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Writer holds confirmed industry expertise, after passing specific industry-based test. Please find the industry-based samples in the portfolio.
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COMMUNICATION ISSUES: A case of effects on Damdar Puplin

This case scenario is based on the various level employees of Damdar Puplin, a paper sales company from the United States of America. The corporate office of Damdar Puplin is situated at many places of that country. Here our discussion is based on one branch of Damdar Puplin which is at Scranton. Here they have production house and corporate house side by side. There occurs some communication problem between the workers and employers of that combo. A detailed analysis of the situation and its perspective are given below. The reader should thoroughly check the different minor and major scenarios which may consist verbal and nonverbal communication and also try to find the reasons behind them.

Celebrity Endorsements and its impact on ladies Part 01

For any business to succeed, the potential buyers much are aware of the products or services offered by the company. From a marketing perspective, it is critical to creating a positive perception regarding any product or service into the minds of the consumer. Various strategies are used for this purpose including but not limited to product designing, branding, better attractive packaging and pricing. Endorsing the product is another major strategy that is being used by many firms and brands so as to create a positive outlook towards the product and influence the buying behaviour of the customer. According to Friedman and Friedman (1979, p. 63), a “celebrity endorser is an individual who is known by the public for his or her achievement in areas other than that of the product class endorsed.” Billions of dollars are spent every year on celebrity endorsements. This is an indication of the importance of the role played by stars in the advertising industry. Roping in a celebrity to endorse any brand creates a lot of publicity and consumers start associating the brand with the celebrity. Celebrity endorsement helps in building brand equity and makes it easier for the customers to remember the ad. It also leads to a transfer of the image from the celebrity to the product or service. But does this necessarily result in an increase in the revenue for the firm? Many studies have tried to examine the impact of celebrity endorsement on the consumers. They have decided to consider the economic worth of the advertising campaigns and how much revenue is generated by roping in celebrities into the campaigns. There have been researches which tried to analyse how the image of the celebrity adds value to the product. Also, marketers have tried to determine the impact of same celebrity endorsing more than one products. It was also found that an endorsement creates more brand equity if the product that the celebrity is endorsing belongs to the field of expertise of the celebrity. For example, a beauty product endorsed by a film star would have more positive results as compared to one being endorsed by a sports personality. In this report, we aim to examine the impact of celebrity endorsement on women and the various factors which influence their buying decision. We have taken shampoo as the product of our research as it is mostly women who make a decision regarding the shampoo being bought for the family and thus studying the relation of shampoo, and the buying pattern of women would give us a better understanding of the influence of celebrity endorsement on the purchase behaviour of women in particular.

Recommendations for Inflation control and reduction in unemployment, including examples from global economies

Inflation occurs due to increase in spending and as an effect economy rises. As a result of it price of different substances rises and also the value of money decreases. Basically it means the amount of currency which hold good previously to buy a certain thing and now it is simply worth less than that. At the end currency exchange rate at international market decreases with respect to other currencies. There are three ways to control inflation, these are described below: The first one is to increase Repo rate through RBI in India. While in case of USA, it is interest rate via Federal Reserve. The Repo rate is the rate at which Nationalized and Commercial banks in India borrow money from Government. But in order to make money they must need to lend it in a higher rates. So when RBI increase interest rates, banks have no choice but to increase interest rate as well. When bank increase their rates, people feel reluctant to borrow money as it costs more to do so if that money grows up on interest. So spending drops, price reduces and as a result inflation reduces. The second method is to increase reserve requirements on the amount of money banks are legally required to keep on hand to cover withdraws. It is called as statutory liquidity ratio in India. If bank need to hold back more, then they can lend less to the consumer. Which in terms decrease spending. The third way is to formulate such policies which will directly or indirectly reduce the money supply. Examples of this include recovering debts that are owned by government and also increase the interest paid on government bond, so that people buy them more. Both of these policies shift the money from bank and public holdings to government’s pocket. The later policy also raises the exchange rate of the currency due to higher demand, which is nothing but increasing in imports and decreasing in exports.

Question Bank

Based on this table answer the following questions. Each question has four alternatives, out of which only one is correct. Choose the correct one. Exchange rates for £1 Buy Sell USD 1.33 1.37 AUD1.76 1.8 NZD 1.82 1.88 INR 88.77 90.57 1) Ramesh is setting off from London for a business trip to India. He converts £190 to Rupees. How many Rupees will he receive? Choose the correct alternatives. A) 16867.3 B) 16857.3 C) 14057.9 D) 16866.3 Correct Answer: D Explanation: Buy rate: Amount you will get if you sell 1 unit of £ Sell rate: Amount needs to pay if you buy 1 unit of £ In this case, we need to convert £190 into Rupees (INR). The Buy rate of INR will give the final answer: 190 × 88.77 = 16866.3 2) A smartphone costs £375 in the UK and 45000 Indian Rupees in Kolkata. How much more costly is the phone in India? Give your answer in pounds to the nearest penny. Choose the correct alternatives. A) 120.56 B) 85.47 C) 121.85 D) 123.48 Correct Answer: C Explanation: Buy rate: Amount you will get if you sell 1 unit of £ Sell rate: Amount needs to pay if you buy 1 unit of £ Convert the Rs 45000 into £ to get the cost in Pound. So in the UK, the smartphone will cost 45000/90.57 = £496.85 So the phone is 496.85 – 375= £121.85 more costly in India. 3) Soham wants to change AUD 61 into NZD by first transforming the amount into pounds and then changing the pounds into NZD. How many NZD can he expect to receive? Choose the correct alternatives. A) 61.68 B) 92.56 C) 47.82 D) 84.68 Correct Answer: A Explanation: Buy rate: Amount you will get if you sell 1 unit of £ Sell rate: Amount needs to pay if you buy 1 unit of £ Soham will change AUD into pounds using the sell rate of AUD. Then he will change it to NZD using buy rate of NZD. So AUD 61 will be equal to 61/1.8 = £33.89 £33.89 will be equal to 33.89 × 1.82 = NZD 61.68 4) Sukanya is going on holiday to Australia. She converts INR 2500 to Australian dollars. How many dollars will she have? Use the available data only. Choose the correct alternatives. A) 58.78 B) 48.58 C) 68.28 D) 78.98 Correct Answer: B Explanation: Buy rate: Amount you will get if you sell 1 unit of £ Sell rate: Amount needs to pay if you buy 1 unit of £ In this problem, we don’t have a direct conversion rate of INR to AUD. Hence we need to solve this issue the same way of the previous problem. Sukanya will change INR into pounds using the sell rate of INR. Then she will change it to AUD using buy rate of AUD. So INR 2500 will be equal to 2500/90.57 = £27.60 £27.60 will be equal to 27.60×1.76 = AUD48.58

