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Tooth Sensitivity : Causes and Remedy

What is Tooth Sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity is another name for ‘Dentine Hypersensitivity’. If hot, cold, sweet or very acidic foods and drinks, or breathing in cold air, makes your teeth or a tooth sensitive or painful then you may have sensitive teeth. Sensitivity can happen when gums pull away from the teeth or when gum tissue is lost. Gum loss can occur as a result of not brushing and flossing regularly or brushing hard. When gum loss occurs, the part of the tooth below the gum line can be exposed. This is called the tooth root. There are tiny tunnels that contain fluid and lead from the tooth root to the tooth’s nerve center, called the pulp. When heat or cold touches these tunnels, the tooth fluid can excite the nerve, causing pain in your teeth. Sensitivity is also caused by the wearing away of the tooth’s hard surface layer, called enamel. Causes of Tooth Sensitivity Tooth sensitivity can come and go, but ignoring it can lead to other health problems in your mouth. Tooth sensitivity is usually caused by dentine on root areas exposed due to periodontal diseases or receded gums. When the root of a tooth becomes exposed it does not have a layer of enamel like the crowns of your teeth. Instead the roots have a very soft covering called cementum, which once lost leaves the dentine of the root exposed. There are many factors that may lead to the development of tooth sensitivity. These include: Brushing too hard. Brushing too hard or using a hard-bristled toothbrush can wear down enamel and cause the dentin to be exposed. It can also cause recession of the gums. Gum disease (Gingivitis). Inflamed and sore gum tissue may cause sensitivity due to the loss of supporting ligaments, which exposes the root surface that leads directly to the nerve of the tooth. Cracked teeth. Broken or cracked teeth may fill with bacteria from plaque and enter the pulp causing Inflammation. Teeth grinding. Clenching or grinding your teeth may wear down the enamel and expose underlying dentin. Plaque build-up. The presence of plaque on the root surfaces can cause sensitivity. Use of Mouthwash. Some mouthwashes contain acids that can worsen tooth sensitivity if you have exposed dentin. The acids further damage the dentin layer of the tooth. Acidic foods. Regular consumption of foods with a high acid content, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, cola, pickles and tea, can cause enamel erosion. Overall, it is advised to take good care of your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. Regular dental checkups are recommended so you can prevent the problem before it affects over long term. There are many free dental health check-up camps going on in most of the cities, so if you get a dental checkup then you can maintain your healthy teeth and eat whatever and whenever you want. But always eat food cautiously, of course you don’t want to ruin your smile.

Infant and Child Dental care

Early dental care is crucial for your child’s health so that he/she has healthy teeth for the whole life. Good oral care help the child speak and eat properly. Permanent adult teeth are guided into proper position by the baby teeth. A pregnant mother must make sure to have a healthy and balanced diet because it leads to healthy teeth of a child. The first teeth of a child usually erupt at an age of about 6 months, but it may differ for every child. As the first tooth comes in, you must start brushing and cleaning the child’s teeth and gums regularly. If the baby has developed some dental problem, then he/she must be taken to a pediatrician or dentist. Be sure to make your child’s first visit to the dentist 3-6 months after the eruption of his/her first tooth. The parent must prevent decay of the guarding of the baby bottle and provide enough fluoride to the child’s teeth for its healthy growth and proper care. For proper oral care of a child, you must follow the steps as given below: Brush the baby’s teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste. After a few teeth have started growing, floss it regularly to remove plaque. Prevent tooth decay by reducing/avoiding sweet snacks. Take your child for regular dental checkups. Build up daily dental care to cleaning all around the gums and teeth. Clean the baby’s teeth very gently by finding a way which he/she loves. Use a soft cloth to clean the baby’s gums and mouth and to remove food stuck in the mouth and around the gums. The drinking water for the child must be fluoridated for the healthy growth of the teeth. If not your dentist might recommend you daily fluoride supplements. Make sure their brushing time remains fun so that dental care is encouraged. Letting them choose their own toothbrush is a good start. Dental care is a crucial part in maintaining your health. Cultivating proper dental care habits in your child is a good step in maintaining his health and makes him/her realize the value of oral care. This will be like planting a sapling that will grow into a big tree, maintaining his oral hygiene and his/her health.

