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The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy goes live on the Apple App Store.

The Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy is a comic book trilogy created by Filipe Melo, illustrated by Juan Cavia, Santiago Villa and published by Dark Horse Comics. It chronicles the adventures of a young pizza delivery boy, a middle aged werewolf, a six-thousand-year-old demon and a severed head of a gargoyle battling an evil forces which threaten to destroy mankind. OKAM Studios a game development studio from Buenos Aires, Argentina started developing a Point-and-Click computer game based on the eponymous comic series for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms by using their own open-source engine and also along with the help of some crowd-funding. On March 4th 2016 they released the game on Steam and several other digital platforms. Soon after the success of the PC version of the game, mobile game developers Deep Silver FISHLABS who have developed games such as Galaxy on Fire series, Lost Horizon, Stranded—A Mars Adventure and Secret Files spin-off series started working on a mobile version of the PC game. After two months working alongside OKAM Studios, Deep Silver FISHLABS has now finally released an iOS version of “The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy” on the Apple App Store. Summary :- The story takes place in Lisbon, the monster capital of the world where players take control of Eurico a former pizza delivery guy who works as the unpaid apprentice of the legendary occult investigator Dog Mendonça as they solve the mysteries of the supernatural world. In their latest case all the vampires, ghouls and specters start vanishing from the streets and hence it is time for Dog Mendonça and his apprentice to save the day by using their bravado, wit, determination and occasional use of force. Features :- 1.) Team-up with a Werewolf detective, a severed head of a Gargoyle and a sixty thousand year old demon trapped in a little girl’s body. 2.) Handmade visuals by the illustrators Juan Cavia and Santiago Villa, giving incredible attention to detail which makes the entire game look beautiful. 3.) Filipe Melo the creator of this series has written the hilarious story for this game. 4.) Explore the world of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy and interact to your hearts content with the supernatural underworld; filled with deranged puzzles, eerie characters, paranormal objects and Easter-eggs. This game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod having iOS 7.0 and costs $4.99 however this game is not available for Android devices as of yet but will be launched on Google Play shortly after.

Reviews for Manual Treadmill

Reviews for Manual Treadmills : So, if you want to buy a manual treadmill but are still confused whether to buy it or not the following reviews will give you a complete idea whether you should go ahead with a manual treadmill or not :- 1.) One of the reviews for a manual treadmill says that it provides a complete workout experience to the lower body. One of the best things about manual treadmills is that it is very portable and can be easily folded and kept in a closet or under the table. This machine is recommended to people who want to indulge in slow-walking rather than running or jogging. 2.) One Customer has mentioned that using a manual treadmill has made him lose a bit more weight than using the motorized treadmills as it made him push back harder to move forward on the machine and hence giving him a complete workout and also as it does not use electricity to run itself there is no increase in the electric bill either. 3.) An elderly manual treadmill user has said that this machine gave him a little problem when he was using it because of the force required to push which at his age is not possible and hence prefers using a motorized treadmill. 4.) Athletes who have used the Curved manual treadmills have said that the rubber running surface helps in absorbing the impact shock on joints and connective tissue which makes them prefer a manual treadmill instead of a motorized one. 5.) Some of the reviewers have said that this machine does not come with monitors to register their workout and tell them how much calories they have burned and for how much time they actually exercised because of only basic features being available on manual treadmills. 6.) Some reviewers have reported saying that it takes them a lot of effort to reach a particular speed on a manual treadmill as it does not have a motor which by just a push of a button takes them to a particular speed.

Top Five Pros and Cons of using a Manual Treadmill

There are several pros and cons to using a non-motorized or a manual treadmill which are as follows :- A.) Pros The advantages of using a manual treadmill are as follows :- 1.) Price :- A manual tread mill is very cost-effective because they do not require motors as the ones utilized in a mechanical treadmills. This type of a treadmill is good for those consumers who are on a tight-budget. 2.) Better Suited for Light Exercises :- For people who are more into slow walking or jogging this machine is best suited for them and the people who have just recovered from an injury and want to develop their body slowly this type of treadmill is the best for them as it allows them to work out in a safe environment at their own pace. 3.) Lesser Injuries :- The chances of accidents on a manual treadmill are also lesser as the individual using it is in control of the belt’s speed. 4.) Mobility :- A manual treadmill can be easily shifted from one room to another with the help of the wheels present in front of the machine and it can also be folded up and put under the bed or even fit in a closet. 5.) Upkeep Costs :- A manual treadmill does not require electricity as it doesn’t have a motor in it and thus the electricity bill does not increase and the maintenance cost of such machines is also very minimal. B.) Cons As there are several advantages of using a manual treadmill there are also some disadvantages and they are as follows :- 1.) Causes Strain :- As the user is in control of the speed of the treadmill, it ends up straining the leg and back areas and there is a greater chance of causing injuries and stress on the joints. It lacks the belt-cushioning system which is in the modern motorized machines which put less pressure on your hip joints and knee. 2.) Not for Runners :- As this type of machine is more inclined towards walker and slow joggers this machine ends up being of no use for the people who are more into running or jogging. A lot of

