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Entrepreneurship is it actually as tough as its name or when comes to execution turns out to be easy. Being very lucid, understanding entrepreneurship is not that difficult. It means to set up a small business using the available resources , your innovative ideas and obviously the finance to earn maximum out of it on initial level and then taking it on a large scale according to the opportunities available. Many of us are quite obsessed with the term business. Always it’s like” are you sure to run business?” or “it could be like its not meant for our class people?” or could go this way too “ What about profits, what if you fail , who gonna finance it?” and lot more like this. Well it’s not actually this, entrepreneurship always does not demand great finance. All it demands is innovative and creative ideas to use the available resources and your capability and a yes a bit of finance. It can be explained with this example. There is Bollywood movie “ ENGLISH VINGLISH” starring Sri devi , who is a normal middle class homemaker, educated through hindi medium. Still she is an entrepreneur because she also runs a small business . She supplies “ besan k laddus” and earns money. Look she is also an ENTREPRENEUR. Anyone can be an entrepreneur if you actually want to. Some people are good in arts, sculptures. Some are good in cooking and all such things. If we actually see into the scenario our country’s economic situation can be improved if everyone knows about this idea of entrepreneurship and can be actually brought into practice. So we need to work on popularity of the same. So come up with your innovations and creativity and just” BE AN ENTREPRENEUR”. It’s the demand of the generation and our nation. It will help us to solve greater problems of occupation too. AKRITI SINGH


Patio is an outdoor space upgrading generally meant for seating and dining. Installing of patios was formerly meant for restaurants but it’s a modern day demand of the house. The finest style to utilize your backyard or outer space is setting of a scenic patio that can seek the attention of the people. It increases the square footage of the house thus boosting its value. Patios are the spaces that need to be created cautiously. Ways to improve a patio- Construction of a patio at your residence is not suffice because with better decor an eye- catching outer space can be achieved- • Use colorful concretes and stone for the walkways. • Stylish accessories- To intensify the outer space ornamentation affix a sofa or chair and a table according to the design of the patio. Flower pots, show plants and vases will also add to its beauty. • Lush full aura- Greenery directly connects to the soul of the person therefore a patio decor intended towards plant tops the wish list. • Fabrics- Hanging the curtains in your patios will impart you a private space. • Area of the patio should depend on the proportion of the garden area. • Modern day patios are well-furnished and alluring so proper maintenance is must. • Lights-Dazzling lights, hanging lanterns and rope lights are admired by all. A sober embellishment with these lights will be an attention-grabbing scene. • Its positioning in the home is also a matter of concern. Always install patios in that area of garden where your private hangouts are not intruded by your neighbors or other ones. • Amplify the coolness factor to retain the aura as calm as it can be. Patio construction and its cost- Design and layout of a patio ranges from simple paved pathway to highly furnished outdoor living spaces. Not all patios adjoining the home are expensive. The cost of a patio depends on the owner and his requisites. The median cost price for its installation ranges from $184 to $380. Adding a proper deck is pricey but high return is assured. Why patios? The alluring patios are not just outdoor investments made by the owner or sellers but it delivers much more – 1. These are deemed as permanent improvements. 2. Patios incorporated with shades can be best utilized as a living space too. 3. The versatility of a home is augmented. 4. An outer shelter is a perfect place to enjoy all seasons whether it’s soft sunny touch in winters or feeling the rain drops. Return on investments- Patios are among top 10 features that buyers seek in the house. Approximately more than half of the surveyed buyers are ready to pay premium prices for the house with a patio. It imparts a worthy return on investment. A landscaped patio raises the value of a home by 12.4 percent. Demand of a patio is on peak by the homeowners and buyers, a whopping 98 percent of people want them. Henceforth, move ahead for setting a patio in your home.


