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Arthur and Anderson

Auditor Independence The financial statements of organization are the measure of its performance. The financial health of an organization can be judged from its financial statements. That is the reason why the statements should represent a true and fair view of its position. Often people at key positions are encouraged to falsify accounts to meet short term needs such higher earnings per share or profit after tax. Sometimes people engage in such activities to conceal the actual position of the organization and make it look profitable in the eyes of investors. It is not just big organizations but the small ones are also tempted to employ such techniques, like understating revenue, underreporting liabilities, overstating revenue, misuse of reserves and other techniques. It is not just the organization which can be sued but also the people involved in the development of such scam. That also includes the auditor of the organization. If it can be proved that the auditor could have found out the fraud in the normal course of events which he failed to do so he can be charged with professional misconduct and can be tried against.According to Lord Denning, an auditor “must come to (his task) with an inquiring mind – not suspicious of dishonesty, I agree – but suspecting that someone may have made a mistake somewhere and that a check must be made to ensure that there has been none…” (Formento v. Seldson Fountain Pen Co., [1958] 1 WLR 45). (Morgan 2000) An organization involves in such scams when it fails to account a chunk of its income.In the light of such scams it becomes the duty of the auditor to be independent in the performance of attest function. It has been held, in observations relied on by the Supreme Court of India, “The auditor must exercise such reasonable care as would satisfy a man that the accounts are genuine, assuming that there is nothing to arouse his suspicion and if he does that he fulfils his duty; if his suspicion is aroused, his duty is to 'probe the thing to the bottom'…” ( ICAI v. P.K. Mukherji, AIR 1968 SC 1104).(Indian Kanoon 1952)

Financial Performance Analysis of Outdoor Life Ltd

Introduction Outdoor Life Ltd is a mid-sized organization and is associated with the production of bicycles and related accessories and some other products like sleeping bags, tents and tarp in Berkshire, England. The organization was established by John Taylor and Mick Leeson in the year 2007 and had been performing well in the market, however as per the current set of financial report the organization’s performance has experienced a decline. Analysis Ratio analysis as a tool allows the user to analyse the progress of the organization in a very short span of time without having to go through thousands of figures stated in the financial statements (Robinson, 2009). The analysis of whether the financial performance and position of the company has improved can be done by defining the profitability, liquidity/efficiency and financial position of the company. Defining ratio analysis – Ratio analysis is such a measure of financial performance that helps to analyse and implement the trend and financial health of the organisation. The trend in performance helps to calculate the ratios and it in turn helps for future projection. Management uses it as a tool for controlling the budget, finance and inventory (Velez-Pareja, n.d.). Profitability ‘Profitability’ is the overall measurement of the efficiency of the organisation. If we can measure the output as a proportion of the input and differentiate the result with other organisation in the same industry for the same period then the respective variances in their profitability can be determined (Sanzo, 1977). The main ratios under this head are discussed below. Gross Profit Percentage Profitability Gross Profit Percentage = Gross Profit / Sales 2013 2014 Sales 100000 120000 COGS 50000 80000 Gross Profit 50000 40000 Gross Profit Percentage 0.5 0.33 Net Profit Percentage = Net Profit / Sales 2013 2014 Net Profit 20000 10000 Sales 100000 120000 Net Profit Percentage 0.2 0.08 Return on Capital Employed = EBIT / Capital Employed 2013 2014 EBIT 20000 10000 Capital Employed 88500 129500 Return on Capital Employed 0.23 0.08 The gross-profit denotes the profitability after the cost of goods sold incurred in respect to sales. It denotes the actual cost of goods sold as per the revenue. The GP Ratio of the organization has fallen from 0.50 in the year 2013 to 0.33 in 2014. Though the revenue has increased, the company has failed to reduce the COGS in terms of the increased revenue. The fall in the gross profit ratio points to the operational inefficiency of the concern. The Net profit whereas denotes the profitability after deducting all the expenses both operating and non-operating other than the COGS. It denotes the net amount which is available to the shareholders (Hughes and Franks, 2008). As per the financial statements of Outdoor Life Ltd. the Net Profit has drastically fallen from 0.23 in the year 2013 to 0.08 in the year 2014.

Play Station

The global video gaming market will be determined primarily by online gaming as well as mobile gaming. In 2006, Sony Computer Entertainment introduced the Play Station 3 in the US market. Play Station 3 is one of the most favored gaming consoles that entered the US market for the first time in the year 2006. The producing company Sony received enough global appreciation for its efficient innovative product PS3. The discussion aims to provide the position of PS 3, Sony’s latest play station in the gaming industry. A detailed study in this regards has been presented in the following paragraphs. Product positioning: Sony introduced the innovative model PS3 back in the year 2006 in US. Sony again positioned its product PS3 closer to a gaming machine. Later on Sony took the decision to reposition its PS3 with the release of the slim version as an all-purpose entertainment system once again. The other competitors with their efficient product such as Xbox, Wii have grabbed large market share. As Sony focus in positioning its product PS3 more between an all in one system and core gaming console it has derived enough criticism (Blythe, 2006).

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