Angry Birds Action! Releases in anticipation of “Angry Birds : The Movie”

On May 20th 2016 marks the release of the feature length Angry Birds film based on the characters from the hit smartphone game, animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks and with a stellar voice-cast comprising of many big name actors like Peter Dinklage who plays Tyrion Lannister in the hit T.V. show Game of Thrones, Jason Sudeikis from the Saturday Night Live and movies like Horrible Bosses and We’re the Millers, veteran actor Sean Penn from movies like Milk, Mystic River and many more. Hence, to promote the film Finnish game developers Rovio Entertainment Ltd. have developed a new game titled Angry Birds Action! which hosts the main characters from the film i.e. Red, Terrence, Chuck and Bomb. Initially you have to play as Red and as you start progressing you get to unlock the rest of the characters. The game prides on having a lot of cool features such as Augmented Reality content, 3-D graphics, and prizes for viewers who will watch the movie in theaters. Angry Birds Action! is said to have been inspired by the classic pin-ball game because of the overhead view provided and not using the traditional side-on view. The players will need to complete objectives each specifically made for a particular level. The number of birds allowed to finish an objective will be limited. The developers from Rovio Entertainemt Ltd. wanted to make a game which connects both the digital and physical world consequentially making the movie-going experience more fun and immersive which is where the “BirdCodes” come into play. Rovio has planted several BirdCodes in promotional material as well as Angry Birds merchandise which if scanned by the players allows them to access cool features like mini-games, Augmented Reality content, exclusive after-credits scene from the movie and much more. Justin Chacona Digital Marketing director for Rovio, said that the company’s initial goal was to create a game that was fun and one which could stand on its own. Mr.Chacona has said that this is a very big undertaking which will help in improving the movie-going experience of the audience. Features :- 1.) Play by launching the birds Red and his friends to collect eggs without colliding into obstacles. 2.) Use the unique powers of the birds such as Red’s ability to blast obstacles or increase speed by using Chuck or blow stuff up by using Bomb. 3.) Play 90 levels comprising of non-stop action while collecting eggs and other precious items. 4.) Use the Angry Birds Action! app to scan the BirdCodes hidden among Angry Birds merchandise to access secret content. 5.) The players are expected to beat the game in few tries as possible and will be rated out of three stars on every level. The game’s amazing graphics and simplistic gameplay makes it for a fun experience for kids as well as for adults. The game is available for free on the Google Play Store for the Android devices and the iOS App Store for the Apple devices with in-app purchases for certain features.

Kansas City Loses Free Google Fiber Service

Kansas City the place where Google Fiber made its debut in 2012 will be losing its free Google Fiber internet service. They are not terminating their services rather they are canceling the plan which was used in the initial run. The plan provided a 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed for one time payment of a construction fee which was about $300 and this $300 subscription service is going away for good. People who are still using this $300 subscription will now have to decide by May 19th whether to stick with the service or not. For the people who are subscribing with this service for the first time will have to pay $50 per month for its Fiber 100 service which provides a 100 Mbps internet connection. However, free cloud data service will not be provided with this package. But, this internet speed will be able to handle all streaming services without any effort. Other options also include a $70 monthly fee for 1 Gbps internet speed or a bundled cable package which includes 1 Gbps connection for a $130. The company has not explained why they are taking such steps but it is possible that these rollbacks are a part of a wider strategy. The reason can also be that as more and more competition such as Comcast, Verizon and At&T are rising against Google and thus, they need a higher amount of subscriber base as free service isn’t earning them enough. Hence, they are trying to lure in more users by providing an affordable but high speed package so that the users who think that internet speed in Gigabytes per second is expensive. One of its strategies to increase its subscriber base is by dropping installation fees if the user commits to one year of Google Fiber service which will increase Fiber users living in apartments as the installation fees there are very high. Alphabet, Google’s parent company considers Google Fiber it’s one of the most expensive initiatives and such cutbacks might be done to increase Fiber connections in other economically developed cities. Plans are being made to take Google Fiber across the country to cities such as San Francisco where the existing optical cable connections will be used to deliver Fiber service rather than creating new connections from scratch. Google has also announced that ultra-fast internet service will be provided in public housing complexes in the Kansas City area which will allow the users to view High-Definition content and also to make video calls. In the initial years Google Fiber being an Alphabet project was in its experimental stages and Google’s other ventures belonging to the Google project like YouTube, Android and Google search were already earning steadily. But, now Google Fiber is no more in its developing stage and is now a proper revenue generating service with its service being made available all over the country and thus, greater and better things are expected from this revolutionary internet service.

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