Pergola A pergola is also an additional garden feature which forms a shaded walkway or seating area. It’s a marvelous installation that’s a present day trend for all the new built houses. If you have a dream of possessing an awe-inspiring garden area then a gorgeous pergola will serve as an asset. Pergola types and varieties- Pergolas differ in sizes and shapes. It can be extremely small and can be shaded till kilometers according to the necessity and want of the house owner. It has got different designs and styles that can be enlisted as- 1. Gable pergola- These kinds of pergolas facet triangular shape peaked roof. Gabled pergolas are eye –catching and facilitates a better water runoff due to its design. 2. Pitched pergola- These are available in numerous alluring designs and features angled or pitched roofs. 3. Sail pergolas- As the name suggests, such pergolas offers a stretched sail held between posts as its roofing structure. 4. Steel pergolas- These pergolas are made of steel which makes it long- lasting, beefy and hard-wearing. Decoration and styling of pergolas- To turn your pergola into an awesome looking living space there are numerous alternatives present to opt for accomplishment of task- • Lights-The plan to decorate your outer space with lights dazzle your thoughts and ideas. With the availability of varieties of lights in market, we can select the one according to our needs. String lights give a sober look to the posts and pillars of the pergolas therefore if you love simplicity this will do a lot. In case of tall-height pergolas one can go for hanging lanterns and chandelier. • Plants- A green and nature bent pergola decoration can’t be neglected by anyone as it provides you a positive zeal and freshness .The posts and pillars of the pergola can be surrounded by climbing vines. Hanging plants enhances the beauty of the roof. Potted plants and herbs can also be selected to enhance the beauty of the borders and corners of the space. • Fabrics- Use of some decent color curtains will provide an exceptional look to the pergola. Surplus to this, curtains can give some private space and quixotic dining experience too. Importance of pergolas- With an amplification of work load and population, it becomes hard to find a natural space for one self. Everyone loves to stay outside to feel some unsullied breeze. Installation of pergolas at your home can prove to be relaxing. Often we don’t think much about outdoor improvements and concentrate on interiors. A pergola in the backyard is an awesome sight. Seriously an outdoor living space is entertaining and demand of people now-a-days. Nothing can be soothing and satisfactory than to take pleasure of wispy sun light in winters and gentle touch of rainy days after long working hours.

The most memorable day of my life

Raising the cup in my hand, I didn’t only win the dance competition, but it was the victory over my fear. The cheers and applauds turned an ordinary day in the most memorable day of my life. That day, I realized that it's only you who can boost yourself to the zenith. Your confidence and self- belief are your assets to grab the life full of opportunities. Definitely, it was not at all simple day for me. The very jiffy, I entered in the auditorium in the morning for rehearsal the stage was being set. The aura was completely different today. While certain members were running for flowers others were busy setting the light. Thinking about my dance competition, I rushed into my trial room and rehearsed twice. With approaching time, my tension amplified. While dressing up for my dance I just prayed for performing my best on the stage. I knew nothing about how fine other participants were. Seeing them into the green room getting prepared honestly speaking, I was nervous for they were deadly splendid. Still, I managed to gather my guts back. By now guests also started arriving. My eyes peeping through the window were waiting for my parents’ entrance. Gradually the crowd was increasing and so does the noise in the auditorium. The stage was stunningly decorated and I witnessed the appreciation in the eyes and gestures of the audience. Just after the welcome speech, the competition was lined. The excitement and applauds of the audience was well noted. The very moment the first contestant was called upon, the praises took over the hall for she was the former winner of the show. She danced like diva setting tough grounds for others. My dance was roped next to her. Fascinatingly, it was a kind of mixed feeling, possibly a medley of anxiety and confidence. I knew, how hard I worked for it still my fear was overtaking my zest. The claps, cheers and appraisal for her dance were enthralling. The very instant my name was announced to be prepared near the stage I noticed myself shivering. But at some or the other corner of my heart, I was acquainted that I can do it. While stepping towards the stage, I strongly made my point. For the stage was same, my song was all decent and situations were in my favor I headed towards the stage. Crossing my fingers, I started my dance. I was floating in the air and was enjoying my dance like never before. The roars and claps left no apprehension and I danced flawlessly. The conclusion and end of my performance accompanied standing ovation from the audience and judges. It was an astounding and awe-inspiring evening to me. After all the performances were wrapped up, it was time for the announcement of the winner. I did have anything in my mind, but my breath was high. And to my surprise when I was crowned as the winner, I broke down there at the stage. This moment bestowed me with the best memory of my life and probably marked my name in golden letters.

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Essay on Natural Resources | Essay on A beautiful evening

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Excellent. Well connected story of the event throughout the essay. You deserve 5 star.
Most Memorable Day of My life of Getting First in Dance Competition

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