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It is never too late to live your dream life

"It is never too late to be what you might have been" - George Eliot. Every person on this earth has a dream for every part of his life like what kind of job he wants to do, what kind of business he wants to start, what kind of relationships he wants with his family members, what kind of personality he wants to adopt. Despite all his feelings and desires, he thinks that it is too late. He thinks that it is too late to start over, to chase his dreams, to create healthy relationships, to believe in god's power, to hope for something , to be positive, to think about yourself rather than others or to do what you have always wanted to do. You might also have thought this way once in your lifetime when you tried to follow your dreams. You might have thought that you have you have wasted most of your life focusing on a wrong job, focusing on wrong people or following the same old path followed by every other person; that there is no chance that you can chase your dreams now or you cannot live your dream life now. What you want to be or how you want to be; it depends only on your choices. Your counsellor can only advise you what to do and what not to do. Ultimately, a successful pattern only demands courage to take a proper decision. I just want to say you that don't loose your heart and hope because it is never too late "to start all over again". I also want to share names of famous people who faced mid-life crisis but achieved success later. Jan Koum founded "Whatsapp" at the age of 35. Michael Arrington started "TechCrunch at the age of 35. Tim Westergren started "Pandora" at the age of 35. Jimy Wales founded "Wikipedia" at the age of 35. Mark Pincus founded "Zynga" at the age of 41. Robert Noyce founded "Intel" at the age of 41. Craig Newmark founded "CraigList" at the age of 42. Robin Chase founded "Zipcar" at the age of 42. Ray Kroc started "McDonald's" at the age of 52. John Pemberton invented "Coca-Cola" at the age of 55. Harland Sanders started "KFC" at the age of 65. Just learn one thing in your life that you can chase your dreams or change your priorities whenever you want because this way you will find real happiness. People may think that you are being crazy but you need to believe your instincts and your capabilities before taking such a big leap in your life.

Ways to be happy in a job you despise

According to a research, an average person spends nearly 1/3rd of his time in a day at workplace, rest of the 2/3rd time he spends on sleeping, eating and entertaining himself. It means every person dedicate a major portion of his day to the same type of tasks. Doing a job which a person don’t like is the heck of all the feelings. Are you in the same state of mind where you feel lethargic in the first few hours at work? Going to the workplace every day seems little daunting to you? Are you in a hurry to wind up your work every day and get back to home? If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, then this post is definitely meant for you. Self-introspect yourself before going further: First things first, Let’s dig into the facts why you despise your job. Many people don’t even know reasons behind being unlikely to their job. It may be because of • Work-environment. • Backbiting or leg-pulling nature of co-workers. • Workplace politics. • Your lack of interest in the type of tasks you are being given at workplace. • Or maybe you are planning to follow your dream plan. A little introspection will prove to be really valuable in such cases. Find your reason, make an action plan regarding it and execute the needed steps. If you are still in the same place in spite of all the efforts you have given to this career or this job, then this is the time you need to make peace with your job. Ask yourself why you have chosen this job or this career path before joining in. Chances are that you will make logical judgements and sense the situation appropriately. I figured out some ways which will definitely help you to stay with commitment and enthusiasm. 1) Look at the benefits your company provides you:- This is the noteworthy point you need to follow before bullying yourself and your job. Don’t overlook the aids provided by your company to comfort you. These aids can be in any form like a yearly bonus, health/medical insurance, skill training, educational programs to help your child grow. 2) Start earning via your passion:- Anyone can transform their hobby or passion into a professional career. Dedicate some time to your hobby on weekends. Earning via your hobby will give you a sense of relief. There are no. of hobbies which can be turned into money-making careers like Writing, Dress designing, Career counselling, Hair styling etc. 3) Zest up your everyday tasks:- Try to procure new and exciting ways to complete each task. You will improve your skill set, learn new things and different ways to accomplish various tasks. Discuss with your colleagues if any help needed. Loneliness also builds feelings of unlikeliness about a job.

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