spotlight. Embrace that beauty in you. 2. You are still single– When someone asks you your relationship status you say that you are happily single but only your heart knows that that cute guy in the class, you have your eyes on, doesn’t even know you exist. :( If you have never been asked out then your body language could be the reason behind it. Bring out your personality and let people know the real you. If you like someone then firstly, you have to let them realize your presence. Don’t be afraid of being seen. 3. You try too hard to be likable- What you think you lack in looks, you try to make it up with your behavior towards others. You end up sacrificing your pleasures and happiness for the people who don’t even care to appreciate you. Having a helping nature is definitely a good thing but don’t go out of your way to impress others. You don’t need to try too hard for others to like you. Be careful otherwise people will start taking advantage of your niceness. You have the right to say ‘NO’ if you don’t want to do something. 4. You hate yourself- You avoid your mirror reflection, you avoid getting clicked and you avoid parties just because you hate yourself for not being pretty. You blame God every single day for creating you in this particular way. If you don’t love yourself, you can not expect others to. Remember, it’s not ugly the way you look, it’s ugly the way you act. Change your attitude towards yourself and see the difference in how people treat you. 5. Low self-confidence- You hold back yourself due to the lack of confidence in you. Even when you know that you can do a task better than others, you won’t step-up to do it. A simple trick to be confident is to pretend to be confident. Fake confidence for some time, and you will be surprised to see that it will come naturally to you. Confidence is sexy, always carry it. GET RID OF THIS SYNDROME TODAY AND BE YOUR BEST BEAUTIFUL. CIAO

Bestiality: Accused Teen in AIIMS

For those who don't know what the term BESTIALITY means, here's the Wikipedia definition of this term. "Bestiality is cross-species sexual activity between human and non-human animals." And it is a punishable offence under the Section 377 of IPC. A Delhi boy aged 18 had been brought to AIIMS by his parents to treat him for this unnatural behaviour. 22-1450774296-calf-cow-1 The teen who was involved in sexual activity with calves comes from the dairy farm area in Najafgarh located on the outskirts of South West Delhi. It is the second such case in two years. In the first case, the boy was accused of using two calves as a medium to satisfy sexual desire. During the brutal act, one calf died. Human DNA was detected from the anal and vaginal swabs of calves in a forensic science laboratory that confirmed the allegation. However, the patient felt no guilt or remorse of this. The doctors tried to treat him, but he ran away and never came back. This case has been published in the recent issue of Indian Journal of Community Medicine. Although All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has handled many rare cases, these kinds of instances come as a shock even to the doctors. Many such cases go unreported due to the fear of society. The Department of Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine of the hospital is treating the boy in the recent case. Why did he do it? "As reported by the patient, significant life events during his childhood and adolescence included witnessing domestic violence (father and brother beating their wives), the death of his mother when he was 13 years old, and him taking to alcohol at the age of 16 years. He was also sodomised multiple times at the age of 10-11 years," Dr Sujata Satapathy who is handling such cases at Department of Psychiatry at AIIMS said. aiims-pakistan-1_647_122215092152 When the team of doctors ran a background check on him, they found out that he often visited internet cafe and was exposed to explicit contents like bestiality on the pornographic sites at an early age. The violent behaviour of his parents at home, repeated sexual abuse in a prepubertal stage and then the exposure to the contents on porn sites turned him into a zoophile and affected his social-sexual-psyche and personality development. He could not find a right way to channel his anger and used the animals as his displacement defence mechanism. Doctors claim that the person involved in bestiality during his/her childhood is more likely to do even more heinous crime as an adult. This should not be taken lightly at all but as a warning sign for the society. It can be cured with proper treatment at the right time. Prevention is Better Than Cure Bestial behaviour does not arise overnight. There are various driving forces behind it. The upbringing, the environment a child grows in being on the top. If he sees that the people around him are using sex as a way of releasing their frustration, it will be permanently engraved in his mind. The emotional damage caused by any hurtful experience in the childhood fuels the disorder. Proper counselling should be provided to the child as well as the family because No One Is Born A Rapist.

Happy Singledom: 7 Things You Could Never Do With Your Partner

There are some unspoken rules while you are in a relationship that you should never dare break.These restrictions in relationships are what make singledom more fun. So if you have recently gone through a heart-wrenching breakup and turned single again, I will tell you why you should celebrate every minute of it. A list of things that you could never do with your partner, but now that you have been set free from that love cage, you can! 1. Check out other guys/girls- singledom PC: You step inside a nightclub and see a hot guy/girl standing across the bar. Now earlier when you were out with your girlfriend/boyfriend, even looking in that direction was out of the question. But now that you have no one to stand in the way, you can have a good look and even appreciate what you see. 2. Be a mess- You thought you can be a complete mess now that you have someone to take care of you, Right? NO, WRONG! Your partner will never want to be a part of your messy life. But when you are single, it’s your life and your mess. 3. Wear whatever you want-singledom No one will tell you how tacky your favorite shirt is or how fat you look in that particular dress. You don’t have to care about anyone’s opinion on what you should wear and what you should not. You can dress up however you like, either comfortable or skin-tight, it’s your body, your call. 4. Boast about an ex-5892487393_20ced0db3a_o Even if your ex is in your good books, you should never dare bring them up in a conversation with your partner. And on top of it admiring an ex is not going to do any good, trust me. Your partner will surely feel offended. But when you are single, you can give some rest to that “Ex-filter” working between your mind and your tongue every time you open that mouth. 5. Speak ill of the partner’s family-singledom Saying bad about partner’s family will be like raising a finger on their upbringing, and that will be like a direct assault on their mere existence. So, it’s never a good idea to bring parents into a fight with your partner. “TUMHARI MAA NE TUMHE SAR PE CHADHA RAKHA HAI” Now, no worries, as you don’t have to pretend to like their over-protective mothers or too strict fathers or even the clingy younger sisters (phew!). 6. Be unhygienic- Biting your fingernails or cutting toenails in bed, drinking milk directly from the carton, or anything that does not meet the "hygiene" standards of your "hygienist" partner, would leave you in a BIG trouble. Hah! Now you can be yourself, and care less about that wet towel on the couch. 7. Have the whole bed for yourself- Surely spooning is a hell of a romantic thing but nothing can beat that ‘athletic in a marathon’ sleeping position of yours. But you can’t do that when you are sharing your bed with another person, now can you? You are now the sole ruler of the kingdom of ‘BEDpur’ :D So, being single is not really a sad thing, is it? Enjoy it while it lasts. *Happy Singledom*

