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The Diary (Short Story)

Post #35 10:00 P.M. Monday School. The last place I ever want to go to. My 11th grade classes started today. Upon reaching my class I found this girl sitting in the back she looked almost like a model, the one's you see on the front cover of “Page 3” magazines. Long black hair, skin colour as white as snow and quite good looking. She was reading a graphic novel which is quite cool because nobody usually does that here. I thought of approaching her but before I could do anything she looked at me and said hello before I could ask her name the bell rang and the classes started. When the roll call started I patiently listened so that I could know her name. Her name was Kavya. Well more about this later I should go to sleep now. Post #36 11:00 P.M. Tuesday My parents have very high expectations from me i.e. to be at the top of the class like always. To be a child of two rich parents is always a tough job as they always want to showcase me in front of their friends. But, I won't complain as studying in my room is much better than listening to my parents gossip with each other about their friends and relatives. So, today I gathered up some courage to go and talk to Kavya but she was talking with Rajeev Mehta. If you don't know who Rajeev Mehta is then you're in for a treat, Rajeev is the son of business tycoon Angad Mehta owner of “The Wine Room” they manufacture wine of the finest quality for the elite class. She seemed quite engrossed with him. So, I just backed out. Post #37 10:00 P.M. Wednesday I can't think straight. I'm always thinking about Kavya, her hair, her eyes and all that stupid shit. But, today I went to talk to her as I saw that she was alone. Kavya usually doesn't go anywhere else during the recess. She's always some book, anyways so I went to talk to her and I introduced myself. She told me about her family and why she had moved here. Apparently her father got transferred in this city and because of his job he needs to move quite often due to which she can't stay in any city for more than two or three years. I asked her whether she liked our school or not, which books she likes and even got her phone number. I still am hesitating to message her. Should I ? Post #38 10:15 P.M. Thursday So, I just asked Kavya if she wants to go watch a movie with me and she said yes. I'm so excited but I'm confused about something. Should I tell her my secret ? Post #39 11:00 P.M. Friday What an amazing day it has been ! I'm too tired to write anything right now but keeping it short and simple I will say that I had the best time with her. She's so cool, funny and smart. The perfect girl I always wanted to meet. I didn't tell her about my secret though. I wonder if she'll like a person like me. Post #43 11:00 P.M. Saturday/Sunday :p Talking to Kavya is so much fun. We were chatting regularly since the last two days. We talk about movies and books and stuff. I think she likes me too. Post #42 11:00 P.M. Monday I messaged her so many times but she didn't even reply. She came online but still she didn't. Maybe she was busy, I don't know. It feels as if she's avoiding me, even in school today she wasn't in the class during the recess. I wonder where she goes ? I really like her a lot. Maybe I should've told her about that thing. But, if I did tell her then everybody in school would know. I kept it a secret from my parents since 8th grade. I'm kinda scared. Post #47 10:00 P.M. Saturday I can't believe I saw that. I can't write anymore, I just can't. Post #00 I can't live like this anymore, this constant feeling of sadness. I was never able to tell this to my parents nor I could tell anyone else because I never made friends as I thought if anybody would come to know about my..I don't know what I should call this let's just call it “feelings”. Dear diary you be wondering what I saw, well on Monday during recess in the school I followed Kavya as I wanted to know where she was going during recess. I made sure she couldn't see me, so I followed her quietly and then when we reached the 5th floor which was the last floor and I saw her going into the empty room there which was used by the drama group to practice. I sneaked behind and through the window I saw her kissing Rajeev. I quickly ran away and I tried not to cry. Now here I am. I thought maybe I could be with her or something. I really thought she liked me, I thought she was the one. Maybe I was the one who started having expectations. How can she fall in love with me ? After all, even I'm a girl.