French Exam Pattern

The only language after English, which has been taught in all over the world is French. Well, more than 200 million people speak French along five continents which show the tremendous popularity and potential culture association of this language. A knowledge of French opens up the job opportunities at French companies and also around the countries like Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland, etc. This easy to learn language got its popularity among language lovers as it is also a base to learn Roman languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian, etc. Hence we can see after English & German; French is the most widely used language on the internet and it is also an official language of UNESCO, NATO, the International Red Cross, The International Olympic Committee, The International Court, etc. D.E.L.F (Diplôme d’Etudes de Langue Française) and D.A.L.F (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) are the two popular diplomas offered by the French Ministry of National Education (Ministere de education nationale) D.E.L.F It is divided into two levels: Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 consists of 4 units (A1, A2, A3 & A4), while level 2 consists of 2 units (A5 & A6). Each unit of each level can be taken individually in any order (Though Level 1 should be cleared before opting for Level 2) and once passed it is valid for forever. Candidates who achieve the DELF level I should be capable of comprehending and making themselves understood in a comprehensive variety of ordinary circumstances in a French-speaking atmosphere. DELF level II will enable candidates to operate in a more focused area of interest like economics or another academic field. For each unit, it costs approx. 46 €. D.A.L.F This one is divided into four units (B1, B2, B3 & B4). In this case also, once passed it is valid for lifetime. Candidates should have a level II DELF or a pass at French GCE ‘A’ level. (For other recognized rewards, communicate with your local consulate) To be eligible for D.A.L.F. Generally to enter into a French university a non-French candidate required to follow language requirements, but with this recognition, candidates are exempted from such requirements. It is expected that applicant can establish their ability to use French in both general and specialist situations. However, the test is of knowledge but not of expertise in that field.

Celebrity Endorsements and its impact on ladies Part 02

4. OBJECTIVES • Analyse and make a list of various influencing factors affecting lady consumers’ purchasing decisions • Determine the role of celebrity endorsement in the buying decision of the lady consumers subject to different variables such as location, age group, occupation etc • Identifying the various reasons that lady consumers keep in mind while selecting a brand • Analyse the role of celebrity endorsement and its impact on the consumers when they change their brand 5. METHODOLOGY 5.1 Subjects A survey of questionnaires was sent to over 150+ ladies covering different age groups and cities. A proportional mix was selected to better analyze the findings of the survey. Out of the 150+ ladies, 102 of them responded back to the survey, giving an overall response rate of around 65%. Out of the 102 responses around 65% were of age below 25 and the rest were above 25. An equal mix of students and working professionals was present among the number of respondents. Also the cities of the respondents were divided into two groups: tier 1 and tier 2. About 54% of the ladies belonged to tier 1 cities and the other 46% were from tier 2 cities. Thus, a good mix of respondents belonging to various cities and age groups was considered giving a well-rounded picture of the impact of celebrity endorsement. 5.2 Selection of the product It was important that we narrowed down to a product which will form the basis of the research. The product had to be selected keeping in mind that it had to be oriented towards ladies and also has a number of celebrities associated with it. The product selected should be such that the purchase decision regarding it is usually made by women of the family. This would help us better understand as to what impact does celebrity endorsement has on ladies in specific. Various products such as cold drinks, lipsticks, fairness creams, and beauty soaps were considered. But finally the product selected was shampoo because of its high percentage of usage and the list of celebrities associated with it. 5.3 Instrument A survey questionnaire was sent to around 150 ladies and responses were collected from about 102 of them. We asked the ladies to report the following things as a part of the survey: 1. The brand of shampoo they use 2. The reason for using the brand 3. Awareness about the brand and the celebrity endorsing the brand 4. Factors influencing the buying decisions they make related to the product

4 tips for writing powerful real estate copy

The real estate content writers jobs are not easy nowadays. The way people shift from one advertisement to another within a glance, it becomes a challenging affair and art to engage consumers. As the first contact, you’ll likely have with a probable homebuyer will come through a real estate catalog, a great real estate copy is the first chance of Real Estate content writers to build a reputation and a relationship. Some of the key tips to make your headline more powerful are • Short, concise bullet points work best Most of the people skim and scan all the ad copies. They don’t even read the full paragraphs. As a result, Real estate content writers jobs become more challenging. So you should do your best to keep your headlines sharp, and the text that comes after that should be short in size and to the point. • Use numbers and “you.” Whenever it is possible, use numbers and the word "you" in the real estate captions. We can use headline analyzer, a popular tool used by the marketer, to get to know the effectiveness of your headline with respect to that of professionals. For example, the following headline scores only 13.11: "Buy Now and Save Thousands of Dollars in Interest." In compare, "Five Reasons Buying Now Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars" scores 33.0 in the headline analyzer. • Use the words "unique," "special" and "these." The following caption scores 40.0 on the Headline Analyzer: "Don’t Miss Seeing This Unique Home Packed with These Upgrades." It has been found in a statistical analysis that these w0ords create more relativeness in the consumer's mind. • Use commands Rather than relying so severely on adjectives, Real estate content writer should make headlines using action verbs. The caption like “This is a lot of house for a little amount of money!” are typical in most of the advertisements in the real estate business as they describe features. The consumer doesn't buy features; they buy the benefits, i.e., the sentiments they feel when they view the property. Adjectives naturally describe features, while verbs are more possibly to tap into the welfares of homeownership. This is the cause that “Design Your Dream Home In This Unique Space!” scores high as it uses an action verb that helps the reader’s mind to think a dream about his/her perfect house. If you want to write such compelling headlines for your real estate asset, give the Headline Analyzer a try. To use the Headline Analyzer, begin by inserting your headlines, select "real estate" as the arena in which you are concerned, and the Headline Analyzer will calculate how effective your captions are based upon three different scopes: intellectual, empathetic and spiritual. The most compelling headlines become significant to all three groups.