Gum Diseases

The inflammation of your gums majorly due to plaque and irregular dental hygiene is termed as a ‘Gum Disease’. The three main types of gum disease are: Gingivitis, Periodontitis and Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis (ANUG). Half of the population of the world is affected by the first stage of gum disease, Gingivitis, where plaque builds up on your teeth. If gingivitis is not taken care of, then you may have periodontitis. Gum diseases happen normally due to the plaque build up around your teeth when you don’t brush and floss them regularly. Symptoms of gum disease The early stage symptoms of gum diseases include: Gum bleeding Gums become red and swollen The disease can be reversed at the first stage if regular care is taken and by visiting a dentist and get a treatment, but if not taken care of, it develops into periodontitis which has the following symptoms: Bad breath Recession of gum Loose tooth Puss between teeth and gums The symptoms of ANUG include: Ulcers Metallic taste in mouth Inability to talk or swallow properly Fever Treatment/Prevention of gum disease Following steps are to be followed to prevent gum diseases: Brush twice everyday with a toothpaste containing fluoride. Use an interdental cleaner or floss to remove floss between the teeth. Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash. Get a regular dental checkup. Avoid tobacco or smoking. For further treatment you may get professional cleaning from your dentist, but if the gingivitis has developed into periodontitis or ANUG, then you may need special treatment called root planing. If deep cleaning or root planing methods don’t work and the severity of the gum disease is high, then it is recommended that you get a gum surgery. Your dentist may refer you to a periodontologist for this. So it is important to remember that oral hygiene and dental care are not just taking care of your teeth, but it is taking care of yourself. It is better if you get regular dental checkups since dental hygiene is very crucial for maintaining a good health.


If you are a movie buff, or a passionate cinematographer or even love to make videos about things that fascinate you, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will introduce you to a wonderful application that you can carry around with you everywhere, make, edit and compile videos on the go – VivaVideo. So what is VivaVideo? VivaVideo gives you the liberty to do a plethora of things to your video and make them look absolutely cinematic. You can use the in-built professional editing tools to trim, merge, add texts, filters and stickers to simple videos taken from any camera device, including your smartphone and transform them to wonderful artworks. You can even turn your photos into a marvelous slideshow and share all these artworks with your friends. Download VivaVideo for Android If you own a smartphone, then you can checkout this lovely application on your local app store. Follow these instructions to download VivaVideo on Google Play Store : 1. Open Google Play Store and type in ‘VivaVideo’ on the search bar on the top. 2. From the list of displayed results, click on the first result. 3. Click on the ‘Install’ button and voila you can create videos with magnificent, cinematic effects in your smartphone. Here is a direct download link - VivaVideo for Android Download VivaVideo for PC Now you don’t need to use the complex computer applications like Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro to edit you videos. VivaVideo is here to the rescue. Follow the instructions below to download the application for your PC : 1. Download Bluestacks App Player and install it in your system. 2. Open Bluestacks from the shortcut icon created on the desktop. 3. Search ‘VivaVideo’ on the search bar at the top. 4. You will be redirected to Google account login page. Sign in with your active gmail account. 5. Click on the ‘Install’ button and voila you can create videos with magnificent, cinematic effects on your desktop too. Features of VivaVideo Tools & Utilities Auto save, Changeable aspect ratios, Full screen playback, Keyframing, Multiple sequences, Storyboard display Editing Features 3D Editing, Animation tools, Audio transitions, Color correction, Camcorder capture, Drag & Drop, Speed change, Subtitles, Video transitions Visual Effects Canvas, Color Exchange, Film, Glass, Glow, Gray out, Mosaic, etc So all in all, this is a easy to use, fun video editing app which has a lot to offer to the passionate video makers and the common audience. No wonder this app has over 50 million downloads. Only pitfall in the free version is the watermark added to the video and the time limit placed on your video. If you found this article useful enough, please leave your feedbacks in the comments sections and share.

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