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India and education

India is one of the most populated countries of the world. A large percentage of India consists of the youth population who primarily are students. We can get a fair idea of the level of competition for employment in a country where the number of applicants outnumbers the available jobs by millions. This creates a surmounting pressure on the students, right from their school level when it comes to excelling at exams. The hard fact is that many of the students fail to take such a pressure. Then they are victimized by the society for their failure. The pressure turns into depression, anxiety and ultimately suicide. Students committing suicides due to academic failure is a horrifying reality for the country and something must be done to stop such a thing. It is difficult to digest that students who work hard day and night are unable to make it through in their exams. These students don’t have any kind of disability but the problem is that they are not being able to utilize their mind’s ability to its full capacity.

Career opportunities after bachelor in Business Communication

Marketing Manager | Bachelors | 5 – 7 years of experience The role of a marketing manager is to ensure a strong public outreach of the company he is hired for. Marketing is a great tool when you seek success in today’s highly interconnected world and every big company from every industry needs a Marketing Manager; implying good employment rate and job guarantee. The job includes strategizing marketing techniques, drafting product prices, supervising advertisement campaigns, reaching out to new markets etc. Promotions Manager | Bachelors | 2 – 3 years of experience Promotions manager is a sub-post of the Marketing Manager. It involves all kinds of promotional activities that are necessary for the organization. These can take the form of print media, social media, and customer feedback managing opted according to the specific need of the industry. Promotional events, press releases and special audience targets are taken care of by the Promotions Manager. Technical Writer | Bachelors | 0 – 1 year of experience A Technical Writer basically performs tasks related to the media and language creation, used in marketing campaigns. The person is aware of the appropriate use of media elements that would boost the company’s appeal to the masses. Designing advertisements, mentoring public releases, writing for blogs and websites are some of the duties of a technical writer. All other positions discussed work with a group of technical writers to bring out the best results. This was a brief about employment sought with a Bachelors degree if you are considering Masters an option, there are a few opportunities to be highlighted as well. Public Relations Manager | Masters (recommended) | several years of experience as a bachelor A Public Relations Manager is another sub-type of marketing management. It involves managing public relations in the form of customer support, the public outlook of the hiring company and social activities that can possibly influence the image of the company. In a professional set-up, the indirect relationship of the consumer with the company is a key factor in making or breaking the company’s hold in the market due to which a Public Relations Manager is hired.

Writer, Editor at Ionizer The Magazine

Please visit to refer to my work for this innovative magazine. Profile:

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