Writing Real Estate Descriptions That Will Get Their Attention

To get the attention a real estate content writer need to work on the headlines primarily. The real estate content writer’s job is not easy as the headline only gives you the first few seconds such that you get high retention rate of the potential consumers. The headline only regulates whether or not the guest will click through to your listing, and if your headline is average, you can lose 70-80% of your views right then and there on these 40 characters Few of the popular headlines through the ages are as follows. For Sale: 7 Beautiful Homes in Delaware A Corner Of Serenity In Paddington Village Sleepwalk To Work Upending The Traditional Queenslander Not Just Another Pretty Face In The CBD, A Penthouse, Pre-shrunk A Taste Of “La Dolce Rita.” Good Bones: Be Ready For Your Inner Designer An Inner City Walkway With Two Comfort Zones Tuscany’s Vineyard Homes – Wall Street Journal This Legendary Lakefront Korea Estate Once Belonged to Howard Pulses The Key from Robert Franklin’s Kite Experiment Opened the Front Door East of Paris, a Chateau with an Aristocratic Past Five Properties for Sale with Extraordinary Pools 3 Extraordinary Eco-Friendly Homes for Sale Right Now Well apart from the headlines you need take care of some other issues in the descriptions too- • It is evident that a real estate content writer may feel like to write and reveal the most about the property, but the ideal listing should not exceed 250 to 300 words. You should remember that the job of the asset description is the drive the potential buyers into his/her car and make it a successful visit. • You don’t even know the target segment who is watching your listings; you only can figure it out after talking to them. Hence though visualization about the property is a good thing regarding helping the buyers to feel it, sometimes avoid some subject terms which make the focus narrow. Some words like “no children,” “Christian,” “perfect for your family,” and “very close to the the synagogue,” should be avoided. • A ask for action is always a good thing. So the positive things like “call us Now!!” or “visit this home by calling” should be there to propagate the pleasant feelings to potential buyers and make it a successful conversion. A real estate content writer should ensure that all the contact information is accurate and speak to the homebuyers in an informal tone. • Before posting your messages always double check for any spelling and grammatical mistakes, as the buyers can quickly figure that out if there is any error, and most of the times they make fun of it. Most of the times the sincerity of your brand got affected, and people don’t take you promisingly.

Tips to Writing Successful Real Estate Blog Posts

One of the challenging jobs of real estate content writer is to make his/her blog attractive. It is also a favorite marketing tool to sell your asset, but more than that it is a platform to get touch with many readers from all over the world. Here are few of the tips mentioned which can help you to give you a head start about what you should keep your mind while doing this. • Start with a catchy headline/caption The headline is the first thing your viewer will see, so it is the first moment they get attracted toward the blog. So don’t underestimate the power of those 40 words which can decide the retention rate of your viewer. The real estate content writers job get tricky as for whether they should write a funny and exciting headline or the headline should be on a serious note. Well, a great headline will enhance the interest of the potential buyer so you should mention some of the features of the asset. Sometimes you can get a client for your life and also a well-researched headline push your content to the top of the available search engines. • Go with the perfect length and break Online pages are easy to skim and hence most of the reader will perhaps skim your blog first before even give it a try. Hence proper structure and little paragraphs will be more efficient than one lengthy article. Avoid large chunks of contents, proper bullet points, Paragraph breaks, numbered lists and other methods are great methods to break up the content and make it easy to digest. If you somehow have a very long article then post it in two halves like as a two parts of a series. One more traditional technique if you want to rank your article or keywords on the top of search engine then come up with multiple series of blog on the same keywords. • For Search Engine Optimization(SEO) spellings Before posting any blog check for possible spelling mistake and grammatical errors. It is very much essential to gain the respect with proper spellings as most of the time readers make fun of spelling mistakes. Also, search engine ranked high to those sites which have very few spelling errors. It is the first indication that whatever you wrote on the blog is trustworthy. • Avoid and remove Plagiarism Plagiarism only means you copied work of others which also can bring legal charges. Obviously one can get ideas through others post or even can get inspired by other blogs, but the writing should be of your own only. Otherwise, all of your credit goes in vein. Again it is easy to find duplicates by the search engines, and in that case, you will not get the benefit of Search Engine Optimization.

Real Estate Advertising Copy That Gets Leads

The number one priority of a real estate content writer is to generate the best lead out of the asset. The whole marketing strategy has to be planned and also should be based on strong SEO strategy as only then you can hope for enough traffic. You should keep in mind that the competition is not easy, everyone is trying to showcase their listing in more efficient way, and you can go better if you follow some simple rule and avoid some grave mistakes. Search Engine Optimization is a technique to make sure that you get maximum visibility out of the possible from the online advertisements. Search engines create quality marks to decide ad location. These scores take into account some features, including the ad copy to choose how often your ad appears and the location it gets. Your ad copy is valued on the association among the text and keyword. Few of the tactics in this regards are as follows • The real estate content writer job is not easy as he/she need to think about consumers perspectives and how specifically they search for the home, which keyword they use most of the times and what bothers them most. Then depending on that keyword you should make a copy which will enhance the consumer’s mind to make them able to feel their dream home. • You should mention in the description the most valued quality in the home, as there could be many but the quality with maximum selling point should get placed in that limited space available to you. These way you will get calls that will be fruitful and conversion rate will be high. • After segmenting your potential consumers, you can found out that not all the qualities become a selling point for all of them, and hence you may need to place multiple advertisements to attend each one of your consumer segment needs and hence it will create most targeted leads. If it is not possible then go for a generic one, then upon receiving a call you can change your strategy. • The words you should use in your advertising copy should not contain dull words like spacious, comfy, etc., as it does not create any value in consumers mind and instead of that it wastes your valuable space in the advertisement. Hence use bold words and action verbs which makes sense to the potential buyers and also help them to visualize the place with adequately related examples. • If you think it is the best buy in that area, then don’t forget to mention that, but sometimes it may happen you are charging higher than normal price. In that case, you need to justify it with the values you are providing and whether those are enough to charge extra.

How can we prevent jet lag from decreasing business productivity

Yasmin was all prepared, and on that big day just before the ShowTime, she dozed off. What is wrong with her? After all this struggle for a whole year, how can her mind and body were not cooperating with her at this time?? – Is your story somewhere similar to this? Don’t worry you are at the right place if jet lag is what cause you all the trouble. Jet lag is a common phenomenon to the air travelers who need to travel from a time zone to a different time zone. This biological phenomenon cause to happen sleep disorders (You may feel to sleep in the daytime and simultaneously be awake at night). This happens cause our body follows a 24hour clock, which tells us when is the morning or when is the afternoon, depending on our exposure to sunlight. This disruption in 24 hours clock, results in sleep disorder. And before you identify any effect, the lack of full sleep affects your cognitive and innovative skills. Other attributes like a headache, exhaustion, indigestion, and sleepy feelings make your brain dull when you need it the most, and in turn, your efficiency and productivity suffers. As our productivity and performance level minutely relate to our body, we should take proper steps such that any critical business opportunity should not suffer due to jet lag. These are few of the steps which can help you to cope up with the jet lag stress: Arrive couple of days before your Big day Don’t arrive just on before your Big day. Instead, you can make your travel couple of days back or at least 24 hours back such that, you can get proper rest, which may not eliminate the jet lag but at least help you to keep up your efficiency. But if it may happen you need to do your important work for multiple consecutive days, it would be advisable to keep extra days in your hand. Evolution in yourself: Try to adopt the new time zone beforehand Before even traveling to new time zone, you can try to cope up with it, by living like you have been in the new place. This will sufficiently eliminate your jet lag without any delay after the journey. Like if you will be going to eastward, you should try an early rise and vice versa for a trip to the west side. But you may suffer some inconsistency while trying to cope up due to mismatched lifestyle. Plan the timings carefully You can schedule your journey to such hours, which you usually use for sleep (like at night) so that you can use the ideal flight time to sleep. Hence the required time to get back your productivity will be reduced. Synchronize your asset Don’t forget to synchronize your watch with the destination time zone while boarding your flight. Exercise is key to fitness You can use a little bit of exercise before and after reaching the destination to ensure timely sleep. It is not the right time to get high Avoid excessive alcohol or caffeinate product before going to sleep as they may cause you to oversleep or may prevent you from getting a proper sleep.

