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She looked through the window pane

She looked through the window pane. The grass looked dull,the flowers colourless. Shook her head-"I'm such a plain Jane"; The mirrors in front like always confess. "Not a day longer!" She growled at the sky. The skies rumbled as a blinding light shot. For almighty the God took a look at the rebel-"Oh my!"; He wondered what the clutter was-torn and caught! "Don't you love me God?"- the tears menace to show. "Why then am I unlike everyone else?" One word of pest He realized and there could be a row. "Very well, my child. Alright" He smiled and she could here sugary bells. For where He stood there was a White Mask, Drew out her hand she to dress it on her face. Radiance flew through her and she impeded in- to bask. The same grumpy mirrors now smiled and in this world, she'd found her place. Everyplace she went, To please her the rules people bent. Every song she sung, With halos the tones rung. Every rose was red, the sky was ever blue; even the birds would sing and flutter. "My life is now paramount!"- Everything was so much better. Then one day she smiled as her friend crossed her path. Amazed the lady said, "Excuse me Miss, but do I know you?" The Mask wouldn't come off with all her strength. This hurt and burn she felt- now wholly new. Broken hearted she sat at rock. " I miss my family, my friends. Most of all I miss the old me!" A single tear escaped from her Mask still feeling a block. " Forgive me oh Lord for my blindness. But now I want to see.." And once again the sky growled. "Aren't you happy with the Mask of beauty, my child?" He asked with a hint of smile. "I am Happy- always have been. By the judgement of this world I was blinded. Within me, the real beauty and peace lies God- Has always been.  I need not a mask to hind under" She glowed from within. And with a simple pull, the Mask came off.. ~~ Shivani Nirmal

How to: iTunes WiFi Sync

What is iTunes WiFi Sync? Syncing allows you to share information with other devices. Previously, syncing your Apple device with iTunes was a tedious process that involved downloading unauthorized softwares on your devices. Thankfully, with the release of iOS 5, Apple now allows you to sync your devices, like iPhones, iPads or iPods with iTunes on their Macs or Windows PC’s wirelessly, without downloading other applications. Step by step guide of how to sync. Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your computer to sync it wirelessly. You can plug your device using the cable you got along with it. Now open iTunes. Step 2: Select your device on the iTunes sidebar. Make sure that the ‘summary’ tab is active. If not, click on it. Step 3: Under the options bar, you will find an option named, ‘sync with this iPhone over WiFi’. Check the box adjacent to this option. Now click on ‘apply’. Once this is done, your device will start syncing to the desktop. After this, you can unplug your device from the desktop. You will notice that even after unplugging, your device is still synced. Now, to sync it with iTunes, you have three options. Option 1: Automatic syncing To sync your device with iTunes automatically or wirelessly, make sure that iTunes is running on your desktop. Plug your device to a power source. Once you do this and connect it to the WiFi, you will notice that the syncing will start automatically. Option 2: Using Mac or Windows To sync your iOS device with iTunes using Mac or Windows, you need to make sure that both your device, and your desktop are connected to the WiFi. Once assured, open iTunes on your desktop. Now, click on your iOS device in the sidebar. You will notice an option for syncing. Click on it and you are done. Option 3: From your iOS device To sync your device with iTunes using this method, you need to make sure that your device is connected to the WiFi network that your desktop is connected to. Now, tap on ‘settings’. You will notice an option – ‘general’. Tap on it. Then go to ‘iTunes WiFi sync’ and tap on ‘sync now’ to start syncing wirelessly. What if the sync does not work? If your syncing process does not work, here are some tips you can use to troubleshoot your problems. • Restart your desktop and iOS device • Make sure that both your device, and your desktop are connected to the same WiFi network. This syncing does not happen over Ethernet to WiFi networks. • Check your firewall settings. In case you are using a security firewall, contact your software security for help. • You can contact your router manufacturer if you are using firewall on your router. To conclude, wireless syncing has made this entire process much more convenient and quick, unlike the previous unauthorized and tedious methods.

