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Scott Anfield - Freelance Writer with 49 Reviews
Scott Anfield
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A Guide to London

London: My journey through the historic capital London is one of the most unique and fascinating capital cities the world has to offer. From humble Roman beginnings in the swamplands of ancient Britain, a thriving metropolis has emerged packed with millennia of history. It's no secret that London, in particular the central City of London, is a world player on the financial scene and for this reason has attracted many millions from across the globe to its immense wealth-generating power. The city as it stands today is a thriving cosmopolitan melting pot with all races, religions and cultures represented in this South England hub. It was these very factors that drew me to the city on my travels, with the expectation to soak up everything the capital had to offer. I knew of the history and culture associated with London, but nothing prepared me for the scale- everything is so big and bustling. Thousands of years of infrastructure changes and developments make London a wonderfully fascinating city to navigate. The local black cab taxi drivers have what is known as 'the knowledge'- an immense mental recollection of every street name, road and junction in the whole of London! I stuck to the GPS on my iPhone and various apps downloaded before I visited, which helped and informed me tremendously and I cannot recommend doing so enough. The tube and bus links were second to none, arriving every couple of minutes with an easy to follow schedule on every bus stop. I did see bicycles for rent dotted around the city which would have been great, but I opted not to as I didn't think I could navigate the heavy traffic and check my iPhone map at the same time.

Rewriting Sample

5 manual re-writes of an original paragraph for 100% uniqueness: For more than 20 years now, ____________ has been providing quality exterior home installations to property owners residing in the Greater Toronto area including: Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, Pickering, Woodbridge, Aurora, Markham, Ajax, Richmond Hill and Thornhill. Thanks to the outstanding experience they receive from us, our respected customers are our best advertisements- we always go the extra mile to surpass customer’s expectations. As one of the prominent home improvement companies in the Greater Toronto area, ____________ aims to provide customers with the dual benefits of unrivalled labour costs and helpful customer support when you need it- whether you need a single door or every window in the house replacing. We’ve been major players in the home improvement industry for over two decades in the Greater Toronto area, including many valuable customers in Pickering and Ajax. We provide service with a smile, and know that our clients are our top promoters through positive word of mouth about our company and our high standards. Some of the benefits that choosing ____________ include: • unbeatable labour costs • efficient client support when they need it • both residential and commercial building expertise We can accommodate our services for any project you wish to undertake These make ____________ one of the most trusted home installations companies in the Greater Toronto area, supplying high-grade windows, doors and porch enclosures. It’s been more than twenty years, and ____________ is still at the top of the game when it comes to helping clients in the Greater Toronto area, covering Oakville and Mississauga, renovate their residential or business property. We know that our customers make the best publicists for our company- the high levels of service and satisfaction they received reflects positively on us, encouraging us to enhance their experience wherever possible. Customers are guaranteed to receive the greatest service and best rate for labor from a prominent home renovation company in the Greater Toronto area. ____________ take on all sorts of work, from individual windows or doors, to entire homes or business facilities that need sprucing up. Servicing the Greater Toronto area, Woodbridge and Brampton included, for more than twenty years, ____________ is a first-rate home installation company that ensures quality work is carried out every time for our clients. Unparalleled labor costs combined with effective service leaves all our customers with a satisfying experience, and they recommend us highly to friends and family. This pushes us at ____________ to always be at the top of our game, and consistently exceed our client’s expectations. Residential and commercial properties in the Greater Toronto area will benefit greatly from partnering with us for any future renovation work they are planning- vinyl windows and doors to luxurious porch enclosures.

Bingo Review

Jackpot Joy Jackpot Joy adverts featuring the national British treasure Barbara Windsor have been plastering our screens for years. The celebrity has boosted the credibility of this site massively, and it has been flooded with thousands of regular visitors. They won three consumer based award this year which shows that even those playing on the site rate it as the best across all the sites they play. If your friends join the site, being referred by you, you will both get £20 credited to your account; there is no limit on this so you could potentially be tapping into hundreds of pounds worth of free play just for having fun with your mates online. Jackpot Joy is all about the fun factor, and the games are thoroughly enjoyable along with friendly chatting in any one of the rooms. There is obviously joy if you drop the jackpot, but this site has tried hard to provide something for everybody- from slots and bingo to news and chat. As well as the usual cash prizes to be won, the site often puts a grand prize as a jackpot, and the most recent was a Fiat 500 car. You can play 90-ball in the Bingo Royale room, where you can see more of the Carry On star calling the numbers and adding some cheeky quips in which make you laugh. Stakes in this room are at 10p-£1 and the jackpot can be anywhere from £1k to £25k! An awesome feature of this room is named the Royal Pardon, where another 5 balls are added after the main house has been won- just when you think you've blown it those extra 5 balls are as exciting as the previous 90 combined! Jackpot Joy has a great mobile application where you can play any of your favourite bingo or slot games. Babs can always be found somewhere on the site in her infamous bingo ball gown, and the site is extremely easy to navigate. You can complete all your transactions via the mobile app, but it is advised to register everything online first.