How to prevent employee expense reimbursement fraud?

The HR Manager of a leading sales & distribution firm Mr. Rohit Gupta is stunned with the recent findings presented by one of the Accounts stuff. Several employees have been found to forge the expense reimbursement which can be seen in even open eyes. The amount accrued to almost Rs 50000/- just in past six months. In most of the cases amount has been already paid. He reported the fact directly to the director and then a formal investigation had been set up to find out such occasions in the last three years. Rohit is not only one who is facing such issues in recent times, as most of the cases valuable and trustworthy employees found to be the perpetrator. Few of the popular ways to commit this sort of fraud which has been found in recent behavioral studies are Trends in fraud Employees charge for their personal expenses like gas, food, hotel, travel, etc. Charging for such items that never happened i.e. traveling using public transport but billing for taxis, Booked an air ticket than canceled it to book a train ticket but charging the for air ticket, etc. Falsely infiltrating the amount on the bill. Multiple employees colluded among themselves to travel together but applying the same bill to charge twice. Asking for Mileage reimbursement after few months of the date of the journey, while the actual travel reimbursement is already done. Sometime infiltrating trends also can be found where employees use a first class instead of the economy, claims for meals which are more than accommodated as it includes alcohol or multiple people.

How to prevent employee expense reimbursement fraud? part 02

Prevent the fraud & save your organization Expense and Travel Policy: It is a typical human behavior to break laws. Hence trust will not solve the issue instead of a proper plan which will be simple but again exhaustive enough to ensure multiple checks by a different person. Also, make your employees aware of the same and inform new hires during joining. Monitor & Keep the record online: One easy way to keep track of the duplicate bills if you record all the expenses online, then using the software you can easily track the bills of same months and can verify them with little effort from your end. An expense management software can check the data with available online data and also can alert you in the case of a change in trends of costs regarding genre, number and value. Lead your employees & boost the Moral The main thing is that whatever precautions you may take human nature is there to break it. So with tight expense reimbursement, you may save money, but it is not 100% secure. Then if the senior officials make such instances of being an honest person that can indeed influence the employees to follow the lead. Most of it every organization need to take care that a strong reimbursement program should be the reason for harassment for the employees. It should not be the case that original reasons also get questioned multiple times and lead to a reduction in the employee morale and productivity. Hence a proper balance in this regard will improve your organization’s profit figures.

Marketing Project Proposal

Objective An existing oral care company wants to launch a new mouth wash. The objective of study is to find the existing usage of Mouthwash in Indian market. It would intend to find the factors that drive users for usage of mouthwash and the barriers in the product that is responsible for low usage rate. The research would intend to look for optimal price, packaging size and target audience that can be converted to active users of mouthwash. Why Market is fairly in nascent stage and as usage is slightly different from traditional oral cleansing, it provides an avenue for new players to challenge the market leaders in the oral care segment. We would like to explore the possibility of changing the packaging, price positioning and consumption rate of mouthwash. Research Method Through word and image associations, we would like to come up with the findings. We would like explore the reason why current customers use the mouthwash. Through the questionnaire prepared for target group, we would like to know how we could make customers use mouthwash frequently and attract more customers to use the mouthwash. A questionnaire would be given to target group and the responses would be recorded. The questionnaire would be mix of both qualitative and quantitative questions. Through the marketing research we want to study the current competitors of the mouth wash products and possible substitutes. We would like to work on the point of differentiation after considering all the competitors. The marketing research would also be targeted toward analysing the current mouthwash industry. Barriers to entry and exit would be studied.

Oral care firm analysis

1. Management Decision Problem: An existing oral care firm wishes to launch mouthwash. The product is in final development stage and based on consumer’s preference for various attributes listed below the firm wishes to finalise on the offering. 2. Marketing Research Problem: Determine the effect of different attributes of mouthwash like packaging size, colour, price, shape of bottle, flavour, density, burning sensation on purchase intentions. 3. Research Questions: 1. What criterion do consumers use while selecting a mouthwash? 2. What is the relative importance between the different attributes of mouthwash? 4. Research Design: Conjoint Analysis will be used to determine the relative preference for attributes stated below in the product finalization table. According to the determined relative importance of attributes, the firm wishes to launch 3-4 SKUs initially and 8-10 SKUs by the product maturity stage. Each participant will be given 3 samples of mouthwash and would be asked to choose the most preferred and the least preferred. The sample will contain randomly allocated attribute among the eight listed attributes. A score of +2 would be given to the most preferred sample, +1 for neutral sample and 0 for least preferred sample.

Managing Financial Resources in Healthcare

outline explanation of the principles of costing and business control systems as they apply to a residential home for elderly individuals and, to help her, you include specific examples linked to residential care. The business control system is an essential component of any business system to budget the operational costs of different departments of business smoothly. It Also keeps tracking the progress of the firm is an important part of it. The most important part is that it should control the cost of the system itself such that the enterprise can plan for other work in progress expenses. Most of the managers in healthcare origination provide services and sell products, and it also takes crucial decisions related to product mix, pricing and process technology based on the distorted cost information. The worst part is that there is no alternative mechanism to alert the managers in time. And almost all the cases the company could be able to detect the problem only after the situation gone to out of hand and when the profitability and competitiveness hamper to a great extent (Kaplan, 1988) The principle of costing can be explained as follows: • Cost is always related to its cause: This is paramount important to find out the reason behind the cost to control it and also to know it would be accounted in which segment. Like any particular costly medicine on any person will help us to plan better in the future and there will not occur any shortage of money in times • Abnormal costs are charged in costing: Abnormal costs are rare charges and do not attach to any particular cost center and hence if you attach with any of the cause, then you will get a wrong picture of the whole situation. This will lead to wrong interpretation and allocation of the fund. • Cost is charged after it is incurred: There could be some possibility of loss in medicine, or some food can get wasted, and for this reason, we can’t accumulate more cost to those head before the cost happens. • Past costs are not taken into reflection to future expenses: Past costs like any expenses on food items or stationery items which we have already incurred, but we can’t move it forward to next year to put less effect on the past. Principles of costing don’t allow it. But in case if any supplier is giving you things in credit then you can add the cost in future times when you are paying for it. • Keeping of accounts for cost is also based on Double entry principle: A double entry principle will enter the facts in credit and debit part and hence equalize the whole structure and also eliminate any fault may occur during entries.