How To: Clean Your Carpet Effectively

No matter how careful you are, at the end of the day you are left with an untidy carpet with drops, spills, accidents and whatever shenanigans your kids have indulged in. In order to have a clean carpet at the end of the day, the following are some tips on cleaning your carpet effectively. • Do not rub your carpet stains. Blot them. Rubbing will simply spread them and increase your work two folds. Blotting applies some pressure on the stain and helps your cloth or sponge to soak it up, and voila! You have a stain free carpet. • Use club soda. Club soda is very effective for wine and beer stains. Blot your cloth with some soda and attack the beer or wine stain. If the soda fails to do its job, mix vinegar in water. Spray this solution on your carpet and let it stay. Then clean it up with a cloth and you will not be able to spot any more stains. • Use shaving cream. Shaving cream is effective for all general stains. Blot your stains with shaving cream and let it stay for half an hour. Then blot it away using a clean cloth. Climax with the vinegar solution and a clean cloth. You will be left with a clean carpet. • Freeze the gum. If you accidentally drop chewing gum on your carpet and happen to realize it not too soon, do not be upset about getting rid of your carpet. Just head on to the freezer and grab some ice cubes and freeze dry your gum for about thirty seconds. You can then pull out your gum and have to cut only a very small portion of your carpet to make it disappear. • Detergent spray. The best solution for stubborn grease stains is detergents. It cuts away the grease off the carpet just like it does off the dishes. All you have to do is spray a mix of detergent and water on the stains and then clean it off. You may have to spray multiple times for lager stains. • Candle wax. The best solution to remove candle wax off your carpet is to melt it again. Place a cloth over it and iron it for a few seconds. Then place a paper towel and do the same. The waz will slowly melt and stick to the paper and come off the carpet. Just make sure you do not burn your carpet. • Candy crush. It is not surprising to find candy on the carpet if you have kids at home. Scrape it off using kitchen knife and then blot the remains with a damp soapy cloth. Make sure to remove all the sugar off it to avoid further debris. These simple hacks can help you get a clean carpet daily without having to use tedious methods.

Explore Chennai, Be Thalaiva

Formerly known as Madras, this city is the blooming metropolis of India. Having seen millions of people from different walks of life, this city does not fail to amaze her people. From peaceful beaches, to malls, sophisticated diners, and pubs, Chennai has something to offer to everyone, and every mood. This city unites the different cultures that people bring along with them with its impeccable beauty. Without doubt, Chennai is well known for its beaches. But, if you are planning to visit this magnanimous beauty, here are two things you must add on your bucket list. The street art Street art, or graffiti, is not unknown to us anymore. Earlier, it was stereotyped as vandalism. But recently, it is being put to great use. Many organizations have come forward to use colours to beautify the city, as well as promote social causes. ConquerTheConcrete and WakeUpMadras are two such campaigns that coloured the city bright. If beautifully painted walls are eye candy for you, you must have a look at these magnificent graffiti artworks. Chokhi Dhani – Authentic Rajasthani Experience If a visit to Rajasthan is on your bucket list, but you don’t seem to spare the time to travel across the country, this place is simply perfect for you. A great escape from the daily routine, Chokhi Dhani gives you an authentic Rajasthani experience. Located in Sriperambudur, this place is suitable for school picnics, royal weddings, and corporate meetings as well. This masterpiece is spread over acres of land, and the village theme concept will leave you awestruck. The hospitality, cultural shows, camel rides, and rajasthani dining will make your experience memorable. The chaari dance, and ghoomariya dance will transform your day to a cherishable experience of rajasthan’s mesmerizing ethnicity. Major attractions include dance shows, music and singing shows, food, camel rides, and other fun filled traditional activities like puppet shows, magic shows, fire acts, etc. This village themed fair is definitely a one time experience one must have, when one visits in Chennai. If you are a resident of Chennai and haven’t yet rejuvenated yourself in this fun filled fair, then reserve your weekend right away! For booking and further information, visit Thank you! KINDLY NOTE THAT SOME CONTENT HAS BEEN OMITTED DUE TO EXCEEDING NUMBER OF CHARACTERS