The Curse of FOMO

Some people order everything they see on the menu in a restaurant so that they don't miss out on a great dish, some will read all the articles in a newspaper like crazy so that they don't miss out on any news, and some will contact every person in their phone diary so as to not miss out on any gossip. There are so many kind of FOMOs, but let's talk about the FOMO which has been fueled by the social media. Do you check your phone every ten seconds for a Whatsapp message? Every two minutes for an Instagram post and every fifteen minutes for a Facebook notification? If the answer is yes, then my friend, you have fallen sick with the illness of F.O.M.O i.e. Fear Of Missing Out. Go ahead, now blame the world for getting you addicted to making you stick to your phone or laptop. Checking your mails every hour for work is one thing and logging into social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter just to be on top of everything is another. It's a personal choice, if you want this disease to overpower your mind or not. Studies show that 57% of people aged between 18-34 have registered on multiple social networking sites and 27% of people check their Facebook feeds and tweets as soon as they wake up. Gone are the days when we used to thank the lord for giving us yet another beautiful morning. Staring at your phone constantly for the message that no one even has send yet or scrolling through Fb or Instagram, looking at other people's holiday pictures and hitting like ?with a heavy heart, you know the deal of pain it causes you. FOMO IS THE SOCIAL MEDIA VERSION OF "DOOSRE KI THAALI ME JYADA GHEE" OR "THE GRASS IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE". We compare our lives with what we see in the feeds, from sizes of our cars and houses to the food we eat, the places we visit, the jobs we do, the clothes we wear and the pets we own, even nail arts. There is just no end to this despair. Every time, people end up feeling more and more dissatisfied with their respective lives. Instead of comparing our lives with others we should look up to people and draw inspiration from them to make our life better.These social networking sites that were meant to bring the world closer, in actual, have created an invisible wall among us. The person with FOMO may not be missing out on anything in a virtual world but missing out a great deal from the people sitting next to them in reality. No matter how hard you try, you will definitely miss out on something in life but if you spend your time worrying about the things you missed then you will miss everything. Time is finite while the things to be done are infinite. "LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE LIVING IN THE FEAR OF MISSING OUT". FOMO

Dying Humanity

CASE-1(July 2012): A young girl beaten and stripped by a mob of men when she left the bar in the morning after partying. So many people watched this but none came to rescue the girl who was assaulted for reportedly 30 minutes. But of course, what they didn’t forget was to capture the incident on their phone. CASE-2(Dec 2012): Someone must have heard them when they were crying for help after they were dumped naked and bleeding on the road side. But their cries were ignored as “they are not related to us” or due to “khamakhaa ka panga ho jayega”. Yes, I am talking about the Nirbhaya case. CASE-3(Aug 2015): A man took two victims of an accident to hospital and informed the police. In return what the police do, they send him to jail and asked for a bribe of RS 2000. This man swore to never help anyone in his life again. In the above mentioned first two cases, the people involved in the crime were clearly had no reason to be called human. But what about the people who saw it happening, but preferred to be the ‘silent spectators ‘. Were they humans? Of-course they were, well, they all had two eyes to see, two ears to hear, a brain to apply, a heart to feel, two hands and two legs to act and a mouth to speak up but they would rather not use it as the victims were not in any way related to them, so why take the pain, right? Now let’s see the third case, In this a man did help the victims of an accident and sent them to hospital, but what does he gets for doing a good deed, he is sent to Jail and is asked for Rs. 20k in bribe to get himself out. Now will this man ever in his life, help anyone in need, I guess no. So there, we lost one more from the species which is getting very rare, almost at the verge of extinction- The ‘Real-Human’ species. Now what makes this race so special, it is a very basic thing, which is preached by almost everyone but not everyone do what they preach. That thing is ‘humanity’. The people passing by the injured couple and not stopping to help were homo-sapiens but not the real-humans. And even they were not real- humans who silently witnessed the girl getting molested by a mob in front of them, because if they were they would have considered the victim as their own as all the real-humans are related irrespective of their cast, religion, gender, ethnicity or age. Just so you can stand straight, walk on two legs, have an intelligent brain doesn’t make you real-human, you got to have a thing in your DNA known as humanity. This Independence day let us all pledge to be a real-human and raise our voice for the real issues rather than bickering about a cricket match.

Switch Off

I switched-off the button, and all the feelings left. They left as if they were never there. They left without much fuss. And I was proud, I was proud to have such control over them. They now reside in a grave deep buried, Where there reach no daylight or soul of night. Except for when they left, created a void in me, Vacuum perhaps, leaving me completely blank and numb. Now everyone is either not good enough, or too good. Small or too tall. Ugly or too handsome. Imperfect or just too perfect. Unwilling to move on. Can’t bring the brain to switch-on the button again But the heart, it still clinges onto you..

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