Managing Financial Resources in Healthcare 1

An identification, in the form of a list with examples, of the information she will need if she is successful to manage her financial resources. To be successful in managing the financial resources, she needs to understand and identify the cost center in that home. Also, the change or variability in those expenses regarding people and season also should be determined. Let’s discuss the various costs one by one:  Fixed Cost: The possible fixed cost is as follows o Land cost: If you want to start from the fresh this cost you have to bear, and this is not a small amount, so you may need to take a loan for the same. o Construction cost: If you want to make the building by your design you will be charged significantly regarding all the building and planning related expenses. o Fixed cost related to bedding and other infrastructures, most of these are one time, and tiny of it may occur in the next year again.  Variable Cost: The variable cost are as follows: o The main cost is of Food. You can’t compromise with the quality of it and hence the money allocated in this fund need to be steady and it may fluctuate with the fluctuation in the market price of the food. o The salary of the caretakers is also a big chunk of your variable cost. You need to consider this in your estimated budget. This value also depends on how many senior citizens you can keep and also the status of their age. o Medicines and health checkup costs rely on each’s health, and hence it may not be able to control always, but a pre-collected fund for this purpose may save you from a lack of WIP fund. o Other variable costs related to transport, clothes, stationary, etc. could be monitored and evaluated regarding variability to control it effectively.  Direct Cost: Direct cost are related to people live there: it is like cost associated with food, medicine, etc. which can be directly attributed to proper cost heads  Indirect Cost: This can be administrative cost, rent, tax and workers salary which will be indirect to all the people living there.

Managing Financial Resources in Healthcare

An explanation of (with examples from health and social care) of the regulatory requirement for managing financial resources. Regulatory guidelines vary from country to country. At first, your institution has to be registered with the competent authority. Also to reduce any financial fraud, promote honesty among the organization, protect the rights of consumers, better accountability, integrity and efficient organization structures demand a strong regulation in this sector. In the health care industry, different regulations make it compulsory for the organization to compliance with all clinical rules and also publish their company financials annually. Similarly, there are several bodies which are regulating and monitoring the financial conduct regarding the cost effectiveness of care home sector. Few of the important regulatory agencies are Care Quality Commission, Healthcare Sector regulator Monitor, NHS Commissioning Board. The CQC or Care Quality Commission inspects and oversees the health care sector to make sure on the policies, procedures, and compliances related to laws. Care Quality Commission (Registration) Regulations 2009; Regulation 13 states that the purpose of this provision is to involve suppliers to make sure they take all reasonable steps to meet the financial burdens of providing safe and proper services. To achieve this rule, suppliers must have the financial capitals needed to deliver and continue to provide the services as defined in the statement of purpose to the required principles. NHS commissioning boards has detailed regulation related to Preparation, approval and control of the business plan, budgets and estimates , Annual Accounts , Banking arrangements, Capital investment, asset register and security of assets, Security of cash, cheques and other negotiable instruments, Payment of staff, Payment of accounts, Tendering and quotations, Contracting and Purchasing, Information Technology, Information governance etc. (Middlemas, 2011b)

Uber Case Study

Analyse & discuss the nature of innovation brought about by Uber in the taxi and private hire vehicle industry. Uber is operating on the means of enabling technology to achieve a solution to the problems in customer’s life and in a way creating a market or changing the market forces within the existing framework. We can analyze the nature of innovation using the framework for defining innovation. The thing is that there are different types of innovation, with different competitive effects on the market. Innovation can be defined into two popular dimensions. Horizontal one is innovations impact on components, and vertical one is captured its impact on linkages between different components. Source: Rebecca M. Henderson and Kim B. Clark (1990) Architectural Innovation: The Reconfiguration of Existing Product Technologies and the Failure of Established Firms Incremental innovation is just the more efficient of employing the core concepts. Innovation that modifies only the core design perceptions of technology and innovation that changes only the connections between them are the simplest type. The first one is a modular innovation. Our apprehension, however, is the second type of innovation revealed in the matrix: innovation that deviations a product's architecture but leaves the modules, and the core design notions that they represent, unchanged. Whereas Radical innovation somewhat works on both the linkages and core concepts part. (Henderson and Clark, 1990) In our case taxi and private hire, the industry remains the same. There is a fundamental change in the concept itself. But the linkages are modified regarding linkages between different stakeholders of the same. It could be able to enable to a faster transaction between the taxi driver and the customers. Basically at first customers need to wait for the cab, and they may find it by chance. Also, taxi driver never gets to know for a particular day which part of the city is in high demand. Here innovation comes with the help of data analytics and geographical location of the supplier and user. The overall system becomes more transparent as the driver follows maps and the fare got calculated via it, so there is no chance of temperament with a meter as such. Also, the experience in the car is superior to the regular taxis. As you can’t differentiate between regular taxis, they don’t have any incentive to maintain the quality as after the service it is very low chance that you will face the same driver again. But in Uber, they maintain the total quality by using contracts with the driver and also using the rating mechanism.

Uber Case Study 1

Identify and analyze the main drivers that encouraged Uber to innovate in this industry The main drivers for innovation are to fulfill the need gap existed in the taxi and private car hire industry. So to analyze the same there can’t be any fixed sort of framework that we can think of, like business to business it varies. Few of the drivers are • Address the need gap: There is a certain amount of uncertainty working in this industry regarding consumer need to wait for the taxi or need to book it beforehand and hence the need is of doing things securely with speed. Then Uber make it sure to address this need and fulfill it the help of innovative technologies using simple geotagging features and data analytics. (Natalie, 2015 • Technology enables digitization: The Uber app is enough to secure the market potential of the company in the taxi segment. More than that people are using Android phones. Hence the overall growth in adaptation leads to more business for this app. So the enabler here is the technology growth of the society. Otherwise, there would not be enough consumer to break even the business. • Intensified competition: More and more firms are coming into the line to cope up with Uber, which challenges the business growth of the same. Hence Uber need to innovate in terms providing more options to customers. Hence Uber is trying to become a lifestyle and logistics company in the market. • Benefits for Uber drivers: The benefit is not for the consumer only, but here Uber drivers also get benefitted. Previously drivers need to wait at an uncertain place to get the customer, but now they • First, mover’s advantage: Uber is the first mover in the taxi rent service, and hence they get the first possible big chunk of customer base with them. Now whoever comes the next they need to get pass the current popularity of Uber to get into the business segment. Also, any competitor needs to do something extraordinary to move the customer base. Hence Uber gets a better place in the market by going first of all. The drivers explained above are not the only factors there. As we know, the challenges are also different with the change in place. Hence a localized approach is the best to cater to local needs and issue. The proper judgment and management in this regard is also an important driver of Uber’s success. (Gallup, 2007)