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Benidorm Stag Party Guide

READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: Take the advice of iamthebestman – if you want your stag weekend to be the one your mates are all still talking about by the time your silver wedding anniversaries roll around, then you’ll struggle to do better than a Benidorm stag do. It’s big, it’s brash, and it goes off with a bang. Read on to find the only Benidorm Stag do ideas guide on the internet. Benidorm occupies a curious place in the British psyche. On one hand, it has been lampooned for years as an example of the worst excesses of mass-market package tourism, with a coastline tarnished by ugly concrete mega-hotels and promoting an unhealthy combination of binge-drinking and sunburn. But on the other hand, as the party capital of the Costa Blanca, there’s no escaping the fact a Benidorm stag do offers you one of the best destinations in Europe. Like Ibiza or Mykonos but on a larger scale, you don’t get this kind of reputation for hedonism by accident. Although it’s only a few hours flight to the resort, Benidorm is on the Spanish mainland, so the first thing you’re going to notice when you step out onto the tarmac is the incredible heat – temperatures average 30°C in the summer. Best hit the beach then! Luckily you’ve got two fantastic stretches of sand to choose from, as well as enough pubs, bars and clubs to keep your Benidorm stag do team happy from dusk til dawn. Old Town – great views but a bit quiet The Old Town is in central Benidorm, separating the two other main areas, Levante and Poniente, by way of a rocky headland that juts out into the sea. The atmosphere there is relaxed and quiet, compared to the built-up tourist zone. You can fill a few hours browsing the little Spanish shops and restaurants that line the narrow side alleys, picking up the odd bargain including cheap sportswear. One of the Benidorm stag do ideas a punter recently gave us in this part of town (thanks Mark) is to stock up on sportswear while here as it’s up to half the price back home.

Bilingualism TravelArticle

Bilingualism – are you smarter if you are bilingual? You might well have already heard that the world needs more bilingual or even multilingual people today for many reasons, largely because of globalisation. Many parents want their children to speak another language, and many adults, young and old, are taking foreign language lessons, formally and informally. There are a handful of reasons why they do this. For example, they might want to advance in their position at work; be able to talk and be understood by locals when they visit the country of their dreams or where they have to work; or be able to live in a foreign land for an extended period of time and communicate effortlessly in the local language. Other people learn a foreign language as it presents them with a new challenge. Research on bilingualism In 2013, a research conducted for the European Commission entitled Special Eurobarometer 386, revealed that bilinguals in Europe only represent approximately 54 percent of the entire EU population. Bilingualism is not one single category but is rather made up of two parts: language use and language proficiency. Your native tongue may be English but if you use another language more often than you do English, the more bilingual you will become. Disadvantages of bilingualism The brain processes both languages if you are a bilingual speaker. It has been argued in certain studies that there could, therefore, be diminished verbal skills among bilingual people, while another study indicates that bilinguals tend to have a smaller vocabulary compared to monolingual speakers. Advantages of bilingualism Although questionably there might be certain disadvantages in speaking two languages, the benefits of bilingualism do far outweigh any disadvantages. Bilingual speakers have better cognitive skills, as the brain receives maximum exercise from processing two languages. As the brain’s cognitive skills improve, a person’s multitasking ability in turn improves. This is because the brain becomes adept at switching between two languages. In spatial working memory tasks, bilinguals significantly outperform monolinguals. Among the elderly, the ability to speak in different languages delays cognitive impairment for five years. Bilinguals have better communication skills as well as good listening skills. They are proficient at finding solutions to problems and faster at processing information. Bilingual speakers are also very good at categorising work and have the ability to learn new words easily. Bilingualism is thought to help people understand other cultures better, which in turn allows them to have and enjoy richer lives.

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