Goa - For The Pathfinder

Goa is the one place which everybody wants to visit at least once in their youth. Its beaches, intoxicating night life, and the delicious sea food makes you want to never leave the place. Known as the 365 day holiday destination, Goa’s lifestyle is what attracts most love from the tourists. “Not until we are lost, that we begin to understand ourselves.” – Henry David Thoreau Goa is one of the most rejuvenating places, with its surreal beauty. Nonetheless, Goa is well known for its churches as well. Whether we talk of old Goa, or the modern Goa, the churches will never lose the charm they’ve always had. Basilica of Bom Jesus “Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.” – Kurt Vonnegut The Basilica of Bom Jesus is located in old Goa. Just like the beaches, this church is a must visit place, and it completes your trip in the true sense. The Mecca of all Roman Catholics, this 400 year old church contains the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The structure is fronted by a façade of Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian design. The prominent detail of the façade is the central pediment which is intricately carved, and embellished with the Jesuit emblem, ‘IHS’. The entire church walls have beautiful intricate carvings. However, since it is the only church that does not have plaster coating, small parts of this carving is being washed away by monsoon ever year. The interior is simple, yet majestic, under a wooden ceiling. The reredos, stretching from the floor to the ceiling, carries the pride of the church. Gilded with baroque ornaments, it captures the eye of every visitor from behind the altar. It shows St. Ignatius Loyola, protecting the figure of baby Jesus. His head is facing upwards, to the magnanimous gilded sun, which is emblazoned with ‘IHS’ and the trinity symbol. Apart from the magnificent cathedral, this monument also has an art gallery, exhibiting some of the most beautiful paintings from artists all across the world. For those who appreciate great architecture, this place is more than just a stop for rejuvenating yourself. It is a place to endure great art. The handmade souvenirs Goa is not only famous for its beaches and churches, but also the handicrafts designed by the most skilled artists of the beach state. The handicrafts are an important part of the culture and ethnicity Goa. The famous handicrafts are crotchet and embriodary, jute macramé, samai, and crafts made from coconut husks, shells, and even palm leaves. The goan artists use bright vibrant colours like yellow, green, blue, etc. to bring out the vibrancy of the people of Goa. The items crafted by these artists are available in Handicrafts Emporium in Panjim, tourist hotels, and other hubs. KINDLY NOTE THAT SOME CONTENT HAS BEEN OMITTED DUE TO EXCEEDING NUMBER OF CHARACTERS

Habits That Make You Age Quickly

Ageing is a natural phenomenon. It cannot be avoided completely, but premature ageing can certainly be. As people age, they start developing high risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type B diabetes, and the list just goes on. Ageing causes our skin to loosen, thin and dry up, and develop a haphazard pattern of wrinkles. Many factors can affect this process of ageing, like lifestyle, diet, etc. Here are some habits that accelerate ageing. 1. Smoking Smoking, as well know, is injurious to health in many ways. The harmful chemicals of a cigarette deprive your skin cells of oxygen and break down collagen. This loosens up your skin and makes it saggy, and even discoloured. So, switch to chewing tobacco gums and quit smoking for a healthy, young life. 2. Drinking in access Occasional drinking is an acceptable scenario. However, taking up drinking as a regular habit is extremely harmful. It damages your liver, and your nervous system. It reduces the amount of vitamin A in your body and promotes inflammatory, which makes fine wrinkles on your skin noticeable. So, limit your booze to just important and rare occasions. 3. Sleep Deprivation If one night of improper sleep can make you look and feel so tired, imagine what sleep deprivation on a permanent basis can do. Improper sleeps leads to dark circles and saggy bags underneath the eyes. It increases your cortisol level and degrades the formation of collages, which in turn worsens inflammatory issues, causing your skin to age. It is necessary to get at least five hours of sleep daily. Therefore, put on your night clothes and have a good night’s sleep. 4. Feeding your sweet tooth We all get cravings and feel the need to feed our sweet tooth. Candies, bakery products, soft drinks are all harmful to the body as they contain high sugar levels. Sugar promotes unhealthy bacterial and causes inflammation. If you want to eat chocolates so bad, opt for dark chocolates or other foods that do not contain too much sugar, and even processed sugar. 5. Sun exposure Everyone loves spending their weekend afternoons at the beach, sunbathing. Although, over exposure to sun is very harmful to the skin. It causes tanning and destroys the skin cells, causing wrinkles. Freckles turn into sun spots and skin taken on a dry, saggy, and pigmented appearance. Therefore, the next time you think of getting yourself some vitamin D, make sure you do not overdo it. 6. Holding grudges Forgive and forget, as they say. It is important for one to let go once in a while is important for one’s health. If you are not able to forgive someone, you add stress to your life. This makes you unhappy and increases cortisol levels. High cortisol levels make your skin lose its glow and loosen it up. NOTE: A few paragraphs have been omitted due to character constraints.

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