Uber Case Study 2

Critically evaluate the factors you consider enabled and hindered Uber to innovate within this industry. The factors which enabled and hindered Uber to innovate in the taxi industry are very critical in nature. As though they look simple but at that point, the industry revolves around a particular change in the adoption level of consumer segment, hence every point counts. The factors are as follows: • A captivating case for innovation: Customers could be able to adopt and understand the sort of technology in that time. Otherwise Uber may have lost their business to the core segment of offline taxi service. So whatever financial and technological resources you use, you have to justify them. • An inspirational, shared idea of the future: Most of the time company things about future while based upon the experience. Hence company always looks relevant in the future. But here we can see that Uber not only recognize the future forces of changes but also get to prepare for it. Hence the best way is to get a holistic idea of next 10 to 20 years as a strategic plan. Here you don’t need to predict futures but need to develop the hypothesis about the future. Uber could be able to see the shared value with drivers and customers to enable their business. (Govindarajan, 2011) • A fully aligned strategic innovation agenda: Innovation is a sort of journey where many paths are open, and we don’t know what will happen in the future. But the most important question in this regard is the risk tolerance factor for the game-changing ideas. The real challenge comes from different political and local association of taxis, where they could be able to get the threat of substitution from the Uber. The best strategy here is to take the localized policy to fight the lawsuit in each of the countries while creating a powerful trust voice among the consumers. • Visible corporate strategy: Being a startup farm, Uber does not need to face of any communication gap between the workers. Being a small team of 500 people only, everybody knows why the company is for and what will happen next. Businesses that are already established can do only incremental innovation as it is tough for the whole company to think beyond the usual. Here Uber does not have such issues as they are a small team and hence they could be able to follow radical ideas. • Surge charge pricing: Though in many places consumer and the government is opposing it, but the fundamental reason behind surge pricing is entirely justified. The job is to provide service to customers. Now if supply is not enough, then to match it Uber offers a high incentive to the taxi driver to give service in an unfavorable condition. This apparently drives the taxi drivers mind to come into the job for extra income and hence providing best service through the app. In the offline situation, most of the time cab driver demands extra money and here you are paying loyalty depending on the analytics terms. Hence everything is justified here.

Uber Case Study 3

Evaluate the extent to which Uber is disruptive innovation in the industry? Uber is enjoying a high growth as it has expanded into 60 countries and still growing. Also, it has recorded excellent financial stability. Also, another startup has already started to follow the strategy. We can say that Uber is clearly transforming the business strategy in the USA. According to the theory explained above the answer is simply no. Though the company is always described as a disruptive innovation company Uber’s financial and strategic achievements, do not say the same. The reasons are as follows: • Disruptive innovation generally starts in low end or new market: Disruptive innovation happens in low-end markets as most of the normal time players only care about the high end and already consumers only and hence neglect other customers who may not be able to avail the service due to high pricing. Again in the new market could be created by a startup firm and hence creates an enormous amount of growth in that segment. But Uber did not generate from these two segments. It is tough to say that the firm found a low-end occasion: That would have meant taxi facility suppliers had exceeded the needs of a real number of consumers by making taxis to overflowing, too easy to use, and too clean. Neither did Uber predominantly mark nonconsumers—individuals who found the prevailing substitutes so costly or troublesome that they took public transportation or drove themselves in its place: Uber was launched in San Francisco and Uber’s consumers were usually individuals already in the routine of hiring rides. Uber has probably been increasing entire demand—that’s what take place when you grow a better, less-expensive answer to a broad consumer requirement. But disrupters start by engaging with low-end or unserved customers and then travel to the conventional market. Uber has gone in precisely the opposite way: building a place in the traditional market first and afterward appealing to historically ignored sectors. (M. Christensen, E. Raynor, and McDonald, 2015) • Disruptive innovations don’t catch on with conventional customers until excellence catches up to their values. Disruptive innovations are primarily taken as substandard by most of the popular brand’s consumers. Typically, users are not keen to switch to the innovative offering just because it is less costly. In its place, they wait until its excellence rises sufficiently to satisfy them. Once that’s occurred, they adopt the innovative product and happily admit its lower price. (Horn, 2016)

Managing Financial Resources in Healthcare 3

Evaluating how decisions about expenditure have to be made in a residential care home. The decisions about spending have to meet considering the best for the older adults who will live there. So basically, you have to enlist their requirements by finding yourself in their place. Then you could be able to estimate every little thing that will be necessary for them, which may not come to your mind while evaluating expenditure decisions. Your decision tree should be followed like this o Find out the daily requirements for a person while considering yourself in that place o What could be the extremities in all the requirements o How volatile is each expenditure considering macroeconomic factors? o Which costs create maximum impact on your finance o Estimate the total budget considering all the items and give room for increase or decrease for each of them o Is there any double entry? o Where can you save your cost? o Whether the saving of cost will impact the livelihood of the people or it will be okay for them But with these you can follow a different type of decision-making style:  Command: In this style, you will not involve anyone in the decision making, but maybe for some small matter it is ok, then most of the cases it is not encouraged to follow. The advantage of this style is that you will get less confused in case of taking a stricter decision and it is also less time consuming. The primary disadvantage is that you may go wrong as you are not consulting with anyone.  Consult: You may consult with other administrative stuff and residential of home to get to some conclusion. In the end, you are taking the decision. The primary advantage is that you could be able to know everyone's views, and hence you will get a better understanding of the situation. The disadvantage is that it is more time consuming and it also pours more data than required.  Vote: You can take a vote to make some changes, but you need to consider that minority should not suffer due to it. Here majority wins and hence everyone is bound the follow the decision, but the primary concern is that minority sector got suffered.  Consensus: This is possibly the best way of doing anything as you need to make every residential of the care home to agree to the changes you want to make. The advantage part is you will get everyone by your side, but it is too much time consuming. After considering on the above decision variable, you can match your work with any Finance specialist to see the proper allocations have been done or not. So if you take care of the above things, overall planning for the management and budget can be done in a straightforward manner. Please let me know if you need any further help. Also, I am open to any suggestions.