Mistborn—Book Review

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson Introduction: Mistborn is a high fantasy novel written by Brandon Sanderson. Brandon Sanderson is well known for his works such as Elantris, Alcatraz and the Librarians, his on-going series The Stormlight Archive and also for completing Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Although Mr.Sanderson has worked on many books he is well known among his fans for the Mistborn triology. Summary: The first book "Mistborn" is set in a fictional world created by the author called as "The Final Empire" where ash falls from the sky and which is ruled by the antagonist of the story known as the Lord Ruler. Due to the opression of the Lord Ruler the rich nobelmen mistreat the common people known as the "Skaa". Here our protagonist Kelsier a man with a mysterious past, alongwith the help of a girl named Vin plans to overthrow the Lord Ruler using Allomancy. My Thoughts: 1) Pros: When I first started this book the first thing that I noticed was the cinematic feel you get by just reading words. From the beginning itself you are given the feeling of being inside the story. The world building is fantastic, the Final Empire is a setting like no other. Each and every little detail is expalined by the author in simple language without confusing the reader. The story is fast paced with many memorable characters, each having a unique trait about themselves. The magic system has been very carefully explained as it plays a very important role in the story. The main characters Kelsier and Vin have been thoroughly developed throughout the story. Nothing feels rushed in this book. There is action and drama and also a pinch of humour in the story which keeps the dialogue fresh. 2) Cons: The things that really bothered me were the fight sequences which somehow left me confused but I guess fight scenes are better expressed in a visual way rather than in writing. After completing almost 80% of the book I started feeling as if the plot was stretching out a little bit but after I read the ending I felt satisfied. Overall opinion: My final opinion is that this book isn't flawless there are a few hiccups here and there but I genuinly loved this book right from the start to the finish and I would recommend every reader and non-reader to read this book.

Having a difficult time with “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

So, I’m halfway through with “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and I could barely sit and watch this film without shutting my TV off, not because it’s a bad film rather it’s an extremely fluid dialogue-driven movie. But, I mean it’s too real for me. Martha & George’s crumbling marriage, their twenty-plus years of suffering each other, not-so-subtly throwing shade at each other in front of other people. Oh my god! It’s too real for me. I cannot watch any scene without squirming in my seat, constantly looking at the diminishing run-time. I don’t know, it’s a great film, but I’m probably not gonna watch it ahead, just because it’s too difficult to see these two individuals murdering each other with their hatred for one another.

To The Moon video game review

Now I’d heard good things about this game before playing it. The reviews on Steam were pretty favourable and they were having a sale so I bought it, downloaded it and started playing it. So, the following are my thoughts on the game To The Moon:- 1.) Tone :- So, I was under the impression that this game was going to be pretty serious. But, that is not true for this game as it is really funny when it needs to be which creates this perfect blend of humour and drama which doesn’t make the funny dialogues too in-your-face and the dramatic elements too sad for the average gamer. 2.) Dialogue :- 2.) Speaking of the dialogue in this game it is really good as far as dialogues in games go. The scientific part of the story is explained quite properly but I got a bit confused in the middle so I just played the same part again to understand it even more but that’s just me so I don’t think it is going to confuse players. The emotional segments of this game are carried out really well. The dialogue between the dying Johnny Wyles and his wife are so beautifully played out and it makes you feel for these two characters going through difficult times and the best thing this game did was played it out slowly and steadily by making the dialogue so interesting. I was hooked onto this game since the moment I started playing and that says something as I can get easily distracted at times while playing games. 3.) Characters :- The characters in this game are sketched out really well. We get to learn about the past of Johnny Wyles and his motives and secrets. The characters of Dr.Eva and Dr.Neil both have their own way of doing things which at times leads to conflicts between them. Not one character feels the same. 4.) Gameplay :- I was a bit disappointed with the gameplay but I figured it out that this game is more of an interactive story. The things you need to do in the game are pretty repetitive i.e. point and click which can make playing it a bit boring for players. But I found it to be OK as I was more invested in the story. 5.) Soundtrack :- The soundtrack of the game is good and it does this thing where it has different music for the mood projected in the scene. The music for the darker dialogue is really good which creates a sense of tension whereas the music for the lighter scenes is really calm and. 6.) Animation :- The art is really good for this game as far as the indie RPG genre goes. There are quite a few scenes where big widescreen images are used which full of bright colour and really give the game a movie-like feel. All I want to say is that this game might not be for everyone because of greater emphasis on the dialogue and the plot which makes for lesser and repetitive gameplay but I would recommend people to play this game at least once just to witness the kind of story telling which is possible even through video games.

Underwater Welder Graphic Novel Review

So, I came to know about this book on the internet when I was searching for “must read graphic novels” and I thought why not give this a try. So, as soon as I opened the first page there is this quote on it which says that it is,”The most spectacular Twilight Zone episode that was never produced.” and I my first thoughts were that it is some sort of marketing technique used to pique the interest of people by naming a very popular Sci-fi, fantasy show like The Twilight Zone. I’ve never seen any episodes of the Twilight Zone so I don’t know if it can be compared with it or not but I can say is that this is a good 200 page book. I liked the story and the fact that it was very fast paced. It gave the right amount of character backstory within a short time. The dialogue is precise and simple. The art style is very unique as it is just sketched out without using colors and every character have these really tired faces which gives this really depressed tone to the whole story. I think this graphic novel deserves to be read at least once because of it’s simple but good dialogue and a well-structured story.

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