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Belly fat- a serious problem

Belly fat is a serious problem nowadays. Everyone have visceral fat on the belly because it provides cushioning around your organs but too much of it can be dangerous as it can create severe problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases etc. If a person gains too much weight then his/her body starts to store fat in unusual places. Over weighted person have full regular areas to store fat that the fat is deposited into another organs and near or around to the heart. We can overcome this problem by doing exercise and eating good nutrients diet. Here I have outlined the best possible ideas that will help you to reduce belly fat faster. Before going ahead let us discuss about the causes of the fat belly. Causes -Overweight. -Poor diet. -Constipation. -Stress and sleeplessness. -Excessive alcohol intake. -Hypothyroidism. -Overdose of sugar and salt in diet -Physical inactivity. -Aging. -Habit of dining late at night. -Consuming carbonated drinks.

Welcome to the World of Pokémons

Popularity of Pokemons go Nowadays it is so popular that it is now competing with twitter in terms of daily active users. The game uses your phone’s GPS to detect your whereabouts and make Pokémon appear around you, it also uses the phone clock to detect the time which helps to find different pokémons as you move around.The idea is to encourage the people to travel around in their own world to catch it . Playing it is fun as it is determined by the location of yours. Suppose if you walk through river or any water body you have to find water pokémon, if you go through garden or parks then pokémons are supposed to be grass type and you will encounter them in the grass or bushes The game is an appreciable one because it is helping people with mental health and encourage them to spend time outside the offices and homes. Tajiri’s fundamental plan was that coming of new advancement in video games kids have become dull and a lot of them had forgotten about catching the insects outside the house, so keeping in mind he made this game with the help of Nintendo and illustrator Ken Sugimori. Initially, Sugimori drew 151 different kinds of Pokémons by himself and these Pokémons are cute and attractive. Pokémon Go Plus It is a portable device which helps the players to enjoy the game even when they are not staring at their phones. It is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you the information about events in the game. It is a wearable device kind of a smartwatch which notifies you when the pokémon is nearby. The best part is it can catch Pokémon itself and you don’t have to take your smartphones out of your pocket Goal of Pokémon game? All the Pokémons appear with combat power and this power will roughly calculate how powerful it is in the battle. Ultimate goal is to complete the entries in the Pokédex and obtain the 151 Pokémons.

Traits of a wanted girlfriend

A question that frequently arises.. what makes a perfect girlfriend? what are the qualities girlfriends should possess? Every person who is looking for a girlfriend probably thinks of a perfect match. While deciding for coming in relation with any girl every man keeps in mind some traits and characters that her girl should possess. If you are confused in make up your mind for it. Here, I have explained attractive traits that every man wants in his girlfriend Loyalty The most wanted thing a guy wants from his girl is loyalty. A girl should be loyal to him if he commits her. Every man wants his girlfriend to be a loyal queen in front of them and wants unwavering loyalty. If a girl is loyal then a guy doesn’t worry about cheating on him. And of course, no guy wants a girlfriend with a bad character the reason is men are more fragile and break down easily so they don’t want to enter a relation in which they can’t trust a girl. Patience A girl should have patience and never let her ego come between the relations if she really wants to build a long lasting relationship. Small fights happen in every relation but if patience is lacked anyhow then the relationship can be at its peak of destroying the relation. A guy wants a girl who will relax him in every situation and keeps calm and boost confidence in him that if they are together they can face any situation. if a girl do all this than 1000 percent sure a man will never let it go. Stubbornness Every man needs someone who can compete and maintains a balance between stubbornness and them because every person wants to fulfill his dream girl desires. So, if she is stubborn a man finds it beautiful and wants to put the whole world on her feet. Yeahhh!!!! A man loves this habit and wants to make his girlfriend queen to whom he can get all the things ready before she desires… Confident A woman who is comfortable in her own skin is regarded as prettiest. Man seriously dislike women who is bimbo type and inactive in communicating. Men like a girl to who they can take to party without getting embarrassed. A girl should be mature enough to handle his friends and meet his friends delicately and smartly.

Prisma Fever – Go Prismatic

Prisma turns your mundane photos into superb artworks. It was created in June 2016 by Alexey Moiseenkov. It helps to turn your memorable photos into a more beautiful way by creating your boring photos in an artistic way using artificial intelligence that relies on AI technology. Prisma create something like a real artist make and it’s not similar to normal filters which just layer over your photos like instagram filters. Prisma filters won’t give you a glow or makes your skin fairer; rather it will create your photo naturally and without popping your background. As it scans the data of your photo to give your Photo an impressible and unique style. Developers are working on expanding this app artwork technology to video and this kind of work hasn’t been done before in any manner. The creator of Prisma Moisennkov has given the glimpse of how prisma filters will work in video as he thinks it’s a great and easier way to express yourself. It transforms the photos into an original artwork by using styles of many famous artists of the world for ex. Picasso, leviathan etc. It detects boundaries and patterns of your photo and whatever features you select it arranges the pattern of the selected filter and gives you a combined image made from neural network processing which will be entirely new image then what you gave. It has recently became one of top-10 iPhone app as after a week of its launch, this app gained an enormous popularity worldwide and received about 1 million active users and 7.5 million downloads. How to fix the problem of unfortunately stopping error in prisma on android? The problem may come because of the latest version of prisma app available in the google app store, and the one you installed on your android devices might be an outdated version or it can be because of the excessive cache whether of your device or of the prisma app. Methods : Clear the data or cache of the prisma Open settings of your android device > applications manager> all apps. Locate the app prisma and click on it to open its settings. Click on clear cache and restart your device. Update the latest version Simply go to Google play store and search Prisma. Click to update your app to get the latest version.

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