Do your employees feel secured while traveling?

With globalization, the scope of business is not in your home country only, hence if you want to observe an enormous growth companies have to go beyond their geographic boundaries. Sometimes firms send their key people around the globe to deal with business issues and also to implement a specific competitive advantage at a different place. But the thing is that with the increase of business opportunities the risk also gets increased. Terrorism, theft, assault, injury, illness, kidnap are few of them. Why does it matter? The risks that make employees feel insecure are two types: one is internal which is related to the cultural differences within the organization, and you can’t do much about it, other than make your employee train for the same. Another is external factors like terrorism, injury, kidnap which are due controlled by foreign bodies. Hence in most of the countries, it is mandated by law so that companies have a duty of care and under which they are supposed to ensure the safety and health of their employees within their capabilities. For example, the US has “corporate manslaughter & corporate homicide act 2007” to make detailed guidelines about it. It is recommended to do a proper risk assessment for each employee who is traveling to a potentially unsafe place. An integrated travel management solution can take up the issues in a more holistic way for a large organization, where the personalized view of individual care could cost more time and resources for the firm. How to deal with this? A travel management solution can design a platform which will take care of the all possible issues in a conventional manner and hence will eliminate any manual error that may occur otherwise. Few of the high-level groundwork for the same are Before Travelling All the paper works list should be duly completed on the destination place as rules and regulation changes by location. A comprehensive tour about important such difference of laws about society and politics will be of great help. Know the needs Each people have different needs for their health, and organization should be aware in detail for each of the employees. Hence the protocol will not be the same for all; it should be designed as per need. Contracts with Hotel It is not easy to take care of the level of comfort hotel will offer to your employees. But if the place of visit is frequent, you can make a contract with the hotel authorities to ensure such comfort level and security compliances whenever required. Meet & Greet Your employee should feel like home with the warm welcome from the destination employees of the firm. That will ease the cultural difference between them. Key leadership Desk Key leadership desk will comply with the service and training needs for the employees to cope up with the new place environment. It is an interactive way to secure your employees from both ends. Tracking

Axis Bank Business Loan

Overview Axis Bank Business Loan is catered into two parts: Solution for corporates and Solution for small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). As a solution for corporates, Axis Bank offers working capital finance by way of overdraft, cash credit or working capital loans. These are structured suitably to the corporate needs and the risk profile as a part of a consortium or as a sole banker. The main aim is to improve the liquidity of your business and also speed up all the process with internet banking and phone banking etc. Particular demands related to the expansion of business and up gradation of facilities can increase pressure on the finances of a company and hence Axis Bank is here to structure the credit solution to meet the specific long term or short term financial requirements. The MSMED ACT, 2006 of Reserve Bank of India defined the Medium, small and micro enterprise in both manufacturing and service sector. But Bank also selectively classifies particular business segments as part of SME lending. Irrespective of the obligor the channel funding or vendor financing is part of SME. Loan Against Property As the name suggests, here Axis bank provides loan against your property. Also, this loan can be availed to acquire new property. A takeover of existing loan with refinancing is also available here. Features & Benefits • Attractive interest charges • Balance Transfer facility offered with extra finance • Doorstep facility Under loan against property following four products can be availed: 1) Loan against property – Residential, 2) Loan for the purchase of commercial property, 3) Loan against property – Commercial, 4) Take-over of existing loan with additional refinance (Balance Transfer). Interest Rates, Fees & Charges Effective rate of interest = Base rate (10%) + Mark-Up • LAP Residential: 13.00% • LAP Commercial: 13.00% • 3rd Party LAP – Residential: 14.00% • 3rd Party LAP – Commercial: 14.00% • Gross Receipts – Residential: 13.25% • Gross Receipts – Commercial: 13.25% • LAP Surrogate Scheme: 14.00% • Lease Rental Discounting (for rated lessee): 12.75% • Lease Rental Discounting (for the un-rated lessee): 13.25% • Overdraft Against Property (Residential): 14.00% • Overdraft Against Property (Commercial): 14.00% • Reverse Mortgage Loan: 11.75% These are the effective interest rates.

Axis Bank Business Loan 1

Fees and charges for different schemes are as follows: • Loan Processing Charges o Asset Power (Loan Against Property): 1% + Service Tax as applicable o Commercial OD against Property/Dropline Overdraft Against Property: 1% + Service Tax as applicable o Loan Against Rent Receivables: 1% + Service Tax as applicable • Pre- Prepayment/Foreclosure Charges o Asset Power (Loan Against Property): If any of the borrowers is a non-individual - 2% will be levied, if the amount pre-paid exceeds 25% of the principal remaining during a quarter, then no prepayment penalty. Foreclosure costs: 2% will be charged on the limit set for the particular year in which the boundary is being foreclosed. • Loan Against Rent Receivables: If any of the borrowers is a non-individual - 2% will be charged, if the amount pre-paid exceeds 25% of the principal unpaid during a quarter, then no prepayment penalty. No Due Certificate o Asset Power (Loan Against Property): NA o Commercial OD against Property/Dropline Overdraft Against Property: NA o Loan Against Rent Receivables: NA • Solvency Certificate o Asset Power (Loan Against Property): NA o Commercial OD against Property/Dropline Overdraft Against Property: NA o Loan Against Rent Receivables: NA • Charges for Late Payment of EMI o Asset Power (Loan Against Property): Penal interest of 24% each year i.e. @ 2% per month on the overdue installment/s o Commercial OD against Property/Dropline Overdraft Against Property: Penal interest of 24% yearly i.e. @ 2% per month on the overdue amount/s o Loan Against Rent Receivables: Penal interest of 24% annual i.e. @ 2% per month on the overdue installment/s • Stamp Duty & other statutory charges o Asset Power (Loan Against Property): As per applicable laws of the state o Commercial OD against Property/Dropline Overdraft Against Property: As per applicable laws of the state o Loan Against Rent Receivables: As per applicable laws of the state • Cheque Bounce Charges o Asset Power (Loan Against Property): Rs 500/- per instance o Commercial OD against Property/Dropline Overdraft Against Property: Rs 500/- per instance o Loan Against Rent Receivables: Rs 500/- per instance • Cheque swapping charges o Asset Power (Loan Against Property): Rs. 500/- plus service tax as applicable o Commercial OD against Property/Dropline Overdraft Against Property: Rs. 500/- plus service tax as applicable o Loan Against Rent Receivables: Rs. 500/- plus service tax as applicable • Duplicate statement issuance charges o Asset Power (Loan Against Property): 250/- per instance o Commercial OD against Property/Dropline Overdraft Against Property: Rs. 250/- per instance o Loan Against Rent Receivables: Rs. 250/- per instance • Issuance charges for photocopy of title deeds

