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Mar 2013 – Jan 2016

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Heat, light, the edge of an abyss, We were never alike, it seems. Quietly did creep up the divide, And we stepped on to opposing sides. We knew one day the bells would toll, That one of us would have to fall, But we drifted apart while we tried to soar, And it did not matter anymore.

A Thousand Trees

“Uncle Hector?” “Yes, sweetheart?”, asked the young man as he lifted his 6-year-old niece off his shoulders and set her on the scorched earth. “I thought we didn't have snow back home because our winter died”, said the little girl staring at the huge pile of rocks in front of her. “That's right”, said Hector, wiping sweat off his forehead, “it died from global warming, that's why we had to come all this way to find snow.” “But...we're in a desert!” Hector laughed, “see if you can find the cave.” The little girl scurried over the rocks while her uncle checked his phone to make sure they were at the right place. The map in his phone was aligned over the image of a faded map drawn on a worn tapestry. The little girl found the cave in no time and Hector took her hand and led her inside. He slowly turned on the spot, looking at the murals all around them. When he faced the cave's entrance again, he gasped and pushed his niece behind him. There was someone there. “Who are you?”, the newcomer asked and stepped inside the cave. She had smooth dusky skin, long black hair and wore a long skirt, blouse and shawl. The mirror fragments in her clothes twinkled like stars. “You should leave”, she continued, “this is no place for tourists, it's haunted, you know?” “So we've heard”, said Hector, “let's go, Aurora.” The young woman blocked their path, “why did you come here?” “Winter's dead and my niece wants to see snow. I figured I should talk to a goddess who, uh...handled death-related things.” “Ah...she won't bring the dead back, it doesn't work like that”, she stepped closer to them, “but, what are you willing to pay to see winter again?” “Uh...what's her standard price?” She laughed, “I won't bring it back, but I can send you to it.” “Wait, what?” The next thing he knew, he fell backward into knee-deep snow. Aurora laughed and threw handfuls of snow into the air before she ran to Hector and hugged him. He stood up, cradling her, and realized that they were right outside the cave, in a blizzard. There was a herd of mammoths passing by in the distance. “Are we dead?”, he whispered to himself. “No”, said the woman in his ear, her sudden reappearance making him jump, “shall we go back to your time?” In the blink of an eye, they were facing a hot, barren landscape again. “So, you're...”, started an awestruck Hector. The woman smiled, “I'll take my payment now. For showing you winter, I want you to bring it back to life.” “What?! How?!” She laughed again, “relax, I know you can't do it alone. I just want you to do your bit.” “Which is?” She leaned closer to him, making his heart beat faster, “go home and plant me a thousand trees.” With that, she ruffled Aurora's hair and, lifting up an earthen pot at her feet, walked away.

Solar Powered HBLED Lighting System using Closed Loop Boost Converter

SYNOPSIS: This paper presents the design and implementation of a high performance closed loop Boost Converter for a solar powered HBLED (High Brightness LED) lighting system. The proposed system consists of a solar photovoltaic module, a closed loop boost converter, and a LED lighting module. The system uses closed loop voltage feedback technique to regulate the output of the converter. The converter's feedback voltage is compared with a reference voltage to generate a control signal which is amplified and fed to a 555 Timer. The Timer generates a PWM signal which controls the switching device (MOSFET) of the Boost Converter. Thus, through the switching of the MOSFET, the Boost Converter keeps its the output at a constant value. Simulation studies were carried out in MULTISIM and experimental results were obtained from both the software and hardware.

Which is the biggest black hole? (part)

It is said that it's always a good idea to begin at the beginning. So, let's begin with the title’s key theme, 'black holes'. What exactly is a 'black hole'? I'm sure we've all come across the term in every other sci-fi flick and have vague recollections of hearing about it in school (unless, reader, you're in school now). In simple terms, when a star runs out of fuel (Hydrogen atoms—which fuse together to form Helium atoms, releasing energy in the form of heat and light) and dies, it collapses inward and sucks in everything around it, even light. Hence, without any light to show us what's there, the region looks like a black hole. However, if we are to pick up a physics book to read about them in more detail, we'll have to run into some complicated equations, graphs and debated theories on quantum phenomena. If you're not into all that, here's a crash course on black holes you can impress your friends and colleagues with, complete with a few juicy technical terms. If you type in 'black hole' into a search engine, you'd probably get something that sounds like this, "A region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape". Fair enough, but how does it occur? When a massive enough star (which will have a massive gravitational pull) exhausts its nuclear fuel, it will collapse under its own gravity. Thus, the entire mass of the star, with all its particles and electromagnetic radiations (like light), will contract to a small compact mass of very high density. Its gravity will be so high that it'll suck in anything that goes near it. And 'near' is a region called the 'event horizon', within which the gravitational pull of a black hole is effective. Now let's picture it another way. Think of a really heavy ball resting on a flat piece of cling film suspended in space. Now, the ball (the black hole, which you can see is not a 'hole' per say, but an orb) will create a depression in the cling film (two-dimensional representation of spacetime). This image shows that a black hole of sufficiently compact mass can distort spacetime (yes, the thing Einstein went on and on about in his 'special theory of relativity'). And what exactly is 'spacetime', you ask? It's any mathematical model that combines space and time and shows how one can affect the other. Basically, all those cool concepts you saw in 'Interstellar'. Or, as a Doctor Who fan would surely be able to tell you, "A big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff". So, now that we have established that a black hole is a compact mass that sucks things in and distorts time and space around it, let's ask the important question at the top. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the biggest of them all?

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Jun 30, 2017 10:00

You were great. Your work is appreciated.
Monthly work: 21st June to 21st July

Jun 19, 2017 10:21

Good quality work, and always tries to maintain deadlines.
Monthly Pay: Part Time Writers Needed, Rs. 12,000/Month

Sep 05, 2016 10:47

Brilliant work as always.
900 words

Aug 27, 2016 22:21

Really good work!
700 words

Jul 03, 2016 16:34

Great work !! going to use many times ,