Axis Bank Business Loan 2

SME Standard Cash Credit Axis Bank offers Cash Credit services to meet your day-to-day working capital needs. Interest is charged not on the authorised amount but the used amount. Working Capital Demand Loan They also offer working capital facilities in the form of Working Capital Demand Loan in its place of cash credit facility. The primary or collateral security will be as stated in cash credit facility. Export Finance Axis Bank provides finance for export activities in the form of Pre-Shipment Credit alongside firm order Post shipment credit Finance and or Letter of Credit is delivered in Indian or foreign currency subject to the need of the borrower. Short Term Loan You may like Working Capital services to come across your day-to-day working capital requirements and Term Loan for your CapEx. Term Loan Given the growing opportunities, your business appreciates, you may need long-term assets for CapEx or capacity expansions or plant transformation and so on. Keeping these requirements in mind they provide term loans up to suitable tenor with the appropriate moratorium if required, and repayment opportunities structured by your projected cash flows. Clean Bill Discounting Axis Bank provides clean bill discounting services to supply your receivables. This service is provided for 3-6 months dependent upon the tenor of the bill. LC Backed Bill Discounting They discount trade bills drawn under Letters of Credit supplied by reputed banks to fund your receivables. This capability is provided for 3-6 months conditional upon the tenor of the bill or Letter of Credit. Co-Acceptance of Bills Axis Bank also offers co-acceptance of trade bills liable upon the necessity of the borrower. Credit Facilities against Guarantee or Stand By Letter of Credit allotted by Foreign Banks Various foreign firms set up a subsidiary in India. We offer to fund to such companies against guarantees or SBLCs of suitable foreign banks. Letter of Credit Apart from the fund based working capital facilities we offer a variety of Non-Fund Based services such as Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Solvency certificates, etc. Such LCs are for contract ranging from 1-3 years depending upon the need of the borrower. Bank Guarantee They offer Bank Guarantee on behalf of their customer to various other bodies such as Government, quasi-govt agencies, corporate and so on. Solvency Certificates Axis Bank also offers solvency certificate depending upon the necessity of the borrower. SME Fast Track Types of Loans offered Axis Bank offers fast track loans for SMEs under the following structures. • Financing to Non-Priority Sector Entities • Term Loan against Property • Overdraft against Property • Zero Collateral Loans to SSI Units (ZCL) • Lease Rent Discounting • Smart Swipe Credit Line • Business Loan for Property (BLFP) options of up to ten years

A detailed analysis of User Engagement measurement for M-Commerce

Introduction With the extensive competition in various app-based services, it is very important for mobile e-commerce app to track their user engagement. Only then one can take proper strategic decisions to channelize their resources to get maximum return out of it. Here we have discussed various metrics available at your disposal which will give you business insights and analytical views on your platform performance. Session Length It is easy for M-commerce app builder to collect and analyze data analytics on the user behavior, such as session length. It gives insights on how much time the user is on your platform. One may think that more time is, of course, best. But it depends on the nature of your service. Suppose if you have an education based app, in that case, more minutes of the session will be preferred, but if an app works on taxi-finding service ( i.e. Uber), people will prefer to complete the search as fast as possible and hence end the session too. Session Interval Session Interval defines as the time between your customer’s first use and the next use of your app. So basically it gives you the frequency of your app usage. On the frequency of user engagement, you can provide more incentive regarding customized offers to honor and increase the loyalty of the frequent customer. But this may not give you the accurate picture if the user needs to come back to the app multiple times to make any complain or raise any issues for the service. Retention Rate This gives the measure of how many customers are using your app in consecutive months/years. In the course of business, there will be a possibility of app uninstallation from user side depending on user satisfaction from your app. In this context, Retention rate can be mathematically measured as (no of customers retained your app on their mobile in the next month)/ (total no of customers using your app). A high retention rate is preferable as it ensures repeat business through your mobile application. It also improves customer lifetime value significantly. User Action User action for an app can be divided into two types: Core activities & Non-core activities. Core activities are those activities that generate revenue from your app. While Non-core activities don’t generate direct revenue for your business, but it can increase customer engagement on your app as customer found it to be suitable to use it. For example, a mobile app like Uber lists their taxi rent service depending on location and time of the day. Then few users visit the app to have an idea of the price of the service and use it as a reference price while using the service offline. In this case, the user engagement does not bring any revenue to your app business, but you need to track it, as it will give you the signal of where you are going wrong.

A detailed analysis of User Engagement measurement for M-Commerce part 2

Customer Acquisition Customer Acquisition gives the total cost required to get a client for your service or product offerings. For mobile commerce apps, tracking the cost is kind of easy with cost per install (CPI) idea. CPI is the per installation mobile marketing cost. Hence in this way not only you can get to know how much marketing cost you need to incur but again you also get to know from where the most of the app installation is happening. So if you have multiple channels like mobile advertisement, push message to advertise for your mobile app, you can quickly optimize your cost around them depending on the conversion factors. Customer Conversion Rate Any mobile e-commerce can measure the user click per day. From that data, we can also calculate no of favorable revenue generated for your business. This gives the customer conversion Rate. For someone, it may be divided into multiple parts depending on the no of offerings. Credibility, Guarantee, Free trials, Social proofs can improve your customer conversion rate significantly. Customer Life Time Value (CLTV or LTV) Customer life time value gives the amount money you can generate from the client for the time that person uses your app. So it gives the present value of all the future incomes that will be generated from the customer. This is important as if it is less than your client acquisition cost, then there is no meaning for you to provide the mobile app service. Using the LTV value for each customer, you will get the idea about who are the most profitable in nature. It will further help you to divide them into appropriate customer segments. Star Rating & Reviews Most of the mobile apps use the Reviews & Rating Section to provide the idea about the service or critical product features to potential customers. If a particular mobile app can be able to engage more and more customers to discuss and give feedbacks, it will show more customer attachment with the service or product offered. It will also help the customers to identify the proper mobile app as per their need. Even if any customer gives negative ratings on your app, then your customer care team can quickly take action to gain back the client's trust. Conclusion The above key metrics will help the m-commerce app developers to find the need gaps in its services and then they can easily take decisions to fulfill them. It is important to understand that one can’t simply compare the matrices across industry, as industry to industry it will vary. Also, you can find optimum metrics value for your industry and depend on that and your customer segments, you can define the properties you want to have for your business and what to lose. Hence today, these matrices are extensively used by industry professionals to sustain their business in the competitive market.

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